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If you have not already, please download your free PDF copy of How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons at the link below.  In that book is EVERYTHING you need to fully get Morgellons and other skin parasites.  Debriding Soap will provide you relief in the meantime, but the diet and cleaning protocols are the real long term solution. 

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Be enrolled in the How to Get Your Life Back program run by Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E., one of the world’s leading experts on Morgellons and other skin parasites.

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Learn all the tools to get your life back

1. The Morgellons Diet aka King Diet

Can you imagine all itching and biting sensations disappearing within a week or less?  The King Diet is a three phase strict diet that rewards you by giving back your life. It is healthy for you, but not healthy for parasites.

The diet is free by providing your first name and email address in the form above. Sign up now and get your life back!

2. Nature's Gift® Debriding Soap

Nature’s Gift Debriding Soap is the best solution to cleaning the pores of your skin. It can reach cells layers deep inside the pores. This is because it is comprised of atom sized liquid particles, made from a proprietary process using renewable plant sources and biodegradable.  

Soaking with Debriding Soap will draw debris from your skin so it may finally function normally again.

3. Cleaning Your Environment

Skin Parasites will also infest your clothing, furniture, automobile, and bedding.  Learn the steps you can take to disinfect these areas to prevent you and others from being contaminated.

4. Build Health & Immune Function

Skin parasites wreak havoc on your gut biome that often contributes to major immune and health issues.

Targeted supplements – compatible with the King Diet – are highly recommended, to build health and immune functioning, deal with fungal complications, internal parasites, Lyme disease, etc.

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Reorders and Additional Products That Help You Through the Process

Following the diet is free and the main item for relief will always be Debriding Soap.

However, there are many supplements we offer that are King Diet friendly as well as cleaning products that use the power of Nature’s Gift and natural enzymes to help you speed up the process.

To help you in these cases and for your general health and wellbeing, we started The Organic Skincare Store.

Powerful mouthwash solutions, bar soaps, lotions, laundry solution, and so much more can be found.