Morgellons, Mites, Skin Fungus, and Other Skin Parasites can ruin your life

There are FOUR things you must do to Get Your Life Back:

1. Follow the King Diet

2. Deep Clean Your Skin

3. Disinfect Your Enviroment

4. Build health & Immune Functioning

Read Below For All the Details

1. The King Diet

The whole diet is included in the free PDF Book

The Morgellons Diet aka King Diet was discovered out of the desperation to escape 24/7 agony of relentless itching and biting. No other diet is even close to the Morgellons diet so NO OTHER DIET WILL WORK.

The Morgellons Diet has three stages. The first is the strictest where even one little tic tac or piece of chewing gum completely negates the diet. If you make no mistakes you can get to Stage II of the diet within ten days. Stage II allows you to expand your diet and allows you to eventually reach Stage III of the diet where you can eat most everything in moderation. But if you do make a small or big mistake, don’t fret, just start over.

The Morgellons Diet is very detailed. While it is spot on for many, some must experiment to make the diet work for them. When you make the diet work, within minutes symptoms of itching and biting can subside. When you make a mistake on the diet, within minutes symptoms of itching and biting can return. Many have claimed the diet alone to be a cure, but it’s not. It’s a means to escape the agony as it somehow seems to put the organisms in a trance or asleep.

Making the Morgellons Diet work for you is what allows progress with cleaning your skin, disinfecting your environment, and building health and immune functioning.

It’s true, you might find others who have somehow gotten their lives back without this diet, but they are few and far between and may not had experienced the severity of this Morgellons, mites, and other skin parasites that you are experiencing.

Here is a peek into Stage One of the diet (remember Stage II is more relaxed):

What the Parasites Love:

  • All fruit, except for lemon and lime.
  • All fats except for real butter, animal fat, cocoa butter, and rice bran oil.
  • All grains except for millet, rye, rice, and spelt.
  • All sugar or sugar substitutes.
  • Luncheon meats. cured ham, sausage, and regular bacon.
  • All nuts.
  • Most supplements except for those without additives in our store
  • All breath mints, chewing gum, or candy. They love soy and all of it’s derivatives.
  • Soda, milk (except lactose free), energy drink, and smart alkalized water.

What Parasites hate:

  • All vegetables except corn, asparagus, and brussels sprouts.
  • All animal protein.
  • Water and seltzer


Even the foods that are allowed like salt and sweeteners like stevia must be scrutinized.  But when you make the Morgellons Diet work, you are well on your way to getting your life back and the work is worth it.

Click Here to start the Morgellons Diet. (Need Link, one I have is broken)

2. Deep Clean Your Skin with Nature's Gift Debriding Soap

Cleans debris layers deep from your skin like no other. 

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Nature’s Gift(R) (NG) is made from renewable plant sources – not from chemicals – in a proprietary process to produce a concentrated  liquid of chemical analysis being liquid bioform carbon and nitrogen.

Chemistry and physics, up until now, tell us that carbon can not exist as a liquid unless something like coal are at extreme temperatures and pressures. But, through this proprietary process under more normal temperatures and pressures liquid carbon is produced which is why it’s call bioform carbon as it comes from a biological process using plant sources.

Particle analysis shows that the average particle size in the liquid is 6 angstroms meaning the carbon is elemental carbon by itself – not a chemical.

What does this do for your skin?

This liquid solution of carbon takes on the characteristics of being a surfactant. What is a surfactant? Do the following and you will see: If you carefully place a pin on the surface of water in a cup, the pin floats. Add a tiny amount of any surfactant to the water and the pin sinks. In other words a surfactant breaks up the chemical bonding of water such that it’s H2O which, by the way, has a molecular size of 3 angstroms.

Add just a teaspoon full of Nature’s Gift(R) (NG) concentrate to a tub of water and bam, all that water becomes a liquid highway to carry Nature’s Gift(R) carbon atom between the cells inside your pores to clean out your skin and remove debris. Remember carbon by itself is inert. It doesn’t react with anything. Additionally, because of it, that super highway also carries water into your skin to hydrate it.

Back to NG. Think of it this way: What do you have to do when you get a tiny pebble in your shoe? You have take off your shoe and get rid of that tiny pebble. Likewise, Natures Gift(R) carbon atom irritates any organisms in your skin to the point they must leave.

To start we recommend taking three baths a day along with making the diet work. Why is the Morgellons Diet important? Simple: Without it working, you are a walking talking parasite breeding machine and as fast, if not faster, than Nature’s Gift can remove them from your skin, your body can be replacing them. That’s why only 20% of those who use Nature’s Gift without making the Morgellons Diet work, report a benefit from using Nature’s Gift. That’s simply not good enough for us. WE WANT 100% AND THAT’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU MAKE THE MORGELLONS DIET WORK.

As you skin is cleaned you will notice less and less activity and shift to two baths per day, then in ten days or so to one bath a day and eventually only showers.

Must you use a bath tub? I thought so from my personal experience but over the years I’ve been proven wrong and many have reported success simply taking showers. But, I always suggest a bath if possible.

3. Disinfect your home, auto, and workspace

By now you may have noticed your home, furniture, bedding, auto, and even your workspace is contaminated with these organisms meaning any time you sit on your furniture, sleep in your bed, ride in your car, or even walk in your home, you get re-contaminated with these organisms.

To get your life back, it’s imperative to get your environment back. Chapter III of How to Get Your Life Back… provides many approaches from spraying ammonia to other disinfectants, ozone and even using electrostatic sprayers.

4. Build health and Immune functioning

Using targeted supplements as explained in Chapter VI of How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons.

Yes, your body has been a battle ground and as you make the diet work, you may also find it important to rebuild your health and immune functioning with targeted supplements explained in Chapter VI of How to Get Your Life Back….

If you want to take the fast track and receive detailed recommendations, arrange for a half hour coaching session with Richard Kuhns, author of How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites for $125 and receive your first 4 oz bottle of debriding soap for free.

Purchasing Coaching session will trigger an email where you can schedule your session with Mr Kuhns. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that  I am not a medical doctor, and cannot prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. You are to consult with your primary care physician before implementing the diet or any products recommended in this site.