You Can Get Your Life Back from Morgellons

Learn how to get your life back from Morgellons and even Lyme Disease in four steps!

“The main misconception about life altering Morgellons is that there’s little hope.”
Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E
Author of "How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons & Other Skin Parasites"

As of today, patients suffering from Morgellons are typically diagnosed as being delusional despite the presence of non-healing lesions, rashes, and complaints of bugs and even wormy things coming from their bodies. Morgellons is not even recognized by the CDC as an organic disease but instead more of a psychological issue and are typically referred to psychiatrists for treatment.

Richard Kuhns - Author
Since the mid 90’s he’s helped hundreds of sufferers get their lives back from Morgellons with his Morgellons aka King Diet along with his approach to building health and immune functioning.


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"Mr Kuhns, how did you learn about Morgellons?"

I did not learn about Morgellons from any medical school or training as none exists. Having personally suffered from unexplained symptoms of non-healing lesions, growth of strange filaments from my skin, rashes, relentless itching, the experience of mites coming from my skin to the point of considering suicide, I went on to beat the odds of one in a million to beat Morgellons and other skin parasites and write the first book about the subject in 2006 titled, “Soothing the Itch within and the Diet to Control It.”
Since that time, Richard, an Amazon best selling author, has changed the title of his book to “How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites” and is now about to publish the thirteenth revision of his book. He has also published, “Win the War of the Mite,” “Lyme Disease Doesn’t Have to Own You Anymore,” and the “Morgellons aka King Diet,” He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts not only on Morgellons, but also Collembola (Invisible Bug Biting Syndrome), Mites, and Skin fungus.

"Mr. Kuhns, how do doctors treat Morgellons?"

As of today, 99.9% of all physicians diagnose Morgellons as Delusions of Parasites and the few that don’t have no idea how to treat the disease. Patients are either referred to a psychiatrist or left to self-medicate.
Morgellons is characterized by the abnormal growth of filaments and fibers from lesions or from the skin. They can vary widely in size from so small that you need a 60 power scope to see them to large wiry like filaments. When they are that small one typically finds them accumulating as a lint like substance on their clothing or bedding. The colors of the filaments also vary from black to white, blue and even reddish. Often associated with the growth of these filaments are:
  • Non healing lesions
  • Intense itching of the skin as if from beneath the skin like sleeping on shards of glass
  • Intense biting sensations
Not everyone has all of the above symptoms and some experience even more symptoms:
  • Large bumps on the skin – purgio nodularis
  • Rashes
  • Bio film described as white or black goo
  • organisms coming from the skin resembling midges, mites, worms, spider/waspy/  plastic-like barbs and so on
  • Brain fog
While there are several speculations, the cause of Morgellons is currently unknown. And there are many speculations as to what Morgellons is. Some speculate it’s a fungal organism, or several forms of Lyme disease. Some have even speculated it’s Rose Gardner’s disease or Strongyloides, or a concrete eating organism. Some speculate it’s a bioweapon and that there are patents covering it.
In this nebula of confusion, the only treatment is by a small group of physicians treating Morgellons as Lyme disease with intense use of antibiotics.

"What are the consequences of the extended use of strong antibiotics in the treatment of Morgellons."

One problem is that pilot studies indicate that treatment of Lyme disease aka Morgellons in this case does not cure the disease except on a temporary basis.
So, antibiotics are not a cure for Morgellons. Aside from that, long term antibiotics can permanently destroy your ability to digest food.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (most often nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, dyspepsia, anorexia)
  • Destruction of mitochondria
  • Create super bugs
  • Fatigue
The development of complications, of course, depends on the time and amount of drug intake, as well as on the individual characteristics of a person. However, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID THEM ENTIRELY!
Patients, as a rule, simply trust their doctor and do not know what potential consequences await them from the constant use of strong antibiotics for months on end.
Unfortunately, not many doctors today actually want to be involved with something they don’t understand so it’s easier to blame your condition on you. Some doctors actually tell their patients that they do it to themselves by incessantly scratching their skin. If they don’t diagnose you as delusional, they may misdiagnose you as having scabies or even MRSA.
Basically, they want to dismiss you and get on with treating the common cold. That’s why without a second thought they might prescribe pyrethrin or Lindane lotion neither of which makes much of a difference.
Such indifference can’t help with Morgellons.

"Is there a cure for Morgellons?"

The answer is, ‘NO,’ but while there is no known cure, there is no reason why you cannot get your life back to normalcy with the protocols I’ve developed.
I often have people joining my program who have suffered for twenty years or longer having tried everything under the sun to no avail. These are sick people and Morgellons is only a small part of their suffering.
What few people understand is that it’s practically impossible for the sufferer to focus on anything until the relentless symptoms of itching and biting are diminished. And what doctors and even many sufferers are not aware of is that as long as the symptoms of itching and biting are present, the sufferer is a “walking talking parasite breeding machine.” This means that parasites are multiplying in their skin and being shed wherever they go. The parasites are shed onto their bedding, into their clothing, onto their furniture and floors, into their automobiles, around their workspaces, and even into the air currents where these organisms can either infect others who are susceptible to them or re-infect the sufferer.
What I’m saying here is that these organisms can be highly contagious to others, but fortunately, not everyone is susceptible to being infected by them. Many sufferers do report that they are deeply concerned to be about others because they observe others itching or notice they are itching their eyes, or showing signs of something bothering them in their environment when they are around them.
But as long as the 24/7 relentless itching and biting is present, it’s impossible to focus on much of anything.

"What other issues do they have?"

  • Brain fog and memory issues

    It’s difficult to focus and memory retention becomes an issue. For example, you walk into your kitchen to get your cell phone and when you get into the kitchen you forget why you came to the kitchen. You read a paragraph and have difficulty remembering what you read and have to read and reread again.
  • Feeling down and suicidal

    Increased or worsening anxiety, depression, confusion, agitation, sadness, etc. It’s easy for them to get tired and restless. What’s worse, it can even lead to a change in interest, things that used to be enjoyable become distressed. Thoughts of despair and ending it all by suicide.
  • Causing hallucination and paranoia

    For some, thinking the government or some alien force is attempting to control you – that everyone is watching you and out to get you.
No matter how you look at it, Morgellons is a very dangerous and misunderstood disease, but generally not life threatening. And the typical treatment with long term use of strong antibiotics can be more dangerous.  I am very sorry for people who are plagued with Morgellons.  I try to help them, but everything depends, first of all, on them.

"If the use of strong antibiotics is not the answer, what is?"

Let me reiterate – Morgellons is a complex and dangerous disease that not only affects your skin but much more.  This is not like an ordinary headache or common cold, it is far more serious. Morgellons effects the entire body, so whatever is done must also be systemic.
It might sound like I’m building up to some kind of new expensive treatment involving lasers, bio engineering, nuclear physics and so on, but I’m not. In fact, the approach is quite simple. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do.
Thanks to my own personal experiences of suffering not only from Morgellons but also mites, Collembola, burning skin fungus, Strongyloides, and crippling Lyme disease, I’m probably the first person ever to beat them all and since then have been a beacon for hundreds others to get their  lives back.  So, if you’ve been thinking, “but I think my bigger problem is mites, or Collembola, or something else,” you are at the right place.
Instead of using antibiotics that can destroy the gut biome and actually contribute to super bugs, we use a powerful natural antibiotic that does not destroy the gut biome and bugs can not adapt to it.

"How did you get your life back?"

First I discovered a dietary connection. Over the course of a couple of years I found that certain foods such as sugar, sweets, most grains, most fruits, most fats, and foods with certain additives activated the parasites. And that certain foods such as most veggies, meats, certain fats, and limited fruits seemed to put the organisms in a trance like state.
What’s more amazing is that you can wipe out 20 years of itching and biting symptoms within hours. It’s amazing and it’s called the Morgellons aka King Diet.
But nothing good comes without some sacrifice. Yes, it’s a very strict diet meaning you sacrifice sweets, alcohol, and many foods you’ve become addicted to. Really now, if you could get itch free, would that really be a big sacrifice? Don’t fret though, the Morgellons diet has three stages. The first stage is the strictest and you can advance to a less strict stage generally within a week or two. And later you can get back to eating pretty much anything you desire with moderation.

"How much does it cost to get this amazing diet?"

You are asking, how much would it be worth to get rid of the relentless itching and biting? A thousand dollars? I’ll tell you later how you can get it for free as a bonus.
But make no mistake, it’s strict and easy to make mistakes, for instance, one tiny tic tack breath mint and it’s like you’re not on the diet at all. Every Sunday we have a conference call to support you in making the diet work for you. And again, in a bit I’ll tell you how you can join those calls for free.

"But what about your skin and all the damaged layers and what can you do about the symptoms of itching and biting until you make the diet work?"

The answer to that question is our amazing deep cleaning debriding solution – Nature’s Gift® Debriding Soap.
Nature’s Gift® is no ordinary cleaning solution. It is made from renewable plant sources through a proprietary process that yields bioform carbon, nitrogen and traces of natural alcohol and tall oil. It’s not made from dangerous petrochemicals.
Blister ba
Let me explain this bioform carbon. Carbon exists in nature by itself only in crystalline form – diamonds, coal, graphite, and graphene but not as a liquid. Until recently the only way to have carbon as a liquid was by exposing crystalline carbon to enormous pressures and temperatures making it impracticable, if not impossible, to liquify.
This proprietary process bypasses the need to convert crystalline carbon to a liquid. In this liquid form carbon exists as individual atoms of carbon having a particle size of just 6 angstroms.
As such it becomes a surfactant and when mixed with water Nature’s Gift® Debriding Soap’s carbon molecule along with water goes deep inside the dermis. I mean this is inside and between the cells inside the pores where it hydrates your skin but more importantly, the carbon atom of Nature’s Gift® Debriding Soap irritates any organisms that don’t belong there such as parasites, bacterial, viruses, protozoan, and so on causing them to exit your skin. No other available soap or lotion accomplishes this.
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