Nature's Gift Debriding Soap

Nature's GiftTM  Debriding Soap is made by a proprietary process to produce sub nano (angstrom) particles.

It's non reactive, non toxic with no GMO's

Does not contain: Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Resorcinol, or Resorcinol Monoacetate.

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Welcome to the Get Your Life Back Blog. As a formality, the following disclaimer and trade mark ownership notifications pertain to all blog entries.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, that  AMA and FDA regulations require that I acknowledge that  I am not a medical doctor, and cannot prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. Please use at your own risk or discretion.  
Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is neither a cure or a treatment for skin parasites. It does not kill them nor change the structure or function of any part of your body.
It's simply that most of those who use it really like the results. It cleans the skin so the skin may function normally without the presence of debris. 
Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap does not contain any  Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur Resorcinol or Resorcinol Monoacetate. 

Warning: Throughout the blog are numerous references to using ammonia as a disinfectant. And there are a few references to using bleach as a disinfectant.
Don't mix bleach with ammonia, acids, or other cleaners. Mixing bleach with common cleaning products can cause serious injuries. 
Mixing bleach and ammonia is extremely dangerous, since toxic vapors will be produced. The primary toxic chemical formed by the reaction is chlorine vapor--a deadly gas.
Likewise, do not mix bleach with peroxide or bleach with vinegar as the combination also releases chlorine or skin irritants.

Legally, I must advise you to consult with your physician before starting the diet or using any products or recommendations discussed in this blog.

Testimonials are given through out the blog, please note that your infividual results may vary.

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More About Spirochetes and Morgellons

Ilana of the UK sent this paper titled

Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease

You may find it very interesting to read. It's about the relationship between Bovine digital dermatitis in live stock and Morgellons disease in humans. To read it, go to

Of the many interesting things, it did take a stand on the contagiousness of Morgellons.

This implies that the disease may be infectious in nature and transmitted from person to person or transmitted from an inciting agent during familial environmental exposure.

I thank Ilana for taking the time to share this with us.

Super Bread Recipe for Stage I
Rachael shares her super recipe for homemade Stage I bread

2 cups whole wheat spelt flour
4 tsp. baking powder
2 pinches salt
3 egg whites
1/4 cup melted butter
1/4 cup water.

Instructions: Combine all ingredients except the water & mix with a hand mixer w/bread kneaders. (I have not tried mixing it by hand but maybe works with much kneading & adding water slowly). Add the 1/4 cup water all at once & mix again with hand mixer. Clump it together to form it in a ball with hands. Throw back & forth between your hands about a foot apart about 30 times to remove excess air. The dough should be a pasty firmness look. Optional: sprinkle rice bran powder over the top before cooking.

Butter the bottom of a baking pan & place in preheated 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Enjoy with butter! Buen appetite

I Rachael for taking the time to share her recipe. Try it, you'll like it. I imagine you can use other flours like rye, millet, or rice as well. Maybe even make a mix of them??

Upgrade to the Morgellons Pack

The Morgellons Pack has been upgraded. Digestive enzymes have been replace with systemic enzymes. While digestive enzymes may be important, they are not critical for everyone who is dealing with Morgellons. Both digestive enzymes, Flouracor and Argro Relief, are still available to be purchased separately. If you are dealing with Collembola, Flouracor, which also has probiotics, are not recommended until you reach mid stage II of the diet. If you only are dealing with Morgellons, then Flouracor would be the enzyme of choice since probiotics are highly recommended for Morgellons, however, probiotics can feed Collembola. Thus, if you are dealing with both Morgellons and Collembola, Agro Relief is the enzyme for you until you reach Stage II of the diet.

The systemic enzyme that has replaced the digestive enzymes is Serracor NK. A little background: Every cell of your body has enzymes in it. Plus, if you're dealing with Morgellons, they also have a lot more fibrous material associated with Morgellons than normal, meaning that your cellular enzymes are being used up faster than your body can make them. Serracor NK replenishes those critical enzymes to assimilate the extraneous fibrous material.

Systemic enzymes are also taken at a different time than digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are to be taken with food to assimilate it. However, systemic enzymes are t be taken on an empty stomach. They are coated so that they pass through the digestive system to be distributed through out the body. If you take them with food, the food will slow them down and they will then largely be broken down in the stomach and end up being digestive enzymes.

It is recommended that you start with one capsule a day and work up to six a day. It is not recommended to take more than 9 per day as the NK portion of the ingredients is an anti coagulator. Serracor NK is also available separate from the pack in two sizes: 180 cap or 85 caps. The larger size is included in the Morgellons Monthly Pack.

Are You Detoxing?

Everyone will tell you that detoxing is super important, and there are a lot of expensive detoxing products. We handled one for about six months and it worked well, however, with Collembola, it activated the parasites. Yes, worm wood and black walnut in most detox products do feed Collembola--they love it.

The good news is that, without compromising results, we use inexpensive food grade diatomaceous earth. A teaspoon taken twice a day on an empty stomach with water or coffee detoxes the gut and intestines and it also goes into the blood stream. And compared to the expensive detox product that we used costing $280, diatomaceous earth is only $10 for two pounds that should last months.

And more good news: You can add about 5 tablespoons to a 32 ounce spray bottle, fill with water, shake and spray as an insecticide as diatomaceous earth destroys any organisms that come in contact with it. Spraying it is far better than trying to dust it as dusting is not uniform and it's not a good idea to breath a lot of it.

It's in our store at

Gum Issues

If you're gums are giving you trouble, you might look into feeding them glutathione. Yes, glutathione. Glutathione supports the structure and function of every cell in your body. But how do you get lots of glutathione to your gums?

Answer: The answer is our new nano glutathione. Our new nano glutathione comes in a one ounce dropper bottle. It is an alternative to the Max One Glutathione accelerator. Instead of capsules, as in MaxOne, Nano Glutathione is liquid glutathione. Typically, one dropper of it (one mil liter) under the tongue for 90 seconds is how it is used.

However, if you have gum issues, instead of under the tongue, use your tongue to spread it all around your gums--inside and out. The glutathione will support the structure and function of your gums. Do it once or twice daily for best results.

And, that's not it's only application. The people over at Nano Glutathione informed me that applying it from the dropper onto the shingles rash dramatically reduces the time of the rash from many weeks to several days. I'd also suggest applying any of our creams, lotions and gels as well. Taking this to the next step. Apply a drop of the liquid glutathione to open lesions followed by our deep wound kit.

Prior to using the Nano Glutathione, you'll probably want to use our NG mouth wash. NG mouth wash contains a higher than normal level of NG concentrate, cinnamon, peppermint, and ionic minerals. We have not had anyone write us about the mouth wash, but we know it flies off our shelves. Keep it in your mouth as long as you can. Swish it everywhere. Gargle with it if desired. Create a suction to clear your sinuses. If you swallow some of it, no problem. In fact, it will clean your internals as well. Several weeks ago a lady wrote that she greatly benefited from consuming the diluted body wipe. If you do choose to consume the mouth wash, my suggestion is to start with only a little--maybe a half teaspoon once a day.

Nasal issues? Maybe use a dropper or applicator to insert into your nostrils to clean your sinuses and create a suction to draw it into your mouth.


Mouth & Hair

HI Richard!
Thank you so much for your products and help!
I use your shampoo, and the "scalping it up" protocol. The plain MSM helps at night. My hair gets dry. Is there a conditioner or oil that would be safe to use on the ends of my hair?____
Is coconut oil safe to use on skin? ___ In the mouth for cleansing?___
(Your mouthwash is great--I also have issues in my mouth)
Thank you! God bless you!

Thanks for writing Brenda,

Our Beauty Forever shampoo with NG and lavender has conditioner in it too.

you can use any oil that you like in your hair

Coconut is safe for skin and for mouth for cleansing it's highly suggested. In fact, Dr. Gundry MD suggests using coconut oil for cleansing the mouth. Those with only Morgellons can consume coconut oil, however, those with Collembola can't consume it.

For mouth issues, in addition to our Mouth Wash, I suggest nano glutathione in your mouth. Nano Glutathione is in liquid form. Normally, you hold it under your tongue for a minute and a half so it can absorb into your system. However, you can put it anywhere in your mouth that needs healing and the glutathione will go right to work. For instance, if your gums are ailing, use your tongue to deliver it through out your gums.

The people at Nano Glutathione tell me that it dramatically reduces the time from weeks to days that one sufferers from shingles. Yes, you can apply Nano Glutathione direct to your skin lesions. I've used it along with NG on fever blisters. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

To see the scalp protocol that Brenda has used, go to and scroll back to Jan 20, 2016--it works.

Doctors Love To Question Sanity

I want to say a thank you and shout to you for being a person of sound reason for so many. I myself have experienced such a backlash from family, friends and doctors. My ex-doctor insisted I go to sign myself in to the ER for psychiatric help. It was truly the worst that you could imagine. The doctor was insufferable and insulting, not to mention infuriating. They refused to give me any water and/or food, even though I was hungry and upset. Needless to say I did not have any pertinent information from your book at the time.

My husband had to vouch for me and my sanity in order for me to walk out of the ER that night. My personal doctor's office tried contacting me for one full year. I always refused to speak with them. He clearly wanted to dictate to me, as if he was the one paying the bill. I eventually had to threaten the callers to stop calling me, because I considered it harassment after one year. I became afraid of doctors, and realized how ignorant they actually are regarding skin parasites. In all I saw three doctors for help with my condition.

I cannot tell you how important this information is, and your personal testimony is to us all.


I thank Clair for sharing. Her story is poignant and to the point. I know that many of you have seen far more than three doctors, but one can be bad enough.
If you have a story you'd like to share, please do so, and please keep it short as Clair did.

Here's a situation where the doctors got it right, but it's hook worms--not Morgellons or Collembola. Candice shared this and it's interesting reading. I always thought that hook worms were an internal thing and didn't realize that they can also cause a mess on the skin. Click here or go to to read about it. Unlike for Morgellons or Collembola, a basic dewormer was all that was necessary.

Super Bread Recipe

Barbara, our volunteer, to welcome new skin parasite sufferers to the program has come up with this super recipe for Stage I bread.

2 cups of spelt
1/2 cup of rice flour.
Beat one egg and add to 1 cup of buttermilk
Add the buttermilk/egg mix to the flour and kneed into a ball.
If too wet and it sticks to your fingers, add a bit more rice flour
Before putting in the oven, wet a knife and slit the top of the mound crosswise, wet the knife again before making the second slice
Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 min.

I thank Barbara for sharing her improved recipe. You can experiment with different flours. She used spelt and rice, you can experiment with millet and rye as well.

I won't Treat You For Anything Unless you Do Counseling

In Response to Stella's story I published a couple days ago, Melinda writes.

Thanks for sharing her story. I'M SO TIRED OF BEING TOLD I'M CRAZY, IT'S IN MY IMAGINATION OR I AM DELUSIONAL....I mean, come on people ( especially doctors)!! Do they really think we would intentionally hurt ourselves with sores all over us, my hair is falling out and my face looks like I'm 80 instead of 48....I feel so sorry for these idiots who believe we are delusional, because Heaven forbid.....IT MAY HAPPEN TO THEM. Then maybe they will not be so quick to judge us and for Gods sake the CDC is a joke & so are the drs who have called us liars. ( basically) to our face.

Do they really believe I would give up 4 years of seeing my Grand babies due to the fear of exposing or infecting them? Do they believe that some of us have spent 1,000s of $s to find relief??? It kills me that our diagnosis is delusional parasitosis, I mean we are already at the end of our rope and they might as well have slapped us in the face & laughed at us....Sad, sad, sad..😓..Ignorance in our so called Doctors makes me believe that I will will no longer be able to discuss my infestation with my Dr.....

Yes, the one who says at my last visit, "If you don't start counseling I will no longer treat you for anything!!!" WHO DOES THAT?? God help us all. Thank you Richard, for being our Earthly Saving Grace!!! Without your book & loving concern for us "crazies' I sure don't know who I could have turned to...God bless you Mr Richard & I am praying for all the other delusional people like me....we have to stick together and spread the word and proof that the reason we are anxious and depressed ( some even suicidal) is because WE ARE BEING EATEN ALIVE BY MITES & PARASITES. ... PERIOD.

Someone out there in the medical field has got to recognize the seriousness of this & start trying to concoct a potion to kill these creatures. And maybe if we petitioned the CDC & raise a little hell maybe just maybe they'll believe us. Until then fellow sufferers.....MR RICHARD IS THE ONLY LIGHT AT THE END OF OUR TUNNELS...THANK YOU AGAIN...

I thank Melinda for taking the time to share her experience and welcome others to do the same. However, if you do share your story, please please limit it to three or four concise paragraphs. Don't be offended, but I just won't read anything longer than that.

Amazing, her doctor won't treat her for anything unless she is in counseling. Counseling for what? Having lesions and sores on her body and relentless itching? So he won't treat her for ANYTHING--what about the Hippocratic oath? Did he forget that?

Until some doctor figures out a concoction, I'll be busy working on a solution too, yet, for now, the King Diet� is the best for starters. And of course, half the battle is getting the organisms out of your environment.


Ozone Generator Update
The world of the ozone generator has been evolving.
I first learned about higher capacity ozone generators from a fellow who found that 20,000 mg/hr of ozone did the job of killing the organisms. Prior to that I only was aware of the smaller 4,000 mg/hr units you find on ebay for about $80.00. They did not produce enough ozone to destroy the organisms.

I found the manufacturer and offered his 20,000mg/hr unit in our on-line store. They did not come with a fan so you had to set up a box fan to blow air onto the plates that generate the ozone for two reasons:
1. to deliver oxygen to the plates to convert into ozone
2. to keep the plates cool--if the plates get too warm, their efficiency is dramatically reduced.

After a few months we found that these units were not all producing the amount of ozone required because of how the fan blew the air over the plates. In higher operating temperatures as you find in the summer or in a warm home or apartment, the plates produce far less than 20,000 mg/hr.

There are now three fixes available for this problem:
1. An improved the 20,000 mg/hr unit to more effectively cool the plates. An additional advantage, is that if you already have the original 20,000 mg/hr unit with two plates, you can add it to this one to produce 40,000 mg/hr. unit which, if your home or apartment is 4,000 sq feet or less, can be a whole home unit and you can run the AC or heat ventilation at the same time.

2. A 50,000 mg/hr whole house unit. However, the assembled unit could not be packaged well enough to keep it from being damaged in transit. So, it is no longer being sold as a complete unit, but instead as a kit requiring assembly for $280.

3. An improved 10,000 mg/hr unit that comes with a fan to effectively deliver the oxygen and keep the plates cool on both sides. This unit is good for 100 square feet--an average size room of 10' X 10'. A larger room would require the improved 20,000 mg/hr unit.


It'a All In Her Head

Stella wrote me this just after Thanks Giving and it got lost in my que of updates. I thought it interesting to share.

"Yesterday was Thanks giving. I've been 90% itch free since I've been following your protocol for Collembola until yesterday when we had a Thanks giving family gathering. While speaking to one of my relatives he shared that he's been itching for the last few months and at times he can't sleep because of the itching stinging sensations in bed. So I told him about your book and gave him the information. Later on that night I began feeling itchy again. I believe that being near him is the cause." Stella

I thank Stella for taking the time to share and hopefully she's gotten free once again. But I know that getting reinfected can be serious. Was it in her head that she felt itchy after being exposed to her itchy relative? No, I think she's right in her assessment--it was because she was near him and he was contagious.

The good news is that the protocol I sent her works: It makes a huge difference in her life. I send out many protocols to many sufferers and there's a lot of information and recommendations in it, but the good news is that it works. If you'd like to obtain a protocol, please complete the attached questionnaire and return to me.

Some Disinfection Ideas

In my last update, Bugs in Food, Debbie was asking what to do about organisms she finds in her food and how to disinfect her laundry.

In response to her laundry problem, John offered the following:

"Fabuloso helps.. It's like a stronger version of pine sol. For my stubborn clothes.. I wash them with detergent that has oxi in it, fabuloso, and borax... (A small amount of fabuloso goes a long way).. Then a quick wash with just ammonia to kill whatever has been drawn out of the clothes by the fabuloso. But, do not mix fabuloso and ammonia in same wash!

Hope that helps people.. It has helped me. (You can get the purple fabuloso (lavender) at most WalMart stores) You helped me a lot a while back so I wanted to pass this on to you and also hopefully help others."
Thanks, John

Is she using hot water in her wash? I found that 140 degree water and pinesol disinfectant worked better than ammonia for my organisms.

Try adding peppermint essential oil drops to laundry. Check material of clothing. Mites will nest in cotton based clothes.


I tried pouring pure vinegar on my bathroom floor and it didn�t do anything.

I am currently using a capful of peppermint oil, and a cap ful of lavender oil, which seems to work pretty good on both laundry and floor.

I thank everyone who shared their experience.

Bugs In Food

Debbie has a problem and I'm wondering if anyone else has a similar experience. I've heard of the organisms attacking counter tops, wood and so on, but it's rare that someone finds them getting into food.

Hi Richard,
I have a problem now with spores and black specs in my refrigerator. I bought a new one in November bc of same problem out of hand. This one has some now and my son and I have cleaned refrigerator and pantry with ammonia 2 different times since November. I'm on King diet and all was well until they found the food. I really did not think they would want it since they're on the list for allowed foods. After about 3 weeks, they got in cooked chicken, all produce, rice and quinoa bags, and even the sticks of butter which I froze trying to keep them out. I've tried ziplock bags even doubled and keeping all in some type bag. I had to throw away 2 sets of groceries after this. Do you have any suggestions or would anyone else have written to you about it? Also, the ammonia has been increased up to 2 cups per load and on towel in dryer and it doesn't kill all of them any more, just some. Should I change the disinfectant in laundry and I also use it in house to spray? Thank you for your hard work and help to so many people.

I can think of two things you might try:
1 Spray everything with food grade diatomaceous earth. Place about 5 tablespoons of food grade diatomaceous earth in a spray bottle and fill it about 90% with distilled or good quality drinking water. Shake well and spray on everything that can be infected. Spray the inside of your cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, and food stuffs like butter, cooked foods, and so on. For the rice, you can add several tablespoons of dry DE and shake well. Remember, it's food grade so you can consume it.

2. Use Ozone generator. Turn off the refrigerator or leave it running and open the door. Open all cabinets, and drawers and run the ozone generator per instructions that come with it. The ozone is not flammable so there's no chance of it being a fire hazard. The ozone will also destroy odors.

Regarding disinfectants for laundry, there's janitorial grade ammonia which is several time stronger than regular ammonia. Be careful using it to avoid spilling on your skin. You may want to put it in your washer first, add water, and then put in your clothes.

Options to ammonia are boric acid, Four Thieves Oil, MMS, white vinegar, baking soda and even 32% hydrogen peroxide. Best not to mix them so you don't mix an acid with a base and have them cancel each other out or release chlorine. Quantities of each? I don't know about boric acid or four thieves oil, but maybe 2 cups of white vinegar, a box of baking soda, and 1/3 cup of 32% peroxide.

Be energized, healthy, and well,

More Good News About Baking Soda

Consuming a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water twice a day has been part of my Morgellon's protocol for quite some time. Turns out that there are other benefits such as reducing risk of premature death that you might want to read about. Click here or go to to learn more. The article is also about keeping healthy potassium levels and just a few days ago a gal wrote me asking what to do about cramps in her legs. Cramping muscles are often attributed to potassium deficiency.

The article states that apples, raisins, spinach, bananas, carrots, broccoli, lemons and even coffee are a few sources that will boost your potassium and bicarbonate levels. Unfortunately, carrots and raisins are not on the King Diet� although when you get to Stage III of the diet you can have them in limited amouts. And the only apple on the diet is Granny Smith. Other ways of boosting potassium are to switch from regular table salt (sodium chloride) to potassium chloride and to use Nature's Gift� Ionic Minerals.

Lufenuron--96 caps in 96 days

Lufenuron has been an important part of my protocol to deal with skin parasites for quite some time. I asked Dr. Luna for his updated recommendation on dosage and how long to take lufenuron. Here is his answer:

We suggest 96 capsules in 96 days, one per day with fat. A person on a budget can buy the 48 twice and spread out the cost if necessary, but should order the second shipment early enough to not miss doses.

The exact dose is not critical, so if a dose is missed it is not the end of the world, just continue on the next day.

This takes us through at least two full life cycles of just about any bug out there, so that they are stopped in whatever stage that the Lufenuron is effective against. For many people, they find relief rather quickly, but the problem comes back if they back off from continuing the Lufe for the full 96 days. Those people need to stay on the regimen longer. For most, as they finally get well, and they have maintained through the 96 days, they can lower the dose significantly, down to the 12 per month maintenance dose recommended as a long term treatment. We suggest Monday, Wednesday and Friday once a person is down to the 12 per month. That is easy to remember, and it is cheap to maintain long term as well.

Many people really need to play it by ear. If they back down on the dose and the problems return, then they need to maintain the higher dose, while researching and experimenting on other treatments to figure out what else is going on. For instance, they might have leaky gut and need to look into healing the gut. They might be living in a moldy environment and being reinfected constantly. They might have Lyme (and its co-infections) as an underlying condition that needs to be dealt with. They can safely continue the Lufenuron while attacking the cause of their issues.

Lufenuron is a huge help with Morgellons because it is a multi-pronged attack. It clears mold, yeast, fungus and Systemic Candida, improving over all health. It clears yeast on the skin that attracts certain types of bugs that invade the body. And it stops the development of nearly all insects, and protozoa that are known to be part of Morgellons. Since Morgellons is not just one disease, but a collection of symptoms from a variety of causes, this multi-pronged attack is most important.

I hope that explains our current thinking and protocol. Much of our knowledge comes from our incredible customers who are willing to share their experiences so that we can continue to improve treatment and help others in the process. The protocol has changed over the years, and we are very pleased with the response that we are getting with the current recommendation of 96 capsules in 96 days.

Adelfo (Dr. Adelfo Lunna)

I thank Dr. Luna for this information. Lufenuron is not available in this country. It is ordered from Mexico at When you check out, write my name, Richard Kuhns, in the comment box so they know you're dealing with skin parasites.

He references other issues such as leaky gut and Lyme disease as being a couple of the complicating factors. My protocol addresses both of these issues in that I recommend L-Glutamine for leaky gut and the Lyme Protocol (Multivitamin, MaxOne, Garcillin, and Ionic Minerals). And for Morgellons I add MSM caps to replenish organic sulfur, and enzymes (digestive and systemic)

And in addition taking food grade diatomaceous earth to further detox plus baking soda and peroxide therapy. Morgellons and other skin parasites are serious and it's important to cover all the bases for best results.

Jodi Asks About Stomach Problems

Jodi asks about stomach problems

Hi Richard,
I have spoken to you before and have been using your products. You were telling me that it looks that I have both Collembola and Morgellons. My question is that I�m having very bad stomach problems, pain, nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea, from Morgellons. I used to take a probiotic, but I can�t because of the Collembola. I am taking enzymatica digest gold. I think I need a probiotic. What should I do? Also I�m cleaning with ammonia, but the fumes are giving me a headache, any suggestions? I know it�s the holiday season, and your busy, but my stomach is really hurting.
Thank you,

Hi Jodi,
Thanks for writing.
Are you using our agro relief enzymes and L-glutamine? Aside from that, it's important to drink lots of water.
You can have probiotics when you get into mid Stage II of the diet
Orap helped me immensely to get to Stage II and then onto Stage III
If your doctor won't prescribe it, our Dr. Su will help you.

Regarding ammonia, you really shouldn't be smelling that much. The idea is to spray and move away quickly.

Alternatives are spraying diatomaceous earth or boric acid--heat water and stir in boric acid crystals to dissolve them and then spray it.

Triple pesticide is another alternative

I thank Jodi for writing and I hope my suggestions have helped although she's right, probiotics would be helpful. I didn't think of it at the time, but diatomaceous earth, in case she's dealing with internal parasites, might also help over time. Ginger is a great herb for stomach issues. I have it listed on the "do not eat list" for Collembola, however, it might be worth testing to see if it's OK for Jodi.

Barbara, our volunteer who makes calls to those who sign up for my free ebook and updates, I've learned knows quite a bit about herbs suggests, "A strong cup of chamomile tea and celery seed can get rid of stomach cramps and ginger helps the nausea. Licorice and fennel both are good for digestion. Licorice hits every one of the meridians. Except it isn't on the diet. I miss my licorice because it helps with the adrenal exhaustion. Gentian helps to digest food so you won't get stomach cramps... Also, warm lemon water might assist as well.....depending on the severity. "

Baking Soda Magic

Ann writes,

I was using baking soda from start (as soon as i got book)i had white little balls, etc from morgellons,

I took a teaspoon in glass of fluoride free water on empty stomach 2 times a day, they went away very quickly on that regimen. I kept it up for 6 months than got brave and very gradually weaned myself off it. Down to 1 teaspoon a day than every other day then every couple days til i finished with it. Hope this helps. That took care of Morgellons as far as i could tell.

I am still fighting Collembola. My hair is the main problem. Yes i use your protocol. I seems to be a bit better. My goal is to be completely free. Since they live in my hair and my home is better but not completely clear it is a constant challenge. I remember your words on one of your emails AGGRESSIVE AGGRESSIVE, AGGRESSIVE. i make that my mantra. I wipe, sweep, spray, more than ever.

Is it possible to dunk my head, hair in a bowl of DIATOMACEOUS earth? How long for it take to kill off these things? I have to wear a mask to use a small amount. So this is not an easy task.

I recommend vinyl disposable gloves (especially for lady with debris in the fingernails from another email) i do believe i spread the things to my skin, from hair until i used gloves. I shampoo and comb with gloves all the time. I clean with them also. It really helps. Wash hands frequently after touching hair.

Wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2018.


I thank Ann for sharing. Drinking a teaspoon of baking soda on an empty stomach twice a day has been part of my protocol for a long long time. You can also add a teaspoon of diatomaceous earth at the same time. While you can drink diatomaceous earth with lemon water to flavor it, do not drink baking soda with lemon water as lemon is slightly acidic and baking soda is a base and they will cancel each other out.

Using gloves is a good idea, however, if you're using NG, the NG should destroy them under your nails, but gloves are the best.

I highly recommend being flouride free--water and toothpaste. I wrote in a much earlier update how fluoride contributes to dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Yes, dunking one's head in a bowl of diatomaceous earth would probably work, but in the absence of that being practical I recommend being AGGRESSIVE with Super MSM gel which has both NG and diatomaceous earth in it and using our Mouth Wash/Body wipe which has NG, ionic minerals, peppermint and cinnamon or simply being aggressive with diluted NG body wipe.

Of course there's also a complete protocol if you go to and go back to 1/20/16 to the update titled Scalping it Up.

When I say, AGGRESSIVE, I mean to apply it every minute or so until relief is experienced and then apply every half hour when no symptoms are present and to change the pillow case daily or use a disinfected towel to cover the bare pillow. But spray the bare pillow with ammonia before laying the towel on it.

And throughout the night apply the one of the above every few hours even when there's no symptoms.

The next recommendation is to add one of the medications--orap, zypresa, doxeprin, Abilify--that I've written about in one of the most recent emails. Or, perhaps, one of the over the counter meds like regular Claritin, Claritin D, and Vistaril would be worth a try.


Stick a Candle in YOur Ear

Hello Richard,

For 2 months I have been suffering with an ear problem. The mites went into my ears while I was sleep left a crucial pain, burning and itching on the walls of my ears, behind and below my ear canal it was awful so uncomfortable and it haven�t healed yet. My primary Doctor treated it for 7 weeks and it helped at first and stopped working. I am seeing an ear, nose and throat Doctor right now and it�s a little better since but still not healed. Which one of the medication on this e-mail should I order?

The mites get into my eyes all of the time I have to use Visine to relieve me while batting my eyes real fast for as long as needed it seam to help a lot. Its like something lodged in my eye that need to come out and causing lots of burning and a very uncomfortable feeling. Which medication should I order for this problem?

Is the Lufenuron and the Orap for Itch or an antibiotic? I asked my Primary Doctor to write me a scrip for the Lufenuron she discouraged me telling me how long you have to take it and it would be harsh for me.

Thank you Richard.


Hi Zelma,
Thanks for writing.

For external application for your ears, there are two things you want to look into:
First, we have an ear drop cleanse at
Secondly, you might get a ear wax candles from your local health food store. The candle is hollow and the small end goes in your ear. You need another person to administer it. Click here or go to you can see how it's done.

Basically, you should should put a round hole in an aluminum pie pan and put the candle through it. The purpose of the pie pan is to catch any dripping wax from the candle. You lie down on your side and insert the small end of the candle into your ear with the pie plate around it. Someone lights the candle.

The heat of the candle creates a vacuum that sucks debris, ear wax, and parasites out of your ear.
When the candle is burned down close to the pie plate, extinguish it and remove the candle from your ear. You can take apart the candle at the end that was in your ear and be amazed at everything you see that was sucked out of your ear.

I'd suggest doing both. Use the ear cleanse, then the candle, and then apply the ear cleanse again. You may want to do the candle every few days.

First of all, lufenuron, to my knowledge, is not available in this country for doctors to prescribe. Ironically, it's only available for pets. I've written about it numerous times. If you go to and do a search for lufenuron you'll find many updates about it. In summary, it needs to be taken for 6 months and is not known to create any side effects except for "die off reactions," and does not conflict with any other medications.

Contrary to what I thought, I just learned from the supplier that it does not destroy chitin as I thought. Chitin is the substance that the egg's shell is made. Instead it inhibits the production of chitin to form new eggs or mouth parts of organisms. Thus, eggs that are already in the skin are not going to be affected. It interferes the cycle and stops new eggs from forming.

You can obtain Lufenuron at Select either the General Use (three month plan) or the Most Popular (6 month plan) and when you complete your order please put my name (Richard) in the Comments box so they know you're dealing with mites and skin parasites.

Orap (one to three mg/day) and zyprexa (2.5 mg/day) are two medications that may reduce the impact of mites and Collembola (a form of mite). They are not antibiotics. Most doctors will laugh at your request for either medication and tell you tactfully how stupid the request is. Obviously, they know nothing about the anti parasitic value of these medications just like they are ignorant about the parasites in the first place. Our doctor Su will work with you on this. Email me for details.

Eyes are often an issue and one of the following, copied from my book, may help:
1. Rue Fennel
2. Sulfacetamide 10 % eye drops by Baush and Lomb by prescription (2 drops 4 times daily) although she used them more frequently
3. Diluted NG with a dropper or an eye glass.
4. A 2 or 3% metronidazole gel from Demodex Solutions (DS) at
5. Ovante distributed by NAAMA Inc. at (484) 226-6220. Either the Metronidazole product or Ovante can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes with a Q-tip. If used regularly, they kill off the mites and will restore loss of eyelashes. Keep eyes closed for one minute after application.
6. Colloidal silver drops

Tis the Season to Mess Up the Diet

Holidays can make it so so tempting to mess up on the diet. Sandra, our coach, is no different. Here's her "Mess Up Report."

Good evening Richard, yesterday my thoughtful neighbor { I'm being very sarcastic} lead me to THE ENEMY!!!!!!... my favorite homemade Christmas cookies. And yes I indulged!!!!!!!... For those of us who are follow the KING DIET FYI DO NOT EVEN DO WHAT I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!...and I know better I have coached many on how to get their lives back. Now I'm back to horrific itching crawling feeling. The only up side to this I learned DO NOT GO OFF THE KING!!!!!!!!!!.... Thank you again Richard, you are my life saver. Have a Beautiful Blesses Day...Sandra K....

I thank Sandra for sharing her Mess Up. It happens to all of us--I had my share of mess ups when I was in the early stages of the diet. What you may consider is one of the following medications to make it easier to advance to Stage II and ultimately Stage III of the diet:
1.ORAP: 1 mg per day up to 3 mg/day if needed typically used for Tourette syndrome and motor tics
2. Zyprexa: 2.5 mg per day at bed time for up to six months with blood lipids checked after four mos typically used for schizophrenia and bipolar.
3. Doxepin: 10 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for anxiety
4. Abilify: 2 mg per day working up to 7.5 mg per day for 4 months and then back down slowly to 2 mg per day to stop. Typically for depression
5.Zolof: 25 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for depression/panic attack
6. Serequel 30mg typically use for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
7. Lyrica (dosage unknown) typically used for seizures, fibromyalgia, pain from shingles
8.Risperdal: 1 � mg to 2 mg per day (duration unknown) typically used for bipolar, schizophrenia
9.Naltrexone at 3.5 mg at night time typically used for drug addiction
10 Wellbrutrin 5 mg twice daily typically used for depression, ADHD
11. Some have reported that over-the-counter allergy meds like regular Claritin, Claritin D and Vistaril may also have the same benefit.
And sometimes, more than one medication is required to produce results.

Orap and Zyprexa are two meds I have personal experience with and both worked for me. Note that #11 are over the counter meds. If your doctor won't provide a script for one of the others, you can work with our Dr. Su.

The first step is to complete the attached questionnaire to receive my protocol (the meds are not a replacement for the diet and protocol). Once you are on the diet and protocol, you'll be provided his contact info to pay for your session after which you'll receive a health history questionnaire from him. I provide him the results from my questionnaire and he then he contacts you to arrange a time for your phone consult.

He charges $150 for a half hour. However, his fee is not covered by medical insurance because it's a phone consult and not in his office.

If you are not into the diet or my protocol for Morgellons (not Collembola) and want to do Dr Savely's protocol using several antibiotics, complete the attached questionnaire to confirm you're dealing with Morgellons and not only mites or Collembola and I'll forward you his contact info. But, you must let me know you only want the Savely protocol.

Her Doctor Got Upset

Melinda recounts her doctor's visit.

God bless you Richard. For almost 2 yrs now l have been going through the same thing with the parasites that you describe. The first 6 months l had my apt. exterminated 3 times because I thought they were bedbugs. To no avail the exterminator even thought I was crazy. I slept in plastic trash bags not knowing the mites were already on me & not some invisible creatures coming out at night biting me....l see these black spots not only in my bed but l can sweep and 30 mins later they are on the floor again. My Dr. diagnosed me with Delusional Parasitosis over a year ago & proceeded to tell me today that if I did not start counseling he would no longer see me .I was so frustrated walking out of that appointment that I said I'm not going to be able to tell my primary care physician any longer about these mites because he feels like being unable to help me, I think he believes that I am questioning his intelligence (which I'm not ), but when I told him that I found this site that I really enjoyed and it gave me pointers about how to clean and how to disinfect and how do you know do different things, he got really upset !! I alone started washing and putting stuff into plastic bags after wearing them one time especially my towels.I don't let anybody use my towels and I use them one time and they go into bags (until I can wash them)! I just thank you for taking the time to let me know that there are other people out there that have been and are going through what I've been going through. Like I said, I was so disappointed leaving my Dr.s appointment today, that I don't even know if I want to go back to see him, but he has been my doctor for years. I just don't know why here in America they're so uneducated on these mites?? At first I thought they were bed bugs, then I thought they were chiggers and then I talk to my daughter about them and she did some research on my symptoms & found the Demodex mites.. which I'm almost 100% sure that I have.. But I'm sure I have other forms like the springtails and the little black dots and stuff you talked about.probably all of the above. but the most painful are the ones that lay the eggs in my hair follicles and I can't dig them out on my back, but I'm tired of the sores, I'm tired of being held hostage in my own home and I just thank you for taking the time to email me and let me know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to try to get the soap and the book ASAP , then start the the diet around the first of the year.. God bless you Richard God bless you and thank you so much for reminding me that I'm not alone and that there is hope for me too. Always grateful,

I thank Melinda for writing. She sent this to me a couple weeks ago. I hope by now she's followed through and started the King Diet�. Mites can be challenging to get rid of. Things to consider for mites are lufenuron and medications such as orap. And of course, mites often are carriers of Collembola and Morgellons which involves lots of disinfection, diet, and supplements when affordable.

Lufenuron can be ordered at Lufenuron destroys eggs, mouth parts of organisms, fungi, and Candidia. Select either the General Use (three month plan) or the Most Popular (6 month plan) and when you complete your order please put my name (Richard) in the Comments box to receive expedited service. It's recommended to do a total of 6 months.

Orap is recommended at a dosage of 1 mg morning and one mg at bed time. If your doctor won't help you with a script, we have a doctor that can help you.

Collembola--An Unfriendly Organism

After a coaching session with Deborah, she asked a few more questions.

Thank you so very much for the call today. I do have a few more questions that i forgot to ask.
1. Does the weather affect this? Colder weather fewer? Not that I've noticed although if you're stress out physically or mentally, they can be more active.

2. Does dry cleaning kill? What about my wool clothes? Spray with ammonia ? Dry cleaning kills them,

Wool is OK for Collembola.

3. Jewelry and computers? you have to disinfect your jewelry. Disinfect the key board and screen wiping ammonia over them. Be careful not to get ammonia into the computer as it will destroy the computer

4. I realized i am still drinking tea. I can't drink coffee due to migraines. Is black tea okay at all? You have to check the ingredients. Teas are OK, but most packaged teas have additives

4 b. I found another problem i think. I have been eating rice chips that use palm oil. I suppose this is no good also? Palm oil is a big problem. One little chip and you're off the diet and have lost as many as two days of progress.

5. How long do things stay infected? Is everything i touch infected? Like the oven, dishes, metal plates, etc? Generally, not the things you touch as they generally are not on your hands. I've never have an issue with touching things

Thank you again and again for your help. I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday. You're welcome, remember, the best is yet to come. A simple thing like those chips with palm oil can totally destroy your program.

If you don't know how to deal with Collembola, they be a very unfriendly organism and can totally ruin your life.

I Can Already Tell the Difference

This ailment has caused me an incredible amount of stress and has been unfortunate for everyone in my life. I am literally at wits end with this. I don't know what to do anymore. It's like my skin isn't mine anymore. Upon my obsession with Google and trying to find any new information out there about what I learned to be termed "Morgellon's" about a year ago I came across your site. My mother ordered the soap last week, it's crazy the stuff that's come from my skin it's scary! I can already tell a difference. Thank you.

I thank Amber for taking the time to share her experience. If you're already under a lot of stress, as most of us are, skin parasites can bury you in stress.
One lady wrote to ask me why I don't focus more on the stress that skin parasites cause. It's true, I hear again and again about depression being a big part of what they are going through. And sleeplessness is another issue many experience. Both depression and sleeplessness are reactions to the stress of dealing with skin parasites.

I have about 50 stress management CD's on my stress management site, and most of them sell for a minimum of $25 each. I've taken two of them, OverCome Depression and Sleep Through the Night and have them in for only $6.95 each. I only hope each and everyone of you take advantage of one of them. And, if you go to bottom right of the main page of you'll find a form for your name and email address to receive a free course on how to manage all kinds of stress starting with basic stress management techniques such as deep breathing.

And, if you haven't yet tried the Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap for whatever reason, maybe it's time to try it. One lady was afraid of trying it because she didn't want to see all the debris that might look like worms in her tub after the bath. I say, "better in the tub than staying in your skin." And, if you're only dealing with Collembola and not Morgellons, you probably won't see any debris at all.

Bubbles & Pin Pricks

Mark writes of his first experience using Nature's Gift� in the tub.

"I could feel bubbles under the surface of he skin. Felt like pin pricks and as I felt this was as if things were being pulled out of my skin, this was my first experience. It did not feel the same way though, the 2nd time, but my first time was amazing" I realize it is still working the same, that was just my initial experience."

I thank Mark for taking the time to share his experience. Yes, Nature's Gift � (NG) Debriding Soap can be amazing. Many write of amazing experiences from using it. However, if you're experience is not as dramatic as Marks was, it is still silently doing it's job. Remember, the purpose of the NG is to deep clean your skin and extract debris that's not supposed to be there.

And because some of that debris may be alive, you add in a disinfectant like peppermint, lavender, Epson Salts, and so on to your bath to destroy it.

Healed Angel Swears by Lufenuronn

Nancy, one of our two angels, who also used several other products in the protocol, swears by lufenuron.

Dear Richard
I am asking that you add a sentence to your book to make sure that it is clear that if a person takes lufenuron for Morgellons that they have to take it every day for several months.
I have been taking it for 12 weeks and I am completely cured. I can eat anything I want with no reactions.

If you remember, I am pretty sure I had Colembola and something else, perhaps an atypical Morgellons, that included stinging shooting pains, sometimes only 30 seconds apart in various parts of my body (only the mucosa areas were immune). I got rid of the hopping, biting bugs from my apartment with chlorine dioxide �bombs� and 10% cedar spray. (the cedar spray works well on fabric furniture). I used the cedar liquid on me head to toes every day for about a month before I found the diet and your website.

The cedar lessened the Colembola but did nothing for the stinging and black specks of the Morgellons symptoms. I stayed on stage one with a few items from stage two of the diet for about 4 months before I realized that a couple of 3 day courses of lufenuron were not sufficient. I was not symptomatic with the diet but I certainly wasn�t cured. In late September I started taking two of the lufenuron capsules every day, one with breakfast and one with dinner. In about a month, I began to be able to eat more items, and now I�m cured.

Thank you for all you do. This was the most hellish episode in my life and I thank God for leading me to you and lufenuron.

I will continue to be an angel.

I am happy to hear of our Angel's progress. Lufenuron is an important part of my protocol for Morgellons, Collembola, skin fungus, mites, and organisms coming out of your skin. The people in Mexico actually recommend using lufenuron for six months to be safe. The recommended dose is one capsule a day, however, Nancy went to two capsules a day which can not hurt you. Lufenuron is probably the safest medicine around as it basically has no side effects (only die-off reactions) and doesn't interact with other medications.

You can obtain lufenuron from
When you check out, write my name, Richard Kuhns, in the comment box so they know you're dealing with skin parasites. The medication comes from Mexico. It is only available in this country as Program for pets.

Chlorine dioxide is MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). I'm not familiar with how the chlorine dioxide bombs work so I asked her and this is her answer:

They came from a company called Biocide. They are made to kill the germs that cause smells. I ordered them from the Internet. It comes in a dry packet that you add water and then leave the closed up area for about 6 hours. Essentially your ozone machine does the same thing. It smothers the bugs because they can�t breathe. Your ozone machine is a lot more economical because the bombs cost about $15 each and you need one for every 200 or so square feet of floor space and more if you have high ceilings.

There you have it, we have another option to ozone, cedarcide (which doesn't work for most), the triple pesticide, and oxcine which I don't get many reports on either.

And, If you'd like to either donate to the needy program or be an angel, please let me know. Angels donate $200-to-$250 per month to their recipient. Tomorrow, I'll be announcing the names of four winners for 8 oz of Claudia's Dream Cream.

The Answer to Internal Parasites

Laurie wrote me the following note:

Dear Richard,
I recently was given a bottle of NG by you. It has been the best thing I've ever obtained to fight Morgellons. Ive been using it for a couple weeks now and my lesions are just about gone. It did such a great job on my skin so i decided to dilute it really well and take a sip of it for internal pains and problems I've been having. I was desperate and figured it couldn't make things any worse. I'm so glad I did. I have been passing parasites in my stool ever since. I take a sip of it every day and i feel better than i have in years. I experienced no side effects what so ever. I also wet my toothbrush with it when brushing my teeth. The film I've had in my mouth for years is now gone! I want to thank you for sending me NG as a gift. Its been such a blessing in my life! I want to try your other products as well and I will soon since I'm now able to work again and lead a somewhat normal life. I have so much gratitude and respect for you and what you do. Thank you for changing my life!


I thank Laurie for taking the time to share her experience. She was one of the lucky ones that won the drawing for those who have no income, resources or help. I'm so happy for her. Not everyone experiences the quick results she has in getting rid of lesions.

I used to suggest taking NG internally, but I stopped since we have Diatomaceous earth and NG tastes terrible. I'm still not making it as a recommendation as I simply don't have enough feedback other than Laurie's. And, I just don't want to get into a situation where the FDA might find it a problem if I recommend taking it internally. However, NG is hypoallergenic, non toxic, and made from renewable plant sources.

The NG mouthwash is already premixed. It also has ionic minerals, cinnamon, and peppermint. I personally use it after every meal to clean my mouth and hopefully curtail tartar build up. I brush my teeth with it. I'll be seeing my dental hygienist later this week to see how it worked.

Whether you take the diluted NG or the mouth wash, start with quarter of a teaspoon and go up from there to about one teaspoon twice a day.

It can also be used to gargle with and if you swallow some, no problem. And if it works for you like it did for Laurie, so much the better. Of course your results may differ from Laurie's.

Swollen Lip

Dear Dr. Kuhns,

Just when you think it could not possibly get any worse it does! I know you can�t diagnose a illness so let me ask for your experience and knowledge. If you developed swollen, itching, needle like pain with white patches on your lips what COULD be the causes? I realize this description is hardly fair to you without more facts. I have been trying to do the questionnaire but I�m working from a phone and I can�t get the �hang� of the email program. My son just gave me a laptop. As soon as I can get an email account of my own I intend to fill in the questionnaire and send it back to you. I can�t thank you enough for your willingness to help US. Until I know what to do to get the stuff on my lips under control I�m hiding, vain women that I am 😷 maybe I could wear a surgical mask! (If we don�t laugh, we�ll cry)

Sorry, I don't know what could be the cause of the swollen lip and needle-like pain. You might try the Super MSM gel on your lips. You can apply it every minute as its absorbed into you skin. Then apply the lip balm. You might also apply a drop of the Nano Glutathione which is an anti inflammatory agent and massage it in.

Hope this helps

Dec 15, 2017
Time For A Finger Bath

I have taken two baths a day and the NG concentrate did not help�have used the Claudia�s Dream and skin lotion, too, did not help. Just ordered your MSM sulfur cream.

Kleen Green has been the biggest help with skin with glutathione Max One and Garcillin I have the biting and itching under control with your King diet and those products. .

It is this bio- film on my finger tips and skin that I can�t get rid of and driving me crazy. Have tried some of the medications.

Any suggestions???

Thank You,

I suggest a finger bath--put 1/2 cap full of NG in a bowl and add in Kleen green, if you wish, or something more economical like peppermint and submerse your fingers for up to 45 min

Also, consider our Mouth/wash Body Wipe for your skin

I presume you're on the diet

For baths, the one cap full of NG is a minimum. you can use more and use it with Kleen green if you wish.

Kleen Green is an enzyme disinfectant and destroys what is on the surface of your skin. NG brings the stuff to the surface from deeper levels of your skin for the Kleen Green to destroy.
Hope this helps

I'm very happy that Marie took the time to write me. I fear that others who do not get the desired results just give up when all they need to do is write me to make some adjustments.

The good news is that she has the biting and itching under control. After she received my email, she ordered more NG concentrate. If she used NG with Kleen Green, I don't know how she could tell that NG didn't work. If she used NG alone, that's a big mistake and could make things like skin fungus spread as well as have other organisms relocate to different places on her body. So, I suspect she might not have been using NG according to the instructions.

The number of those who tell me that NG doesn't help them, out of hundreds, can be counted on my one hand. The instructions say to use one or two cap fulls, depending on whether you're using 50% or 100% NG. That's what helped me when I had gotten reinfected a few years ago. Maybe, the instructions should be changed to use a minimum of one to two cap fulls respectively. But for most that recommendation is adequate.

Remember the debriding soap cleans organisms from your skin and the disinfectant you choose destroys them. Kleen Green is an enzyme disinfectant. It destroys what is on your skin by breaking it down. Other disinfectants don't break down the organisms, but poison them.

Dec 14, 2017
Baking Soda Magic

"Wonderful news about stevia i read that in your earlier email. I wonder how much you need to use. My son had Lyme a few years ago says he is OK now with treatment of antibiotics at the time. If it flares up later i bet his doctor wont be up to date with stevia.

I will keep in mind for anyone who gets Morgellon or Lyme disease.

Thanks to your information i got rid of Morgellons with baking soda 2 times a day on empty stomach from the book and of course max one, Garcillin and your other products. You are a godsend to share this information.

Thanks again"

I thank Ann for taking the time to write and share her experience. She's referring to updates that reported a study in which it was found that liquid stevia extracted with alcohol destroys Lyme disease in the test tube. But, that's a far cry from knowing how it affects Lyme inside the human body. Yet. its encouraging. And since sugar is a NO NO on the diet for Morgellons, it simply makes sense to use the liquid stevia extracted with alcohol as we have in our on-line store for all your sweetening needs.

Other than that, Ann basically did my protocol for Lyme disease with MaxOne or Nano Glutathione and Garcillin. With those two supplements and with a multivitamin and ionic minerals you may need nothing more to deal with Lyme. All four supplements are discounted and available as the Lyme Pack

Notice that she found using baking soda of great value. One teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water twice a day on an empty stomach (you can stir in a teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth at the same time) can produce results and has been part of my protocol for a long time. I think many overlook the baking soda recommendation because baking soda is not very delicious, but you get accustomed to it, or they can't believe something so inexpensive can be of value.

Whole Hous Ozone Generator

We now have a whole house ozone generator that produces 50,000 mg/hr for $399.00. Click on the link to read about it. With a whole house generator, you can shock treat the whole house including the heating and cooling ventilation system at once instead of going room by room and treating the ventilation system room-by room.

If you already have the 20,000 mg unit, you can convert it to a whole house unit with another 20,000 mg/hr unit.which can also be used as a conversion kit to add your existing 20,000 mg/hr unit to produce 40,000 mg/hr. of ozone.


Doctor Prescribes Liquid Stevia

In response to an update a couple days ago where Barbara shared her recipe for an oatmeal replacement, Annette wrote,

Thanks for publishing this recipe. I also miss oatmeal.

Just an FYI. My doctor prescribes liquid stevia along with the antibiotics, anti-malaria, and detox homeopathics, but like all these medications, she pushes the use of stevia for optimum effectiveness to combat Morgellons.


Amazing! A doctor prescribing liquid stevia for Morgellons! I had an update a few months ago and added it to my last revision of my book that Dr. Axe reported on test tube research that liquid stevia extracted with alcohol destroys Lyme spirochetes in the test tube. I have no idea whether Annette's doctor prescribes liquid stevia because of this research or if she has another resource. Bottom line is that research shows Lyme spirochetes involved with Morgellons. And if we believe that research, Morgellons equal Lyme. However, apparently it doesn't just equal Lyme, it equals Lyme plus the other organisms that produce bio-film, filaments and so on.

Annette's doctor also uses detox homeopathics to detox. Detox is important and instead of homeopathics, I recommend consuming food grade diatomaceous earth and boosting glutathione--the body's major detox. The reason I don't recommend detox products is that many contain ingredients like wormwood and black walnut hull that feed Collembola. In fact I had a very good detox product in our store. It was far more expensive--about $250 instead of $10.99 for diatomaceous earth, and in spite of warnings, people with Collembola bought it and it caused their situation with Collembola to worsen.

Our policy is that we don't accept returns. But, me, being a nice guy made one exception and accepted a return on the product and even though I thought I disinfected the package sufficiently, I had a massive lesion form between my thumb and fore finger within a day or so. In fact, it was that lesion that brought about the creation of our deep wound cleanse kit which destroyed and completely healed the lesion in less than a week. I was amazed that the lesion developed in just hours.

Was it Morgellons? I don't know, I didn't let it hang around long enough to create filaments.

Her doctor also prescribes antibiotics. My experience is that if you use our Collembola Kit--could also call it our Lyme Kit (Multivitamin, ionic minerals, Max One or our new Nano Glutathione supplement, and Garcillin�) and are on the King Diet� you probably won't need anything more. Legally, to be in compliance with FDA laws, I must advise you to consult with your physician before starting the King Diet� or implementing any of my recommendations to make sure they don't interfere with any existing medical problems you have.

However, I know that not everyone can get into the diet and that many always believe that if it comes from a Doctor like Dr. Savely, it's got to be better. Thus for anyone who prefers the medical antibiotic approach, our Dr. Su will prescribe you with Dr. Savely's protocol of antibiotics. And, it's all done by phone. If you desire that approach, return this email and I'll send you the link to Dr. Su's services. He charges $150 for his initial 1/2 hr consult--far far less than the $350 I paid Dr. Bransfield twelve or so years ago which wasn't covered by my insurance.

Dr. Bransfield is in Middletown NJ (where I live) and is listed in my book as one of the doctors who were recommended by the late Dr. Harvey of the Morgellons Foundation.


Problems With Your Face

Brenda asks,

Hello Richard. Thank you so much for all that you do! I have a few questions.
When I use MSM and/or creams on my face, I get large bumps (bites and or colony of mites) on my temple area and mid-cheek area, even on eyebrows. Is there a chance that the mites are attracted to the oils in the lotion and buy more?I n the past they seem to bite more anytime I put any lotion on.
Can I take chlorella or wheat grass? I am still awaiting the O-Zone unit and have too much itching to be able to tell the difference.


Important questions:
1. are you on stage I of the diet and strict with it?
2. Are you using lufenuron?
3. please complete the attached questionnaire and return to me

I would not reduce the bath time, I'd consider adding another cap full of concentrate and going to apple cider vinegar as a disinfectant--1 1/2 cups.

Regarding the face, ideally, you'd want to have your face in a bath, but that not practical so it's important to be aggressive.

With the MSM gel, you can apply it every minute if needed--it's absorbed into your skin. So, as soon as it dries, apply more. You can use the Mouth Wash/Body Wipe with it and look at applying one of the lotions--Claudia's Dream Cream�, Nature's Gift� Skin Lotion, or any of the creams. With our NG lotions and creams, wet your skin and then apply.

And when you apply, massage them deep into your skin--just don't apply them to the surface. Massaging them into your skin can actually bring out the organisms from under your skin.

Super MSM Gel Comes to the Rescue

Barbara initially was dealing with scabies and went through the standard forms of treatment and still had lots of skin issues with itching and skin breakouts and she got the same "delusional" response from her doctors as many of us get. To gain relief she did some desperate things as she describes in the first paragraph.

"I have had scabies and only God knows what else for two years. I was told I was delusional by two or three doctors and two dermatologists. As all sufferers of parasites, it just takes everything out of a person. I'm desperate! I decided to use DMSO and MSM to kill these suckers. You are not suppose to do this particular protocol except in life threatening cases. Like I said, I was desperate. I mixed both the products together and there was a strong smell. It was suppose to be that way.

I have 3rd degree burns over a lot of my body so I don't have a lot of flesh on my legs. Anyway, they were all raw and hurting pretty badly after applying the stuff and leaving on for the night. When I ran across the "HOW TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK FROM PARASITES" website, I thought I would order some debriding soap. I also received MSM plus cream.I used it on my legs and noticed an immediate calming effect to the skin and my own anxiety lifting as it was so soothing to my skin....In two days, it was totally cleared up. I was amazed!

I'm sold on these products. They have helped me at least keep my sanity while I try to take my life back as it has been stolen. I will not be overcome, but I will overcome!!

I forgot this part:

When I rubbed the MSM plus into the scar tissue where I was feeling the pricking....the hatching of the eggs...or maybe the biting. It felt good, but amazingly enough after I waited a bit ....a minute or so and applied it again, rubbing it deep into the skin, all signs of mites disappeared from my skin and I could go to sleep without that prickly feeling all over me."

I thank Barbara took time to share her experience. Based on what she has shared with me in a conversation, my best guess is that she's also dealing with another mite other than scabies and Collembola. The MSM gel is the favorite of many who are getting back their lives from both Morgellons and Collembola. MSM is basically organic sulfur and sulfur is depleted from the skin by Morgellons. And, for some reason, it is powerful in dealing with Collembola too. And you can apply it and apply it over and over as the more you apply it, the deeper into the skin it goes.

We have two MSM gels: Regular MSM gel which is made from pure MSM and aloe vera and Super MSM gel which is regular MSM gel with Nature's Gift� Concentrate and diatomaceous earth added. Many also add either Claudia's Dream Cream� or Nature's Gift� Skin Lotion to the Super MSM Gel

And, when you use these products, you will get the best results when you massage them well into your skin.

Is Peroxide Too Harsh On Your Skin?

Hi Richard, is there a limit on how many times I should use the hydrogen peroxide as the disinfectant I use in my bath? I thought that may be too harsh for my skin. Also, is it a good idea to use more than one disinfectant along with the debriding solution for the bath? Should I be washing my hair with shampoo and debriding solution after every bath?


Hi Elma,
Thanks for writing.
Three percent hydrogen peroxide is one of the healthiest things you can do for your skin--it is not harsh. It's recommended to use 2 quarts of peroxide per bath and you can do it as often as you can. However, it becomes fairly expensive if you're doing up to three baths a day.

Yes, you can mix disinfectants, however, do not mix peroxide with vinegar, bleach, pool shock, or baking soda. One of the most economical disinfectants is 15-20 drops of peppermint. Alternatively, about 12 drops of lavender.

You may not have shampoo your hair after every shower if you don't have issues of parasites in your scalp. Those with serious scalp issues need to cleanse their hair as many as six times a day for starters as I've previously written about in other updates. Go to and search back to 1/20/16 for an update titled "Scalping it Up."


The Ice Man Cometh

My ex lady friend took a bath in ice to help get rid of Collembola that she contracted from me in the mid 90's, however, she was not as afflicted as I was--some, such as myself are dramatically affected, some are not affected at all, and some are minimally affected. She was minimally affected. The late Dr. Harvey of the Morgellons Foundation had also suggested ice to me as a remedy. I never had the courage to take an ice bath and didn't really believed it would make a significant difference for me. But who knows!

Jackie uses ice on her face and eyes and reports the following:

"...this has helped me sooo much, I want to share it. When I have an issue with being in an infested environment and the skin mites attack my eyes and or face, I use ice! When my eyes red are puffy or swollen from an overnight attach from skin mites, I use ice. And when I get a mite in my skin, they love the area in and around and in my my chin, I use ice. Yesterday I iced my chin and then between icing, I added diluted NG soap. It worked. :)

This really has been a lifesaver for me, and I wanted to share it.

When I had that problem before with my eyes, I should have used ice, only ice, but I also used hot water and diluted ammonia 😁 ...which was a very bad idea.

Thank you Richard,
Jackie B.

I asked her how she applies the ice and her response is

"I put some ice, a handful in a washcloth or a bandanna, and just kind of bring the corners up and twist it, like a candy wrapper. I double the bandanna, because the cloth is so thin.
I dampen the cloth on the bottom, where you put the cloth to your skin, and I put it on the effected area for 20 minutes or so.
If my eyes are swollen, I ice until all the skin around my eyes are no longer puffy. Can be 20 minutes or more, but absolutely worth it!
I have Collembola.

Mel, from the Morgellons website, he recommends that people make a bowl of ice water in the mornings and dunk your face in it a few times.
I think this helps people from having breakouts/lesions? on their face.

I haven't thought to use this on any other parts of my body. It would probably work. I wish i had known about this when i got attacked by that big ol bug, that went into my skin, that caused all this havoc. crazy. It went into my skin in my shin area of my ankle. :("

I thank Jackie for taking the time to share her experience. I don't know if ice will work as well for you or be any benefit for Morgellons.

And she's right, using ammonia on your skin is a very bad idea as its a neuro toxin. I suggest spraying Diatomaceous earth or the ozone generator, which is currently not available, to disinfect an area as she described.

More Progress Than With Doctors

In response to the update a couple days ago about the fellow who unsubscribed and stated he thought the skin parasites are in our heads, Staci wrote the following to him:

After 5 years of suffering with skin parasites and the horrible disfiguring sores on my face and arms i finally found a doctor out of state that i conferred with over the phone. After many calls and my description of hard seed-like things coming out of my skin and almost a rotting of my skin that would not heal until the seed-like things were removed, she finally diagnosed a form of Morgellons. She sent me anti-parasitic herbs, glutathione and calcium glucarate. She was trying to boost my immune system to fight them off. But it wasn't until i googled Morgellons and found Richard's site that things really started to turn around.

I learned more about this horrid parasite and realized that some sort of parasite was to blame. I'm in the process of reading Richards book, i have added the NG debriding soap, peppermint soap, Claudia's Dream Cream, cedar oil and lavender oil and the deep wound cleaner. I mix these together in a spray bottle and spray my face and arms (except the cream). I then use Neosporin and my sores are finally healing. Nothing else has ever helped and i have had many different prescription creams.

I consider myself a nice looking woman and have always taken pride in that. Now i suffer with sores and scars that cant be covered up. In my head? Are YOU crazy? I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I have a positive outlook on life and have a wonderful family and home. Why would my mind do these terrible things to me? The depression of it comes from the disease not the other way around. And i say good for you if your symptoms are gone but have you read what these things do to you long-term? I seriously hope you're not just in remission. And if none of Richard's things worked for you then you probably didn't have parasites! So don't bash it all together just because it didn't work for you. Parasites exist on humans and i live with them so i know!

Staci from OR

I thank Staci for taking the time to share her experience. Unfortunately the fellow who claimed the symptoms of skin parasites are in your mind is no longer a subscriber so he can't read her email. The good news is that Staci and many others are getting their lives back from skin parasites after years and years of suffering. Neosporin is mentioned in my book as being beneficial, however, the Deep Wound Cleanse should achieve the same result as Neosporin.

Calcium glucarate, according to WebMd, is generally used for preventing breast, prostrate and colon cancers; and for removing cancer-causing agents, toxins and steroid hormones from the body. Note that her doctor also had Staci taking glutathione, but I have no idea whether it was a glutathione supplement that minimally increases glutathione or something like MaxOne or our new Nano Glutathione which are both far more powerful than glutathione supplements. And a significant boost in glutathione will also improve immune functioning, detoxify, and protect DNA from cancer causing agents.

And doctors? They try, but ask yourself, do they know enough to write a book and do they have hundreds of testimonials that their lotions and creams work? I've written the book and even take the time to update it every year and have hundreds of testimonials about how well the products work.

And, what's more, I'm honored to be in a position to be of value to each and every one of you and always welcome your emails with questions and your experiences using our products.

Nano Glutathione is Here

Nano Glutathione is here. Thanks to a subscriber, I learned of a product to boost glutathione to be equal to or better than MaxOne. Boosting glutathione is one of the most important things you can do to rebuild your health in the fight against Lyme disease, and all skin parasites.

The difference between this Nano Glutathione and MaxOne is that it is a liquid instead of a capsule. You use a dropper to place 1 milliliter (200mg) of glutathione under your tongue and hold it there for 90 seconds to allow it to be absorbed into your system. A month's supply is 30 ml and is $69.95. Now you have a choice: Capsule or liquid under the tongue.

MaxOne is estimated to boost glutathione by 270%. I'm told that this product may well surpass that number and will be informed once it's confirmed by the manufacturer.

Words of Encouragement from a Fellow Sufferer
It's unfortunate that doctors know so little about Morgellons. Result: Before one figures out that they have Morgellons and find out how to deal with it, they've often lost their jobs, homes, friends and relatives. Here is a note I received from a Morgellons sufferer:

Thank you for all the info. It's overwhelming but awesome.
Its been 5 long years for me. I do have Morgellons. I have lost everything and everyone.
People don't understand how venerable we all are. Each day is a gift. We are lucky in so many ways, even me. I learned so much about myself. I kick butt.
I was doing really well
Eating right and running every day. I also got in the ocean every day. That seemed helpful. I lost 80lbs in the processes. Then I had to move. Things are not going well. I try so hard but lack of cash makes it hard. Back to point, reading your book has brought back hope for me that I desperately needed. Its nice knowing someone understands. Thank you! Every day is hard, but its worth the fight. I will keep reading and learning. I am not alone. I couldn't call without crying.


The King Diet Rules

In response to a recent update titled, Want to Read Something Funny, about a fellow who unsubscribed because he disagreed with the King Diet�, I received the following emails.

I can now attest to the importance of the diet. I was on it for over a month and saw a huge difference in symptoms. Then went to a work party and ate everything. It was delicious but i have paid for it now. Slowly, the sensations have returned and so now i am going back on the diet. I have a few questions:
What are the bumps or bites that appear ? I was told my an entomologist that springtails don't bite, and had a biopsy that indicated the bump is not a bite. And what are all the pokes and burning sensations?

Do you think an anti fungal medication would work to get rid of potential fungus?

On the King diet, i don't think i saw anything about seeds, but have read that pumpkin seeds are beneficial when fighting Collembola. Do you recommend no seeds for stage 1 of the diet?

Also, I am taking time off of work to try to deal with what is happening and would like to schedule a consultation with you if possible.
Thank you,

I don't know what the bumps are--maybe a colony of parasites, but just don't know. Don't know if the spring tails bite or if the mites carrying the spring tails do the biting. Lufenuron would be the best bet for an anti fungal. All seeds are bad news for Stage I of the diet. Consider one of the medications listed in Chapter VI make it easier to advance to Stage II and III of the diet.

Dear Richard,

You have a good sense of humor with such a serious bug buster protocol. I started your King's Diet Phase 1 and enjoy steaming veggies and meat. One has to be strict with this diet to work which is working. Worried loosing more weight though. Threw away all my mite food. Got my NG Debriding Soap.


The diet rules. Never mind for parasites-there are so many other benefits. Thank you for all your hard work and support. M

Deborah was on the diet and probably thought as I have many times, that maybe the parasites are gone, and went off the diet only to be gravely disappointed. In fact, for some, the diet alone can be so effective that you'll think you're cured. So, when you go off the diet, it's so disappointing when all hell breaks loose.

Dear Richard,

Thank you. I have included the answers to the questionnaire. I am completely distraught. After a month of feeling so good, it all feels hopeless again. I am taking a month off of work to super clean our house and cars so we can try to get through this and i would welcome any protocol you suggest. Your book has helped me tremendously, I just wish i stuck to the diet. Will this ever end?

Do you suggest taking an anti fungal?
How can the diet be so successful and why are my husband and animals symptom free?

Thank you so much....

I evaluated her questionnaire and returned it with a complete protocol including lufenuron as an anti fungal and ozone for disinfection. She is lucky that neither her animals and husband are affected by Collembola.

Want to Read Something Funny?

A fellow unsubscribed from my mailing list which, while I'm sorry to see anyone unsubscribe, is fine. But the reason he gave for unsubscribing was, "I Don't Agree With Your Diet."

I laughed and laughed when I read his comment. He apparently didn't read Chapter IV. I state over and over that the diet has no theory. In fact, it's not my diet. It's the skin parasites' diet--not mine. I only observed what foods they like and what they don't like and recorded it.

So, how could he disagree with that? Does his Morgellons and Collembola have different food preferences than mine or yours?? lol

So, if you agree with him, don't tell me as I will only laugh. ha! ha!

Bottom line is that Stage I of the diet is super strict and neither Morgellons or Collembola care about what anyone thinks of the diet. And if you write me with any questions concerning any difficulty you're having, the first question I will ask you is if you're on the diet?

Some tell me that they are kinda on the diet. Sorry, there's no kinda. You're either on it or off it. For example, one little tic tac breadth mint and you're off the diet.

Chapter IV of my book is the diet and should answer any question you have about the diet.

Legally, I must advise you that before you start my diet, you should consult with your doctor to make sure it's OK for any specific medical issues you may have.

Recipe for Spaghetti sauce with Spaghetti Squash

Barbara shared this recipe:

My fun creation is:

Hormone free ground pork sauteed with peppers and onions and Italian seasonings with Maur Glenn spaghetti msg, no sugar, etc. I cook the meat w/ veggies till done and then add sauce. While that is happening I am steaming two halves of a spaghetti squash in the oven cut in half face down in a bit of water covered. Only takes about 30 min till it is just right ...looking like spaghetti. then I cover the squash in melted butter and fresh garlic, also add squeezed garlic into the veggies with the sauce. Fresh is better as I understand.....and if your diet allows, slice fresh mozzarella cheese on top and broil in the oven melted over the veggies and sauce. Yum!! This last time, to the peppers, and onions, I added broccoli and small Brussels sprouts for a bit more substance.

Note: for a variation I use Rotel tomatoes with the pork and veggies for a South of the border flair.

I thank Barbara for sharing this yummie recipe. You may not be able to tolerate the mozzarella cheese until you reach stage II of the diet. Also you can make your own spaghetti sauce by adding basil to canned tomato sauce (without additives).

Systemic Enzymes Are Here

A few years ago, a well know fellow in the field of Morgellons came out with systemic enzymes to deal with Morgellons. Apparently he made claims about how the enzymes help mitigate the condition of Morgellons. The FDA found out about his claims and shut him down. Unfortunately, a lot of people were benefiting from the use of systemic enzymes.

I now have a blend of systemic enzymes and will not make any claims about what they will or will not do for Morgellons. As I wrote yesterday, there are two types of enzymes:
Digestive and Systemic. Digestive enzymes help with digestion, systemic enzymes are coated so that they bypass the digestive system and are distributed throughout your body where they assimilate stuff that doesn't belong there or support life.

This enzyme is known as Nature's Gift� Serracor-NK Systemic Enzymes. They contain:
►Enteric-Coated Nattokinase: A powerful fibrinolytic agent, known to support circulatory health.*
►Enteric-Coated Serrapeptase: known to support the body in fibrinolytic breakdown.*
►Bromelain: Proteolytic enzyme found in the pineapple plant; known for immune support.*
►Papain: Derived from papaya, supports the body�s natural immune response.*
►Lipase: Supports the break-down of fats into essential fatty acids that are needed for healthy circulation.*
►Rutin: Bioflavonoid that provides antioxidant support.*
►Amla: Natural source of Vitamin C, supports regulatory immune response.*
►COENZYME Q10: An essential enzyme and cofactor in metabolism.*
►Magnesium: An essential mineral used as a cofactor; support cardiovascular and nerve health.*
►Other Ingredients: Cellulose (vegetarian capsule)

The following is taken from the manufacturer's web page:

"The human body produces enzymes responsible to support all biological reactions within the body. The different systems in our bodies including our cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems, would not be able to function without the support of these proteolytic enzymes. Enzymes carry out chemical reactions necessary for simple everyday functions such as our metabolism, breathing, and even our heart rate. It is important for us to supplement with necessary enzymes when our bodies fail to supply adequately.

As we age, our bodies gradually become unable to meet the daily demand of producing enzymes. When this occurs, it is imperative for us to begin to supplement our body with the necessary enzymes to prevent havoc within. With the use of proteolytic systemic enzymes, they can increase the support of many conditions including:

cardiovascular and respiratory health*
the breakdown of excess fibrin*
promote faster recovery *
immune system regulation*
healthy blood sugar levels*"

Since they are systemic enzymes, they are to be taken on an empty stomach. If you take them with food, they may not make it through the digestive track and end up becoming digestive enzymes instead.

It's suggested that you start with one capsule a day with a full glass of water--hopefully you're drinking distilled water infused with Nature's Gift� Ionic Minerals-- and then go to one cap twice a day, on to one cap three times a day up to a max of 9 caps per day (three three times a day). Do not exceed 9 capsules per day.

Caution: those with blood coagulation disorders or those currently taking any anti-coagulant (blood-thinning) medications, please consult a health practitioner prior to use.
Likewise, if you are pregnant, consult with your health care professional before use.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Enzymes or Rolaids/Tums??

this update has nothing to do with parasites. It has to do with indigestion. It seems as I grow in age, my steel stomach has become more and more sensitive to the point where I'd have indigestion many hours after I ate dinner with gas that could not be relieved unless I got up from bed to belch. So, I kept eating earlier and earlier to compensate and eventually that didn't work.

I suppose most people having indigestion would have used an anti-acid, but I've never used them and didn't even think of using them. Plus I remember years and years ago while attending conference, a stress management expert went through the a,b,c's of why anti acids are not good for your digestive health--they actually have the opposite effect of what you really want.

The change, for me, came when I began adding enzymes to my skin parasite protocol. Since I had them available, I decided to take them myself hoping they might help my problem with indigestion and yes, they make a big difference.

So, if you're dealing with indigestion, you may consider dumping the anti acids and using one of our two digestive enzyme formulations. I've had others tell me how they have found these enzymes to be superior to others they've used. I guarantee that you will gain more health value from enzymes than from anti acids and be healthier for using them.

We have two enzyme formulations:
Flouracor with probiotics for those only dealing with Morgellons. Remember, if you're dealing with Collembola, probiotics, while recommended for Morgellons, are not recommended until Stage II of the diet as they can feed Collembola in the early stage of the diet.

Agro Relief which is also a Gluten Relief enzyme without probiotics. These enzymes can be used for those dealing with Collembola or Morgellons.

Note that both of these are digestive enzymes and they do not go beyond the digestive system and are to be taken with food. Enzymes are basically bull dozers--they break up stuff.

Soon to come next week are systemic enzymes. Systemic enzymes are enzymes that are coated so they get past the digestive system into the rest of your body where they eat up debris that interferes with your health--more about them later.

Be Aggressive With Your Scalp
 Parasites in the scalp can be a frustrating night mare. Sheila wrote yesterday and asks,

"Hi Richard,

It seems like for the last several weeks my scalp has been driving me crazy. I have been using the debriding soap and also NG bar soap. Things will relieve my scalp for a short time. I can be sitting at my computer or anywhere and the crawling gets unbearable. They crawl off my scalp into my eyes,nose ears and sometimes it feels like it is my whole body.I spray myself with the NG after my shower before bed and when I get up. Until I can get my scalp under control The NG will not keep things off of my body. This is driving me nuts I don't know what will work on my scalp because so far nothing does except for very short periods. If, you have any suggestions I welcome them. Thanks so much Richard. I believe if I could get them out of my scalp a big part of the battle would be won."

It's ironic that Sheila wrote me about the scalp as I had already planned this update to be about the scalp. First, I suggest having short hair and making sure your pillow, caps or hats, and so forth are effectively disinfected daily.

Next I suggest you do the protocol that Sandra, our coach, has developed and used successfully for herself and many that she's coached. It came about by me half heartedly telling her we need to stand on our heads and submerse our scalp in a bowl of debriding soap and disinfectant.

As a youth she was a gymnast and sent me a photo of her standing on her head with her head in a bowl for a laugh and then she developed the following protocol that was published on Jan 20, 2016 where you can also see her doing a head stand in a bowl.

Scalping It Up

First: Shampoo and massage in your hair and scalp with Nature's Gift� Shampoo.

Then rinse off and towel blot so it's not sobbing wet.

Second: apply to your scalp and behind your ears Nature's Gift� Mouth Wash/Body Wipe solution containing NG, peppermint, cinnamon and ionic minerals

Next, take some Super MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Cream� into the palm of your hand. Add in a few drops of peppermint oil or lavender oil and mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together.

Massage this gel/cream mixture deep into your scalp.

Then take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair to the ends.

Next, put a shower cap on for at least 30 minutes and allow the scalp to heat up. You'll feel all the products activate in your scalp.

Ideally, repeat the entire procedure six times the first day twenty minutes apart. She started over a month ago and is down to 3-to-4 times a week--that's progress. She writes, "I now can tell If I need too do more or less treatments. I'm at the point if my scalp feels itchy I do a treatment to prevent a full blown relapse."

Here's some of her diary. She wrote the following after the second day of treating her hair and sent the photos.

"Good evening Richard, I have been following your directions here are yuk fibers from my aggressive scalp treatments as you can see It's been very effective day 2. I have done 5 treatments today. shampooing/conditioner with Debriding soap in each bottle rinse towel blot until the scalp is damp not really wet proceed with Debriding soap, MSM gel, peppermint and Claudia's dream cream with shower cap for 30 min rinse off then proceed with the same process.Have a Beautiful Blessed evening. "Sandra K.
Day #2

After Day #3 she writes and sends more photos--you can see much less debris after just one more day.

To see the photos go to an scroll back to Jan 20, 2016--the update is titled, Scalping it Up.
Now allow me to take this one aggressive step further. Take the NG diluted debriding soap with you in the spray bottle and spray and rub into your scalp as often as you can. For instance, if you're driving some place, spray it every minute or two until you get relief and then every five or ten minutes--be aggressive as hell. If you're in an office situation, spray as often as you possibly can. You can also use the Mouth Wash/Body wipe but don't put it in a spray bottle as the minerals will destroy the spray mechanism.

At night, plan on waking up four of five times to spray and rub into your scalp. Place a small towel on your pillow and change it every time you get up so you're not lying your head on an infected pillow case.

And after you have gotten to a point where you feel zero activity, keep spraying your scalp at least a dozen times a day and change or disinfect the towel on your pillow daily for up to a couple weeks to make sure every organism is gone.

The important thing is to be aggressive, aggressive and more aggressive. Please note that I'm not saying that only my products will work, if you've found others that help, just use them aggressively, but I don't think anything will replace NG debriding soap or be as effective.


Be Aggressive

Dealing with skin parasites is not like dealing with a common cold. With a common cold or most any infectious diseases, you are given medications with a specific amount to take over a period of time.

Assuming you're strict with the King Diet�, with skin parasites, your first defense is not a medication, but Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap. In the beginning it may mean up to three baths a day with a minimum of one cap full of 100% debriding soap or 2 cap fulls of 50% concentrate in your bath along with a disinfectant such as peppermint or lavender oil for up to 45 minutes or so. The idea is to be able to get from one bath to the next with minimal skin discomfort.

After you bathe, then shower off with either one of our bar soaps (regular or peppermint) or our new liquid soap (peppermint or lavender). Wet your skin, apply the soap and let it on your skin for up to 3 minutes before showering it off.

After the bath, apply diluted Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap to your skin and let dry on it's own.

Between baths, take with you one or more of the following:
1. Body wipe you make with the free empty 4 oz spray head bottle that came with your first order to mix your own per instructions that come with it.
2. Mouth Wash/Body wipe with peppermint, cinnamon, and ionic minerals
3. Deep Wound Cleanse kit with Nature's Gift Solution and Exfoliant cream
4. Regular MSM or Super MSM gel
5. Claudia's Dream Cream�
6. Nature's Gift � regular or cedar debriding cream
7. Nature's Gift � Skin Lotion
8. Beauty Forever Revitalization Cream
9. Beauty Forever Exfoliant Cream

My recommendation would be to have both a liquid and a cream or gel with me and if I felt any skin discomfort or noticed any skin issues developing like a lesion, I recommend being aggressive with skin discomfort and to apply NG in liquid form followed by a cream as necessary and that could be every few minutes until the skin discomfort was relieved or with a lesion, every fifteen to twenty minutes the first hour and then once every hour for twelve hours or so and then as healing continues once every three or four hours.


Give Collembola The Boot

Yesterday, Randy from Hawaii, emailed me. Randy has been dealing with a resistant strain of Collembola for years and has gotten rid of them to only get them back off and on.

He has trouble killing them on the floor in his home. He wrote to tell me yesterday that he has a partial solution to his problem--boots. Yes, he wears boots in his home and the boots protect him from being attacked. Seems they can't sense you presence higher than about 8 inches or so and the boots are over a foot high. The boots become a very effective barrier.

I wrote about using riding boots about a year ago and it's in my book. I waged a small war with them around my swing on my patio. Bifen granules didn't do the job as I hoped and every time I'd sit on the swing for more than fifteen minutes, I'd end up itching. So I bought a pair of riding boots and wore them when I use the swing. I also wore them in certain areas of my lawn when I mowed it and the boots solved the problem. At some point I'll try another pesticide, but for now, I'm not doing anything.

Inside the house, the only area I had a problem was around the foot rest of my leather couch. I used to just keep my feet in an empty foot bath as I sat in the couch and that solved the problem.

For quite some time now, I don't need either the boots or the empty foot bath. I limit my time at the swing to about twenty minutes and find that applying the Nature's Gift� Mouth Wash/Body Wipe to my feet, ankles, and or lower legs destroys them in a few minutes.

However, I know of a few people fighting Collembola that have trouble getting them out of their floors and I'm glad Randy took the time to write and remind me about the boots--they will work inside as well as outside.

Best to spray them inside with ammonia after you take them off and it might be a good idea to dust the insides of them with diatomaceous earth as well to make sure the organisms don't somehow slip into your boots and create a home for themselves.
Spirochetes Don't Scare Me

According to two research studies reported in my book, everyone who has Morgellons is highly likely to have Lyme disease too. Morgellons is characterized by filaments (fibers) growing from your skin that don't belong there resulting in finding cotton or link like substance in bedding and clothing. Of course, itching, biting sensations often accompany this along with biofilm, organisms coming from your skin and so on.

And those with Collembola or infested with mites may also be victims of Lyme spirochetes as I was.

The prospect of getting Lyme disease has always scared me. I was infected with mites and Collembola in the mid 90's and didn't get tested for Lyme until around 2004 when Lyme and babesia (a protozoan infection) were confirmed infections. I had no symptoms and contributed that to the King Diet. Nevertheless, my doctor, Dr. Bransfield, started me on rotating rounds of antibiotics for over six months when I stopped them as I never had any symptoms to that point.

Getting tested for Lyme may not be easy as your doctor may think its a waste of time. The Western Blot is most often used but not always reliable. If you Google "Western Blot" you'll find dozens of labs that perform it. I have no idea which labs are the best to rely upon.

Having beaten Collembola, I also went off the diet. I took Cat's Claw to hopefully keep from getting any Lyme symptoms. About that time I was bitten by a spider and had a severe reaction--it might have been a recluse spider. Within months Lyme disease reared its ugly head: one knee was dramatically inflamed with severe pain 24/7. I could not write by hand or sign my name. I was on the verge of becoming a cripple and could only see the rest of my life as being an invalid.

While antibiotics were an option, I searched elsewhere. Fortunately I stumbled upon a glutathione accelerator. Hell, I never heard of glutathione and was so so surprised that within 6 weeks 95% of my joint pain and inflammation was gone.

I became so excited that I began intensive research into this amazing substance. I learned that every known disease is associated with a glutathione deficiency. I learned that glutathione is naturally made in the cells themselves but due to stress, disease, pollution, radiation, growing older, physical exertion, some medications, and so on, glutathione is severely depleted. I learned that glutathione is the body's major detoxifyer, anti inflammatory agent, protector of damage to DNA from free radicals, and so on. I learned that taking glutathione supplements only marginally boosts glutathione in the body as the glutathione molecule is destroyed in the stomach, and that only through effective bonding of D-Ribose with L-glycene could I expect a significant boost of glutathione.

50,000 studies are reported in about the benefits of Vitamin C. Over 80,000 studies are reported in associated with glutathione. Yet, few of us ever heard of glutathione. Every physician I've spoken with has been totally ignorant as to the value of boosting glutathione.

Researching Lyme disease I found that the first and main goal is to detox. Lyme thrives on toxicity. If you look at all the dozens of protocols to fight Lyme disease, you'll see that detox is foremost. But they use herbs and other substances. And I ask "Why not glutathione?" Answer: They don't know how to significantly boost glutathione, and if they knew of MaxOne, they most likely will save their patients a lot of pain and suffering. In fact, I'll go one step further: In fighting any disease, the first and foremost goal is to significantly boost glutathione. After you do that, you may not need to do much more. But whatever else you do, it will be more effective with higher levels of glutathione.

In any approach to deal with Lyme disease, I suggest first the King Diet�. True, it may be more restrictive than necessary as it was discovered for skin parasites, but it works for Lyme as well. Secondly, I strongly advise boosting glutathione.

As I stared earlier, I had achieved a 95% reduction in symptoms by boosting glutathione. The other 5% came along with adding allicin. Allicin is a natural antibiotic. The problem with antibiotics in general is that Lyme has the ability to change form to what is know as a Cyst form where it is impervious to antibiotics. Most bacteria are capable of building resistance to antibiotics constantly requiring changing antibiotics or inventing new antibiotics.

LLMD's are Lyme Literate MD's who often treat Lyme by rotating different antibiotics long term as I had experienced. Problem is that once you stop taking antibiotics, Lyme morphs from the cyst form back into the symptom producing form and it's like you were never on antibiotics. To counter act this, the progressive LLMD will add in Rifing and Vitamin C and Salt as detailed in my book.

An answer would be to take the antibiotic forever, but long term antibiotics damage your body and interfere with organ functions--so you die from kidney failure. Allicin, on the other hand is a natural antibiotic. Whether Lyme goes into the Cyst form or not is unknown, but it doesn't matter because you can take allicin day in and day out forever without any repercussions on any of your organs.

The first capsule of allicin I took resulted in my knee being inflamed 200% with intense pain--a Herxheimer reaction. Once my lymphatics drained the released toxins I continued taking both Allicin and boosting glutathione and achieved 100% relief from Lyme.

My third recommendation is to add Allicin as in our Garcillin� to your protocol in addition to whatever your doctor may recommend for fighting Lyme. Of course if you're not also supplementing your vitamins and minerals, you still may be "Spitting in the wind." All four of these supplements comprise our Collembola Pack.

Anne, who was married to a doctor, is dealing with both Morgellons and Lyme is quite versed in the various approaches to Lyme as she attends many of the symposiums, she writes,

I wish all my/our doctors would call their alumni offices and tell their schools they owe you an honorary doctorate! Just think of all the MD's you would have and they would have to worship you....a human being. Then, your products would really fly off the shelves and you could delegate your duties and sail around the world or take a vacation without Amazon!!!!!

I thank Anne for her vote of confidence, it means a lot to me and made me laugh. I appreciate that those who write me actually take the time to put their ideas into writing--something that's often a challenge for me. In summary, if I made an appointment to see a doctor regarding Lyme, while waiting for my appointment, which could take weeks, I'd begin my protocol of a multivitamin, ionic minerals, MaxOne, Garcillin� and the King Diet�. In fact I'd start this same protocol for any reason I might see a doctor. In fact, I'd start this protocol and stay with it for the rest of my life if I simply want to be or stay healthy.

Legally, I must advise you to consult with your doctor before starting the diet or taking any of the supplements to make sure they do not interfere with any existing medical conditions, BUT, if my doctor suggested I not take MaxOne which is comprised of a natural sugar and L-Cysteine found in red meat, red peppers, and so on, or any of the supplements, I would look for another doctor who might know the value of vitamins, minerals, glutathione and a natural antibiotic.

Die Off Reactions

Janie asks an important question:

I just ordered diatomaceous earth for the first time I want to try it but I take lufenuron also and I just read that people with Morgellons should take 96 tablets and I take MaxOne. Can I take all of these I'm just worried that the diatomaceous earth and the lufenuron might get me sick

They won't get you sick, however, they may kill off organisms in your body that aren't supposed to be there and you might experience detox and "die off" reactions. Die off and detox reactions can make you feel sick with things like:

Headache, fatigue, dizziness.
Swollen glands.
Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea.
Increased joint or muscle pain.
Elevated heart rate.
Chills, cold feeling in your extremities

If you experience any of them, stop taking the DE, lufenuron and MaxOne until the reactions go away and then resume with the DE, lufenuron and MaxOne. Die off and detox reactions are also known as the herxheimer reaction.

I thank Janie for asking that question. "Die off" can happen several times during the course of getting your life back.

On a different subject, a few days ago someone wrote me who was kinda afraid of using the debriding soap in the bath because she had an extreme aversion to worms. She was afraid that she'd see worms in the bath water which would freak her out. I never heard of that as an issue and didn't know quite what to say. I'd certainly rather see them in the bath water than feel them in my skin, but most likely she'd only see fibers, but maybe she could use a hypnotist to help change her perception so instead of seeing worms, she sees happy faces or something else.

Golden Goose Update

Here is some feedback I received yesterday in response to the Golden Goose update in which a subscriber thought I might be profiting at the expense of Morgellon's sufferers.

I am an RN and Albert is way off. I think he should price some of these vitamins in health food stores and if he thinks the cheaper brands work just as well, guess again, they do not. I know I have tried them. I have priced similar supplements else where and there either the same price or yours are cheaper. Your eBook was also FREE. Sincerely and thank you for all your help and compassion, Deborah

Dear Richard, I can honestly say that I have been helped tremendously by the following recommendations: The King Diet, Debriding Soap and Diatomaceous Earth. My symptoms have reduced so much that I am able to spend time, in close proximity, with my family and loved ones. This was something I dreaded before reading your book. I'm sure that the supplements would only make my life better and I plan to order them as well. Thank you again. I am on the road to recovery thanks to you.
Sincerely, Stella

Thanks for sharing that. Wow all you do to reach out to help us all w parasites n this joker ..Thinks You should pay for all the parasites we come into contact with !
Suffering for 3 yrs, my doctor threw his hands in air ..after 8 treatments n referred me out .But i was doing better just learning dos n don'ts n slipping up ..
I am so happy I clicked on your site n found You n staff very polite n helpful in time of need ..I was almost dead ..😕..! I do hope you get richer in life ,U deserve IT .!! N THANK YOU FOR ALL PEOPLE YOU REACH OUT TO ..EVERY DAY
My doctor also said what ever your doing keep it up see me in 5 mos. Yes I told him about YOU n your experience W parasites ..
Doctors r to busy n getting rich to stop n study for us very few. Kathy..

I own my own business and know how expensive it is to run any business. I too hope you make a million dollars and help everyone suffering from these terrible conditions. Just finding someone who doesn�t think that I am crazy is worth a lot of money!!!
But the Max One has gotten my hair and nails growing again, lufenuron has stopped the hopping invisible bugs, and extra thyroid pills from the doctor has gotten my body temperature back to normal. I�m not cured yet, but due to your protocol for disinfecting and diet, I�m sure that I�m not contagious and the stabbing pains have subsided. (I had symptoms of pain at the infection sites, rather than itching). I am taking the MSM capsules, garcillin, and ionic minerals, as these are making me healthier, whether they are actually killing the bugs or not. I�m still taking a commercial multivitamin but will probably switch when I run out.
What else can I say? Richard, without you, I might have committed suicide, I certainly wouldn�t be working and have a reasonably normal life.

I thank Deborah, Stella, Kathy, and Nancy for taking the time to respond to yesterday's update. Nancy, by the way, is one of our two angels. Yes, of the hundreds of supplements available, it's really nice to know which ones I've found that are the best and most economical to get your life back from skin parasites. and yet, without the King Diet�, none of them make a difference.

Over twenty years ago when I was first infected, nothing helped except for the King Diet� and figuring out how to disinfect my surroundings. That's foremost. Things like diatomaceous earth and tea tree oil helped with the itching. Stella's email substantiates this. Unfortunately, many believe they need a pill so they don't even start the diet. The irony is that unless you can afford expensive antibiotics, no pill will work; the diet is imperative. Remember, it's the trunk of the tree and all the supplements, medications, soaps, lotions and so on are limbs on the tree.

I used to sell my e-book for $19.95 and it's now free to any one who asks for it or finds it from searching for skin parasites. It has the King Diet� and instructions for disinfection. The supplements and products in our on-line store are a convenience for those who can afford them.


Ha, ha, He Thinks I have a Golden Goose

I imagine that in every business, there are a few customers who sit back and think of the business owner getting rich at the expense of their customers, in this case sufferers of Morgellons and other skin parasites. Albert thinks I'm getting rich and that I'm only about money. Yet, I have numerous people tell me they hope I become a millionaire because that will mean I'm helping thousands instead of hundreds of people--guess their glass is half full. My goal is to first be instrumental in each of you getting your lives back from skin parasites and at some point be financially well off, but not at the expense of you. Part of my goal is to also provide a valuable service that would cost you no more than if you subscribed to any other plan to be healthy.

Notice that in the note below, Albert, in response to my monthly update, Supplements Made Simple, asks a valid question as to who has done the research to see if these supplements really work. Let me answer:

First, the most valuable of all the supplements is MaxOne and if you go back into the blog about 7 years you'll see that I did some research at largely my expense. I gave away quite a few bottles of MaxOne at 50% discount (I paid $60 for each bottle that I sold for $30) to quite a few sufferers. It was through the feedback I received from that endeavor that demonstrated that boosting glutathione was not only beneficial for Morgellons but also Collembola.

The second most valuable supplement is Garcillin�. Garcillin� is a natural antibiotic that competes with colloidal silver. I didn't do any kind of study other than to watch the sales of Garcillin� vs Colloidal silver which were both in our on-line store. Many many bucks are spent promoting colloidal silver by Nutrasilver and none promoting Garcillin�, yet, given the choice of Colloidal silver over Garcillin�, two hundred bottles of Garcillin� at $40 per bottle are sold to every bottle of Colloidal Silver at just $25. You tell me what that says. Unfortunately, our supplier of colloidal silver no longer handles the product and we had to drop it from our on-line store just a couple days ago.

The third most important supplement is our multi vitamin. I don't think I need any research to tell me it makes sense to use a multivitamin, in spite of what my doctor might think. In fact my doctor is probably the only person who might say you get all the vitamins you need from food. And our multivitamin is compatible with the diet and is only $19 a month or $13.75/mo if you buy the four month supply for $55. I just don't see how that supplement will break the bank for the average customer.

The last basic supplement is ionic minerals. I don't think any nutritionist would disagree that mineral supplementation is important. If they are unaware of how to get 100% bioavailability, they would probably recommend some colloidal minerals. We go a step further and if you go to and read about the benefits of ionic minerals which also alkalize your water, you'd be a fool (forgive me for being brash) to use any other source of minerals.

Finally, for Morgellons, we go a few steps further and add L-Glutamine for intestinal issues. This comes from a doctor in GA--Dr. Sloan in his work with Morgellons--not my idea.

We also recommend MSM to replenish sulfur and this comes from most any other protocol you'll see for Morgellons--not my idea.

I also recommend enzymes. Presently, the enzymes we have are digestive enzymes and not specific for Morgellons. They facilitate digestion and our Flouracor enzyme comes with probiotics which you will find in every protocol for Morgellons whereas the Agro Relief doesn't have enzymes. Soon to come to the on-line store are systemic enzymes that will bypass the digestive system and go to all of your body. This was an approach largely used by a fellow whom the FDA put out of business a few years ago. Apparently, he claimed that the enzymes destroyed agro part of the Morgellons organism. I won't make that claim other than to say enzymes are found in every cell of your body and they clean up garbage in the cell and that's what these enzymes will help do. I don't know why but they will be a bit more expensive than the digestive enzymes we have. The systemic enzymes will also have SOD--another anti inflammatory which is also recommended by another Morgellons protocol.

And in his last sentence he claims I'm a person "WHO BEGS PEOPLE TO BUY YOUR BOOK." Yes, I used to sell my e-book for $19.95, but for the last three or four years, it's been totally free unless you buy it on Amazon for $2.95. I only beg that you read my free e-book and use my diet and disinfection instructions to start getting your life back. And I go to the trouble to update it and revise it every year--find another author as dedicated to keeping his readers updated for free.

And he believes that as many as 25% who have symptoms might be delusional. Well, I had one doctor who told me the same and most people who come to me tell me the same. So what does that say, we're all delusional??

I thank Albert for writing as I'm sure there may be others who have similar feelings. Albert was kind in that he didn't use any swear words even though I was a bit fresh with my reply. So here is what Albert wrote, "Richard I read you article, supplements made simple. You start out on a note of what most people are buying supplements they are going at it all the wrong way. You start off its costing them 500.00 a month it averages out to be 540,00 per month. I would venture to say to have a nice golden goose. You products may do some good for some of your followers, but the cost to follow your protocol is out of the question, they just can't afford that much. You say you are not in it for the money, but here I see dollars signs. I have written before about this very same subject. Where are the so called HELPING ANGELS YOU TALKED ABOUT. I have a fried with MORGALLONS THAT I'VE BEEN HELPING, SHE AS NO MONEY, SHE GET'S FOOD STAMPS,& AN QUALIFY FOR EXPANDED MEDICAID. WHAT YOU ARE CHARGING IS NO DIFFERENT THEN BIG FARMA. WHEN YOU BEGIN FOLKS TO GET YOUR BOOK JUST DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT. PLEASE PRINT THIS UP IN ONE OF YOUR DAILY NEWS LETTERS LET YOUR CLAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES. I HAVE BEEN RESEARCHING THE BIG MONEY FOR OVER 3 YRS. NOW. NOT EVERYTHING YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL WORKS FOR EVERY ONE. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT MORGELLONS IS 75% REAL & SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 25 -DOWN TO 0% IS DELUSIONAL. I WILL RECEIVE A LOT OF FLACK, BUT FACTS ARE FACTS & YOU ARE GETTING RICH RICHARD AT SOMEONE ELSE'S MISERY. I AM SORRY BUT I REALLY BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT DOING THE PROPER RESEARCH TO SEE IF THESE VITAMINS REALLY DO WORK ISN'T YOU WORD WHO BEGS PEOPLE TO BUY YOUR BOOK.

It's rare that I get an email claiming I'm getting rich off of sufferers. First of all, you must have your head in the sand. We have two angels and they support two needy sufferers. If you'd like to be an angel I have 50 possible people you can help. Plus I supply free coaching to the angel recipients.

Secondly, we give away $60 worth of product to eight needy people every month in a lottery.

Thirdly, and this is the biggie, we pay Google $500 every three days for their adwords program so people like you can find us. That's about $3 to $4 for every one who clicks on our ad. Now if we had 100% conversion, then we'd be getting RICH, but do you have any idea what the conversion is?

Ninety percent of those who we pay $3 or $4 for their click, leave the website without even subscribing to our updates or want to read my free ebook. So we pay Google roughly $450 every three days for nothing.

And of the ten percent who do, only about 2 percent start the program. So, yes, we have to sell $500 every three days to new customers just to break even with Google. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Add to that number the cost of employees to take and process orders, handle the phone inquiries with people needing help, cost of inventory, rent, utilities, and so on and it all ads up to being lucky to break even. Guess you thought all that was FREE?

And many many who do subscribe to the updates don't have enough money to pay for the products that help them relieve the symptoms. So, we have a discount store where they can purchase the debriding soap at less than 25% And this store is also available to military and x military.

And when someone writes me, I answer them just as I'm answering you. Of course I'd rather that you email be about some question regarding skin parasites, but everyone deserves an answer.

And if you can find a friggn doctor that knows anything about skin parasites and will help anyone for free or ever reasonably, let me know and I'll publish his name to 4000 people who need him.

Your number of $500 for supplements is not my number, the supplements I recommend are $250 and if you think targeted specific supplements can be gotten any place else cheaper you're smoking too much weed. We pay $60 for a month's supply of MaxOne and sell it for $65 on subscription--it's the only supplement that produces a significant glutathione boost. And if I can find a less expensive one that DOES THE SAME THING, I'll replace MaxOne with it in a heartbeat.

Yes, I'm getting so so rich. What I get rich on is emails I get from those who beat the skin parasites and have results--that's my source of real income. I'm still struggling with the dollars. Maybe you can put in a good word with Google for us--that's over $60.000 per year that we pay them.

And when some one writes me an email telling me they have limited income, no one to help them, and no resources or savings, I send them the following email

Twenty years ago when I was first infected, I tried everything I could find and all the money I spent did nothing. The only thing that helped me was the diet I discovered. And I learned how to disinfect my surroundings.

I've attached my book for you. Chapter IV has the incredible diet and Chapter III tells you how to not miss anything disinfecting.

Yes, we have a lot of products, creams, soaps, lotions, supplements, but they are not necessary. They are a convenience for those who can afford them to accelerate their progress. The diet and the instructions are the "slow boat to China"--you'll still get there. The products and medications I have and recommend are the fast boat to China.

Part of our protocol for Morgellons that everyone can afford is to mix a teaspoon of baking soda in water, stir, and drink on an empty stomach twice a day. Some have claimed cure just by doing that.

As far as lotions go one lady wrote, "I found out that petroleum jelly and other stuff from the drug store with wintergreen and camphor work wonders! here is link" -
In fact, as reported in my book, some apply the inside of a banana or papaya skin to their skin to debride it.

And if you complete the attached questionnaire, I'll provide you a personalized protocol for when you can afford supplements to accelerate your progress and take the airplane.

In the meantime, we also have a discount store where you can get the regular debriding soap at 50% off and our new debriding soap II for far less.

Lastly, we have a program for those in need. If you can attest to the fact that you have no savings, real estate, friends or relatives that can help you financially, return this email to with your name, address, phone, and email address and we'll add you to the needy list. we do a drawing from time to time to give away Nature's Gift Debriding Soap II or Claudia's Dream Cream.

One other thing, we have a coach that will coach you for free after you have read the book and started the diet.

I hope this helps.

Now, if you've gotten this far in this long update, I ask, "Is my golden goose laying too many eggs for me?"

Lufenuron Rumor

I'm learning more and more about lufenuron. A subscriber wrote worried about the possibility of lufenuron doing damage to cell walls. The first question that popped in my mind was, "how much lufenuron would be needed to cause that to happen?" To me, it would seem to take massive doses to accomplish something like that and a capsule a day is minimal compared to the other method of using a powder spread over two or three days. So, at what level might lufenuron be dangerous? We forget that even too much sugar will kill you. Dr. Lunna, who supplies the lufenuron, answered the question.

"The research that show damage to cells was done at massive amounts in the guts of bugs. To be able to duplicate this in a human, you would have to take literally pounds of it internally, which would be physically impossible. The website with these warnings is one that sells a competing Candida "kit" for well over $500 and it is in their best interest to destroy the cheapest and most effective competing treatment. It is always a good idea to follow the money to see the motivation of those who publish."

That's interesting, the study wasn't even done on humans, but bugs. It's amazing how rumors get started. He went on to write,

"We manage a charity HIV and cancer clinic in central Mexico. We put every one of our patients on the Lufenuron (and Low Dose Naltrexone) from the very beginning, so that we can clear out the easy stuff and then know exactly what we are working on. It is amazing how many of the symptoms are cleared with just the Lufenuron alone. We have never had a negative reaction, or a medical side effect, other than die-off, which simply means that the patient really needed the treatment. Die-off is not a reaction to the Lufenuron, but to the release of toxins from the dying fungus or parasites."

What he writes, makes a lot of sense--use lufenuron to get rid of variables that can interfere with progress--fungus, skin fungus, Candidia, and mites that complicate both Morgellons and Collembola. Plus, Collembola, is a form of mite that lays eggs. And lufenuron destroys the substance that encapsulates the egg. However, don't come to the conclusion that lufenuron is all you need to do for Collembola. You still need the King Diet� and to eliminate them from your environment.

Remember, lufenuron is not available in this country for humans, but for pets. It's recommended that it be used for six months and you can order it from Mexico at When you check out, please put my name, Richard, in the comment box so they know you're dealing with skin parasites. If you have any questions about lufenuron, go to and find the question/answers link. Remember, it's been primarily used for Candidia Albicans and you won't find any reference to mites or skin parasites.

And, of course, it also makes sense to use food grade diatomaceous earth to cleanse you internally along with the supplements to rebuild your health.

Progress is Sweet

I wanted to let you know what an improvement I have had since starting this combination, regular Claritin and Garcillin II. I switched over from the regular Garcillin. I felt confident to stray from first part of King diet since i started your products about 10 months ago. I also take MaxOne daily.

I even had deserts what a treat! I went on vacation in Europe and was able to enjoy and eat food rather normally.

I am still very cautious with food. I am not completely clear but very much improved.

I am the one who is way over sensitive to medications and did not have the courage to use DIATOMACEOUS EARTH Food Grade in my food or any of the medications. I had anaphylactic shock before from an allergy to food and one near death experience was enough for me. So you can imagine how helpful Garcillin II is for me. I just take 1 a day.

Thank you for the great products you supply and all the information you so kindly and freely give out.

Thanks again,

I thank Ann for taking the time to share her progress and invite others to share theirs. She can try diatomaceous earth at a quarter teaspoon or even a smaller amount and work her way up to a teaspoon twice a day. It is silica and is totally non reactive--just a mineral.

We have two grades of Garcillin, regular Garcillin and Garcillin II. They both have the same amount of allicin in them, the difference is that Garcillin II has more parts per million and for that reason can be stronger. I advise starting with the regular Garcillin as you can still get strong detox reactions from it and then later advancing to Garcillin II

Lufenuron for Skin Fungus

Jackie wrote to tell me that she's having great success with lufenuron and skin fungus. She shared this study using lufenuron on dogs and cats for skin fungus. Go to to read it.

Remember, in this country, it's only available as a pet medication even though humans are animals and have skin fungus issues just as dogs and cats do.

Do you have skin fungus? If you go to webMD, symptoms of skin fungus are a sensation of the skin burning. It starts as a gentle itching and develops quickly into a burning sensation often with a stinging or biting sensation. It can be localized or widely spread over large areas of the body. If you don't use a disinfectant in your bath, it can quickly spread over large areas of your body. The difference between the stinging and biting sensation associated with Collembola and Morgellons is that with skin fungus, the biting sensation moves from one location to another. With Collembola, the stinging does not move but is like a needle digging in at the same spot.

For information about lufenuron, go to and note that prior to our application of lufenuron, it has been primarily used for Candida. You can order lufenuron (recommended for 6 mos) at and if you have cats and dogs, you'll want to give it to them as well.

Remember when you order, kindly put my name, Richard, or "Morgellons" in the comment box to receive expedited service.
It's in capsule form and you need to take it with food with an oil such as a piece of bread that is compatible with the diet and a pat of butter.

Until you receive your lufenuron, bath with NG and use apple cider vinegar as a disinfectant in the tub. Read the section in my book about skin fungus to make sure you disinfect your surroundings effectively to keep from being reinfected with skin fungus.

A Vote For Lufenuron

In response to my recent updates about lufenuron, Rebecca writes,

"Richard. You are amazing i have been with your guidance for over a year. Your library of resources has been keeping my troubles at bay. Lufernon was advised and i am free from mites and any other parasite. The King Diet is still vital, and it's great to know that all I need is a piece of bread w/butter with lufenuron. Thanks"

I thank Rececca for sharing her experience with us. As I noted, I've been recommending lufenuron for years to almost everyone. Another subscriber, Jackie, asked if lufenuron can be used for skin fungus. While lufenuron does destroy fungus, I never thought of it being used for skin fungus, but more for systemic internal fungus. So, if lufenuron destroy internal fungus, I don't see why it won't work for skin fungus although I don't have any feedback either way.

For information about lufenuron, go to and note that prior to our application of lufenuron, it has been primarily used for Candida. You can order lufenuron (recommended for 6 mos) at

Remember when you order, kindly put my name, Richard, or "Morgellons" in the comment box to receive expedited service.
It's in capsule form and you need to take it with food with an oil such as a piece of bread that is compatible with the diet and a pat of butter.

Wrapping Up Lufenuron--The Mite Destroyer

When you complete the attached questionnaire, I send you an in-depth protocol--a list of what to do to get your life back. Of course the King Diet� is the first and most important thing to do. For those dealing with mites and organisms, which is about 80% of you, I recommend you research the value of lufenuron. If you haven't completed the attached questionnaire, please do so and return to me.

Lufenuron is a medication that destroys chitin--the substance that eggs of mites and other organisms are made of. I would have it in our on-line store, but the FDA has not approved it in this country for humans and as such, it's only sold as a pet medication under the name of Program for fleas and ticks. It seems that the CDC doesn't place any emphasis on dealing with skin mites.

Lufenuron is an amazing medication and it's taken with food. Unlike most other medications it does not interact with other medications and has no known side effects. It's purpose is to destroy foreign organisms in your body that have mouth parts made of chitin or emanate from eggs and therefore you may experience a die-off of these organisms that could lead to a die-off reaction. Google "detox reactions" for a complete list of them.

For many years I referred everyone to for lufenuron until they announced that they were no longer handling lufenuron for financial reasons. I don't know if they presently handle it or not. Lufenuron from them came as a packet of powder to all be taken over a two or three day period for the entire month with a high load of fat.

I panicked when they announced that they were no longer handling it until a subscriber shared that she found it elsewhere at from Mexico. Here, it's not taken as a powder over the course of two or three days but as a capsule daily throughout the month. According to the people, that's not a good idea because the lufenuron might clump in the stomach. However, Nancy from the new source, claims that's just not true, but that if you were concerned about that you can always remove the lufenuron from the capsule and sprinkle on your food.

One disadvantage of taking it in powder form over the course of two or three days as directed by the owndoc site is that you have to have a lot of fat with the meal. However, by taking a capsule every day, the dosage of lufenuron is much lower and you need a lot less fat. In fact, you can get the fat you need from a slice of bread with butter.

If you go to the frequently asked questions about lufenuron you'll see that you only need about 8 grams of fat for each capsule of lufenuron that you take. Following are some basic foods and their fat content so you can make sure you have enough fat in your meal.

What is the typical fat content?

♦ A boiled egg has about 6 grams of fat
♦ A fried egg has about 12 grams of fat
♦ A pat of butter has about 8 grams of fat
♦ A baked cod has about 1 gram of fat, but fried in batter has about 10 grams
♦ Fruits have just a trace of fat, except avacado, which has about 30 grams of fat in a 1/2.
♦ A 5 ounce filet steak grilled has about 11 grams of fat
♦ Three salami slices has about 50 grams of fat
♦ Eight ounces of whole milk has about 4 grams of fat, while skim milk has none.

For other foods, just Google "Fat Content of (whatever food you want to know the fat content of) i.e. "fat content of bacon" or "fat content of rye bread" to create your own list of foods to consume with your lufenuron. You'll see that a slice of rye bread only has about 1.1 gm of fat, but add a pat of butter to it and you have a total of a little over 9 gms of fat. So, really to make life simple, all you need is to consume a slice of bread with a pat of butter when you have your lufenuron. You can make your own bread with the recipe in Chapter V of my book.

When you order lufenuron from remember to write my name, Richard, in the comment box to get super service.

Legally, I must tell you to consult with your primary care doctor before starting my diet or implementing any of my suggestions to make sure my diet or any of my recommendations will not interfere with any medical problems you're being treated for.

Lufenuron Drug Interactions and Side Effects

A few days ago I produced an update about lufenuron which is a medication that destroys eggs of mites in your skin. Steve, asks.


Thanks for your article. I am more and more convinced that some sort of tiny mite is a significant part of my problem.

Are there any known side effects of Lufenuron? Are there any known drug interactions?

Also, is the triple pesticide effective against mites?

Best regards,
"I checked with the lady at the lufenuron sites and found that:
► There are no know interactions with other medications.
► There are no side effects except of possible Herxheimer reaction from too fast of a die off. If you Google, "detox reactions" you'll see about 50 possible reactions.

Regarding the triple pesticide, it will not kill mites in your skin, but will kill them in the environment. In fact, wear gloves with preparing the pesticide to avoid contact with your skin. It is not supposed to be hazardous to your skin, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

It's suggested that you do a minimum of 6 months of lufenuron. When you check out, please write my name, Richard, in the comment box to receive expedited service.

Lufenuron for Skin Mites & Organisms from Your Skin

If you have mites living in your skin or organisms coming from your skin, I recommend you look into using lufenuron, that's pronounced lu fin ur on. Lufenuron is a medication that destroys chitin. Chitin is the hard substance that makes the shell of the egg. It is also in the hard mouth parts of organisms. Unfortunately, it's not available in the USA as a medication for humans. It's only sold as a medication for pets and is known as Program. I don't know what the politics are that keeps it out of the hands of doctors for humans. Veterinarians are far more progressive in dealing with parasites than our doctors are. It's estimated that four out of five humans have internal parasites, yet doctors never do a stool analysis unless you ask for one.

It's comes in capsule form and is taken with food with a high fat load. In our case with the King Diet�, it's butter or rice bran oil, unless it's a food fried in lard. It is recommended to take it for a minimum of at least 6 months. Lufenuron has been part of my protocol for years and many people report it if significant value in getting their life back. It's often advertised for dealing with Candida or fungus infections. I can't recommend it for either as those I know who use it, use it for mites and skin parasites.

You can get Lufenuron from
Presently, they have three packages, a one month, three month, and six month package and plan on adding a Morgellon's package. For now, either order the three month pack and reorder in 2 1/2 months or order the 6 month pack. When you check out, there's a comment box near the bottom of the form, kindly type in my name, Richard, so that they will know you're dealing with skin parasites.

Legally, I must advise you to consult with your doctor before implementing any of my recommendations in case any of them may contraindicated because of any medical issues you're dealing with.


$100 a Bath?

Occasionally, someone writes me and tells me that NG didn't help very much in the bath and I must laugh to myself. My instructions for using NG in your bath water is one teaspoon or one cap full of the 100% in your tub water, but that's not written in stone. In fact, it came from my personal experience as what worked for me when I was infected with Collembola. FYI, that's a dilution of one part NG to about 23,000 parts of water. In fact, if I had not become reinfected with Collembola four years ago, there probably would not be any debriding soap. It just happened that I had a sample of the debriding soap available when I had gotten reinfected.

However, if you ask the fellow who makes the NG, he'll tell you that you should have a dilution of about one part NG to 64 parts of water--that's the dilution of the body wipe. But, he'd say you need at least eight or nine ounces of 100% NG in your bath to derive any benefit--that's pretty expensive bath of well over $100. Even if you used Debriding Soap II, it would be over $60. So, what is the answer? With over three years experience, it seems that one cap full is adequate for a large majority of those who use it. And, if you don't find it so, there's no problem increasing the one cap full to two, three, four or many more.

In fact, I have no idea what would happen if you used a full eight ounces in a bath for an hour or so. I can't say for sure, but it might be a mega experience and produce amazing amazing results and then again, it might not be much better than using one cap full. I'm not asking anyone to try it, but if you do, let me know the results.


Handeling Lesions and What Does Glutathione Do?

A subscriber shares a tip about healing lesions and asks about MaxOne and glutathione.

Hi Richard. I'm now taking the MAXONE and only taking two a day. I just read where u stated we can take up to six a day so I'm upping my dose slowly so I don't herx and get too sick.

My question: I've read all I can about glutathione but for some reason I'm not comprehending what this does for the body? Can you explain in terms I can understand. Lol.

*** I found a Lyme dr four years ago, (Morgellons and Lyme usually goes hand in hand) and I tested positive. I was COVERED in massive lesions. I was ready to end my life. The Dr put me on many herbal meds, and antibiotics BUT. And I STRESS THIS BUT. He put me on a PRESCRIPTION medication called RIFAMPIN when lesions wouldn't heal. WITHIN JUST 5-7 days, EVERY SINGLE LESION CLOSED UP AND WAS GONE
I'm not saying the medication Rifampin killed off all parasites IN me. But I've never broke out like this since and do all I can to deal with other morgellons symptoms. I keep this script up to date as I never know if I'll break out again? IT SAVED MY LIFE. And only a Dr can prescribe it. I'm begging you to share this with people covered with lesions. I swear on my soul it saved my life. You can't make money on it. It's just a prescription. But whatever is in this "Rifampin" STOPS THE LESIONS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.

According to WebMD, Rifampin is an antibiotic typically used for TB and other infections. Side effects are possible upset stomach, heartburn, nausea, menstrual changes, headache, drowsiness, or dizziness. If any of these effects persist or worsen, inform your doctor promptly. This medication may produce a harmless, reddish coloration of urine, sweat, saliva, or tears.

It would make sense to try Garcilin and the Deep Wound Cleanse first and then, if results aren't there, Rifampin.

Regarding glutathione, you can learn a lot about glutathione by going to
Basically, glutathione is the
► body's major anti inflammatory agent
► major detoxification agent
► major free radical killer--protects your DNA
► regulates the life of every cell
► boosts hemoglobin's ability to carry oxygen
► boosts the body's immunity.

Unfortunately, it is depleted about 10% every ten years by poor diet, illness such as Morgellons, pollution, radiation, over exercise, aging and so on. A glutathione deficiency contributes to every disease known.

And until MaxOne, the only way to significantly boost glutathione levels was by injection into the blood stream. MaxOne is d-ribose and L-cystein bonded together so it gets past the stomach digestive mechanism and gets into the cells themselves to boost glutathione by approximately 270% compared to glutathione supplements or NAC which might boost glutathione by 20%. So, MaxOne is about 17 times more powerful than any other supplement.


What Does Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Do?

A subscriber asks,

So what does diatomaceous earth do in the body? How many times a day do I drink? Can I take too much?

I don't know if you can take too much diatomaceous earth (DE). I've taken the following from who is our supplier of DE for our on-line store. Two pounds of DE--enough for months--is only $10.99 plus postage. In addition to taking it to detoxify, you can also use it in a spray to destroy organisms in your environment--use a funnel to put one tablespoon into a 32 oz spray bottle, fill with water and shake well before spraying.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) offers an alternative method for detoxing your body, one that is cheap, simple, and effective. It doesn't require fasting or foul-tasting health foods, and many people have used it with great success. DE's naturally absorbent and abrasive nature makes it an ideal internal cleaner. As it passes through your system, it absorbs harmful toxins, and it does this without requiring you to change your diet or lifestyle.

Every day, we are exposed to harmful toxins like car exhaust, heavy metals, food additives, and cleaning chemicals. For the most part, our bodies are really good at cleaning out pollutants like these on their own, but sometimes they need a little extra help, and that's where detoxing with diatomaceous earth can help. If you chronically suffer from any of the symptoms listed below, it may be a sign that it's time to detox:

Food cravings
Restless sleeping
Poor focus
Skin rashes or outbreaks
Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, or other indigestion problems
Mood swings
Weight gain
Body odor or bad breath
Aches and pains

Detoxing with diatomaceous earth is easy. Simply follow these steps:
Step 1:

Take about one teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth with water once a day. Take it on an empty stomach at least one hour before or two hours after eating. DE is nearly tasteless.
Step 2:

Over the next few weeks, slowly raise your DE dosage from one teaspoon to two teaspoons, taking one in the morning and one at night. We recommend taking up to a tablespoon per day.
Step 3:

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout each day to keep your system hydrated.
Step 4:

In her book, All the Green Things You Can Do with Diatomaceous Earth, Tui Rose suggests taking DE 10 days on and 10 days off for 90 days, though many people have found different strategies that work for them. Some take it daily for a few weeks, others for years at a time. Experiment and see what works for you.
How Can I Boost My Detoxing Power?

While diatomaceous earth alone is a powerful cleanser, there are practices you can add to your detox to increase your body's ability to clean itself out:

Cut back on greasy foods, refined carbs, and refined sugars. These foods add the kind of junk to your system that you are trying to clean out with your detox. Reducing these foods in your diet will make your detox more effective and will help the benefits of your detox last longer. Being on the King Diet automatically accomplishes this goal.
Get some exercise. Along with promoting overall health, working out helps your body eliminate toxins. Even going for regular walks can have great benefits.
Breathe deeply. Good breathing habits provide increased oxygen to the bloodstream while helping to expel toxins. Mindfulness meditation and yoga are great ways to practice good breathing.

How Do I Know My Detox Is Working?

Initially, you may feel some side effects, such as headaches and flu-like symptoms. These are caused by the toxins leaving your body and is not cause for alarm. If these symptoms persist, however, lower your diatomaceous earth intake. This will slow the release of toxins and reduce the side effects.

As you continue your detox over the next few weeks, whatever symptoms you have - the ones that prompted you to detox in the first place - should lessen or disappear altogether. Secondly, you should feel more energy and have better general health. After detoxing, many people feel like they have a new lease on life.
A Cautionary Note

Food grade diatomaceous earth is nontoxic and generally considered safe for consumption, but make sure you listen to your body. As mentioned above, side effects generally mean the detox is working - nothing to worry about. If your side effects persist, reduce your DE dosage to something your body is better able to manage.

If after a few weeks the detoxing doesn't lessen your symptoms, it may mean that your condition is serious enough that you should consider going to see your doctor.

Also, bear in mind that while detoxing with diatomaceous earth can promote good health and reduce negative symptoms, it has not been proven to cure any diseases. Continue to consult with your doctor regarding any existing health conditions and follow his or her recommendations.


Getting Reinfected with Collembola or Morgellons?

Greg was reinfected with Collembola, it can just as easily be Morgellons.


Thank you for the continued book updates and helpful emails. Thought I'd pass along a few suggestions.

My quick story: I was re-infected with collembola from my 5 stage air purifier and ozone machine a number of months ago. I hadn't used the machine in over a year, since my initial collembola challenge. I pulled the machine out of storage and used it. It took a few days for me understand what had happened and the source of the collembola. It's been challenging...

Some suggestions for those struggling with Collembola:

- Your book and the updates to the book are very helpful. I'd like to suggest that you add a section at the end of the book that notes what has been updated. Particularly, if there are updates around diet or disinfection protocols.
- Based on the reinfection experience that I had with my air purifier machine, I'd suggest folks discard their machines after they reach a place of healing. Not really sure if my experience is the norm, or a one-of-a-kind experience.

- I tried Pronto a number of times during my first experience with collembola, and used it many times recently. I find that it does nothing. Full strength ammonia seems to be more effective.

- I feel itching and crawling mostly on my scalp, around my eyes, my back, and my feet. I have found that "painting" my eye lashes with tea tree oil, in the morning and evening, substantially reduced activity around my eyes.

- For my feet, I find that washing with NG, soaking in NG, and using a foot file or rough emery board helps my feet.

- I have been experimenting for many weeks with the use of aspirin to reduce itching and crawling. Specifically, the GeriCare brand (can find it on Amazon) that has only 2 ingredients: aspirin and corn starch. I find that a half tablet with my morning meal can suppress all symptoms of itching and crawling sensation for about 5 hours. A full tablet will give me 8 to 9 hours of relief. I've run this aspirin test many times, while maintaining the same diet and holding other factors the same, and I consistently get relief. Again, not sure if this is a one-off experience. It would be interesting for other folks dealing with collembola to try this as well."


I thank Greg for writing. I never thought of the possibility of getting reinfected from an air purifier, but it doesn't surprise me. It's important to clean air purifiers per the recommended instructions on a regular basis. And, it's easy to forget about them and not do it--something of which I'm guilty too.

Since we're about to do a seasonal change, one of the easiest ways of getting reinfected is from stored Fall clothing that was stored from last year and may be contaminated. So, be careful when you take out your Fall clothing--launder them with ammonia or spray them with ammonia and or diatomaceous earth before wearing. Invert them, spray them and then turn them right side out.

I could be wrong, but I'd think tea tree oil around the eyes might smart if you misapply it or sweat. I'd recommend either the NG diluted with water or one of our skin creams--but nothing with peppermint or cedar.

Relief from aspirin with corn starch surprises me. I'd think the corn starch would produce the opposite result. I often found that taking an extra capsule of MaxOne took away the itchies. And while aspirin is less expensive than MaxOne, the MaxOne will produce more results in other areas of your body. Problem is that I hate selling MaxOne, we just can never keep it in stock as it's always selling out. We used to order once a month, and now we have to order it two times a month. You can get it on a monthly subscription basis for $65/month. What is crazy is that we pay $60 for that month's supply that we sell to you for $65. Or you can order a bottle on a non-subscription basis for $75.

With respect to Pronto, I get mixed results, three people have reported it useful and four have not, indicating that it may work for less resistant strains of Collembola.

Regarding the idea of making a list of changes when I produce a new revision to my book--it's a great idea and I've thought of it too and hopefully I'll do it next time. However, I suggest re reading the book anyway. Each time I revise the book, I read it in it's entirety and guess what? Answer: I discover something I forgot and didn't remember was in the book.

FYI, I'm working on another book titled Spirochetes Don't Scare Me which I hope to have finished by the end of October.


Qustion About Filarial Worms and Disinfection

Trina writes and asks,

"Thanks so much for replying, means a lot to me. I will order all as I am exhausted......tired of dealing with it and buying so many things. I have so, so many supplements, ease trial oils, and more. Was at confused stage till I saw your protocol. I may have more questions, for example, ammonia is very toxic, is borax and vinegar a good alternative? I want to do out a protocol based on what I have and will then order the other products you recommended

Did your hair move? Did you have filarial worms? Just curious....tx again.....I don't know who to talk to about this...."

Ammonia is used for the environment. You don't stay around to smell it. You spray and move away. Borax, vinegar, and other disinfectants are used in the bath.

An alternative to ammonia is boric acid.

Many people report that the filaments move.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is in the protocol for dealing with internal parasites. I don't have any experience with filariasis. I don't know of anyone else who is dealing with either Morgellons or Collembola that has filaraisis.

According to Wikipedia, there are three types of these worms:
► one lives in and affects the lymphatics and can lead to elephantiasis.
► one lives just under the skin with one type of it causing River Blindness
► one lives in cavities of either the abdomen or heart (dog heartworm)

It would make sense to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. And to also use the debriding soap to clean the skin and diatomaceous earth for abdominal cavity type. However, the strength of the debriding soap required to make a difference in the skin is unknown. I'm totally amazed that only one cap full of the 100% concentrate works as well as it does for Morgellons and Collembola. Theory says that at least about 9 ounces of the 100% concentrate would be needed for one bath. In fact, right now, I'm trying to determine how much of the 100% concentrate is needed in a foot bath to deal with toenail fungus. At this time, it looks like an ounce (2 tablespoons) in a foot tub would be needed, even though only one capful is needed in the bath tub for skin fungus.

If they are only infecting a certain area of your skin, it might make more sense to use both the body wipe and the exfoliant cream on that part of the skin. Apply the liquid body wipe followed by the cream .

Hope this helps.

I thank Trina for writing.


No Doubt, It's Ofen Frustrating

"Back to Stage 1...

I seem to be regressing.

I was feeling free of Collembola symptoms for a week, then about five days ago it started to come back. The past couple of days have been the worst it's been in a month. Not as bad as it was at its peak back in July/August, but relative to feeling symptom-free, it's been bad. Especially when I wake up in the morning.

Am taking 2 MG of Orap twice a day, MaxOne, Garcillin, Lufeneron, following the protocols; bathing 2-3 times a day. Using the Nature's Gift concentrate in the bath along with peppermint and pool shock. Using the triple pesticide every 10 days in my car. Using ozone in my car. Sleeping on an air mattress. Using an air purifier in the house. Using ammonia in the laundry and also where I walk. As you know, it's exhausting.

The only difference in my regimen over the past couple of weeks has been eating some stage 2-3 foods, but even then only occasional cheese, white wine, occasional Haagen Daaz, and coca-cola.

But I'm going back to stage 1 to see if it makes a difference, but needless to say it's been very discouraging after feeling so symptom free.
In examining what could be causing this, I've been wondering about our dog. She's on a strong anti-parasite herself - Trifexis, and doesn't exhibit any signs of itching, so I'm thinking she's not the cause.

She's been with me throughout this ordeal, but I did board her for about two weeks a month ago. I've been trying to figure out the life cycle of the Collembola in figuring out the relapse and seeing if it lines up with when I boarded her. But she would be showing signs like itching, correct?

Thanks for writing.

The life cycle of Collembola is truly an enigma. I've never figured it out and I've been there many times with the frustration of getting basically free and then relapsing for no apparent reason. Yet, after a few days, I've always been fortunate in figuring out where the problem was. And it was often diet related. And yes, if your dog were affected, it would be doing a lot of scratching and biting at her skin.

But nevertheless, it was back to bathing.

You should also be using the ammonia on your furniture, bedding every time before and after you use them. So you do the triple pesticide every 11 days and use the ammonia every day on the same areas. If you're noticing them more in the morning bed, then you want to look to see where you might be getting infested--maybe from the bathroom toilet area if you take bathroom breaks in the early morning.

It took me 3 months to get them out of my foot rest on my leather couch. So, it's important to figure out whether they are coming from diet or environment and sometimes that's difficult.

hope this helps


The One, Two, Three Punch

When it comes to skin parasites, there's a one, two punch that sometimes accompanies them. And, that's Lyme (borellia) and Babesia. Lyme disease is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi species of spirochetes. And Babesia is caused by one of several varieties of protozoan parasites. And if you're dealing with Morgellons, it looks like the third punch is another spirochete that I reported on in a recent update titled, "Understanding Morgellons."

The problem is that none are easily diagnosed. In fact, you're generally wasting your money with most testing facilities. For example, in my book I list the KS3 Lab. It's already out of business. Finding a lab that is reputable is not an easy task.

Babesia presents many of the classic symptoms of malaria--characterized by irregular fevers, chills, headaches, general lethargy, pain and malaise. More information about it at

Symptoms of Lyme disease, listed on the CDC site, are

Severe headaches and neck stiffness
Additional EM rashes on other areas of the body
Arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling, particularly the knees and other large joints.
Facial palsy (loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of the face)
Intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, joints, and bones
Heart palpitations or an irregular heart beat (Lyme carditis)
Episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath
Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
Nerve pain
Shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet
Problems with short-term memory

While Babesiosis was identified in the 1880's by Victor Babes, a Romanian scientist who first documented the disease in cattle and sheep, diagnostic tests for it today still leave a lot to be desired.

Typically treatment of Lyme disease is with the use of antibiotics such as doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axetil. Babesia is treated with zithromax and mepron.

This all sounds very nice and tidy, but it's not. For instance, for myself, I was treated with three powerful antibiotics--Biaxin, Bactrim, and Zithromax along with Mepron for six months for Lyme and Babesia. While I had very few symptoms of Lyme to start with, (and that may have been because I was on the King Diet�) I had no symptoms of either Lyme or Babesia after treatment.

All-in-all I was fortunate in that I had a diagnosis and the best treatment available. Most people can't get a reputable diagnostic test, or a doctor that is aggressive with treatment, or be able to afford the treatment as the medical services are not covered by health insurance. I was fortunate to have a great prescription coverage as Mepron, at that time, was like $700.00 for a month's supply.

With all that good fortune I still ended up on the short end of the stick as within a year of stopping the treatment and going off the diet, Lyme almost destroyed my life for good. And from what I gather, many others are in the same boat. And those with Morgellons are often in a sinking boat as the spirochete, with which they suffer, hasn't even been acknowledged by the medical profession. With no diagnosis, there's not even a chance of treatment.

Yet, through my suffering I found the long end of the stick. I had always been taking multiple vitamins and ionic minerals but they did nothing for my pain and inflammation from Lyme. Nevertheless, I'm convinced that both the vitamins and ionic minerals are fundamentally necessary for anything else to work. My first break came with a new product to significantly increase glutathione levels. I had been consulting clients in my stress management business for nearly twenty years prior to this, had employed nutritionists in my practice, studied nutrition, and never heard of glutathione.

Yet, with this new product to significantly boost glutathione, my Lyme disease symptoms were reduced by 95% and life was once again enjoyable. If you Google "Lyme disease and toxicity" you'll find dozens of references tying Lyme disease to heavy metal toxicity--each emphasizing the importance of detoxification in the treatment of Lyme disease and some of their recommended detoxes get pretty wild and expensive. Herbal detoxes are very very popular.

Well, guess what? Glutathione is the body's main detoxifyer and for a dozen different reasons, most of us are deficient in glutathione levels in our body. You might like to know that the first treatment in the emergency room for arsenic poisioning is intravenous glutathione. Learn a lot more about glutathione by going to my other website

No wonder my symptoms of Lyme were greatly diminished with boosting glutathione. It's a no brainier. And Lyme disease is only one of a hundred of other health reasons to boost glutathione. Glutathione is deficient in every auto immune disease, every disease that is aggravated by inflammation. And guess what? Inflammation is a major contributor to every, I mean every disease.

Remember, I was on antibiotics for Lyme and Babesia! Yes, antibiotics are important in the fight against Lyme disease and every disease involving any kind of bacterial infection. Yet, abuse of antibiotics is one of the largest medical problems in that abuse of antibiotics leads to disease becoming immune to them. And in the case of Lyme disease, according to my doctor, the spirochete morphs to avoid being destroyed by the antibiotic--that's why three different antibiotics were given to me in rotation.

Now, for a natural antibiotic: allicin. After just one capsule, my knee inflamed 200% and created excruciating pain as more toxins were released. But once my lymphatics in the under part of my knee released all those toxins, I've been basically 100% free of discomfort from Lyme disease. My knee is so so happy with allicin, And with natural antibiotics like allicin, the bacteria can not become immune to it and I can take it every day for as long as I want. And for me, I want to take it every day for the rest of my life. If you'd like to learn more about allicin, return this email and request the ebook about allicin. It's derived from garlic, however, garlic supplements have none of it in them and once you open a clove of garlic, the allicin quickly dissipates.

If you're wondering about colloidal silver which is also a natural antibiotic, we also have it in our on-line store. However, 300 bottles of Garcilin are sold to every bottle of colloidal silver which tells me that Garcillin is of more value to a lot more people. I think a lot of sufferers find us after having tried Nutrasilver with little or no success. Nutrasilver is another brand of colloidal silver.

Thus, my protocol for Lyme--before you do anything else--is 1, 2, 3. That is, the King Diet�, MaxOne glutathione accelerator, and our Garcillin (allicin) product. Yes, once you do these, you may not have to do anything else. And by all means, take a multivitamin and use our ionic minerals.

Glutathione is found in every cell in your body. It strengthens the function of every cell. If fact, for any disease, it would be best to start with boosting glutathione before doing anything else. However, in the case of cancer, because glutathione is also in cancer cells, boosting glutathione is done before radiation or chemotherapy--you don't want to boost glutathione in any surviving cancer cells after they have been mostly destroyed by radiation or chemotherapy.

Note that neither of these products are intended to treat or cure Lyme disease. And legally, before implementing my suggestion of using these products or the King Diet, as your results may differ, I must advise you to you consult with your physician about them.

Read About the Beginnings of Morgellons

Sandra, our coach, ran across this article about Mary Leitao who was instrumental about starting the Morgellons Foundation. Turns out that Sandra was practically a neighbor of Mary's and began suffering with Morgellons around the same time in 2002.

The article is a little bit of history as it was written back on 2006. And, ironically, 2006 was the year that I published my first book about skin parasites. It was titled, Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet to Control It. If you like to know more about the beginnings of how Morgellons came to light, click here or go to

Getting Reinfected from the Environment

Some sufferers get confused about the value of the body wipe that you make from the concentrated debriding soap per the instructions that come with the debriding soap. It's suggested that you apply it between baths whenever you feel an activation from the parasites.

However, if you get reinfected by getting attacked in your car or working in your garden or even from your couch and end up with severe itching, biting and bite marks, that's not considered activation. That's considered an attack at which time you need to be very aggressive in applying the body wipe and or creams. In the case of Collembola infecting your ankles and lower legs, you will best be served with a foot bath using about a half cap of 100% concentrate with about 8 drops of peppermint for up to an hour or more.

Do not expect that one application of the body wipe will instantly get rid of the discomfort. In fact, apply it up to several times a minute for up to fifteen or twenty minutes to obtain relief if needed.

Cod Liver Oil Tip

Hi Richard
I discovered by accident that putting a generous amount of cod liver oil on and NG and massage into skin over and over and the mites would come out by the 100's it seemed and keep repeating until the itching stops, for me I figured this was a die off and they were on their way out. and even after being on the diet for a few years every so often like 6 months or so I would get that burning itching that would not go away with NG itself and every time I did this they were coming out little black mites with with tiny tiny wings. Thanks Renee

I thank Renee for sharing her experience. NG makes everything work better. Others have reported the similar results by massaging our Exfoliant cream into their skin. I would suggest that Renee look into lufenuron which destroys the eggs of mites. More information at

Using Other Products can Leave You in Never Never Land

I often get questions about using other products to deal with skin parasites. Sharon asks after she completed her questionnaire and I sent her the protocol for Morgellons and Collembola,

"Hello Richard,
Thank you so much. What do you think about the Beyond Balance product. I am reading Dr Saverly's book and she suggested using Beyond balance products. I have been taking the drops and the pills for about a week straight."

Thanks for writing.

Her book is quite impressive. However, notice how much she writes about Collembola, skin fungus, and mites--nothing.

If you're on her regime of antibiotics and expensive treatments as I was, you don't have to worry much about Collembola or skin fungus as the antibiotics and anti fungals she uses wipes out everything. If fact, you don't even have to use my diet on that regime.

However, when you come off of the regime, look out! For me all hell broke loose and my life seemed to be over--that was twelve years ago when I thought that Lyme would put me in a wheel chair and end my life. My next book will be titled, Spirochetes (Chronic Lyme) Doesn't Scare Me Anymore. In case you're wondering why I'm writing about Lyme, the answer is that the basis of Morgellons is a spirochete that produces the fibers associated with Morgellons and Lyme disease. The spirochete is found in the fibers.

To answer your question: I'm not familiar with the products she mentions other than that they foremost used for detox. I prefer using food grade diatomaceous earth as a detox along with boosting glutathione and for many reasons I feel my approach will detox you and leave you with improved benefit of boosting glutathione over what any other detox program will leave you. Go to and there's also a parasite page on the site.

There are many ways of "skinning the same cat," and that said, mine produces a lot of other beneficial results. For instance, no detox formula will interfere with the production of the iron-dipeptide complex of Morgellons where as glutathione does as it also detoxes your body.

The key is to see if there are any offending ingredients such as worm wood or black walnut in the formulations as they also feed Collembola. I looked at some of the formulations and there's no way I'd know if other ingredients would feed Collembola unless you were on her regime of antibiotics. So, if you use those products, I can't answer any questions about any difficulty or lack of progress you may have as it may be tied to some ingredients conflicting with the diet and actually feed the parasites.

I hope this helps

She wrote back,

"Hello Richard,

No, I am not on antibiotics. I went to a doctor and she provided me info about Beyond Balance. I ordered the drops and the pills, I have not seen any results yet. I feel I am infected with Morgellons and Collembola and do not know how to get rid of them. This is why I ordered your products. I am hoping for some relief.

In everything I write, you'll see a common theme:
The diet is the trunk of the tree and there are a hundred limbs on the tree. Beyond balance products would be one of them.

As I wrote, I'm not familiar with the products, but my book also lists many others. Over the last twenty years I've identified the limbs of the tree that produce the most results for the least investment--my protocol. However, without the diet and effective disinfection, little progress is anticipated no matter what limbs you use.

Another tree would be the more expensive antibiotic approach as Dr. Savely uses which few can afford. However, having gone through that approach myself with Dr. Bransfield a dozen or so years ago, once you stop it, so does its effect on skin parasites.

I hope this helps

There is primarily one reason why I do not suggest mixing my protocol with other protocols and that is I'm not sufficiently familiar with the other products and their ingredients; and most often there's no one you can ask the same question regarding the use of other products. And if you are also dealing with Collembola or skin fungus, you'll be hard pressed finding someone else with experience dealing with either or both of them and you'll be left in Never Never Land. Please complete the attached questionnaire and I'll provide you with a detailed protocol.


Glutathione Shots

Hi Richard I'm considering getting the glutathione infused at Ocala infectious desease center... It's 50.00 bucks a pop twice a week.. Expensive !! Is it worth it... I'm really struggling at this point.. my skin feels like its on fire with both burning and itching.. I use the Natures Gift product with some relief... But its short and temporary ... What do you think... Do that 1st then go on your product?

Hi Joe,
thanks for writing.

No, I would not suggest the shots. Glutathione can detox you really bad and you could end up being pretty sick from detox.
I'd start with one cap a day of our MaxOne and take that up to perhaps 6 or 8 a day over the course of two weeks for a short period of time and then back down to 2 or so per day.

The other reason is that shots only get glutathione into the blood stream--not inside the cells where you need it.

Are you bathing with NG and what disinfectants are you using in the tub?

Are you strict with the diet?

In the beginning, in addition to the diet and disinfection, the idea is to be aggressive and take as many baths a day as necessary (up to three) for up to 45 minutes each so you can get from one bath to the next with relatively little skin discomfort.


Liver and Kindney Issues??
Misty asks,

"I would love to order these products to get my life back. My four year old daughter and I have been basically "ate alive" for three years. I have been forced to quit work to stay home and take care of my baby, so my finances have been exhausted. Morgellons is TRYINGto attack her kidneys. It causes her to look jaundice sometimes. Can you suggest a way to fight this parasite specifically in her liver and kidneys?

During the short time I was able to work again, I took her to a naturopath. According to the blood test the problem was those organs. The naturopath could not understand why the treatment would not work (well...just gave temporary results) and even though I was told she had experience with Morgellons...that was a lie.

I'm by no means a doctor, but common sense tells me that the parasites are TRYING to attack those organs. Do you have any suggestions to specifically target the liver and especially the kidneys? Thank you so much for your time."

"I'm by no means a substitute for a doctor and I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you to seek the advice of a physician on this subject.

All I can say is that glutathione is in every cell of your body. When it's deficient, as with a disease like Morgellons, then the cells do not work as they are intended and everyone if affected differently. Glutathione is instrumental in the function of the liver. Glutathione deficiency can create jaundice.

My first step would not be to build health with our basic protocol.

Multi vitamin compatible with diet
MaxOne Glutathione accelerator
Garcillin Antibiotic anti viral
Ionic Minerals
but most importantly the multi vit and MaxOne

Legally, I must advise you that you should consult your doctor before starting my diet or implementing any of my recommendations regarding supplements.
Regarding the parasites, I hope both of you are adhering to the diet."

Understanding Morgellons

Molly writes about an appointment she had with a dermatologist.

Hi Richard,
Morgellons is such a strange thing that happens to people but I think most everyone thinks that it is a parasite. I have done extensive research on this subject and last week I had an appointment with the dermatologist at the University of Vermont Medical Center. The doctor was very nice and told me he has had a few people come to him with with the same problem as me. He agreed that it was indeed human collogen coming out of the skin and not a parasite. He also told me that it's not contagious and he wanted to give me a prescription for the crawling and tingling sensation which was basically the same thing as ORAP. The doctor told me that research was being done on the phenomenon called Morgellons but right now that was all they had to offer.

Your supplements were most helpful in calming everything down but I think that people don't get over this bizarre disease for quite a while and just learn to live with it.It's really the human body over producing collagen and keratin and they shouldn't feel like freaks or that they're carrying some horrible ,deadly disease.

I hope that this weirdo thing will be brought out in the public eye more and more and a solution will be found-soon!

Thanks for writing. Dr. Savely, author of Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease who has worked with perhaps a thousand or so Morgellons patients, the Morgellons Foundation, Dr Karjoo of CA all claim that Morgellons is not contagious.

However, I have dozens of emails from sufferers who tell me that they contracted it from another person or gave it to another person. Am I to call them liars? So, yes, to many it's not contagious, but to some it is highly contagious.

And, when we add in Collembola, these experts know zippo about it much less if it might be contagious and I personally know that it can be highly contagious. In fact, in Dr. Savely's book, she doesn't even discuss the impact of Collembola, much less mites or skin fungus.

Is it a parasite? The definition of a parasite is, "An organism that lives off or in another organism, obtaining nourishment and protection while offering no benefit in return." I'd say that Morgellons is definitely living off of you, is getting protection, and taking iron and sulfur plus who knows what else and it not giving anything to you in return. So, I don't see how the dermatologist could possibly say it's not a parasite. This is just an example of how little is known about Morgellons by the "experts."

And, while it's not true for every Morgellon's sufferer, many have organisms that emanate from the skin in the form of nematodes, insects, plastic spiny things, and so on. These organisms use nutrients from your body to reproduce and mature to the point they emanate.

Getting your life back doesn't mean one is cured--not at all. It simply means that you can get to the point where the uncomfortable itching, biting, and production of organisms, filaments and so forth are minimal if any. However, once that's established, any time you stray too far from the diet, your chances of re-occurence go up dramatically. Sugar is one of those things that activate Morgellons. However, sugar has almost no impact on Collembola.

I invite you to listen to the e-health radio interviews:
1. How to Get your Life back from Morgellons at
2. The Ever Looming Danger of Morgellons at
One problem is that people get consumed with the composition of the fibers and don't get into what creates them. There's a relationship between Chronic Lyme and Morgellons, but the mechanism is not known at this time other than research finds the presence of a spirochete in Morgellons patients and the creation of an iron-sulfur complex. Chapter II goes into these details.

She wrote back,
Yes, Richard, you have helped many people but I believe you need to stress more to everyone that Morgellons is NOT an external parasite bit your own body's system gone haywire.

There is not very much information available on this subject but UCLA has done some research on it and it seems that Morgellons is CAUSED by a bacteria or parasite but in itself is not a bug.

People need to have their fears placated so they can focus on what is real and shut off the panic button.

You're right, Morgellons is not a bug, however,, something about it hijacks the DNA of different organisms and they become a host to Morgellons. Something causes your body to go haywire and the study below provides insight to what that is.

Regarding the fibers: Fortunately I don't have the disease, however, I have many many emails from people telling me they have gotten reinfected from the fibers? Are they all mistaken? When I get one email, I pay little attention to it, but with many many emails, I can't call them all delusional. So maybe there's more to some of the fibers than keratin and collagen. I've had some tell me that the fibers actually can go back into their skin.

So, I look for a model which fits a broad spectrum rather than a narrow spectrum.

I've had numerous people report that their organisms eat wood and even counter tops. And one of those people is Sandy, our coach.

So, the question is, how does a spirochete, which we know is present, causes DNA to be rewritten, creates the fibers, which some find contagious, hijacks a variety of different organisms and sets them up in a breeding pool under the skin, produces black goo in some people, and so on? I believe part of the answer is:

In a study reported by Dove Press Characterization and evolution of dermal filaments from patients with Morgellons disease found at
They state,
"the current findings suggest that in Morgellons Disease (MD), the presence of spirochetes not only stimulates and alters keratin expression by keratinocytes in the epidermis but also causes increased collagen expression by proliferative activated fibroblasts.

This suggests that the spirochetes associated with MD may act similarly, causing unusual collagen and keratin filament production. It also suggests that persistent infection despite antibiotic treatment could be problematic in this subgroup of patients with Lyme-like illness.

In summary, histological observations and electron microscopic imaging from representative MD samples suggest that dermal filaments are composed of keratin and collagen and result from proliferation and activation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in the epidermis. We have also confirmed the presence of spirochetes in these samples. Although the number of patients in our detailed histopathological study is too small to draw definitive conclusions about the etiology of MD in general, the interplay of MD filaments and spirochetal infection merits further study."

So, are the fibers contagious? Many have reported to me that they are infectious and the above study says that they have spirochetes. Can these spirochetes enter through one's skin? I guess so, if people are getting infected or reinfected by the filaments.

She's Getting Her Life Back

Here's another testament that the King Diet and my program works.

Richard, just thought I would mention to you and others that the Ozone Machine disinfects my house the� BEST� no more spraying with Ammonia which can be toxic.

The improvement in my symptoms Morgellons of the skin since I began using your Debriding Soap is marvelous!

Lufenuron for 1 month 2 a day, soon to start the second month--it too has slowed these critters way down.

The main issue now is in my Hair & the Filaments coming out of my skin (although all is much less).The horrible skin Rash is gone for now.

I am good on the very Strict Diet, have just added Lactose free milk and so far seems ok�it is a constant battle day to day but to get back into clothes & be able to run errands and take care of my chores is a blessing. Thanks again�.Bettie

I thank Bettie for taking the time to share her progress. Her improvement inspires others on this frustrating journey. While the ozone machine has worked like magic for her, it isn't that easy for everyone. The ozone generator is at

Lufenuron is a pet medication that destroys the chitin in the eggs of mites (Collembola is also a type of mite) that may be living in your skin. A source for it is at and again, it works better for some than others.

The only lactose free milk that I'm aware of that's compatible with the diet is from Costco--it has no diglycerides or other problem ingredients. For Bettie, progress is slow, but it's real progress and she has gotten control of her environment which is a huge accomplishment. I remember that it took me nearly three months to get Collembola out of the foot rest on my couch.

I sent her the update from the blog at on how to deal with the scalp. You can find it by going to the Blog and searching for "scalp" by holding down the control key and then pressing the F key to open the search bar. Then type in Scalp in the search bar and it will take you down to every update about dealing with the scalp or you can just scroll back to 1/20/16 to find the update.

Bettie is using the recommended supplements and may be at the point she might want to ad one of the medications listed in Chapter VI to make it easier to advance to Stage II and then Stage III of the diet.

Bathing, Disinfecting, and Ozone

Ann asks?
Is there such a thing as soaking too much? I feel like my skin gets so dried out that I'm a sitting duck for co-infections and environmental toxins. When you say that it takes you about six weeks to get people up and running, does that mean the state you are in where you can eat what you want and not have to clean obsessively. I am definitely better, but so tired of this. Do you ever become immune to things like dust mites and mold? Do you personally have those ozone machines in every room in your house? How were you able to detox your home and self?

Hi Ann,

Unless you're using a disinfectant like borax, bleach, pool shock, and so forth that dries the skin, NG moisturizes your skin in the tub, however, you may need to use more than one cap full per bath of the 100% NG

Nevertheless, when you're out of the bath and apply the body wipe or any of the creams, they moisturize your skin so you won't be a sitting duck. People only have fungal infections spread if they don't use sufficient disinfectant in the bath or if they use a combination of disinfectants that cancel each other out as I wrote about recently.

To get to Stage III of the diet, it might be important to integrate one or more of the medications listed in Chapter VI. But things like sugar and certain oils will always be a potential issue that could set you back.

You never become immune to mites or mold.

The only ozone I used was in an air purifier that I paid $800 for fifteen years ago, and later found out that it was a toy as it didn't produce nearly enough ozone to destroy mites.

I only learned of the 20,000 mg/hr ozone machine a few months back and until then I wasn't recommending ozone--not even the 4,000 mg/hr unit on ebay is much more than a toy. I was fortunate in that ammonia and the triple pesticide worked for me. However, the triple pesticide doesn't not work with Morgellons--only mites and Collembola (a type of mite).

Even on my patio, I'm still waging a battle. Bifen granules doesn't seem to kill my strain of Collembola, but instead tame them somehow so that a few applications of the body wipe easily destroys them--a bit aggravating.


Mixing Disinfectants Can Be A Bad Thing

In the last week, I've had two people write me and tell me that they were having problems bathing with the debriding soap. I wrote each back and asked what disinfectant and amount that they were using.

One was using apple cider vinegar with peroxide and the other was using bleach with vinegar.

Unfortunately both of these combinations result in a chemical reaction producing either chlorine or a astringent--both irritate your skin and since they cancel each other out, you essentially have NO disinfectant in the bath providing an opportunity for skin fungus to spread all over your body which will seem like an allergic reaction.

If you go to you'll find 16 common products that should not be mixed together.

It's a challenge to get the right amount of disinfectant to destroy most of the organisms and not too much as to irritate your skin. Some people mix ten drops of lavender and about 15 drops of peppermint together. Some mix borax and Epson Salts together. You could mix all of them together and even add a quart of peroxide to the mix. If you're using baking soda, don't mix bleach, peroxide, or vinegar with it. If you have any question, just Google to see if there's a reaction between what you want to mix.


Poor Cellular Function

Ann writes,

Did you use lufenuron? I don't like the possible side-effects.

Unlike most of your clients/customers, I have celiac and probably don't absorb anything well cuz my gut is compromised and I probably have leaky gut too, soooo while at the functional med doc's, I decided to ask for and try a glutathione shot. It helped me significantly perhaps because I don't absorb max one pills well although they did make a significant difference. I would never have known anything about using glutathione for my issues if it hadn't been for you, so thank you! When the world discovers your products and you're making BIG BUCKS, your research and development team needs to make a Garcillin shot for people with, Celiac, SIBO, SIVO, Leaking Gut, Systemic Yeast, etc! I wonder if you need to develop an MSM shot too? I'm a little unclear about what MSM is. What's in it? Is Natures gift in it??? Can you ingest Natures gift? By the way, I finally started using your mineral and enzyme satchels in my water. Was using mineral/alkaline water in bottles. Don't think it works as well as yours. Another feather in your cap!

I'm going to try bypassing my gut and try that vitamin cocktail that I mentioned to you the other day. By the way, I added the dem earth (food grade) recently and I think it's helping. Think you need a plant based protein and vitamin, etc. powder for shakes as well. Or, become a distributor for Metagenics. You may get need a doc to partner with you in that cuz I think they only sell to med professionals although you can run circles around most of them. Metagenics has a 10 day detox that helped me. You can buy it online. Remember as celiac, I have a lot of vit deficiencies and pills don't work so well.

MSM is organic sulfur and we have it for both the skin as a gel to replenish the sulfur that Morgellons steals and as a capsule to replenish internal sulfur. There is no Nature's Gift�. Yes, you can consume Nature's Gift�, however, I think that using food grade diatomaceous earth is better than consuming NG which is also non toxic. Nevertheless, NG will surely clean out the digestive and intestinal systems.

The glutathione shot you got was like taking fifteen or more capsules of MaxOne at once. The shot only affects your blood stream, whereas, MaxOne gets into the cellular structure itself.

What happens in the body is that if you have enough L-cysteine, glutathione is produced in every cell in your body. The liver is the regulator. The liver passes glutathione into the blood stream as it's needed there. So, if you need more glutathione in the blood stream and not enough is produced in the cells, the cells become deficient in glutathione.

So if you get a shot of glutathione, it stops the liver from passing it into the blood stream which is good as you keep the cellular glutathione high. But the liver can not take glutathione from the blood stream and return it back to the cells. It's a one-way street.

No, I didn't use lufenuron, and I do recommend it for those who have skin mites or organisms coming from their skin and few have complained of having bad side effects and many do notice that they go through a detox as the eggs and organisms die off.

L-glutamine is the main fuel for the mucosa of the intestinal wall and probably the fastest way of having an impact on leaky gut.

Because glutathione deficiencies cause so many many health issues, you may be surprised to find that by boosting it, your slew of health issues diminish and that the adsorption in your gut increases as time goes on. Remember every cell in your body is affected one way or another when glutathione is deficient. Glutathione affects the structure and function of every cell of your body. So, if specific cells are not functioning the way they are supposed to, by boosting glutathione, the cells may function more normally.

Regarding Celiac disease, you're already aware that diet is very important and that the King Diet� can easily be adapted to eliminate gluten by consuming grains like rice, millet, and I believe quiona is acceptable for dealing with skin parasites. Also, our Agro-Relief enzyme is also known as Gluten Relief.

And Garcilin may make a significant difference in dealing with SIBO (overgrowth of bacterial in the intestinal track). You may need to advance to Garcilin II and take more than the one a day that is recommended.

From time to time others tell me of other products that they find helpful. If they indeed do something my products don't, I research them and add them to the store. But generally, the feedback I get says the products I have does the job. I'm already concerned that I have too many creams and lotions from which to choose.

I had a lady write me today saying her nutritionist had her taking $500 worth of supplements a month and some had red wine in them which actually aggravated her Collembola. The entire Morgellons Kit that I have is $250 compared to $500.

Like I said, the cocktail you are looking at is old school, but if it makes adsorption better, great--can't hurt to add.

Stevia Destroys Lyme Disease
Someone sent me a link on Dr. Axe's site titled,
Liquid Stevia Kills Lyme Disease (in a Test Tube) Better Than Standard Antibiotics, Study Says

Go to to read about it. It's a preliminary study and does not tell you how much liquid stevia is required. The good news is that stevia is what I recommend in my book as a substitute for sugar. Presently we have stevia in our on-line store, however, its in powder form rather than liquid. I found a liquid stevia by Now called Better Stevia and purchased a 2 oz bottle.

I must admit that I'm impressed. I never really like the taste of the powdered stevia, but this liquid really tastes like sugar. The only problem is that it has 11% alcohol in it. Other than that, it only has deionized water and certified organic stevia extract. Considering it only takes two to four drops (depending on your taste) to sweeten a cup of coffee, I'm not sure if the alcohol will be an issue for Stage I of the King Diet�

You can get it from Puritan Pride at and its very inexpensive.
Let me be clear, I'm not saying to use it to deal with Lyme disease, I'm suggesting that in light of the research, it doesn't hurt to use the liquid stevia plus it has a superior taste to the powdered form. Puritan pride has a liquid alcohol free stevia too which is a couple dollars more and contains some undisclosed flavors which I imagine wouldn't be an issue. I can only say that it too tastes great in my coffee. In time, I'll probably be replacing the powdered stevia in our on-line store with a liquid stevia.

Until more research is done, in addition to the King Diet�, I recommend MaxOne and Garcillin� as my basic protocol to deal with Lyme disease. Of course I'd recommend using our multi vitamin and ionic minerals as well. Please note that legally I must tell you to consult with your doctor before starting the diet or taking any of the supplements that I recommend.

Thanks, I Don't Need Your Updates Any More

Everyday I get notices from someone who has unsubscribed and they write, "Don't need anymore," and I am happy for them but I wonder if they have unsubscribed prematurely.

A while ago I told you to stop sending emails, that I was doing well. I was
for awhile and then I've had more itching. This is insane. I have a bite
on my wrist that I woke up with today. So discouraging.

Hi Ann,
Thanks for writing.
I sympathize. I know how disconcerting it is to get reinfected. It's like you totally forget about them and then whamo, the skin parasites are there and it's depressing.

First is to check and see if you've really gone over-the-top with your diet. That's happened to me after eating water melon every day for a week thinking I was cured because I had no problem after two or so days. So, first look for a food issue.

Second is to check environmental possibilities. I got reinfected from sitting on my swing next to my pond--noticed slight itching, applied the body wipe thinking it was sufficient and ended up with a full blown infection. Seems that an infected raccoon was fishing in the pond and lying under my swing to consume the fish it caught. So, I had to work on disinfecting that part of the patio with bifen granules and many times just wear boots when I use the swing.

The only good news is that you can figure it out and get your life back again.

Would you want me to add you back on the email list to receive updates?

I thank Ann for writing. Reinfection, unfortunately, is always a possibility. The only good news is that you can usually figure out whether it was diet abuse or an environmental issue and get your life back again.


Is There A Guarantee?

Many people who write me tell me how desperate they are. I know well as I remember how desperate I was 20 years ago dealing with the unknown and no help from doctors. Nothing has changed in the last twenty years except I've learned more and more about how to get our lives back. But, it's interesting that I rarely get the question about a refund if the supplements I recommend don't help. Nicki writes:

"I am so desperate to feel good again. I have hundreds of those strawberry marks all over my body so guessing I'm full of parasites? If I order the supplements you recommend , and they don't help, do u offer refund?"

"there are too many factors involved for me to provide a guarantee.
first, you'd have to guarantee me that you never stray from the diet. one little tic tac and you've messed that up.
Secondly, you;d have to completely get your environment disinfected and that sometimes takes months--so easy to miss disinfecting something or if you have a resistant strain of parasites, it might take months to get them out.
the supplements are what every person who wants to be healthy and stay healthy should be taking--they are not specific to parasites.

I hope this helps

The bottom line is that skin parasites seriously challenge your health. The most effective way of dealing with them is the King Diet.�. Next it makes sense to build up your body nutritionally. You can spend oodles of money and go to a nutritionist and end up with supplements that are not compatible with the diet and actually feed the skin parasites or you can accept my recommendations and experience. First, it makes sense to have a multivitamin.

Over the years, several others have sent me the labels from their multivitamins--some are OK and some actually have ingredients that feed the skin parasites. The one we recommend by the Complete Nutritional System Inc. always turns out to be the best and it's only about $19 for a month supply or about $55 for four months--a real bargain.

Any nutritionist will tell you to add minerals. For many reasons, it's best to have minerals in bioavailable form. I recommend ionic minerals which are completely bioavailable. Other mineral supplements are in a chemical form requiring the body to separate the mineral from the chemical compound. For instance, calcium can be available as calcium gluconate. That means you body has to separate the calcium from the gluconate in order to use the calcium and maybe you only get to use 40% of all the calcium in the supplement. Our ionic minerals are not combined with anything else so your body does not have to do anything to access the mineral and you get 100% of all the calcium. Our ionic minerals have 72 minerals. You can read about them at and they are only about $34 for a month's supply.

Next, is glutathione. Everyone will agree that increasing glutathione is a good idea. But few know all the whys and the hows. Glutathione is the body's major antioxidant, anti inflammatory, detoxifyer and it boosts the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen in addition to boosting immune response. Go to and you'll see all the ways of boosting glutathione. Most only boost it by about 20%, but our MaxOne boosts it by 270% and it's $75 per month. For instance, instead of investing thousands of dollars to get rid of mercury poisoning from filings in your teeth, you can detoxify with glutathione for a fraction of the cost and get all the other benefits from using it.

Many sufferers use colloidal silver to destroy internal bacteria, fungus, viruses and so on. I find that our Garcillin� is preferred thirty to one in our on-line store. Allicin is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti protozoan, and anti fungal for $40 per month.

I recently added food grade diatomaceous earth as part of the protocol for many reasons. It too is a detoxifyer of the digestive and intestinal system and it also gets into your blood stream and it's only around $10 for 2 pounds. Any organism that comes in contact with diatomaceous earth is shredded and destroyed.

The above is the basics for Collembola (spring tails). Of course if you have other health issues, other supplements may be important too, but by boosting glutathione you may require less or none of them.

Morgellons sufferers need additional supplementation:

The Morgellons complex is an iron-sulfur complex so Morgellons uses up both iron and sulfur from your body. The ionic minerals, discussed above, supplement the iron and MSM capsules replenish the organic sulfur in your body.

Most who have been dealing with Morgellons for a period of time experience digestive and intestinal issues for which we have both enzymes and L-glutamine. Enzymes support digestion and L-glutamine feeds the muscoa of the intestinal lining.

In summary, these are the basic supplements needed to support overall health--not just for skin parasites. They actually spell out a life extension plan for the rest of your life long after you've gotten your life back from skin parasites.


Start Your Day with a Recipe for Bread

Lorri shared the following recipe for making bread. She used spelt flour and rye, however, that's your choice as you can use spelt, rye, rice, or millet or a mix of them.

Hi Richard,

I wanted to share this yeast free bread recipe that I love so that you can share with people that want to bulk up.

2 cups spelt flour
1 cup rye flour
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cream of tarter
1.5 cups water
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp of cayenne, cinnamon and thyme optional

Mix dry ingredients together, then add the water and stir. Butter a bread pan or place on baking sheet in ball shape. Score top. Bake on 400 for 40 minutes.

It rises and It's awesome! I eat it everyday.

Thank you and please share.

I thank Lorri for taking the time to share your recipe--enjoy

Is There A Doctor in The House?

I get questions about where to find a doctor who knows how to treat skin parasites like Morgellons and Collembola all the time. Cathy writes,

Hello Richard,

First I must thank you for saving so many with your book, website, and products. Mostly though thank you for the hope you bring to all who are struggling with parasites.

I have enjoyed using your deriding soap and know it is helping. I mentioned when I spoke with Dale today that I have come a long way but feel now I am not making any more progress. My concern is that my environment is still contaminated despite my efforts. When I read the list of all the precautions you take I realize I am falling short and paying the price.

I gave up with doctors after seeing 4 dermatologists and two other MD�s. No one had any idea or they wanted to suggest it was just demodex which does not explain the pin pricks and crawling sensations all over my body. Because my progress has stalled out I am now thinking I need to find a doctor who knows about Collembola and Morgellons.

Dale suggested I email you with my inquiry. I live in south Orange County, CA halfway between LA and San Diego. If I need to venture outside my area so be it. I am happy to pay a fee for this information or pay for a consultation which after reading your �punch� list of �to dos� I think I need!

OK, Thanks for any help you can give me.

Thanks for writing Cathy,
I'm happy to be here for you.
Regarding doctors, the chances of finding one that even knows Collembola can infect humans is zero--they don't exist. Maybe you might luck out and find one like I did who is familiar with mites infesting humans, but that is even a long shot and the best you could expect would be a script for orap or Zyprexa--see below.
Finding one in your area that knows about Morgellons is almost impossible.
Dr. Savely in Washington is the only one I'd recommend who uses antibiotics, and I'm told that the problem with them is that when you come off them, the symptoms return.

Besides, if your environment is at issue, no doctor can do anything about that. You will have to find a way to disinfect your environment or move to a clear environment.

Generally, if you can make no mistakes with the diet, clear your environment of them to the point you don't get reinfected, you can move from Stage I of the diet to Stage II in about a week to two weeks. Unfortunately, it's so easy to make make mistakes. One little dietary mistake like a tic tac breadth mint can cost you two or three days of progress. A big dietary mistake like eating tuna in oil can cost you a week of progress. Any re contamination from the environment can cost you one to two weeks of progress.

What you might consider is one of the medications listed in Chapter VI. Two over the counter meds have also been reported to help as well--Claritin D and Vistaril. The right medication seems to reduce your appeal to the skin parasites.

If your doctor won't help you with one of them, we have one that recognizes their value and will work with you. Email me for instructions on how to contact him. And, you don't have to travel to see him, he will consult with you over the phone.

She Was Doing Better Than She Thought on the Diet

Hi Richard,

I have been strictly on stage 1 of the diet since parasites hit 9 months ago, I don't cheat, I keep my environment clean, I bathe & launder, do ammonia all over - everything. Yet I have been holding at 90-95% for months. Health and stamina good.
Is this normal? When will it END?

Current problem, I am shrinking. I eat tons of stage 1 food but I don't want to lose any more weight, it's scary. I do eat rice and spelt. Is 9 mo too long on stage 1? Bananas were delicious but caused a 2-week setback. Can I add something like a potato now and then to beef up the diet? I am dreaming of potatoes. And ice cream. Even milk. Please advise. Thank you."

Hi Sandra,
If you are not making an ongoing mistake on Stage I and are able to effectively disinfect your environment, you should be able to start Stage II in a about two weeks from the time you began the diet.

From your questionnaire, it looks like you're dealing with skin mites and Collembola.
It's strange that bananas would be a problem
have you tried green apples?
Mango and guava might be OK too
red potato should be OK
and try Haagan daz vanilla, chocolate, or chocolate chip
But, it you haven't been making mistakes on stage I, then it must be your environment and in addition to ammonia, consider the triple pesticide or the ozone generator in our on line store at

hope this helps

She realized that she was doing better than she thought and wrote back:

I just read your stage 1 email and I realize I have been feeling only itches/minor feelings all these months on stage 1 AND NOT BITES! I feel less than tickles and very few of those. I should have been in stage 2 for months!

I've introduced red potatoes - they are delicious.

The next step would be one of the medications like orap that are listed in Chapter VI. If your doctor won't help, then we have Dr. Su who can consult you by phone. If you want an appointment, email me for the details.


Wand it Away

Here is something totally different and new that Jax discovered. It makes our soaps, creams, and lotions even more powerful.

"I have had marvelous results from using a high frequency wand, especially when paired with a topical cream/lotion/ ointment.. It brings blood to the surface and allows for better penetration of whatever you apply, creates ozone to kill off whatever it may be that ails you, helps regenerate new skin cells to reduce scarring and many has more benefits. I urge you to share this device with sufferers. You can find it on Amazon for as little as $35. Can't say whether or not the pricier end product works better or not."

Portable High Frequency Spot Remover is available on Amazon at

If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

She Finally Feels Clean

Kim, on a very limited budget, is new to the program dealing with Morgellons so she started with Debriding Soap II and this is what she writes:


I thank Kim for taking the time to write. She's one vote for Debriding Soap II. However, another fellow who had used the regular Debriding Soap reported that Debriding Soap II was not nearly as good as the regular debriding soap. If finances are an issue, as they are with Kim, it's definitely worth a try. Since both debriding soaps are made from a similar process, as another option, they can be mixed together as a 50-50 mixture.


Disinfecting Your HVAC System
Your heating and or air conditioning system has discharge vents into each room on your home and each room should, but not necessarily, have intake vents that feed the air back to the heating and air conditioning system to be either heated or cooled. The parasites and mites can infest the entire system and should be disinfected. You can use ozone for that purpose.

You set up the ozone generator in front of an air intake to your ac system. You'll need a box fan to blow air over the generator and into the air intake.

You need to then tape shut all the other intake vents except the one you're working with.

You turn on you ventilation system and then set the timer per the instructions that come with the unit--I believe for about 15 minutes.

You close the door to the room with the ozone generator and leave the house for about 12 minutes. Hold your nose and come in the house and turn off the ventilation system so the ozone stays in the duct work and leave the house for about two or so hours (per the instructions), then air it out and you can occupy.

Do this for each intake vent always blocking off the other intake vents.

After you do all the intake vents, then do each room without the ventilation system running.

You need an ozone unit to produce 20,000 mg per hr of ozone and can get it on our on-line store for $115 at


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
If you have completed the attached questionnaire and returned to me, you know that diatomaceous earth, used as a pesticide, has been part of my protocol for years. In my book and blog, food grade diatomaceous earth is recommended for dealing with intestinal parasites. But it is a lot more than that, and that's why I've added food grade diatomaceous earth to the protocol and have added it to our online store at

Diatomaceous earth is the least expensive and maybe the best way to detoxify. And the good news is that a trace amount of it also gets into your blood stream where it detoxes your blood. So, it's a lot more than simply an digestive and intestinal detoxifyer.

And, of course, you can use this same food grade diatomaceous earth as a natural pesticide to dust your environment.


You can Spray Diatomaceous Earth

Dusting diatomaceous earth is messy--darn messy and it's not friendly to your lungs, but I learned there's an easier way to apply it--spray it. Here's the instructions from
Step 1:

Using a funnel, fill a spray bottle with 4-6 tbsp for a spray bottle you have at home. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Screw on the lid or nozzle and give it a shake.
Step 2:

After you have identified the area of your home that needs DE and if it is both dry and warm, you can begin applying your DE mixture. Spray once or twice and move on.
Step 3:

If you are using a spray bottle that that has spray and squirt settings, choose spray. Holding the nozzle about 1' to 2' from the area, spray once or twice and move to the next area.
Step 4:

Allow for the water to evaporate. You should have a thin and evenly spread DE resembling dust.


Does it Ever End?
Dear Richard,

I need more fibers for bowel regularity. May I use psyllium husk powders ? Will Collembola react to that?

Coffee enemas: is this OK too?

Thank you

Yes, most likely you can use psyllium and coffee enemas. You may also consider taking diatomaceous earth internally.

Great!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
Thank you Richard for your experience, for using your difficult experience in life and help us.
This is one scary disease. I have morgellons and Lyme. Somehow Collembola to me is worse than Morg and Lyme combined.

I was almost at the end of my Morgellons--almost finished dealing with it. Then Collembola came. I went through a week in denial. However had to face the reality.

I'm grateful I knew about you since Morg and ordering your products. I'm glad knowing you know about Collembola and how to end it.

Thank you

That's the pits--to get your life back from one skin parasite and then have another one rear it's ugly head. It's not uncommon for one to have both skin parasites. The good news is that there's not much more to do than with Morgellons--basically same King Diet�, disinfection, bathing protocols and same supplements--just more aggravation.

Sharing the Unthinkable

Sharing the fact that you have Morgellons and it's implications is risky. Candice met an old acquaintance whom she hadn't seen in years and this is her story.


I wanted to share with you.

I was bored, and it's been overly, hot and humid here. So being outside, hasn't been to exciting. So, I decided to go the the gambling boat, and play cards. This is a small community, that I live in.

I was sitting at a table with a man, I had met before, several years ago. And as the time passed he started talking to me about the mites under his skin. And how it came from GMO, grains. I listened to him for awhile. And then I said Morgellons, and he shook his head and said. "yes".

He went on to explain that he had been to 25 doctors. And, all of them said that he was delusional. And losing is his mind.

This poor man was shaking like he had Parkinson's. He told me that he had lost the vision in his left eye And that they were eating his kidneys, and how Morgellons changes your DNA. He has it, but his girlfriend doesn't. He went to school.with my older sister. So that makes him 65. I just listened to him tell his story to me. It was probably 3 or 4 years ago the last time I had seen him. His health has declined, severely.

So, I said to him, I know exactly what your talking about. I told him that I would go to my truck and get my phone and show him some pictures. And and the email I had received about the woman you had just sent a few days ago whom had lost the vision in both her eyes. And I said the depression that goes with it is overwhelming in itself, let alone the rest of it. He just kept nodding, and saying yes.

I showed him my picture's from a year ago. And the email. Wrote down your site, book and name. His first name is Bill. He asked me how to use the iodine. My answer was just like yours sometimes. I DON'T KNOW., I told him, that he needed to contact you. And told.him about how I left my number on the site and you had a Sunday. How, I broke down and cried. He was asking me a lot of questions I didn't feel comfortable to even begin to answer.

I showed him the email about Lyme and told him that you have responded to my emails personally. And how I run it through, my head about why, it attacks certain people. Obviously he has thought a lot too. Using an ozone machine. But not enough.

It was sort of funny, I told.him, about the email, with the woman that said her body was crying out for the Ocean, I said it's the salt. Immediately he goes, 'My body craves salt". . I told him I was wrong. She had already gotten her life back.

He said he has had it for 17 years. He didn't know it was contagious. When he turned to leave, He had tears streaming down his face.

I hope this helps


I thank Candice for taking the time to share her story and hopefully she's given this fellow some hope where there was none with twenty-five doctors.


Iodine for the Eyes

A few days ago I published Sandra D's information she has learned first hand with going blind and how she got her sight back. In that update she mentioned the use of iodine in the eyes to destroy pathogens. I asked her what the specifics were and she replied,

Best iodine is online. Lugol's is fine. Detoxadine Nascent Iodine is a little more $$ but higher quality & absorbs better.

Working up to 4 drops per oz of "triple distilled" water in a dropper... Most people start with 1 drop per oz. one guy started with 1 drop per 2 oz. The eye builds up tolerance. DO NOT drop straight iodine in - it will burn the cornea.

The other form of dilution measurement is %... 1.25 to 1.5% by prescription in an opthamological solution. My dr is "compounding" for me & will test in office considering previous damage. We expect no problem bc corneas are pretty close to healed. Vision not there yet but coming. There's apparently an Rx "povidone" iodine, same thing.

Iodine treatment does not happen with bandage lenses but after healing & after they're out, or at the beginning of the problem before there's a lot of damage. Ointments also don't go in with lenses, only steroid & antibiotic drops.

As I said, the iodine KILLS. People also use virgin unrefined coconut oil, which stuns but does not kill. It blurs vision but can be used at bedtime so you can sleep without fear. My dr saw no problem with putting that in eyes.

Hope that helps!

I thank Sandy for contributing this valuable information and have added this information to the latest update to my book which is now titled, How to Get Your Life Back from Chronic Lyme, Morgellons, and Other Skin Parasites. Listed in the book are already a half dozen other things that you can use as well and I don't know, which of all of them, is the best as they have all worked for some sufferers.


Can A Doctor Be This Stupid?

A high school friend of mine, from Maryland, has a relative suffering from Chronic Lyme disease. In the course of conversation I shared with my friend what I learned about Lyme disease and how important it is to boost glutathione. In fact there's really not much to Lyme disease other than boost glutathione, use allicin as an antibiotic, and maybe the King Diet�.

Within hours I received a call from my friend's relative and shared with him my protocol which is MaxOne and our Garcillin. He was so grateful for my experience and had great hopes for his teen age daughter who was the one suffering from Lyme.

That was the last I heard until today when I met my friend for lunch. We don't get together often since I live in NJ. In the course of conversation I was told that his friend's daughter's doctor told them not to take glutathione and to stick strictly with his protocol--which seems to be getting her no where.

I couldn't hold my tongue, "How stupid stupid can a doctor be? That's like telling her not to eat red peppers and meat and not to eat a high quality sugar instead of useless table sugar." That's basically what MaxOne is, L-cysteine which is found in foods like red peppers and meat, and D-Ribose which is a high quality natural sugar. D-Ribose is $60 for 10.5 oz and sucrose is just a couple dollars for 5 pounds--get the picture? D-ribose is the natural fuel source for the mitochondria in the cellular mechanism.

But, I'm sure they didn't ask about D-Ribose and L-Cystein, they asked about glutathione and for a doctor--even a stupid doctor-stupidest doctor in the world to keep one from boosting glutathione totally demonstrates how stupid he is. There's a difference between being stupid and ignorant. Ignorant would have been for the doctor to say, "Let me look into glutathione, I've had fifteen years of med school and training and I don't know much about glutathione", but to say, "No," to protect the integrity of his protocol is being totally totally stupid.

I'm certain that the doctor was equally stupid about the value of allicin--probably didn't even know that it is an antibiotic.

Yet, in every situation I'm legally bound to tell everyone I work with to consult with their doctor whether that doctor may be a smart or stupid doctor before starting my diet or using any of the supplements I may recommend. I always hope your doctor is smart and not stupid.

So, can a doctor be this stupid? The answer is, "Yes, they seem to be everywhere!" I asked my wife's doctor if it might be helpful for her to boost glutathione to fight cancer and her answer was, "there's no benefit." Why in the hell can't a doctor simply say, "I don't know," rather than lie?

Most of you know what I'm talking about as you've probably seen a dozen doctors and many have told you that your symptoms of Morgellons, or Collembola, or skin fungus, or mites are a mental problem.

She's Back from the Blind

Almost every week or so I get emails asking about how to deal with parasites in the eyes--and some have told me they lost their eyesight--and I've been limited to what little I know about suggesting different eye drops and washes that others have shared with me over the years. Sandra D (not to be confused with Sandra K, our coach), has contributed very important information that I would think any ophthalmologist should know to do. She writes,

"I have learned a lot the hard way on an extreme situation, that could help somebody. Parasites destroyed my corneas 100 and 70% respectively. After 8 months of intense treatment, they are almost healed, 20/30 & 20/40 from blind. My ophthalmologist has learned too from my case. Some facts:

If they are outside your eyes and have gone in, they could go in again if present. Removing protective lenses opens you to risk. Therefore protection goes hand in hand with healing. This is difficult for specialists, parasites alone is outside accepted medicine, even with evidence of ravaged corneas that no human could do to themselves. You have to be a firm advocate for yourself on this.

Bandage lenses can stay on for months and months, being changed every 10-14 days (with vigamox drops) and the eye will still progressively heal. This was not known. Scar tissue takes longer. Healing is bumpy but I always knew they would heal. Dr is letting me keep lenses in as long as I want. I'm sure he would speak to another dr with a patient like me.

A completely gone cornea can be replicated from an amniotic patch. The superior, live culture does not allow for a protective lens. The lesser, freeze-dried kind does. So I went with those and it worked, it recreated one cornea and helped close and smooth the other. The dr tells me now that he, the 3 dr's in his group - I met all of them after hours at various emergencies - and the cornea specialist they work with, all thought my corneas would never come back. A big shot research dr at UCSF told me flat out I would be permanently blind and wrote me off on the spot. I decided to ignore him.

I have zero tolerance for risk after all this but could find no weapon fool proof. I have read every scholarly article on parasites and eyes and found Diluted iodine absolutely Kills organisms in the eyes asap. This knowledge is gold. when I have the courage to remove the lenses, I will have iodine compounded by the dr in my hands, and his cell phone number.

For outside the eye infestation, Cliradex has been shown to reduce population on lids & lashes & face, according to one study I found. The study ignored inside the eyeball treatment but it reduced that problem in lighter cases. There are pads to use night and morning, and a foam I carry around. I believe it's the best for external, along with probably diluted iodine which is safe inside the eye too. Apparently unrefined coconut oil stuns them which could help overnight.

Any questions, Richard can give you my email.


I thank Sandra D for sharing this very important information. She's the person to talk to. Note that they are called bandage lenses or protective lenses--not the same as corrective lenses. Ophthalmologists have them. They need to be changed every 2 weeks but can be continually reapplied for months.

She's volunteered to help, so if you want to learn more, contact me and I'll provide you her email address--maybe she can help you get your eyes back.


I've gotten a few emails asking about using MMS (miracle mineral supplement) internally. MMS is chlorine dioxide and used as an antibiotic and anti viral and is a strong disinfectant that you can use in your bath or your laundry. Mel has it in his protocol for Morgellons.

There are questions about MMS being used internally. Does it destroy healthy bacteria? And does it react with the good minerals in your system? Because I don't know the answers to these questions, but suspect that it does destroy good bacteria as well as react with good minerals I'd not recommend it particularly since you can accomplish all the benefits of MMS with allicin as in our Garcillin�. Garcillin� does not destroy healthy bacteria and does not affect your mineral balance.

We have two strengths of Garcillin�, regular Garcillin� and the higher strength Garcillin� II. Because allicin can release toxins, it's suggested to start with the regular Garcillin and then advance to Garcillin II for the second month. You can take up to 6 or 8 of the regular Garcillin� a day to for starters and then advance to Garcillin� II and only take 2 or 3 caps a day until your obtain results and then back to the maintenance dose of one cap per day.

FYI allicin is derived from garlic, however, once you open a garlic clove, the allicin is destroyed. And, garlic supplements do not have allicin in them. Return this email and request the ebook which tells you all about the different applications of allicin.

Some Questions

Donna had a few questions that might interest you.

Hello..I have so much to say and so many questions. I have read most of your ebook and will give be giving it a 5 star rating.

#1I was looking at the recipes and I noticed it didn't say it wasn't for phase one but when i look at foods that are forbidden on phase one potatoes are on list. I am confused. Are red potatoes different from general potatoes? Yes, red potatoes are the only potato allowed on the diet in Stage II

#2 I have found 3 different references as to how much NG is needed to make body wipe. On store website at the top it says the 100% NG makes 8 gallons then when you go to click on the NG to order it says it makes 8.5 gallons and then when I got my order in mail the enclosed paper says it makes 9 gallons. How many gallons does it make? estimated between 8 and 9 gallons, but it's not practical to make that much up at a time, that's why we have the empty 4 oz spray bottle--fill it with water and add in the specified amount of drops.

#3 I have my new order and want to make a gallon of body wipe but cant find directions. I see measurements for making 1/2 gallon and how many drops but is there an exact 1/2 cup etc..

I would also like to make a gallon of the spray disinfectant for chairs, furniture etc..What is the measurement for a gallon? It's not recommended for Collembola, but only Morgellons. You have to experiment with it and the answer is between 1 to 2 oz of the 100% concentrate per gallon. Two tablespoons per ounce

#4 My Specialty medicine chiropractor dr told me the importance of prebiotics in food. I looked up chickory and started adding 1 tbsp to a pot of coffee. Should I discontinue this practice? Don't know, I'd add it only after you're gotten itch and bite free and see if by adding it, symptoms return within 48 hrs.

#5 My Specialty medicine chiropractor put me on Sam-E..should i discontinue this? I don't know what Sam E is, but it would be the same answer as above--you have to test these substances by themselves after you get free of symptoms

#6 There are to types of MMS. One needs to be activated and mixed. The other does not. I tried the one that needs mixed and activated and could nevet make it to the 24 drops in 32 oz water. The smell is awful strong and it made me sick. I bought the new kind that doesnt need mixed. It is like a dream. So easy I can do 24 drops. I have went through 1 bottle that I started in May after my Specialty medicine chiropractor was at the end of possible solutions. I have never been able to tolerate anything fuzzy. This winter was rough. I had to get rid of fuzzy robes blankets sweaters and scarves and gloves. He didnt know what else to suggest. We tried an anti histamine diet for itching but it didn't help.I noticed the past month or so i can use fuzzy stuff again. Was it the combo of everything or the Mms I started after i discontinued seeing him? Who knows. But my question to you is this..can i do the 3 drops of peroxide in drink and tsp baking soda along with MMS? i drink 3 drops mms in 4 oz water for 8 hours. It only lasts in system for 1 and a half hours and antioxidents cancel its chocolate no coffee no vitamin c within 1 and a half hours. safe to have 20 minutes between taking each--I don't know the reaction between MMS and peroxide, but I know peroxide and baking soda don't mix. and would not expect that baking soda and MMS would mix either. The problem with MMS is that it might also destroy good bacterial too so its advisable to take breaks from using it. And it reacts with minerals, so do not use it at the same time you drink the ionic minerals.

Thanks, Donna

How About $4,000 for an Ozone Generator

I wanted to reach out and let you know that between the wipe formula and the ozone generator I have been able to get rid of the Collembola. It sneaks back for a day or ever so often or if I haven�t used the machine in a while but it has given me my life back.

For the time, I still wash everything in ammonia and as mentioned above, there have been a few nights since March that I feel something but its gone after two to three ozone treatments.

I believe I got ripped off a bit (I spent $4000 on the ozone machine but have found them on amazon for $300.

SO many people in my family got this. Two aunts, grandmother, great aunt, mom and sister but I�m blessed my boys did not and I don�t believe I passed it onto anyone�I knew what it was the very second I got it.

I did get rid of it the first time on the diet but went down to 103 pounds and was trying to figure out how to explain to people I didn�t develop an eating disorder�

Your book was my bible�tabs and notes everywhere and truly gave me the only hope I could find. The Dr. thinking your crazy part is the absolute worst! Even with it gone I get upset that dr�s don�t take a second to look at what it may truly be.

I hope you share the ozone tip as you are the lifeline to so many people struggling with this.

thank you again.


I thank Kellie for taking the time to write and share her experience. I'm honored to have participated in her getting her life back and hope she writes a 5 star review for my book on Amazon. lol From the looks of it, the ozone unit we have is a BARGAIN for it's $149 on special right now for $100.00 for a limited time. It has the power to produce enough ozone to get the job done for a room about 12' X 14'. For larger spaces two units are needed to operate at the same time. Go to to read about it.

Bannana Nut Bread

Have a great July 4th. If you're new to my program and the diet, the best is yet to come. Nancy shares her recipe for banana bread and writes:

I am never seem to let my bananas get ripe enough to make traditional banana bread since the types of food on stage 1 and 2 are really so limited. I've been able to eat bananas since day 1, however. So this is my recipe

3 medium bananas cut into 1/4 inch or so chunks
1 stick of butter melted
1 teaspoon real vanilla extract
1/2 cup lactose free milk
3 eggs beaten
1 cup Walmart brand stevia sweetener
1 1/2 cups brown rice flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt

Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine wet ingredients in a coffee mug or glass and stir well. Mix well the wet ingredients with dry ingredients with a wire whisk. Fold in the banana chunks and stir well.
Pour into a greased loaf pan and bake on 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

This is a wonderful treat that I can eat even on stage 1. If you are concerned about the bananas, just leave them out and put in a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice for a lemon cake.

I was reading on the old blogs about a woman that used pine cleaner in her laundry. I live in an apartment and was concerned about my ammonia mixing with another apartment's bleach and so I have been using pine cleaner also. 1 cup per load plus hot water kills all the nasty buggers. I've never had to disinfect my dryer.


Make sure your lactose free milk has no offending ingredients like diglycerides. There's another recipe in Chapter V of my book. In Stage II you can add walnuts. While pine works for Nancy as a disnfectant, it may not work well for you.

Ups and Downs
Rebecca writes:

"Oh gosh I was fine days ago in fact only 2 baths and today I'm on my 4 bath Richard I feel like given up," I'm so upset Sr. I am getting the machine on the july1, 2017. But I am going somewhere in my head where I don't understand.

Folks when u r down at yr worse that's where this wickid parasite gets abolished by The King Diet. Oh that's a given. Thanks Richard for what u have done"

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ups and downs. As soon as you're getting better, there's a set back but overall you'll win the war. The good news is that Rebecca knows what to do and she knows that progress is diet related and she's expecting the ozone generator to improve her odds at winning the environmental war.

If you're using ozone, make sure you have a unit that produces as much as 22,000 mg/hr for one normal size room of about 12 X12 or so. Larger size rooms like 12 X 20 need two of these units. You can take out the guess work by getting your unit from our on-line store at and it will be sent to you direct from the manufacturer on the West coast.

When One Ozone Generator is Not Enough

"I am dealing mostly with Collembola. i think most of the bird mites are gone..., we have been shocking each room daily for two weeks with the forever ozone machine, i don't know what else to do, can I use the triple pesticide again? while still doing ozone? So ozone, triple pesticide, ammonia, fogging, what else can i do? we open all the cabinets,, kitchen is the worst, esp in the corner where I stand to juice my celery and garlic every morning. some by the sink, and then bedroom next to the bed but never in the bed.. any other ideas? back to showers, had to quit baths again as it gave me fungus again, even if i dry off using hair dryer.. husband doesn't get bugs but gets fungus and then here we go again..

Thanks for writing. I'd be careful how many times you use the ozone generator as it can destroy insulation on wiring. How big is your kitchen area?
I presume you put the ozone generator right in front of the area where you do juicing?
If your husband is infected with spring tails, are you both on the diet? If not, you will keep recontaminating the areas.
You can use the triple pesticide along with ammonia and ozone.
Use the triple pesticide every eleven days and the ammonia between treatments every day--20 minutes (enough time for the odor to dissipate) before you occupy the area where you juice your celery and spray again after you leave the area.
Hardware stores sell a stronger grade of ammonia that is about 10 times stronger. Most likely will want to dilute it at least 50-50, maybe more

And it doesn't make sense that you have them by the bed, but not in the bed--strange. I would suspect your bedroom slippers may be the problem--you might use diatomaceous earth in them and spray the outside with ammonia. For the floor, consider using the triple pesticide there and ammonia frequently if the ozone generator didn't kill them. You can also use diatomaceous earth on the floor

have you considered one of the medications like orap or zyprexa? They seem to reduce your appeal to the parasites.

Getting fungus from baths confuses me unless you were not using a sufficient disinfectant. On the other hand, too much disinfectant like pool shock will irritate your skin and make it seem like fungus.

In further communication I learned that her kitchen was in one large area that was 12 or 13' by 20' or more. Two ozone generators producing 20,000 mg/hr each need to be used in an area this large to obtain high enough concentration of ozone. Plus each generator needs a box fan to circulate oxygen to it. The ozone generator found to do the job is on our on-line store at where you can also read about how to use it in detail.

Progress is Sweet

I always say, "it doesn't take long to get results if you do the diet and are effective at disinfection." Bettie purchased her first bottle of debriding soap on May 2nd of this year and she's been doing all the right things. She writes.

Richard, just thought I would mention to you and others that the Ozone Machine disinfects my house the� BEST� no more spraying with Ammonia which can be toxic. The improvement in my symptoms Morgellons of the skin since I began using your Debriding Soap is marvelous! Lufenuron for 1 month 2 a day, soon to start the second month July�it too has slowed these critters way down. The main issue now is in my Hair & the Filiments coming out of my skin (although all is much less) The horrible skin Rash is gone for now. I am good on the very Strict Diet, have just added Lactose free milk and so far seems ok�it is a constant battle day to day but to get back into clothes & be able to run errands and take care of my chores is a blessing. Thanks again�.Bettie

I thank her for taking the time to share her progress. Note: she used the ozone generator from our store at and she needs to use it according to the instructions that come with the unit, Sure, she still has some hurdles, but she's far better off than she was just two months ago. I sent her the protocol for her hair that Sandra, our coach, developed--hopefully it will complete that part of her puzzle. I've copied it below. Note that Sandra was very aggressive and did it six times the firs day.

Scroll back to 1/20/16--the date it was published in the blog called Scalping It Up


Drastic Measures More Information

In my update yesterday, I shared on how Meg used massive amounts of diatomaceous earth to treat her rug and her bathroom floor. I was so in awe of the drastic measure that I didn't question those measures and I should have.

Although it probably goes against the instructions given with the diatomaceous product, applying massive amounts of diatomaceous earth worked for her, however, there could be another health problem if not done correctly. Julie wrote to point it out.

Anyone with weakness in their lungs would be in real trouble breathing it...also pets.
Use caution!!!!!!!!!! For the Collembola It worked well on my hardwood floor but I just puffed it and stayed
out until the dust was well settled. I also brushed it into my carpet wearing a mask and then stayed out until
it settled. Later I vacuumed it up.

I thank Julie for reminding me and pointing out the dangers of inhaling diatomaceous earth--inhaling it can be disastrous for your lungs. And for pointing out the dangers to pets. The product comes with instructions and I must advise if you use it contrary to the instructions provided it is at your own risk.


Drastic Measures Produce Results

Meg, dealing with both Morgellons and Collembola, in an earlier email was having issues with her face. It seemed that when she used any of our creams, her face got worse. In this email she shares how she handled her contaminated carpet issue:

Hi Richard, the doxepin appears to be helping, although my face is still a totally different story and still reacts badly to any NG products. But I also wanted to share something that has helped me disinfect my carpet at home: instead of the sock method, I just dumped tons and tons of diatomaceous earth directly onto the carpet from the bags, to the point where the carpet is white (it was kind of a tan color) and I've had very few problems with my carpet since then. I haven't had to do anything to my carpet in weeks, except dump more diatomaceous earth on it once in a while. Just thought that might be helpful for someone else with carpeting.

thanks for sharing--I'll pass that along to others--definitely a dramatic, but effective, approach. Don't think anyone has done that.
Did you try NG on a small area, perhaps on your throat or under your chin for a week or so, to see if you can get it to work. I'm thinking of the possibility of your face having layers of debris and that it's going to get worse before it gets better.

I have, and I tried your face treatments using it as well. Any kind of treatment sitting on my face for a period of time seems to make it worse. But the body wipe spray seems to maybe be okay, so maybe it has to be sprayed a hundred times a day and then dry off a lot.

yes you can dilute the NG
have you tried Claudia's Dream Cream--it has no NG

Hi Richard, one more thing I do with the diatomaceous earth is pour it all over my bathroom floor and then I run my dehumidifier at the lowest humidity setting 24 hours a day. So the floor of the bathroom is covered in dry diatomaceous earth all the time. I wear flip flops all the time, so I never directly step on the bathroom floor, but this seems to keep my bathroom floor mostly disinfected. I still need to disinfect the outside of my tub a lot and under the cabinets but other than that I don't have problems with my bathroom floor either. Just in case that is helpful for others :)

I thank Meg for sharing her approach to her rug and bathroom floor. Her approach is far away from just dusting diatomaceous earth and for some reason just dusting sometimes is not enough. I'll be looking for an email from her telling us how she cleaned it our of her rug once she has her life back and no longer needs diatomaceous earth.

FYI, doxepin is one of the medications that are listed in my book as being helpful with Collembola. If it is also helping with Morgellons, that would be great too.

And, hopefully by using the diluted NG on her face very frequently, she'll get to a point where she can use the creams or lotions. It's not uncommon that there can be layers of debris from Morgellons that needs to be peeled away to find healthy skin--like the layers of an onion.

Diet Makes the Difference

Lila writes:

Saturday last week was awful. By Sunday the parasites tamed down somewhat. I had read as much as time allowed the day I got your on-line book about what to eat. I started eating dry roasted peanuts as well as I bought instant coffee last week.

I was so happy to get your product today! The critter bites have dissipated a little bit everyday I followed your stage one diet. Tonight, after I showered with your soap, I feel no pain!

I also have been taking allergy medicine daily for as long as I can remember. I still think my problem stemmed from an overdose of peanuts and new coffee. I am also a Dietary Manager, so I have been sampling new food, even though I am Gluten Sensitive. The combination of all three of these circumstances may have led to my pain.

Today I went grocery shopping. I usually buy the individual quick frozen chicken breasts. But I read the ingredients first; chicken broth and seasonings. Instead I bought the plain chicken breasts that were not contaminated with "man's" invention.

I can't wait to receive your book so that I can read it more pleasantly than an on-line book.

Thank you! I will never run out of your Debriding Soap! I didn't realize that it is a concentrated formula. You get more than what you think your money is buying. Great job!

I thank Lila for taking the time to share her experience which demonstrates the importance of the King Diet� and remember, one of the meds reported to help are allergy meds such as Claritin D.


Red Spots on Skin Explained

Yesterday's update was about red spots on or just under the skin--strawberry red. In response to that update, Maryann wrote the following and sheds some light on the mysterious red spots.

Richard for 3 wks I had a period of a sudden itch from like a bite and all of a sudden there were those red dots.
In the medical field we call them "PETICHIA", basically Tiny little bleeds, probably from mites or a protozoa?
I also expectorate whitish eggs (sesemea seed like appearance) and black like mites?

Hi Maryann,
Thanks for explaining how the red blood spots are most likely formed.  I had both mites and a protozoan infection and the strawberry red spots to go with it. Many red spots still remain after many many years even though both the mites and protozoan infection are gone. .

For the things you expectorate, consider taking food grade diatomaceous earth and or obtaining lufenuron. Lufenuron destroys the chitin that houses the eggs. Go to As always, seek the advice of your doctor before implementing my diet or any recommendations.

I thank Maryann for taking the time to share her knowledge--it's how we learn. I could be wrong, but I do believe that only certain species of mites cause these bleeds from their bites. The first strawberry spots I had happened after I had acquired crab lice thirty years ago from exposure to an infected mattress in a primal therapy room--what a crazy experience primal therapy was. But twenty years ago, I didn't get anymore of those spots from the mites that gifted me with Collembola and Strongyloides.


REd Cherry Spots

"I have red dots under my skin and have for years and some are small and some are the size of a diamond in a ring. I have sensations of hard bites and I can trace it to the area when it happens, doctors say oh you have cherry bumps but the doc says we have no idea as to there purpose. Hah they hurt and I spit up white things for a better lack of the word. I have little black mite things when I brush my teeth and I'm doing well on the new lifestyle of eating. And the white lines under my skin are slowly going away. So help me decide what I have, i use diam earth and I just ordered shampoo cause I have a lot of hair and more soap. Help in Montana" Rebecca

According to Dr Harvey of the Morgellons Foundation, in a conversation I had with him some time ago, red cherry spots might be associated with a protozoan infection. Mepron is the medication for that and you need a script from your doctor. But I have no idea why you're getting bites at those red spots as protozoan generally, depending on the strain of protozoan, cause either no symptoms, or diarrhea, gas, upset stomach, greasy stools, dehydration, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and fever.
Food grade diatomaceous earth is a good idea for internal parasites
also you can look into lufenuron which destroy eggs of parasites. It's at
and consider our new Mouth Wash at


Ozone Generator Warning

If you're using the ozone generator, please avoid over using it. I refer you to cautions about ozone.

While it destroys organisms you don't want, too much ozone will also destroy insulation on wiring in your electronic devices, rubber, gaskets, and synthetic fabrics.

For instance, in your car, it's recommended to run only 1 transformer and only for two minutes and then allow the ozone to linger for 20 minutes. Then run it for 2 more minutes and let linger for another 20 minutes.


Getting Reinfected Is Not Fun
Sandy started with the King Diet� long long before we had Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap or our on-line store. Over time, and with the use of Orap, she got her life back and was on Stage III of the diet and stopped taking orap. Two weeks ago she wrote looking for help.

Hi Richard,
Hope all is well with you. I don�t know if I should make an appointment with you or someone. I have been doing great for a year or more and have been off Orap completely for a couple of months. Do you still take any? Past week I started getting faint cobwebby sensations on my legs, started on one and now on both. No other symptoms. I�ve used your soaps, etc., doesn�t seem to help. Any suggestion? I have been off the diet for quite a while and may be eating too many things I shouldn�t but back on stage 2 since yesterday. Obviously, I don�t want this to turn into something worse�.


I wrote back to inform her that I still take orap--only one mg every few days. Depending on the degree of infection, some can stop orap, others need to go on taking it. If Collembola is early identified and orap taken early on, Collembola and orap can quickly become history, if, as in my case, years passed before taking orap, it's unlikely that one can stop taking it. I tried stopping two times and each time after about three months I was reinfected and had to start all over with Stage I of the diet, disinfecting, and bathing up to three times daily.
Two weeks later, she wrote:

FYI � Sensations had moved from spider like on legs to some crawling and burning in my nose and on outside skin of nose. I started back on 1/2 a night orap, strict adherence to stage one of diet, used nature�s gift bar soap as directed on package, and made spray from concentrate to spray legs. Everything has stopped now except very minor sensations on legs that seem to be diminishing each day. I�m on stage 2 now. I think catching it right away with help of book helped a lot. Thanks!

I thank Sandy for following up with an update--it means a lot and is how we learn. She caught her reinfection early on and knew what to do and is now getting her life back again. Notice that in her first note, she said that the soaps weren't helping. And they won't if you're not on the diet--that's a fact. Once you have your life back, other than some minor dietary precautions, life is very normal and you actually forget what it felt like to be plagued with the organisms. It's easy to think that you're cured.

But, with Collembola, you're never never cured. And the same is true for Morgellons. Stray too far too long from the diet and "Bang" life is hell once again. But the good news is that after you take a breadth from the panic, you know what to do. And you always have me, the King Diet�. my book, and products to fall back on.

p.s. she didn't need any coaching from me or anyone, but I'm sure she was glad it was available just in case.

DNA Chip Update

On 9/28/16 I wrote an update about the newest technology to get your life back from Morgellons--a DNA chip. I learned about it from a doctor who came down with Morgellons back in the Spring of last year. She has effectively reclaimed her life from Morgellons in 6 months with the diet, the supplement protocol and then the DNA chip. Organisms stopped coming from her skin, lesions stopped forming, biting and itching greatly decreased. And she no longer attracts them to her skin.

Personally, I don't know enough about the technology to explain how the DNA chip works other than that it's supposed to balance/realign one's DNA. And I imagine that there are scientists that will say that's impossible. but remember Morgellons changes your DNA everyday. The chip was not developed for Morgellons specifically, but instead, for other health problems such as Parkinsons.

We've only had two people try the chip--it's quite expensive ($1,800.00) and comes with no guarantees.

The first person who got it about five months ago wrote

"It feel like this thing is saving my life...
It has become such an important part of my basic daily life. This is a REALLY important device... I feel like every single patient with this problem should be trying it. How can we get more of these out there?"

The second person who received the chip about about a month ago was quite more detailed and wrote

Hi Richard,

I've had the chip now for a month and have worn it every day and have slept with it under my pillow every night. I am better. The skin issue is diminishing more slowly than I'd like ( be can never be fast enough unless it completely disappears in the next five minutes), but it's definitely improving at a faster rate than I've experienced in the past. My energy level is increasing daily as well.

The chip is a new addition, and I believe it has made a big difference, but for the sake of accuracy, I must also report that in the past month I've increased my adherence your protocol of supplements to rebuild my immunity, paid strict attention to diet, and have added hours of sleep per night along with more rest during the day.. As we all know, Morgellons isn't a simple straightforward's multi-faceted and quick to become resistant to one particular treatment or another. This is what convinced me to dig deeply for the funds to purchase the chip... the idea that it helps the person's DNA resist the altering effects of Morgellons and its co-infections (those thugs!) and (my interpretation here) allows the DNA to rebuild normally. Therefore...if it works like I think, it helps with the root of the problem...fixing altered DNA.

Because of the complexity of this illness, I don't think any one thing is going to be a magic bullet...but I do see improvement...and it's a huge relief. I think consistency with a multi-faceted approach is the only thing that will completely address this illness...and I'm all over doing ANYTHING I can to make it go away...chip included.

On another note, my father suffered with Parkinson's disease for several years before he died. I understand this chip was originally created for Parkinson's, so I figured with my family history, it might help circumvent any propensity to develop this disease as well. Kind of like a two for thought helped me justify the expense some anyway.'s been one month and I'm better...but I'll also keep you posted. Please feel free to share this with others."

I could be wrong, but I do not think the chip will help with Collembola--only Morgellons. Karen is dealing with both and that maybe why her improvement is slower than she'd like.

The chip can be ordered and it takes about 6 weeks for you to receive it. It's a thousand dollars deposit upon placing your order and balance is due prior to sending it to you. If you're interested, let me know as there's disclosure for you to sign before I can take your order. And it is still important to do the diet and my protocol, however, you may find that you get to Stage III of the diet much faster with the chip.

Enzymes and MSM

Leah asks,
"Please tell me, if you are infected with Collembola (springtails), can you use sulfur, vinegar, ginger, rosemary, coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oils on ones skin?

Also, can one take MSM or enzymes by mouth?"

"You can use anything you want on your skin. We have MSM capsules for taking internally at
our enzymes are in capsule form and taken internally
If you have only Morgellons, then go to the Flouracor enzymes at
If you have both Morgellons and Collembola go to the Agro Relief enzymes at Once you reach mid stage II of the King Diet, you can switch to the Flouracor enzymes

Enzymes are not important for Collembola or even a part of the Collembola protocol, however, they are important for dealing with Morgellons as digestive issues are often present. Personally, I don't need them for Morgellons, but they are great as a digestive aid.

The other issue with Morgellons is often intestinal discomfort in the way of bloating and inflammation. Dr Sloan of Atlanta Georgia blames that on leaky gut syndrome and recommends L-glutamine to feed the mucosa of the intestinal lining to strengthen them.

Sinus and Nose

Mary Glen asks:


2 symptoms: 1) nose itch, inside & out

2) sinus drainage--bubbly at times with some mucous

I don't know whether it's Morgellons or mites or both.
1, nose--maybe wet a q tip with the diluted debriding soap--fyi we now have a mouth wash/body wipe with NG, peppermint, cinnamon, and ionic minerals for $12.95 for a large 20 oz bottle.
2 sinus: I'd say start with regular Garcillin and go up to 8 caps a day and then advance to Garcillin II for the next bottle and go up to 3 caps a day if necessary.

mouthwash: keep it in your mouth for up to an hour several times a day for a week or so and then as needed. Gargle if you desire and if you swallow any of it, it's non toxic.
hope this helps

Garcillin is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti fungal, and anti pcrotozoan substance. If anyone else has found anything to relieve sinus issues, please share. Legally, I must advise you to consult with your doctor before using Garcillin or any of our products.


Some Questions and Her Husband is a Doctor

Ann, whose husband is a doctor that thinks Morgellons is a hoax, had a coaching session with me and followed up by emailing me the following questions, some of which you may also have.

Thank you for calling. The second I hung up the phone, a lot of questions came to mind:

1) When you soak, should you use lukewarm water or really hot or does it matter? comfortable temp

2) Are hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas a good idea or bad? some people report that they help.

3) You mentioned nematodes or something like that, I'm assuming you meant a co-infection, like worms. Would that be a Morgellon's issue or collembola or both? Internally, they can be taken care of by consuming food grade diatomaceous earth and or lufenuron. Often they are opportunistic unless hijacked by Morgellons--read chapter II

4) Are you familiar with GI issues, such as SIBO, SIVO, systemic yeast and leaky gut? I'm kind of wondering if my GI's PA had the right idea...flagil, then Xifaxin (or cheaper antibiotic) and intravenous antivirals. I wonder if a combo of western meds and supplements is the way to go. Any thoughts about that?
The L-glutamine is the natural food for the muscosa and strengthen them to reduce leaky gut. Allicin as in our garcillin is an anti viral, anti bacterial to deal with SIBO and SIVO. To deal with both, you may have to increase from one cap of Garcilin daily up to as many as 6 to get things under control and then back down to maintenance of 2 cap per day. I've attached the Ebook about allicin.Return this email and request your own copy.

5) I have a bunch of appts coming up....integrative med doc, gynecologist and GI doc. Thinking a functional med doc might actually be more helpful as well as a homeopath. Any thoughts??? Garcillin,

6) I see surgeon about the lump in neck which he's inclined to leave. I asked you this before and you said that some nodules go away and some don't. Of the many people you have spoken to that might have chronic lyme, has anyone removed one or more?? No not aware of any one removing them. Might dry up and go away. .

7) I brought up my cat and treating him. Do people do that and how? We talked about that. If your cat is not showing symptoms--scratching a lot, losing hair and so on, it's probably not affected by the parasites, other wise the cat gets the same diet and bathing as you do. .

8) Ya think I should treat me lawn, like lime it??? Always a good idea

9) Hopefully, I'll get significantly better. You mentioned that you take maxone and garcillan to stay healthy. Anything else in your maintenance program that you think keeps you from lapsing?? Complete Nutritional system multivitamin and ionic minerals and I like the results with the enzymes re digestive support.

10) Do you still have to stay in the diet now that you're doing ok??? I eat everything I want, but stay away from consuming too much of oils, peanuts, soy. I take a maintenance dose of ORAP to keep my diet more flexible

11) I will look up your chewing gum, but spry gum supposedly reduces cavities. It has xylitol. Do you recommend staying off of it for life or just until skin parasite issue is resolved? Stay off until you get on stage III of the diet.

12) Do you give up sugar for life or just until you get better? It's ironic, those with only Collembola can have sugar in Stage II of the diet, but those with Morgellons, sugar is always a no no.

FYI, I think you have earned a PhD. You probably have more data than anyone does. I'd think some college prof should give you a grad degree!!! You deserve a Nobel peace prize!!!!
I appreciate the kind words. Your questions are very good, in fact, I'll publish them in an update. It's an honor to be here for you and others who are suffering from these parasites

I thank Ann for her questions and hopefully some are questions you might have too. All too often spouses believe doctors when they say it's mental, and in this case, the spouse is a doctor. What a challenge, living with the doctor expert who believes it's in your head and is a mental issue. Why can't they just acknowledge that they don't have all the answers?


Depression and Sleeping Problems

Do you have trouble going to sleep at night? And are you frequently depressed?

These two issues go often hand in hand with each other, but not necessarily. From personal experience I know what it's like to lie hours in bed and not be able to go to sleep. I know what it's like to feel that life, because of skin parasites, will never be the same as it was.

And I know what it's like to have a fail safe technique to use to go to sleep. And I know what it's like to turn the depression as a result of skin parasites into creativity such that I could get my life back.

You can use the very same techniques I used to go to sleep in minutes instead of it taking hours. You can use the same techniques I used to spur my creativity such that I could get my life back from skin parasites to reclaim your life too. Many, many tell me that just by reading my book, they have hope. How would you like to multiply that hope ten fold?

My protocol for skin parasites is very detailed and covers you physically but let's not stop here. Yes, take advantage of the two best programs available anywhere to quickly drift asleep and spur creativity to beat depression that is often associated with skin parasites.

Both of these programs are available on my other website at for $25 each and they are worth every penny. Would it not be worth $25 to just be able to go to sleep any time you wish? Wouldn't it be worth $25 to turn depression into creativity to solve any problem that results in depression? Really, you can't put a price tag on either of these luxuries, can you.

Well, they are not luxuries, they are what most people experience every day and you can own the secret to accomplishing either or both and for a lot less than $25. In fact, use these programs and in a short period of time you'll remember you used to have a problem going to sleep or that you were depressed, but you'll forget what it felt like to have either problem.

I have both programs in our on-line store, not for $25, but for just $6.95 each. And I guarantee you will love both programs and achieve the desired results or your money back. And yes, I created and recorded both programs, just as I wrote the book that is there for you to once again take charge of your life.

The Sleep Through the Night CD is at for only $6.95
Over Come Depression CD is at for only $6.95

If they are the only thing you order, you'll still be charged $11.50 for shipping and handling and will receive most of that money back.

Why wait another day, order your copy now and be on your way to peace of mind.


Ozone Does the Trick

"Two weeks ago I purchased the 20,000 mg/hr ozone generator. My home has been infested with dust mites to the point they are visible in certain lights. We would see them on clothing when we shook out our clothing. We would turn the lights out and when a flash light is turned on, the dust mites were so thick in the bean it was scary. We have been dealing with mites and the spring tails. So long story short I ran the unit for 1 hour in 10 minute increments.

The two plates will turn on and off with the timer every 15 second. One on one off. This is the best part of the timer. I do this for 10 minutes on and 10 min off for an hour. I take a hour break and repeat again. I did this in each room except my closet, which I did it for 10 min total.

Prior to doing the bedroom I removed my curtains and bedding, and cleaned them with ammonia.This way I started off clean. In the living room I did the same with the curtains. Since I have concrete and hardwoods I did not need to worry about carpet.This will be an ongoing process, but I have faith.

Once completed I was so happy with the results I actually cried. Finally a real way to get the mites eliminated. We purchased the 20k unit for $100. Used a tall powerful fan to push the ozone and it is amazing. People who are having this issue need to buy this product. They will not regret it.

Thanks for all you do.

Best regards,"

Blake D

I thank Blake for sharing his experience. Yes, the right ozone generator makes the difference and we've added it to our store at for $100.00. For many reasons, i don't recommend any other generator. Yet, compared to what Cedarcide costs you, ozone is a bargain. Plus, I hear from users that Cedarcide is largely a waste of money and you can spend $500 on the product in a blink of your eye.


How To Use Ozone Generator in Your Car

I asked the manufacturer of the ozone generator for his input on how to use his ozone generator in your car and this is his response,

We recommend running the unit with only 1 transformer and only for a few minutes ...say 2, then allowing the ozone to linger for 20 minutes. Then run it for 2 more minutes and let linger for another 20 minutes. Too much ozone will damage the rubber gaskets (doors) and insulation on wiring.

You can now get the unit from our on-line store at for $100.00


I Get a Rash When I Take A Bath

Sheryl writes

These last couple of nights I haven't taken a shower at night, only in the morning. I have no activity while sleeping but during the day they flutter all over my body. Do you suggest I go back to showering twice a day? I don't do the baths because every time I break out in a rash.


Basically, I suggest you take as many baths as you need so that you can get from one bath to the next with minimal parasitic activity. After the bath, shower off to get rid of any organisms that may be still clinging to your skin. If showers work for you, then take as many showers as you need to get from one to the next with minimal activity.

From my understanding rashes are basically bacteria under the skin and if there is also a burning of the skin, then skin fungus is most likely also involved. The debriding soap will clean both bacteria and skin fungus from your skin. This is why it's important to use a disinfectant along with it in the bath. Three percent hydrogen peroxide is probably the friendliest disinfectant to use in the bath. However, you need about two quarts per bath making it rather expensive.

I think the first challenge is to find the right disinfectant/s and the right amount. Too much of some disinfectants like pool shock, bleach, and peppermint can actually irritate the skin. Not enough and things like skin fungus and even the skin parasites can spread to other parts of your body.

Some have reported using a combination of several disinfectants. However, you don't want to use peroxide or baking soda with bleach or pool shock or vinegar as they will cancel each other out chemically.

And, of course, it's important to stick with Stage I of the diet and disinfection of your surroundings until the fluttering and itching are gone.


What to do if You Infect Someone Else

Cynthia asks about what to do if you infect someone else.

"Hi Richard,

I've had some success with King's diet and ORAP. Was that all it took to cure you?

I have a new issue on my hands. I live in CA and visited my parents house a few weeks ago.

I spent most time in basement where my sister dwells and now she caught it.

My sis is obese so her diet control will be challenging but also could be a good reason for her to eat better and exercise.

Is there any advice you can share on how to help her? I am trying to make sure it doesn't spread to my parents. I advised her follow Stage 1 of diet and take oil of oregano, garlic and MSM capsules.

"First, sorry to burst any bubbles, but no one is ever cured, You get them out of your environment and free of symptoms, but you're always susceptible to being reinfected if you come across them again. Typically, orap is generally used with Collembola, so I'm assuming you're dealing with Collembola. However, in early stages, the following will work for either Morgellons or Collembola. And depending on how infected you were, diet may be something you always have to watch.

If she caught it from you, then you still have a lot of work to do. Maybe you're not strict enough on the diet and maybe not taking enough baths or maybe your environment needs more work to disinfect.

Catching it early is good--hit it with everything you can:

1. the diet
2. disinfect with ammonia and get them out of the environment
3. baths with debriding soap and using diluted NG or creams to deal with any itching between baths.
4. orap or zyprexa asap with #1, #2 and #3 above.
5. and if it's feasible for both you and your sister the Collembola pack at
a. our mutivitamin
b. MaxOne
c. Garcillin
d, ionic minerals.
If you hit it hard and fast, the organisms should be history within a few weeks

For your hands, I suggest any of our creams or lotions."


You're Doing Something Wrong

If you're using one nine ounce bottle of Nature's Gift� Concentrate (NG) a week at $133.50, it becomes expensive for most people. But, unless you're using a lot of it for disinfecting your environment, you're not doing something right. And, as far as the environment goes, I recommend using ammonia, or the triple pesticide, or ozone which are much less expensive than NG. Michelle writes:

Hi Richard thank you for the update. However it does not take into effect the cost of NG. This is very expensive I'm curious what what ingredient makes it so pricey.

I find it works to some degree but must be used consistently. So the 9 ounces doesn't go far. I would need to order 3 bottles min. Per month and that's a whopping amount.
For me it's also the exchange on US dollar and the $25. Shipping.
Would really like to know what component is so expensive
Looking forward to your response."

"You're doing something wrong
In the first week you use the most NG as you may have to do up to three baths a day using one cap full of NG for each bath from the 9 oz bottle--be aggressive.
If you're on the diet, getting your environment under control, you should be going down to 2 baths a day within a week and then one bath a day and then to showers where you use minimal amounts of NG at which point 9 oz will last months.

The keys to success are the diet and getting the environment under control
Hope this helps."

I thank Michelle for writing. The idea is to be aggressive in the beginning. Be aggressive with the strictest aspect of the King Diet�, aggressive with disinfection, and aggressive with NG baths. The only result possible is that you get your life back and if that isn't happening, you're doing something wrong at which point I suggest you take advantage of coaching by myself or Sandra by going to And, yes, it is a lot of work, but it's work that produces results!

The important thing is not to give up! Expense wise, if with my protocol, you do the Morgellons package it's about $250/month plus $133.50 a month for NG and whatever other creams, lotions, mouth wash. lufenuron, and so on that you find important for about three months or so. Try getting the same results with some other approach. PLUS, for anyone to be healthy and stay healthy in this polluted world, you should be using using the Complete Nutritional System Multivitamin, MaxOne, Garcillin, and Ionic Minerals every day, and they total about $140/month. So if you deduct that from $250/month, that's about $110/month plus whatever products you find useful.

I understand that some are totally broke and even $50 a month is out of reach, but then there are many spending thousands of dollars on antibiotics and not getting their lives back. If I assume everyone is broke, then I could not afford to pay Google $500 every three days for their adwords program through which most of you have found me, and I'd have to close my doors--that's just reality.


Another Vote for Ozone

Here's another vote for ozone. Arlene has been fighting her parasites for years. She writes:

Hi Richard,

I bought an AK7 Ozone Generator 7,000mg on Amazon. My apartment is only 650 sq feet, so 7,000 mg is fine.

I started using the ozone on Sunday, but by Tuesday, the mites were out of control. I Ozoned my place again and the mites are mostly gone. I also placed a fan in back of the generator and put my air conditioner on for the full four hours and two hours in the garage.

This is my miracle!


I thank Arlene for taking the time to share her experience--we all learn together.

A few days ago I did an update on ozone with Karen' miracle from Texas. She has a larger home and used a larger ozone generator from that produces 20,000 mg/hr. In fact, she used two units. It cost $100.00, but you need to use a fan. One similar to Arlene's is at and has it's own fan at $169,00

Ozone destroys mites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It can also destroy synthetics, rubber and wiring insulation, so avoid over treating an area. Yet, given the choice over repeated Cedarcide foggings and ozone. my vote would be for ozone as the feedback I get for Cedarcide is not good. However, if you have positive feedback from using Cedarcide, I'm all ears, but most report it as a waste of money.


Another Ozone Vote

A few months ago I did an update on disinfecting with ozone using an ozone generator that produces 20,000 mg per hour. It's at

Ozone destroys mites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It can also destroy synthetics, rubber and wiring insulation, so avoid over treating an area.

Karen has had a problem with her bedroom for years and she writes the following after using ozone.

"Hi Richard,

Just wanted to thank you for your advice about the better and more affordable ozone machine you mentioned a while back. I bought two of them and use them together.

I've mentioned to you over the last couple of years about how much trouble I've had in my bedroom...I'd felt like whatever was making me itch was falling from the ceiling. I have Morgellons now...figured that much out about 18 months ago...but...18 months prior to that, I'd started off with what you helped me figure out to be Collembola. As you know, these organisms cycle and when the sufferer is cycling through a bad patch, that person infects the environment. As we all know, it's during those times that all the cleaning and bathing in the world still won't keep the sufferer from experiencing that crazy making circular effect of symptoms and worsened environment. I've done so much to my bedroom too...stripped it down to just a few large pieces of furniture...repaired sheet rock...repainted...and cleaned everything to almost surgical standards on a fairly regular basis. Most of the time, it was OK if I kept this up...but even with this diligence there were times in the month I couldn't sleep because of the floating fibers that I could feel but not see. These fibers are the bane of all of us as they make your nose and eyes itch, etc. Those are the times I want to scream and cry...and actually have a few times.

Ok...long story but good ending...great ending, actually.

I turn on the two ozone machines when I leave for work. I put them on the piano bench on top a cedar chest at the end of my bed which is approximately in the middle of the room. That made it clear of blockages from furniture...if I'd just placed them on the chest, they'd have been aimed at the mattress. I put a fan behind them as directed in the instructions and turned everything on before closing the doors and leaving. I also turned on the air conditioner and put the thermostat down to the low 70's. This is because the directions noted that if the room / area isn't cool or cold then the ozone won't be very effective. When I come home from work, I turn the ozone machines off and air out the room. It doesn't take too long even after it's been going several hours.

Great news! After the first day of doing this, my bedroom was fiber free! And this was when I was going through a bad part of the cycle...a real fiber-ey this treatment...I FINALLY slept without feeling anything. It was heaven!!!! Of course I'd cleaned my room and changed my sheets and bedspread, etc. as well...but...this was a real difference. After three years of trying everything...and I mean everything including the smaller ozone machine you'd recommended before you found out about this one, FINALLY some really great results!

Please feel free to share this info with your subscribers. As usual...please leave off any identifying info.

Thanks for your ongoing support."

I thank Karen for taking the time to share her experience. Given the choice between spending thousands on something like Cedarcide, If spraying ammonia doesn't get the job done, I vote for the ozone generators which are now $99 and use them cautiously. You can also set it up to treat the inside of your automobile.

What are Those Black and Colored Specs?
What are those mysterious black and colored specs you find on your skin and bedding? Dr. Savely in her new book. Morgellons: The legitimization of a disease: A Factual Guide by the World's Leading Clinical Expert, believes that they are compressed Morgellons' filaments. From my experience, they were dead mites. Roz's experience suggests yet another explanation.
Just curious. Were one to look at the development of, let's say a rifle beetle. The pictures are amazingly on point. Anyone experiencing that? You know exactly where they are in life. You can see them. They start as red and black specks, they eat your hair, they make lines in your skin (red lines of dots), you can pull them out. When you look at them you can see the mouth, they are always in an "L" shape, then they become black, or red and actually are active independently. Then you kill all of them, they go away, and one day, they start again. The itchy hair, eyebrow, lashes, etc. and you start all over again. Oh, and I am starting to think that they cause a fungus...or does the fungus cause them? I don't know. And I know you are busy, so, after three years, I have come to deal with them. Just very curious. I have never read anyone who could actually SEE anything. Love, Roz

Personally, I believe (and it's only my supposition) that they are dead mites or some other organism such as Roz has experienced. It's strange that they have not been microscopically identified by some researcher in the field. How to deal with them? There are several approaches to dealing with mites:
1. Ivermectin, but not sure if this works with rife or carpet beetle or all mites.
2. Diatomaceous earth dusted in bedding, clothing, furniture, auto and wherever they may crawl or land (if they fly).
3. Lufenuron to take internally to destroy the eggs of the organisms. Find it at According to articles about it, if the mite or organism bites you, the lufenuron is transferred to the organism to destroy any eggs it produces. Lufenuron does not destroy the living organisms.

I thank Roz for taking the time to write and share her knowledge of this organism. My protocol for most parasite sufferers includes both the use of diatomaceous earth and lufenuron as I believe mites are often--not always--the vector that delivers Morgellons and Collembola to the human host. In fact, many of those completing my questionnaire indicate that they see black or colored specs in their bedding.

If you have some insight as to what these black, red, and sometimes brown specs are, please share.

One fellow wrote in to say that he thought the black specks are dead organisms and colored specs are sign of Albican fungus presence (varicolor, colored and now the latest hospitals infection "aurish (colored) candida.

Anti Psyctics-- R U Crazy?

Despite my writing about a selected group of medications in my book, many come to false conclusions. Time and time again, I get an email from someone who says that they don't need an anti psychotic medication to help them with skin parasites. They falsely assume that orap, abilify, doxepin, zyprexa, and so on are only used for psychotic issues. In fact in Dr. Savely's book, Morgellons: The legitimization of a disease: A Factual Guide by the World's Leading Clinical Expert, the only medication, aside from antibiotics, that she mentions is doxepin. She uses it to help with the itching. But, wouldn't she be surprised to discover that maybe the reason it helps with itching is because it's also an anti parasitic?

Time and time again, I explain that these medications have more than one application. Just as a claw hammer has two applications, (to hammer nails and to pull nails), these medications have a well known anti-psychotic value PLUS an ANTI-PARASITIC value. So, yes, you do not need them for their anti psychotic value, but you can certainly use them for their ANTI-PARASITIC value.

Then, there are those who suspect that these medications only numb your ability to feel the parasites. Ask anyone who is successfully using these meds for parasites and they will tell you that that's just not so. What they do is somehow turn off the "attraction factor" that attracts the parasites to you.

Kyle, had the same question, but went ahead and tried orap. This is what he wrote:


Your emails are always helpful. I tried the pimozide (orap) in earnest now that I realize it actually helps the problem and doesn't just numb you up and dumb you down. It seems to work for 8-10 hours at a stretch. I take one mg. at 12 hour intervals and my only side effect has been a more restful night's sleep. Plan to up my dosage in a few weeks to 3 mg per day. Thanks again.

I am getting better very slowly and I am partly to blame as I have slipped with the diet at times. Still moving forward and hope you are well.



Yes, in the beginning, one may require up to about 2 mg twice a day of orap and in time this often diminishes to eventually one mg every couple of days. I thank Kyle for taking the time to share his experience. Apparently his doctor prescribed it for him. However, if your doctor is not agreeable and won't prescribe it for you, our Dr. Su will help you out. Just return this email and I'll inform you of the procedure.. Of course, orap isn't the only medication that may be used--he has about a ten medications from which to choose.

And please note that these medications are not a substitute for the King Diet�, disinfection, and the recommended protocol containing pertinent supplements.

Some Questions You Might Also Have

Sheryl had a few questions that you might also have.

Did you ever use Lufenuron? What kind of feedback have you received?

Also some of the things you can't eat (cook with) like coconut oil how does it not activate the parasites if you have it in Claudia's cream. The reason I ask is my hair is becoming horrible dry with all the showers and I want to use a cream rinse to help but afraid it will activate the parasites.

I didn't use lufenuron, I get mixed feedback. Some find it very effective, others don't notice much of a difference. Remember, it doesn't kill adult organisms, only destroys the eggs that the adults lay. What destroys the adults are food grade diatomaceous earth, your immune system, parasite cleanse herbs, medications like ivermectin, albendazole, and so on.

Coconut oil is good for your skin. Good to take internally if you're only dealing with Morgellons. Not good to take internally if you also have Collembola.

I don't know what the medications do exactly other than to make life better. Best to be on Stage II until you get symptom free before going to Stage III. You still have to keep your surroundings disinfected.

Go to the entry made 1/20/16 for the complete scalp protocol

Looking for a Medication that Helps.

Sheryl had a few questions about the medications. She's dealing with Collembola and maybe a slight case of Morgellons. Her questions and comments in blue and my responses in green.

So when you went on the medication did you feel different being the type of medication it is?
Tired, moody, zoned out?

Obviously you hope there won't be any side effects, but if you have side effects you might feel tired, moody, and so forth. Depending on how badly you feel, you'd want to switch to another medication. There are over a half dozen from which to choose.

Is the orap the medication that has the shortest time frame?

It depends on how badly you were affected. For some, a few weeks of ORAP is all that is needed. However, if the organisms have gone internal and are systemic, then you may be on ORAP or one of the other medications for a long long time, if not forever.

What about abilify? It's for depression as well, did you take this?

No, I did not take Abilify. The good news is that most of us are also dealing with depression and it's been reported as being effective for Collembola

Once you were on the orap how long after were you free of the parasites? Did it make it easier to rid the from your surroundings?

I felt a difference the very first night. I have no idea what the medication actually does, but for me, the difference was dramatic. And it makes it so easy to get to Stage III of the King Diet �. However, if I abuse the King Diet� by routinely eating something like grapes, watermelon, peanuts, french fries, olive oil, and so on, over the course of several days, the symptoms of itching return.

So after adding the foods on stage ll of the diet,one by one, how did you know to proceed to Stage lll ? How long were you on stage ll?

You can move into Stage III within a few weeks providing you've done a fair job at clearing your environment. You proceed to Stage III as you feel little if any itching symptoms

When were you finally free of the parasites?

I'm free of parasites as long as I don't abuse my diet or spend time in an infected area. For me, I need to stay on a reduced level of ORAP. Others, who are not as dramatically affected, can go off of it in a few weeks.

I'm on the vitamins but need to figure out what is my next step. Medication or max one.

If you have to choose, I'd say the medication would be your choice and then add MaxOne.

I think the biggest problem is with most of us we want time lines in the form of days which we're all finding out if not reality.

Theoretically, you could do this in a month if you make no mistakes with either diet or disinfection, do the protocol, and start and get on the right medication.

I still feel fluttering, sometimes an itch and can find the location of the parasite with NG , I can bring it to surface to get it out of my skin.
My bathroom seems to be the most infected area of my home. Can't seem to get them out.

There are several options for the bathroom if ammonia alone doesn't do the job:
1. use the triple pesticide every 11 days and use ammonia twice daily in between using the triple pesticide.
2. dust diatomaceous earth
3. ozone--read about it in Chapter III of my book

If you're interested in adding one of the medications and you need a doctor that recognizes the value of these medications, email me and I'll get you in touch with Dr. Su who will consult you by phone and make an assessment as to which medication would be best with which to start.

Looking for a Super Body Wipe?

I didn't formulate the new mouth wash with your skin in mind, but I just realized that the new mouth wash also makes a super body wipe. It has NG concentrate, peppermint, cinnamon, and ionic minerals. Just as it cleans your mouth, it will clean your skin, disinfect and mineralize it. It comes in a large 20 ounce bottle. You can transfer some into an empty smaller bottle and take with you through out the day. However, do not use the spray head with this mixture. The alkalinity of the minerals destroys the spray head. It's $12.95 for 20 ounces. Click here or go to

How Long Should You Be On Stage I of the Diet?It's a question I often get, "when can I go to Stage II?

The King Diet� has three stages to it--Stage I is the strictest of them all. If you're need to be on Stage I of the King Diet� for more than a month, something's not right. In fact, if you do everything right, you can be onto Stage II of the diet within two weeks or ever less. You go to Stage II when you have little if any itching and basically not biting sensations. And you go to Stage II by adding one food at a time of the Stage II foods.

What might not be right? First of all, you might not be totally on Stage I of the diet. You might be cheating knowingly or unknowingly. A lady wrote tell me she was eating dried apricots and dates. Hello! Neither are even on Stage II or III of the King Diet� much less Stage I, and somehow she thought they were OK to eat. Please read and reread the Do and Do Not eat lists in Chapter IV. What this means is that as long as she has dates or dried apricots, she will never be able to advance to Stage II of the diet.

Some tell me that they are kinda on the diet. Believe me, there is no kinda on the diet. You are either on it or you are off it. If you have one little tic tac breadth mint, you're off of the diet and have lost a couple days of progress. Some tell me they are non gluten. Hello again!! That's only a small part of Stage I.

Some are vegan and wrestle with the protein issue as legumes and nuts are not on Stage I of the diet. Sometimes you may need to choose being a vegan over beating skin parasites as walnuts, brazil nuts, and macademias are OK for Stage II, but not legumes.

Another reason is that the environment is not under control. This is super important. Sometimes, there are affected pets and you may have to make a choice between keeping the pet and never progressing or giving away the pet and progressing.

Sometimes, your home is sick and it may be important to move to another home if you can't get it under control. But, until you're sticking with Stage I of the diet, you won't know whether it's your body contaminating your home or your home contaminating you and then sometimes it hard to tell the difference.

Sometimes you have to avoid certain areas of your home or occupying certain furniture. Collembola took my couch hostage--at least the foot rest area--for months. I sprayed it with ammonia daily and the triple pesticide every 11 days. After about 3 months it got to where I could sit on the couch and use the foot rest. For a while, the only way I could sit on the couch was with a foot bath--even it was empty and had no water in it. It protected my ankles and lower legs from attack. Nevertheless, I was on Stage III of the diet and just had an environmental problem.

But if I couldn't have figured out that the couch was infested, the bugs would have kept me contaminated and I would have had to stay on Stage I of the diet.

Anyway, Chapter III of the book is then very important to read several times over to figure out if you need the triple pesticide or the ozone machine or...
From Near Death to Back to Work

About three months ago, Jackie joined my program. She had been through the mill with the other "experts" you find on the internet with their fungus theories, cedarcide and so forth, and she was still in a tailspin to death as she described it. She happened upon my protocol and had nothing to lose. Her first email to me described a person stuck in a circle and I wrote an updated titled, Stuck in a Circle. Her diet created organisms that infected her environment and those same organisms reinfected her. She started the diet and guess what? Answer: she broke out of the circle. She was dealing with Collembola, organisms in her mouth and throat that practically suffocated her and Morgellons. She used my protocol and Bang started getting her life back. I had published two or three progress updates from her and then hadn't heard from her for almost two months. So I emailed her for an update and this is what she wrote:

"I have been well.

i moved to the ocean. there was a time there a couple/few months back when i was really, really sick, where i honestly wasnt sure if i was going to make it or not, and thanks to you i did. ...but, while i was really, really sick my body was screaming for the ocean. that may sound weird but i have learned thats how i made it through this, by listening to my body. it had nothing to do with 'me.' i moved to the beach. i started planning right after i started feeling better. the trip was rough, because i still didnt have a lot of energy, but worth it.

i now live in Santa Rosa Beach FL. it is beautiful, and i have been getting better and better. and i have a healthier, more active, social job here, which is also better.

as soon as i get my housing situation stabilized here, ill order another month of supplements. i still have some left. :)

thank you Richard, you are wonderful and amazing.



..and i CAN go back to work now, which is wonderful :)

thank you, thank you, thank you Richard !!!

Believe me, I am so happy for her and honored to have participated in her getting her life back. She followed the diet and did the protocol to a T and it worked for her. And if it worked for her, why can't it work for you? She got started:
1. by starting the King Diet� in Chapter IV of my book
2. disinfecting as instructed in Chapter III
3. completing the attached questionnaire to receive her personalized protocol.

Supplements Made Simple

You might want to save this email to refer to in the future.

Many sufferers who have gone to natural paths or nutritionists for help tell me they end up with fifteen or so supplements at a cost of $500 or more dollars a month. Wow! And, when we look into these supplements and potions, we find that some of the ingredients actually feed the skin parasites.

My protocol takes all the guess work out of beating skin parasites.
First and foremost is a multiple vitamin that is compatible with the King Diet� and that is the Just Once daily multi from RainBow Light--only $19 per month in our on-line store at just one caplet daily.

Second is to boost glutathione. Instead of the standard nutritional approach where Vit C, A, E, alpha lipoic acid, and so forth are supplemented, we simply create more glutathione in the cells. Because glutathione is also a detoxifyer, anti inflammatory, improves oxygen utilization, free radical killer, and so forth, this one supplement replaces the need of a dozen other supplements. Yes, for $60 to $75 per month (depending on auto ship or not) you save on having to supplement Vit C, A. E, alpha lipolic acid, anti inflammatory, detoxifying supplements, and protectors of your DNA, you only need one supplement to boost glutathione. Of course, you may have other health issues that necessitate supplemental A, E, and on on, but not for skin parasites. The recommended daily amount is 2 capsules per day, however, to initially get desired results, you may go up to as many as 8 a day. Find it in our on-line store at

Thirdly is to supplement with a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungi, anti protozoan, and anti parasitic all wrapped in one supplement--allicin as in our Garcilin� in capsule form. Preferred 200 to 1 for colloidal silver. That's right, two hundred people prefer Garcillin to everyone who prefers colloidal silver. Since it's a powerful product, we have two grades of Garcilin. I suggest starting with our regular Garcilin ($40) for the first month and then advancing to the more powerful grade--Garcilin II at $45/month. The recommended daily amount is one capsule a day, however, to get desired results, you may go up to as many as 8 per day. It's what I do to ward off the common cold, flu, and so on. Find Garcillin� in our on-line store at

Fourthly is to supplement minerals. While the multi vitamin has minerals, I recommend boosting your minerals with our ionic minerals. The ionic minerals come in a sachette that you put in water and drink through out the day. The Ph is of the infused water is about 10. Because the minerals are in ionic form, they are completely bioavailable. The investment for ionic minerals is $34/mo. One sachette a day is the recommended amount. The spent sachette is great to use in your bath to adsorb toxins from your body. Find it in our on-line store at

The above four supplements are the building blocks for building health and immune functioning for everyone with or without skin parasites, but particularly important for skin parasites. They are all available as the Collembola Pack for $165 in our on-line store at

Morgellons sufferers, for the most part, involve digestive and intestinal issues, so we add a three specific supplements.

First is to feed the muscosa of your intestines with the natural sugar they thrive on and that is L-glutamine in powder form for $24.95/mo. Recommended daily amount is 3/8 teaspoon a day once a day, however, to get desired results, you can go to twice a day. Find it in our on-line store at

Second is to replace organic sulfur. Morgellons is an iron-sulfur complex that uses up your natural sulfur which is in every cell of your body. MSM caps replenish organic sulfur. Note that the ionic minerals (#4 above) replenish the iron. MSM caps are $26.40/month. It's recommended to start at 5 caps a day and go up to 7 or more as needed. It's in our on-line store at

Thirdly and lastly are enzymes. Several years ago, a fellow who got in trouble with the FDA, introduced the importance of about a half dozen enzymes that work digestively and systemically to break down agro bacterium. Enzymes can be one of the most important supplements that you use.

We have two enzyme formulations:
Flouracor enzymes are strictly for Morgellons sufferers who do not have Collembola. Flouracor for $45/mo also has probiotics which are highly recommended for gut issues up to 3 caps twice a day. In the early stages if the King Diet� probiotics feed Collembola. Find it in our on-line store at
Agro Relief enzymes are for those with both Morgellons and Collembola. This enzyme formulation does not contain probiotics. The enzymes are for agro plant based material, vegetables, and so on. At some point in Stage II of the diet, those with Collembola can switch to the Flouracor enzymes with probiotics.  For $22.50/mo highly recommended for both digestive and systemic application at one-to-two capsules three times a day. Find them at

Two Morgellons packs are available:
The pack with probiotics for $250.60 at
the pack without probiotics also at $235.00 at

The above supplements are the protocols for Collembola and Morgellons.

For those with mouth issues where the parasites infest the mouth, we have a powerful mouth wash for $12.95 at

A Plea: If you have found my book helpful or enlightening in getting your life back, I would greatly appreciate it very much if you took ten minutes to write a review and give me a 5 star rating on Amazon. Why a five star rating? Well, if you compare the information in my book to the information you doctor has provided, I honestly think you'd give me a 20--look at it that way. Click here or  go to

Just scroll to the very bottom of the page where you'll find a link to write a review.

I'm honored that you chose me to participate in getting your life back. If you have any questions, please email me--I'll be glad to answer.


Enzymes for Both Morgellons and Collembola

We've added a new enzyme formulation to our store--Agro Relief in a veggie cap. They are for those with both Morgellons and Collembola who can not have probiotics in Stage I of the King Diet�. Agro Relief is a professional strength digestive enzyme blend formulated to optimize digestion of agro material, vegetables, gluten-containing grains, dairy, legumes, proteins and other foods. Agro Relief enhances nutrient absorption and bio availability.

Recommended dosage is one to two caps before each meal. Click here or go to 90 capsules for $22.50

How About A Baked Chicken Recipe?

I was coaching Joanna and we were talking about the diet. She shared that she had baked chicken and offered to share her recipe. Personally, I'm a fried chicken guy, but I'm going to try her baked chicken. She writes,

"You had asked about recipes when we spoke. Instead of frying my chicken I bake it. I shake it with spelt flour, mixed with lots of paprika, garlic powder, as well as salt, and pepper. I heat oven to 425 and melt � c butter on foil lined pan (to save on cleaning) while oven is heating. Take melted butter out b4 burning and add floured chicken. If breasts, I�d bake 30 minutes than turn and bake at 15 minutes more. If smaller pieces you won�t need as much time on each side. I find this as tasty as fried chicken.

Other thing I did was take the rice cakes, sprinkle them with water and heat them up with butter, stevia, and cinnamon to serve with eggs. Makes them more palatable for my husband when I�m out of spelt bread.

I thank Joanna for taking the time to share her recipe and creativeness with rice cakes.

Collembola Go Mad

After a couple weeks on the protocol, Joanne writes,

Strangely, I seem to be getting more bites from bathing than anything else now. I am using 1 cup of bleach to a cap of extra strength debriding, plus 15-20 drops of peppermint. I disinfect the tub with bleach as well after showering. Any thoughts? Should I use more bleach?

I feel like I�ve finally got a handle on them in my house but still need to work on the outside. Only thing I feel in house is a bit of flurry on my feet sometimes but at night I am still feeling the crawling, from very minimal some nights to a lot so use the spray. The night can be a bit frustrating because I spend so much time bathing and showering plus�I spray ammonia on my bed chair/frame and surroundings before I sleep (and after waking) as well. Not sure what else I can do but at least I�m not feeling the bites at night or during the day in the house except in the bath.

Warm regards,"

Thanks for writing.
Re the biting in the tub. First, I presume you're strict with the diet.
I remember that on occasion that would occasionally happen to me and I'd feel a sharp bite in the tub. It seems like the adult Collembola are not killed right away by the disinfectants that you use and they get angry or go mad when they are dislodged from your skin by the debriding soap. And if you use more bleach or peppermint it might irritate and burn your skin so I would not suggest more bleach. Maybe try other disinfectants like a couple cups of apple cider vinegar or two quarts of peroxide (but not together as they would cancel each other out). Ultimately, you just may have to wait it out until all the adult Collembola are gone.

Ultimately, if the ammonia doesn't destroy them in your environment, you may need the triple pesticide. Outside, you might look into using Bifen granules. You can find them on-line.

I hope this helps.


How to Get Orap

Orap is one of the medications listed in my book and part of my protocol for dealing with skin parasites--especially Collembola. Before you go off on a rail and write me telling me how bad a medication it is, read the section in my book in Chapter VI about it. You could only hope that you have no intolerable side effects and that it works for you because if it works, it is like magic and the dosage you end up with is minimal.

Lin writes:

Dear Richard,

I would like to know about ORAP
How can I get it and the science behind why does it work?

Thank you

Hi Lin,
I don't know why it works--it just does. It's like I don't know why the diet works either, it just does.
If you have an open minded doctor you can get it from him/her.

Usual dosage is 1 mg morning and 1 mg before bed for about 10 days
then only 1 mg at night. After a few weeks, you might be able to go to 1 mg every other or two days.

If your doctor won't help, complete the attached questionnaire and return to me.
I will forward you a protocol to follow and then once you're on the protocol put you in touch with our doctor.
Either way you go, (with your doctor or ours) the protocol is important so please complete the questionnaire.


Is Morgellons Contagious?

Whether Morgellons is contagious or not is a highly controversial subject. If you read my book, you'll see that many sufferers have told me that they caught it from someone else or have given it to their grand son, neighbor, lover...

NutraSilver now has an ebook, Finally Morgellons Relief, Plain & Simple, 33 pages long--more like a long pamphlet. I didn't see the author's name, but maybe I overlooked it. It's well written and I'm jealous. They've spent time designing it and have collected impressive before and after pics and testimonials----wish I could find an advertising agency that is as good as theirs and that I could afford. Of course there are many things I wish for including world peace, health for everyone, and for everyone to be rid of skin parasites.

Regarding colloidal silver, I've always said that colloidal silver is a "pig in a poke," meaning that for some it works miraculous and for others it's a waste of money. Of course, they are the ones I hear from. For Collembola, colloidal silver was a waste of my time. Unlike Garcillin�, colloidal silver didn't even get rid of a sore throat. But, back to the subject of Morgellons being contagious. Here's what is in their book about Morgellons being contagious.

"Morgellons is NOT contagious between humans. However, be aware that it is contagious between humans and pets.
I can�t tell you how many families have been devastated by Morgellons because the person suffering from it thinks it is contagious and so quarantines themselves in the back room, or worse, moves out so that their family isn�t infected.
They do it because they love their family and don�t want them to experience this syndrome for themselves.
Please let me emphasize that you can�t infect your children, your spouse, your grandchildren or those you love. You can sleep in the same bed with your spouse and love on your children just like you used to without any worry of passing it on to them.
So please, if you were isolating yourself, go hug your children and your family and tell them how much you missed them. You don�t need to be alone anymore."

After reading the above, what do you think? What scares me is that the author claims to have communicated with thousands world wide and this is his findings. But then the Morgellons Foundation makes the same claim and so does Dr. Karjoo in CA and so does.... It seems I'm all alone in my findings. True, I have many that tell me that their spouse and other family members are unaffected. Many tell me they have help come in and clean their homes and don't report that their help has contracted the disease. And, I have many tell me that they have contracted it from an infected person or have given it to someone else.

From what I see, not everyone is susceptible to it. and there's really no way of telling who is and who isn't susceptible. Thus, while you can take comfort that the chances of passing it to someone else is low, if you do end up passing it to someone you know, the chances of you feeling totally rotten are very high as I get gut wrenching stories from grandmas passing it to their grand children. My advice is to err on the side of caution.

Regarding colloidal silver, it's something that is always worth a try and that's why we do have a superior brand of colloidal silver in our on-line store. However, for every one that orders the colloidal silver from our store, 200 order one of our Garcilin� products. Our SilverFuzion is at and is $29.95 for four ounces. Right now, though, it's out of stock.

A Trip To the Emergency Room

Ann wrote the following about her trip to the ER.

Thanks for all your help. The NG debriding soap is the best. I keep the spray with me and my peppermint oil spray in car with me when out for long periods of time.

Before I found you, I was so bad that I panicked and went to Mass General Hospital Emergency in Boston.

I soon found out that their protocol for anyone who mentions the word parasites is a horror story. I was looked at as a mental case instantly they were not interested in my health or concerns also they did not look at any of my marks on my body of bites we're not concerned about my poor health their questions were "you came here alone, you don't have any family, do you live by yourself, are you lonely, do you have any friends, why didn't a family member come with you."and I became quite suspicious however their protocol is to take your blood pressure. have an EKG (probably because of my age 70 but I appear 50 in good shape), blood work and a chest x-ray after that you had to see the psychiatrist at that point I decided that this was not the right hospital for me since they weren't doing what I was looking for to find an infectious disease doctor, once I said that and refuse to see the psychiatrist I was put under a (SECTION 12) with guards at the door HORRORS of HORRORS!!! I couldn't even believe this was happening. I just thought it wasn't the right place for me to be for what was wrong with me at that point. It took 6 hours for me to get out of there and in the end I was interviewed by another psychiatrist and finally the last psychiatrist drew a circle and I had to fill in the hours of the clock and then set it at ten past eleven on a piece of paper. After a phone call to my daughter and passing the clock test I was allowed to leave. There was never any concern about my health since the blood, x-ray, and Ekg were normal. The only checked me for PARASITOSIS. I COULDN'T GET OUT OF THERE FAST ENOUGH. By the way I have great family and friends and i am attractive, well dressed and appear younger than my age 70. This hospital is a 25 minute drive for me my family is at work and friends not available when I decided to make this fateful wasted trip.



I am so traumatized by the medical profession that I am terrified to say anything about this.

I bet it is on my medical records for anyone to see i was checked for parasitosis.

I never had any kind of mental issues fortunately. What about the people who don't find your book on the Internet, God help them.

I am thinking there is a real problem in Boston area if such a prestigious hospital set up a protocol only to check for mental illness. It may be more common than we can imagine."

Isn't this amazing. You'd think were were in the 1600's and I get many writing to me with similar experiences.


Toxicity and Glutathione
Morgellons and toxicity go hand-in hand together. Lyme disease and toxicity go hand-in hand together. Can't say the same for Collembola or problems with mites and or skin fungus, but being human and toxicity also go hand-in hand together. You really can't be alive and not have mercury, cadmium, nickel, pesticides, bad chemicals, and so on in your cellular structure. Toxicity leads to inflammation which is the crux of practically all health problems.

Edema is the technical term for inflammation. Heart disease and Alzheimer's are two major health issues that are aggravated by inflammation. Many foods contribute to inflammation. Vegans eat the least inflammatory diet possible, but the diet does not get rid of toxicity.

There are many anti inflammatory agents available. In fact hundreds, but the most powerful of all of them is glutathione. Glutathione is naturally produced inside every cell of your body. Unfortunately, with age, pollution, physical injury, poor diet, and so on, the amount of glutathione naturally produced is not enough to do the job of detoxing the cells.

One of the most important supplements you can take is one that creates glutathione inside the cells of your body. I've researched every way there is to produce intra cellular glutathione and the best one I've found to date is MaxOne. The only draw back is that it is expensive. A month supply of capsules is from $60 to $75 depending on whether you purchase on a monthly auto-ship or not.

Recently, I've been introduced to an alternate formulation for boosting intra cellular glutathione. While it's far from being inexpensive, it is 2/3 the cost of the MaxOne product and is in powder form. We'll be testing it and hopefully we'll have a good report for you in about a month or so.


Three More Stage I Recipes

Jackie has shared three Stage I recipes that you'll love:

Chicken soup: I put the frozen chicken in the crock pot until its thaw enough to cut in 1/2, put one 1/2 in the crock pot and the other in the fridge. then in the crock pot I cut up 8 or more pieces of celery, put a stalk of broccoli, all of the florets and cut up most of the stock into small pieces, a whole onion cut up, and a whole bulb of garlic, I just peal them and throw them in, and then if there is room I put a handful of chopped up kale/chard that you find in bags at Safeway on top, then fasten down the lid. I put the crock pot on high for a while and then on low overnight, and the whole next day i have this wonderful soup. ...that's what I've been eating every day. Also I make these delicious omelettes.

Tomato omelette: I put butter in my cast iron skillet, with two whipped eggs that cover the bottom of the pan almost like a crepe, when the eggs is hard enough to turn over I melt another teaspoon or more of butter all over the egg, then slice a tomato- I get organic, they taste really good, and put the tomato in there with put a light layer of sea salt over the tomato, fold the egg over, and have a delicious tomato omelette. ...that's pretty much it.

Spinach scramble: scrambled eggs with diced up garlic and fresh spinach with salt, ...but this tomato one is truly delish.

She's On her Way

In the past month I've had several updates on Jackie's experience. When she first came into the program she was stuck in a viscous circle. Until she started the King
Diet� no matter what she did, nothing happened. By doing the diet and effective disinfection she was able to break out of the viscous circle. In addition to skin parasites, she had lots of internal parasites.

A month later she writes:

Hi Richard! :)

Is coconut oil okay for skin for Collembola?

Also the peroxide and baking soda saved my life. i no longer feel like I'm on my last leg, and parasites have been coming out of me all 30 days, all shapes, sizes and colors, and worms. '"/ ...well, i think i'm going to stop the baking soda and peroxide for a bit, because i'm not seeing any more bugs!!!, and food is coming straight out of me. i weigh 115! yeikes. and i need to keep some food inside of me for a bit.

First I stopped getting bitten and attacked endlessly, the day I started the king diet, then just 10 days after the baths i could think clearly and no longer felt terrified and hopeless, and just 30 days which included the baking soda and peroxide i no longer feel like i'm going to die. i seriously thought i might not make it through this, and feel like i can move forward with my life.

You and the person who invented this should get the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

ummm, what do i do now... after 30 days of baths and phase I of the king diet, the supplements just short of a month, and a couple weeks of peroxide and baking soda...?

Thank you Richard!!!🌅
You saved my life,

Coconut oil is not a problem for applying to the skin. In fact it's in many of our creams and lotions.
Taking a break for a week might be a good thing to do from the baking soda and peroxide. Go back to in in a week or so. Alternatively, you could also switch to taking food grade diatomaceous earth internally for a while before going back to peroxide and baking soda.

What do you do now? Answer: Keep up the good work. Maybe you can experiment with some of the foods on stage II like honey.

Both the baking soda and peroxide are a part of my protocol. One teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water taken twice a day on empty stomach. Caution; watch your blood pressure.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) taken internally: 3 drops with a glass of distilled water 3 times a day. (on empty stomach first thing in the morning) three hours after a meal. You might start with one drop and work up to three drops. Do not--do not take more or without distilled water--it can do physical harm if not taken correctly. Google "How to take food grade hydrogen peroxide" for more information, It's not in our on-line store.

Warning: do not take at the same time as you take baking soda. Take them 20 minutes apart.

Jackie is also doing other things in the protocol and working with our Dr. Su who prescribed her one of the medications listed in my protocol.

Prior to using my protocol she had tried a couple other protocols she found on the net without any success--one of them I believe is the lady who is into the fungus theory--a theory I don't agree with. But even if she's right and fungus were the issue, our NG debriding soap plus use of a disinfectant would neutralize it.

I thank Jackie for keeping me updated. I like to hear about progress.

Morgellons Can Ruin Your Teeth and Gums

"Richard, my name is Laura. I sent some pictures of my mouth previously but I have time now to explain my situation I started with
skin mites on my face which I had for over 2 years different degrees of bad to worse those cleared up finally with no help from any
professionals I started noticing strange shaped black spots between my teeth that did not move no matter what I did my dental hygiene
is always good to excellent I had just spent $10,000 plus on veneers the spots got bigger but it was like they changed shapes when tried
to scrape floss or water pick then black areas come and go especially at night I realized they where like round worms when poked full
of blood that was about a year ago now I have thin silver worms? In between all my teeth and on the inside of my cheeks I've taken
multiple dose of ivermectin every antibiotic known to man MMS. I just started with your mouthwash. I have hardly any gum tissue left
on the upper teeth and I can also see black string like worms that come from deep cavities they have burrowed in my gums the periodontist
thinks I floss too hard and sees nothing as with the hygienist have you ever heard of anything of this sort? I afraid they are in other parts
of my body I have done cleanses no sugar diet, fasted, took medicine which is suppose to starve them they keep morphing into different
things it seems help I'm in the worst sci-fi movie I couldn't even make up please let me know asap if you have heard of anything like this."

Morgellons can ruin your gums and teeth. I'm glad you got started with our mouth wash. I would suggest that you spend hours with the
mouth wash in your mouth. I suggest that you look into food grade diatomaceous earth to take internally. And also look into lufenuron
at Lufenuron destroys eggs of insects. It's been covered in several updates that you can
find at I have no connection with the site.

You wrote that you're on a no sugar diet. The King Diet� is a lot more than that. It is very specific. if you have one thing not on the diet,
you're off the diet and will suffer a set back.

Issues with Eyes

Help, Richard!
I am so upset because these parasites are not only in the white part in my eyes, but now I saw (after my bath & shower) where a smaller larvae melted into the skin and injected eggs into my eyelid. Large pink larvae in white of each eyes before this, but now new ones to hatch and pester me when matured, move around etc.

What can I do? I am afraid losing my eyesight.

Please help me with this. I have had some good results with the debriding soap, but will just have to continue it for a long time to get rid of them all.

Let me know and thank you,

My response:

"Are you on the diet? That's super important. It's in Chapter IV of the attached book and if you complete the attached questionnaire, I'll tell you how strict the diet must be and provide you with a personal protocol.
For your eye lids, apply diluted debriding soap to them every few minutes when possible. You can also apply the debriding cream or the exfoliant cream.
The debriding cream is at
The exfoliant cream is at

For your eyes, I've copied this from the book

Your Eyes: Eyes are critical. Over the years, three readers have contributed that the following were instrumental to use with their eyes:
1. Rue Fennel
2. Sulfacetamide 10 % eye drops by Baush and Lomb by prescription (2 drops 4 times daily) although she used them more frequently
3. Diluted NG with a dropper or an eye glass.
4. A 2 or 3% metronidazole gel from Demodex Solutions (DS) at
5. Ovante distributed by NAAMA Inc. at (484) 226-6220. Either the Metronidazole product or Ovante can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes with a Q-tip. If used regularly, they kill off the mites and will restore loss of eyelashes. Keep eyes closed for one minute after application.
6. Colloidal silver drops into the eyes.

I hope this helps

Tasty Chicken Recipe

Sandra is busy again with another great recipe. This time for tasty fried chicken.

Tasty fried chicken recipe with spinach topping
First, fry your chicken:
1) your preference on your favorite boneless chicken.
3) first make homemade bread crumbs using pumpernickel or sourdough bread.
3) toast your bread until crispy
4) place bread in a brown paper bag
5) hold the top of the bag and smash the bread into bread crumbs.
6) whisk 3 eggs .
7) place bread crumbs in a in something deep enough to emerge you're chicken in on both sides.
8) do the same thing for the eggs.
9) place chicken in the eggs on both sides.
10) place chicken in the bread crumbs on both sides. You may use fresh garlic, pepper, and sea salt in the bread crumbs.
11) place chicken in a frying pan with rice bran oil or lard.
12) fry until crispy and tender.

Prepare spinach topping while your chicken is frying:
1 use fresh spinach with garlic sea salt and steam until tender then drain dry.
2 plate your chicken then place The spinach on top of each piece of chicken.
3 squeeze a whole fresh lemon juice on top of the chicken and spinach.

I thank Sandra for sharing this yummy fried chicken recipe. If you're in stage I and can't yet have pumpernickel, then, you can make your own Irish soda bread as follows:
► 2 cups spelt flour
► � cup rye or mix any flour of your choosing (rye, spelt, millet, rice)
►1 tsp salt
► 1 � cup water or butter milk
Place on parchment paper (or baking sheet), in round shape, slice an X on top with a knife and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, and you�ll have a hearty loaf of bread hot out of the oven. You can slice and follow instructions from #3 above.

Beat Morgellons with the DNA Chip?

On 9/28/16 I wrote an update about the newest technology to get your life back from Morgellons--a DNA chip. I learned about it from a doctor who came down with Morgellons back in the Spring of last year. She benefited from the King Diet� and our products and then used her cumulative knowledge of the last 40 years to move beyond my protocol.

She has contributed the Parasite Cleanse Kit that several of you used, and more recently the DNA chip. She has effectively reclaimed her life from Morgellons in the last 6 months by using the Parasite Cleanse kit and then the DNA chip. Organisms stopped coming from her skin, lesions stopped forming, biting and itching greatly decreased. And she no longer attracts them to her skin. Of course, there's a lot we don't know about this chip, for instance, what is the DNA chip and will it work for everyone?

Personally, I don't know enough about the technology to explain how the DNA chip works other than that it's supposed to balance/realign one's DNA. And I imagine that there are scientists that will say that's impossible. but remember Morgellons changes your DNA everyday. The chip was not developed for Morgellons specifically, but instead, for other health problems such as Parkinsons.

The chips are not easy to get. It takes up to six weeks to get the chip once it's been ordered. About six months ago she got us one chip to try. One fellow from CA, dealing with Morgellons, was brave enough to take the risk and this is what he has to say about it,

"It feel like this thing is saving my life...
It has become such an important part of my basic daily life. This is a REALLY important device... I feel like every single patient with this problem should be trying it. How can we get more of these out there?"

The chip is operated by a battery and kept in a pouch that is affixed to your belt and can be worn through out the day. At night, the chip, in it's pouch, is placed under your pillow. The chip learns from you daily, affecting your DNA. Results occur after about two weeks to a month. The chip can only be used by one person at a time.

Will it help with Collembola? I seriously doubt it, but I could be wrong.

The chip is not in mass production yet, but instead available on a limited basis. In addition to taking six weeks or so to get one, it's now quite expensive--$1,800. Remember, it's experimental, wasn't developed specifically for Morgellons, but since Morgellons has impact on one's DNA, it makes sense that the DNA chip will make a difference. We can not guarantee that one will have the same results as the doctor and Julian have had. If you're interested, contact me about it.

And here are the risks: If it's dropped or gotten wet, it's ruined and can't be serviced or fixed. Of course you could try the "wet cell phone" trick and put it in rice to absorb the moisture--but no guarantee. There is no insurance available for it. With this in mind, I'd elect to use it only under my pillow instead of carrying it around on my belt.

It's battery operated and the battery needs to be replaced about every month.

For me, I'm hesitant to tell you about the device because of it's expense and the risks. If you want one, we need to collect a down payment of $1000 and have you sign an agreement that you are aware of the risks involved as specified above and below.

Please note that this device is purely experimental and is not intended to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease or skin parasite condition. Legally, I must advise you to consult your doctor before using the device. It can not be used by individuals using pace makers for their heart. No refunds can be given once the device has been delivered. It is available only on special order basis. If it dropped or made wet, it's ruined and must be replaced at full price at the market rate which can increase as demand for the device increases.

I Hate Diets, But...

I hate diets, but without the King Diet� I might not be here to write this update. The King Diet� has been instrumental in hundreds of skin parasites sufferers getting their lives back. Unfortunately, many sufferers:
► Are looking for a magic pill and believe that diets are too much trouble or can't possibly make a difference.
► Believe it's just a non gluten, or non soy, or low glycemic (low sugar) diet and think they are on the diet when they are not.
► Think that eating healthy is good enough.
► Think that being a vegan or a vegetarian is sufficient.
► Believe that they only need to be generally on the diet.
► If they need to be able to afford supplements, soaps, lotions, and so forth in order for the diet to work.

No, no, no. If you believe any of the above, you're missing the most powerful tool in getting your life back. The most important things to do to get your life back is to be on the diet and disinfect effectively.

Chapter IV of my book. If you don't have a copy, return this email and request it. provides the diet. It is so detailed, that there are foods which are OK for Morgellons but feed Collembola and visa versa. Eg. avocado is OK for Morgellons, but not for Collembola--just one of many examples.

When you first start the King Diet�, one little mistake, eg. a tic tac breath mint, will cost a couple days of progress. Have a marinated steak and it will cost you a week of progress. Yes, it's easy to make mistakes which is why you don't want to consume something you know is on the "no" list.

For some, they immediately notice a significant decrease in itching and biting within a day or so of being on the diet, others may take a little longer. The key to getting your life back is to be a fanatic with the diet and disinfecting your surroundings. Soaps, lotions, creams, and supplements are conveniences that accelerate progress and relieve skin discomfort.

And the medications listed in Chapter VI often allow one to advance to Stage II and Stage III of the diet more quickly.

When can you advance to Stage II and III? Answer: As symptoms of itching and biting diminish, you can add foods on Stage II one at a time over the course of a week or so. However, note that if you only have Collembola, stage II of the diet can include sugar, yet, if you have Morgellons, stage II can not include sugar. However, limited amounts of honey may be OK.

Yes, I hate diets, but the King Diet� saved my life and I can't argue with that. By the way, it's called the King Diet� because it's tops--the best.

How About Some Mashed Potatoes?

Until you can have red potatoes on the diet, Sandra has come up with a mashed potato substitute. She writes:

"I have been brain storming again. I came up with a tasty alternative for those who miss mashed potatoes .
1) use a whole fresh cauliflower.
2) cut off the green part from the bottom of the cauliflower.
3) steam the whole cauliflower until tender.
4) then put cauliflower into a bowl of your choice.
5) add sea salt , butter, fresh garlic.
6) use your potato utensils to mash all the ingredients together.
7) Enjoy a little cheddar cheese on top if you're non reactive to it."

I thank Sandra for taking the time to share her recipe.


Is it Enough to Make Your Skin Crawl?

Is it Enough to Make Your Skin Crawl, go to to read the press release.


NG and Sore Throats
Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap concentrate (NG) can be diluted and used for many different things. Andrea decided to gargle with it to ward off strep throat. This is what she wrote about her thrilling experience.

Hi, I couldn't wait to tell you...The NG soap got rid of my strep soap. No antibiotics for me. I gargled with the NG soap once during the day and once before bed last night and it's gone! It started two days ago so I did it early but it's gone!!! I've already had strep throat once this winter and I didn't want to do another round of antibiotics. Thank you Richard and thank you NG.


I lover results and enthusiasm and I thank Andrea for taking the time to share her experience. I would not expect that it would work for everyone as it did for Andrea, but it's certainly worth remembering to do should you find yourself dealing with the beginning of a sore throat. I would also recommend taking Garcillin or Garcillin II in addition to NG. And, with our NG mouth wash, it's already prepared for you with NG, peppermint, cinnamon, and ionic minerals for just $12.95 for 20 ounces. Click here or go to


Check in The Glove
We know that the fibers from one's skin who has Morgellons are infectious. And those fibers must be disinfected or you will be reinfected or possibly infect others. Chapter III of my book is very detailed in all the places that need to be disinfected, however, one place, not listed in my book, is the inside of your gloves. That means that every time you take off your gloves, you must invert them and disinfect the inside of your gloves before wearing them again. I'd suggest spraying with ammonia and maybe adding peppermint to it.

It also makes sense to invert your coat and disinfect it too every time you take it off as your hand could transfer fibers to the inside the arms of your coat.

Raspberry Makes the Scene

Our exfoliant cream has a very special ingredient--ellagic acid. Ellagic acid comes from the seeds of the red and black Meeker Raspberry grown in WA state and is in powder form. While our exfoliant cream is one of the best creams for your skin issues, this product is not for Morgellons or any other skin parasite. See in the scientific study below about how it fights cancer .

Scientific Study

Taken internally or with the exfoliant cream, ellagic acid may be one of the most potent ways to fight cancer.
Ellagic Acid, a phenolic compound, inhibits the growth of cancer cells and arrests the growth in persons with a genetic predisposition for the disease.

Ellagic Acid Study � The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina has conducted a double blind study on a group of 500 cervical cancer patients. This study has excited everyone. Nine years of study have shown that a natural product called Ellagic Acid is causing G-arrest within 48 hours (inhibiting and stopping mitosis-cancer cell division), and apoptosis (normal cell death) within 72 hours, for breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells.

Ellagic Acid clinical tests on cultured human cells also show that Ellagic Acid prevents the destruction of the p53 gene by cancer cells. Additional studies suggest that one of the mechanisms by which Ellagic Acid inhibits mutagenesis and carcinogenesis is by forming adducts with DNA, thus masking binding sites to be occupied by the mutagen or carcinogen. Ellagic Acid can be found in different foods. The Hollings Clinic has identified red raspberries as the strongest source.

Go to to order. It's $179 for 20 ounces.

Start with 1/2 scoop (included inside the container) per day. Add to pancakes, juice, oatmeal. After 2 days, go to one-to-two scoops per day. Obviously, if you're also dealing with skin parasites, only add it to foods on the "eat" list of the King Diet�.

If you have any questions about it's use or application, please email me and I'll get you an answer.


New Massage Lotion
Our newest additions to our on-line store is Beauty Forever Massage Lotion in a 20 oz bottle for $34.95. Go to to find it. I developed it at my wife's urging for her masseuse to use in her salon. It's a deep moisturizing coconut oil based lotion with vitamin E and rose oil. All ingredients work together to make a light conditioning lotion with an elegant and luxurious feel.

Massage into your skin as needed. Perfect to use after taking a shower to apply to your entire body. Ideal for use with a jar with a pump applicator.

Ingredients: Distilled water, coconut oil, shea butter, xyliance (emulsifier), vitamin E, Optiphen, Nature's Gift� Concentrate, and rose oil.


Give Your Mouth a Bath
Over the years many have written me about having problems in their mouth and I've given them options to make their own mouth wash. I've decided to make it easy and make it up for you.

Of course you can still make your own. To 8 ounces of spring water, add a teaspoon of 100% NG concentrate, twenty drops of peppermint, ten drops of cinnamon and a sachet of ionic minerals or you can click here or go to

It's a large 20 ounce bottle for $12.95. The NG cleans, the peppermint and cinnamon are the disinfectants, and the ionic minerals feed your mouth. Put a teaspoon or so in your mouth and swish it around for up to an hour if you wish. Then spit out. Do this several times a day. If you accidentally swallow some, no problem as it's totally nontoxic and it leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.

A Plea: If you have found my book helpful or enlightening in getting your life back, I would greatly appreciate it very much if you took ten minutes to write a review and give me a 5 star rating on Amazon. Why a five star rating? Well, if you compare the information in my book to the information you doctor has provided, I honestly think you'd give me a 20--look at it that way. Go to

Just scroll to the very bottom of the page where you'll find a link to write a review.

I'm honored that you chose me to participate in getting your life back.

Empty Trap Warning

Juanita points out something easily overlooked--toilets or drains not used for months. I thank her for taking the time to share. She writes,

"There is a common source of hazardous toxic gas, mold and germs in every home I wanted to warn others of! Basic plumbing is constructed with vent pipes to rid homes of these toxic gases; the traps under drains are designed to be filled with water to seal this toxic germ, gases, mold and heaven knows what, from coming into your breathing space from the sewer or septic system.

However this system fails to protect us at times we may not be aware. When there is frequent use of all drains and toilets the water barrier remains to prevent this toxic stuff from coming into our homes as intended. It is a simple system, however in times of not being used as in extra baths in guestrooms, laundries etc.,the water evaporates quickly leaving the invisible toxins to quietly make us sick or sicker.

The remedy is simple... just add water to all unused drains, flush toilets (add water if non functional) taking inventory of all unused drains, laundry hookups, basement floors etc. (Extra or unused laundry drains can be capped with rubber caps and clamps). Most of all we just need to be aware of this potential hazard so we can be protected.

Thanks for all you do Richard, I just thought there might be some out there unaware of this easy to fix problem. So many other things are difficult to clean from our environment, I hope this reminder might help somebody.

Thanks again,"


Depression Rears It's Ugly Head

Depression is not a subject that we discuss adequately. It is well known that most suffering from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites like Collembola suffer from depression. I routinely get emails from people who are on the brink of suicide. I know that before I discovered the King Diet� depression was a constant companion round the clock. I felt that my life would never know nothing but my skin being constantly attacked by invisible organisms.

At that time I was in private practice as a stress management consultant specializing in biofeedback and hypnosis. In fact, I had already created a CD program for dealing with depression. But, I had created it from theory and not from experience.

After using my own program for a few days it was clear to me that it was woefully lacking. So, one of the things I did was tackle my own depression from living in depression rather than living outside of depression. It was clear that those such as myself feel de pressed. It was like something was sitting on me and I had no way of moving.

I also found that the positive thinking approach was woefully inadequate as it invalidated where I was emotionally. I also realized that emotions are different energy levels and that there is nothing wrong with any emotion--they are only messages. So the first step was to learn how to accept the emotion of depression rather than pretend it wasn't there, hide from it, wallow in it, deny it, or resist it.

Knowing that the brain has infinite ability to solve problems, I brought what I knew from improving creativity to the program. I knew that anxiety can often create distraction so that the answer to a problem is not seen even though it's right in front of you.

I also knew that my belief system could stand in the way of success too. In fact, I knew that often times I could be my own worse enemy.

So, I went to work and put all of the above together. I went from the power of positive thinking to the power of affirmations to unleash creativity to solve problems. In my case, at the time, it was the problem of identifying and beating skin parasites which I did.

Your creative self is already at work and brought you to me. My book has your answers, however, your anxiety and depression may be clouding you progress. Example, were you ever so anxious that you were looking for your car keys and they were in one of your hands? Well, maybe that didn't happen to you, but something like that where you were looking for something and it was right in front of you and you didn't see it.

My CD titled Up from Depression at is exactly what you need to get your emotional life back while you're getting your physical life back from Morgellons and other skin parasites. The answers are in my book and updates, and as you unleash your creative self, you'll apply what you need from the book to prevail over skin parasite.

If you need some help with sleeping, go to and many of my other CD's are at

Galric Oil, Allergy Meds, and Skin Rashes

Sheryl asks a few questions about where to obtain garlic oil, allergy meds and dealing with rashes.


I've searched on the website for Garlic oil that you mentioned in your book but everything is olive oil with infused garlic. Where did you buy your garlic oil?

Also the over the counter allergy medicine that some say work do you have a majority of one that was successful used?

I'm doing the diet and taking showers instead of the bath because I have a rash all over and disinfecting my environment with ammonia hoping to start feeling better.


"Go to amazon and search for rice bran oil. Tophe makes a rice bran oil infused with garlic

I don't have any recommendations regarding which allergy med is better than another. let me know what you learn.

if you're using a disinfectant in your bath along with the NG, you should notice an improvement with the rashes.
may also want to consider Garcillin. Rashes are basically a bacterial infection in the skin and Garcillin is an antibiotic.

Legally, I must tell you to consult your doctor regarding this recommendation."

Strick up More Success to Ozone

Disinfecting one's inside environment can be a challenge. Back in December, I wrote an update on the use of ozone to destroy Collembola and other organisms. Alan used it and he shares the following:

"I tried the ozone generator and had great success with it. I closed up in the house for 6 to 8 hours and used it. I had a plastic bag laying on the carpet and it was covered in the little bugs that were trying to get away that were dead. Not completely cured yet but getting closer every day." Alan

In the most recent 2017 revision of my book, I've updated the information about using ozone: how to use it, where to get the ozone generator, cautions about how to use it. Just last week a lady wrote me to tell me that her heating system is blowing parasites down from the ceiling over her bed. The good news is that the heater is in her apartment so all she has to do is run the ozone generator while the heating system is running.

If you don't have the 2017 revision of the book, email me and I'll send it to you.

Some tell me of organisms that consume wood, ceramics, and so on. I would think that it would be worth a shot to expose them to ozone. But, you have to have a generator that produces a lot of ozone. Go to my update on 12/10/16 at and read all about it. Just use the search function, CTR F to open a search bar, and type in ozone or scroll back to 12/10/16. Obviously, you can use ozone with an interior infestation of parasites, insects, and so forth.

Note that ozone is highly toxic to humans and therefore you leave your abode while you treat the area with ozone.

Breaking Out of the Circle

Feb 9th Jackie wrote describing the circle she was stuck in. I detailed her approach and she writes in less than a week later,

"I'm just writing, and hope that's ok.
I wanted to say I feel good!
I started the Maxone, garlic, multivitamin, alkaline water and msm cream today. This is the first time I've felt good since I passed that creature out my GI tract. And i hate to admit it but most of the time before this hour I've felt like I was barely hanging on. With all the things I need to do in a day it's insanity... Soak and wash clothes, put them in bags, one day in a bag, fight my environment, disinfect my vehicle and do what I can for an infected apartment, shop for good food and good water, make healthy meals, etc.,

The list goes like that every day.Tomorrow i need to get more diatomaceous earth, and more organic greens, try to find 31% peroxide, and read your book so I can move forward and add protocols where I can... But if I wake up feeling like this? It'll be great! (... Today I didn't have to soak my clothes because I used ammonia, so that was one less step, which was really great.)

I used 30 drops of peppermint in the bath and think it sticks to my skin. This afternoon I used peroxide as a disinfectant instead of peppermint in my bath, and boy! could I tell the difference. Those little buggers were protesting, stinging and biting, on their way out. I can't seem to find 31% peroxide, and may resort to bleach. I'm not good with chemicals though, but 6 quarts of peroxide a day is a lot.

I feel like I may be getting a handle on this. I don't say that often anymore because before whenever I felt like I was making progress I would end up taking 1 step forward and 20 back from trial and error. But maybe now, this time, it seems possible.

What about saunas?

This Super MSM gel is working!!! i can walk around the studio after dark. its a miracle!

How do I get in touch with the doctor for one of the ORAP medication?

One more thing, I have a friend who's coming down with what he thinks is melanoma. It is terrible I saw it. He said he can feel it going from his back and across to his front gut and up his chest. ... I couldn't help but to wonder if this protocol would help him.

I just wanted to share and vent. Thank you for listening,

THANK YOU...I'm not terrified anymore."

"Hi Jackie,
Glad to hear from you and that you're breaking out of the circle you were in.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to not make mistakes with either the diet or disinfection, the good news is that you can figure out where you made the mistake and make corrections and get back on track.

If you suspect internal parasites, research and consider taking food grade diatomaceous earth internally.

Some report saunas help. I speculate that the heat hatches the eggs to purge them. Best to take a bath afterwards and then shower off. But that's just a guess.

I don't think that peroxide sticks to your skin. I believe that you are using too much peppermint and it's irritating your skin. It's a challenge to find the right balance so that you're using enough disinfectant to kill most of the organisms and not too much as to irritate your skin. Maybe a combination of peppermint and lavender. Hydrogen peroxide is definitely a great choice as it's very healthy for your skin. You can get 32% peroxide on or 3% quarts in dollar stores. Peroxide is definitely great for your skin. Apple cider vinegar is another great disinfectant.

I'll send you the link to reach the doctor. I'll forward him the results of your questionnaire, and he'll contact you with a medical history questionnaire and then schedule a time for a consult.

Regarding your friend. I can not make any treatment recommendations and must advise that he see a physician. He should ask the physician if there's any reason why he should not apply the dilute debriding soap and the exfoliant cream to his skin in addition to whatever treatment the doctor prescribes. Melanoma can be very serious (deadly) and should not be taken lightly.


This is the second inquiry I've received in the last ten days about scabies.

"Hi Richard, my uncle and grandmother just got diagnosed with a scabies infection. My grandma seems to have caught it early and is almost healed. My uncle has had it since November and it is all over his body. He is using the cream from the dermatologist it is helping a little but taking a long time. He has become a hermit. Just wondering if you have suggestions on how to use your products to help him heal faster. Thank you," Andrea

"Fortunately for scabies there are 2 medications that work well--Ivermectin and a double descending dose of prednisone at the same time

it's important to keep bedding and all clothing, coats, etc. disinfected. And maybe where he sits or spends a lot of time like car seats.

Our products can augment the medications. I'm not sure if they would be a substitute for the medications and would never make that claim
Bathing with NG and a disinfectant just like we recommend for Morgellons.
Applying diluted NG to affected areas would be suggested as well as using any of our skin creams.
the peppermint bar soap in the shower after bathing.

If his doctor won't write a script for those meds, let me know as we have a doctor who will consult by phone and will give him those scripts.

Also, Morgellons and Collembola can either be carried by scabies or misdiagnosed as scabies. If he completes the attached questionnaire, I'll know more.

I hope this helps"


Benefits of Our Laundry Soap

A lady wrote in asking, "If the laundry soap has no Nature's Gift� Concentrate in it, what is the reason for using it?"

Answer: "I can't say that it provides any benefit regarding parasites. However, those who use it report that it cleans deeper into the fibers than commercial laundry soap (better job of getting Morgellons fibers out) and another reason is that it is made totally from renewable sources--no chemicals that can harm the environment. If fact, it will contribute to breaking down biofilm and is healthy for septic systems."

The laundry soap is not a necessity in dealing with skin parasites. Yet, many who use it, won't do without it. It was specifically developed by the maker of the debriding soap to be friendly to septic systems. Click here or go to to get it for as low as $20.25. One bottle is enough to do 64 normal size loads of laundry. Alternatively, one could use NG debriding soap in the laundry, however, it's $133.50 for a 9 oz bottle compared to $23.95 for the same size Laundry Soap. And there would be no particular advantage to using NG in the washing machine.

A Plea: If you have found my book helpful or enlightening in getting your life back, I would greatly appreciate it very much if you took ten minutes to write a review and give me a 5 star rating on Amazon. Why a five star rating? Well, if you compare the information in my book to the information you doctor has provided, I honestly think you'd give me a 20--look at it that way. Click here or go to

Just scroll to the very bottom of the page where you'll find a link to write a review.

I'm honored that you chose me to participate in getting your life back.

Breaking Out of the Circle

Many people that first come to me are going in circles until they read my book and get started with the program. Jackie is new to the program and writes,

Hello Mr. Richard!

It was a wonderful thing to get your email this morning. really good timing...all of this, and finding you. i was out of ideas and energy, and i don't know how much better i was getting...still getting attacked everywhere i go, in my place and vehicle. its crazy, isn't it? ...

The NG 9 oz bottle is on the way with the peppermint. Thank you for for evaluating my questionnaire. I was concerned that it might be fungus, and didn't want to do a protocol that would make it worse.

Today i ordered the supplements, and put in a request to speak with your available coach. After i talk to her i might get the bar of soap, the wipes, and the MSM cream... depending on what she recommends. :)

YOU ARE A LIFE SAVOR!!! i cant thank you enough. i really cant.

Thank you, so, so, sooooooooo much!!!

I have some questions. It sounds crazy, but maybe not to you. LAUNDRY. ...its an issue. At the laundry mat, i pick up bugs. they are definitely there, especially after dark. the last time I was there, I soaked my clothes an hour then continued to wash and dry, I think at least one of the dryers was infested, because my clothes were immediately infested. I read, use BOUNCE on your site. ill try that. that's my laundry mat delema. If i soak my clothes at home, in the tub, then ring them out here and let them dry here, what happens is when i open the bag, and no matter how careful I am with trying to keep the bugs in the bag or kill them in the water, I get attacked in the interim, and there is reinfestation. Ive sprayed, fogged and everything i can think of in the process to keep it safe, except to just soak the clothes in the bag. i could try that.

I just moved here on the first. its a little studio with a tub and fireplace, no carpet. it looked handleable. my skin has started to 'burn' today, and I just woke up in the middle of the night with itches everywhere. I sleep on a blow up mattress with baby powder on it, and when i look in the mirror now, outlined by baby powder, it looks like I'm covered with a million little scales.

I've fogged this place a lot, and and sprayed it with ammonia, and today I actually fogged it with ammonia. I've got the sinks covered in plastic wrap and the door has plastic bags outlining it, where I thought they were coming in, from the carpeted 2nd level walkway, which i fogged with ammonia twice today. i ordered the triple bug killer today.

just now I woke up itching like crazy, so I sprayed down my mattress with 91% alcohol, as well as the floor around it. well, it got worse/ it makes them mad, like messing with a hornets next ...until finally l opened the drain in the tub and opened the door ... to let them OUT! that's the second time I've trapped them in and gotten attacked for it.

I don't know what to do. I'm spending all this money on an environmental arsenal when i could just go somewhere warm, and live in a place with no walls, and not drive, just have 4 dresses... I don't know how I'm going to win this otherwise. if I knew I could survive the fight without getting attacked at the airport or while flying, I'd go. or I could drive to Florida... i don't know. i have heard of a place that you can check into that's environmentally safe, but that's got to cost a lot. I don't know... "/ ... s...o...s.


thank you... there is really no one else i can tell this to.

Thanks for writing and welcome to the program.
You're in a circle.
You body infects your clothes and your clothes infect you back.
You start to break the circle with the diet and taking the baths.
Consider spraying the bag of clothes with ammonia (maybe spike it with peppermint--about 5 droppers per gallon) as you open it up and then close the bag and let the fumes stay in the bag--no need to soak in water.
After a half hour, just dump the clothes from the bag into the washer and add your disinfectants.
When you place the wet clothes in the dryer, pour about 1/3 cup of ammonia onto your clothes--maybe pour onto a wet towel so there's no chance of the ammonia affecting color.

When you bathe, make sure you're using a disinfectant in your bath water with the debriding soap. Chapter III has many options. I prefer peppermint or lavender drops (20 and 15 respectively). If you don't, the organisms and skin fungus can spread all over your body.

Baby powder is a total waste of effort--it might even feed skin parasites. Better to get diatomaceous earth from or someplace like and dust it in your bedding.

Alcohol is a waste of time. Spray the mattress with ammonia, cover with a sheet, spray the sheet, cover with your covers, and then leave the area for 30 minutes until it evaporates.

pour a tablespoon of ammonia down each drain. You can't let them out of anyplace--they must be disinfected wherever you find them. If you suspect that they are coming through a door or anyplace, dust diatomaceous earth around where you find them.

Moving anyplace without getting out of the circle, will keep you in the circle.

Please read and reread Chapter III--it's lot of information and very detailed.

Dry Skin from Using NG?

Every now and then someone writes me to tell me that NG dries their skin. But, in actuality, I know that NG moisturizes the skin, so how can this be? Answer: Morgellons destroys hair, teeth, and, of course, skin. Sheryl writes,


You mentioned offending ingredients several time what is that?

Also you mention baking soda for toothpaste could you not use regular toothpaste?

The NG soap dries my skin but I'm not going to stop using it. I know you suggest Claudia cream but money right now is a factor do you have members using less expensive cream with success?


I thank Sheryl for taking the time to write her questions.

"In Chapter IV is a list of "Eat" and "Not to eat foods". The not to eat list has a list of offending ingredients to not consume.

Baking soda is recommended to drink twice a day in a glass of water on an empty stomach as part of the Morgellon's protocol. I also recommended to use it in place of regular toothpaste as most regular tooth paste contains flouride

For those who find that NG dries their skin, they usually have layers of skin that have been destroyed by the parasites and as NG cleans the destroyed layer, it starts the process of shedding that destroyed layer of skin so until the destroyed skin is shed, it's dry.

Any of our creams will definitely help. Everyone finds their favorite by trial and error."

Claudia's Pain

Claudia has three products in our on-line store:
► Dream Cream with lavender has been an old stand-by for a long time.
► Insect Repellent & Collongue
► Claudia's Blue RX EO Oil 10 ml which is her newest product.

One lady writes about her experience and how she used the oil--it is not specific to skin parasites although it can help with skin discomfort associated with itching and biting.
"Dear Claudia,

I just have to thank you for creating your Blue Healing Essential Oil. I am due to have foot surgery and have been in unbearable pain. I never imagined essential oils could give me so much relief but your Blue Healing Essential Oil has done just that! I am so grateful to you for creating this magic combination of essential oils to help get me through this difficult and painful time! God Bless you Claudia for caring so much to have created such a potent blend of healing essential oils that have helped me so very much.

In deepest Gratitude,
Jane P"

The oil is available for a limited time at a 25% discount. And, of course, legally we must tell you that your individual results may differ from the testimonial.

Success is So Sweeeet

I'm doing so well. What I figured out was my clothes were not getting clean enough. Now I'm putting ammonia in the dryer as well as the washer and boom! I'm doing great. I'm also using NG laundry detergent along with regular detergent. I am still on doxepin 100mg and ORAP twice a day, but I am really doing well. It took me a year and a half from the time I got reinfected from my sisters house to get better. I also swear by super MSN gel with 3 drops of peppermint oil in it. I am able to eat almost anything now too.
Thought I would share my progress with you.
Thanks for all you do!
God bless you

I'm happy for Carolyn and honored to have participated in her life. Yes, many overlook the dryer and just end up recontaminating clothes that were disinfected in the washer. The hot temperature of the dryer does not kill the parasites. And, some of the newer water saving machines do not like ammonia. Ammonia seems to confuse the sensors so disinfecting the dryer is definitely important. Plus instead of using a cup or more of ammonia in the washer, only a 1/3 or more is needed in the dryer. Just pour the ammonia on a towel or T shirt that will absorb the ammonia.

Notice also that she's using two medications to deal with Collembola, Doxepin and Orap, and thanks to her, she has been instrumental in us finding Dr Su who, instead of, telling her it was in her head read my book and is working with us to help others with these medications. If you want to take advantage of adding one or more medications in the list of meds listed in Chapter VI, and your doctor won't help, please complete the attached questionnaire and return to me; and I'll get the ball rolling for you. She's the second person to write me this week to tell me how much better she's doing with the medications. And, yes, I had one write me last week dealing with both Morgellons and Collembola who has gotten her life back without the medications. Unfortunately, for her, she has other health issues which prevented her from using any of the medications on the list.

No Bath Tub

Do you need a bath tub to get your life back? In my book I say that without a bath tub you're only getting about 20% of the value of Nature's Gift debriding soap. Well, Denise doesn't use a bath tub and she doesn't even use NG. She proved me wrong as she writes, "I find bathing isn't healthy without a filtration system in bathroom shower / 4 bathing. I get more help & rid the fungi with showering. I use a routine series of Xinc, organic coconut oil, dial with lavender, rosemary hips with spearment & castile with neem, cannnobis & several essential oils. Letting sit 4 10 mins at least on my Integumentary System. Therefore the second application is taking the layers of spores off my body. I stay very active exercising & staying in the Word of The Lord & resting in the Spirit.

I did a 5☆ on Amazon Knic. Regarding ur E-book I downloaded & saved in the drive. You've helped me immensely. Peace be with you Knic....Love you & stay safe and blessed."

I thank Denise for taking the time to share her experience. Yes, it would be nice to have a filtration system in the bath tub and it's hard to keep the parasites out of your eyes. However, after reading Denise's experience, my vote would still be to use the bath tub with a disinfectant and then shower off afterwards as I'm simply too lazy to do everything she does. Nevertheless, for those who believe I'm all about marketing our products and who do not have a bath tub, Denise's experience may be very important for you. She has a great point: you can do better with a shower than a tub and if you want, you could use NG along with her shower protocol.

And I thank her for taking the time to give me a 5 star review on Amazon. FYI, the 7th revision to my book is finished and is now provided free with every purchase of products. And when I can figure out how to upload it to a download page, it will be available to everyone for free.

Collembola Forever?

Sheryl asks, "Reading and re-reading your book. Still to this day you can not have vegetable oil, mushrooms or peanuts? Does that mean the Collembola is forever inside of you?

Is it possible to only take showers and not bath to help rid yourself of the bugs?"

My response, "Are mushrooms, peanuts, and vegetable oils something you can't live without? lol
I can have any of them in limited amounts--not on a regular basis--like once every other week if I wanted.

I think baths make it faster and easier to get rid of them, but the most important things are the diet and disinfection.
I don't fully understand how it happens, but it seems that the skin parasites can be dormant in the skin forever.
But, not for everyone as everyone is not as dramatically affected by them.
I hope this helps"

Claudia's Insect Repellent--A new Use.

We introduced Claudia's Pest Repellent a few months ago. While it may not be effective against all mosquitoes, Jessica has found a different use for it. She writes, "Just a note to say how much I like the repellent spray I purchased. I spray it on & under my feet sometimes & inside my shoes when I go out."
Jessica B

It's available in a 4 oz bottle. It's marked down from $20 to $15 and all proceeds are donated by Claudia to our needy program. Click here or go to

I Wish I had Taken This Route Long Ago--Orap

Carolyn finally decided to see if one of the medications in Chapter VI would help so she had an appointment with Dr. Su. Carolyn has been dealing with a mild Morgellons infection and a major issue with Collembola. She has made a lot of progress on my protocol and was pretty much limited to Stage I of the diet. While life was certainly better than before she started the diet, she still had skin discomfort and was hoping for things to be better.

Dr. Su prescribed orap (2 mg morning and 2 mg at night) for Collembola plus low dose Naltrexone which was ordered from a compounding pharmacy for Morgellons.

She was concerned about starting as such a high dose of Orap so she was started at 1 mg morning and 1 mg at night.

After the first or second day she wrote that she was doing so much better and wondered when she should increase the dosage. I wrote back, "You don't have to increase dosage if you're getting results. Increasing dosage was to get results if the low dose was not producing results. There's nothing wrong with increasing dosage for a few days, but that's up to you.

In fact after a few weeks, you may find that you can drop to one time a day instead of two and eventually to every other day.

Is it also producing results for Morgellons symptoms?"

She replied, "Yes, the symptoms have subsided immensely. What a difference! When I increase dosage, which will be soon, probably in the morning as I am having no adverse reaction, effect will be even much greater. Wish I had taken this route long ago.

Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping me with the medicine. I am feeling so much better. Your help is more greatly appreciated than I can say. I see light in the tunnel."


Regarding the questions about Morgellons she replied that she could not tell as she has had no new Morgellons related reactions since she was on the diet. She also wanted to know about when she could advance to Stage II of the diet.

She also noted that with Orap: "I still have some movement and attempted biting. It's like they try, but are inhibited."

I thanked for for writing back and informed her that she can start testing the foods on Stage II right away and that her diet should improve dramatically over the next month or so. I can say that her experience is very much like my experience was: In the beginning, Collembola is there, but they seem to be inhibited and within a week or so, they don't even seem to be there, as long as you don't get reinfected from the environment.

If you want to add one of these medications to your protocol, return this email along with the attached questionnaire completed and request to contact Dr. Su. I will forward you the protocol. I don't recommend these medications unless you are strict with the diet and on the protocol of recommended supplements. And of course, legally I must advise you to check with your doctor about the diet taking the supplements I recommend

Once you verify that you're on the diet and using the recommended protocol, you'll be given access to Dr. Su. He will send you a medical history questionnaire and then schedule a phone appointment with you. His fee is $150 for one half hour and it's not covered by insurance.

I've Been Diagnosed With Lyme Disease, Now What?

"Mr Richard I think I told you they tested me for Lyme and all my test came back positive for it. But none of the antibiotics they give me r working so they want to put me a port under my arm and me go back and forth to the hospital for the antibiotics through the port.I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so depressed with all this. Please help me. I just read your email about the Garcillin and about your book".

Thanks for writing.
I'm not a doctor so I can not prescribe any treatment.
However, I'd suggest you research my protocol for Lyme, decide for yourself and then ask you doctor if there would be any contraindication in you following through with it.
My protocol for Lyme is simple:
1. The King Diet--stage I until symptoms diminish
2. Garcillin antibiotic (we now have an even more powerful formulation of Garcillin--we call it Garcillin II), but start on the regular Garcillin and then advance to Garcillin II
3. MaxOne glutathione accelerator

Garcillin II is so new we don't even have a picture of it yet. It has the same amount of allicin in it that our regular Garcillin has, 300 mg, however, it's particle size is significantly smaller 10 M ppm and that's what makes it more powerful. Where you might need four or five capsules a day of regular Garcillin, you'll only need one capsule a day of Garcillin II. And it's only $5 more for 30 capsules. Click here or go to to order. To minimize detox reactions, I recommend starting with our regular Garcillin and getting up to about 4 capsules per day before advancing to the more powerful Garcillin II.

If you research allicin, you'll find that it's a natural antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal, anti protozoan, and anti parasitic. If you'd like to read more about it, please return this email and request our ebook on it.

Note that quantities of above supplement may need to be higher than the normal recommended dosage for a short period of time. Whatever, you decide medically, my recommendation is to augment it with the above.
linda Shares Some Tips in Getting Her Life Back

Linda is getting her life back, she writes, "Hi Richard,

I finally wrote a review for your book, after so many years. I should have done it years ago. I think I was one who purchased the first edition of your book and then a subsequent edition or two later also. The review has a picture of me from December with my nephew.

Please tell people that we could only make progress with disinfecting our home after we removed all carpets. After that We had installed a glued down flooring that resembled linoleum, but came in planks resembling a wood floor. It looks good. I've seen the same flooring used commercially. Then we really started to make progress, but not until. It started to gradually get our life back after that change. I used dilute ammonia (commercial ammonia from Ace Hardware) 4 parts water to one part ammonia or Windex on walls and floor daily. I also purchased a steam press made by Singer and steam pressed all clothing, sheets and bedding every single day. That was exhausting but it felt necessary. We've had our lives back for quite a few years now. My husband has no symptoms for years now and mine are slight only. I keep working on becoming 100% cured even after so many years. I believe my issues are Collembola and Morgellons both.

Best wishes to you! And thank you for all you have done and continue to do for all of us.

Thank you so so much.
Reading from you makes my day. I'm so happy for you as having your life back is an incredible feat even with everything we know about diet, disinfection, and so on. Maybe one day a discovery will be made to make it easier and faster, but at least it works.

I'm honored to have participated in your life and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the review.
I'll share your note in an update. It inspires others who are new to the program to see that it works--thanks again.

Notice that she had to remove her carpets. This is not necessarily a given for everyone. It's a case by case basis, but some do have to dispose of the carpet. I'd say that if your carpet is several years old, it's probably a good first approach. Chapter III of my book has a section on how to disinfect carpets.

Note that she also uses ammonia from the hardware store, janitorial grade, which is about ten times stronger than the ammonia you find in most grocery stores. So, if she diluted it four times, it's still more than 3 times stronger than that which you'll find in the grocery store (laundry grade). If you go to and search for "janitorial", you'll find an update about it.

A few days later she wrote, Just one more praise... I bought the debriding soap for the first time a few days ago. I shampooed my hair as directed. I then took some of the debriding soap full strength, maybe 3 drops, since the drops were dripping down side of the bottle a bit from pouring cap full of soap into my shampoo. I rubbed my face with those few drops somewhat vigorously for maybe 30 seconds. I wish I'd taken a picture of all the debris and fibers I got off my face. I will never be without the soap again. Nothing has ever taken debris off like this. That's a fact.

Isn't this amazing. Even after Linda is minimally affected by Morgellons, she used Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap for the first time on her face and it cleaned her skin even deeper than ever before. Unknowingly she discovered even another way of using the debriding soap--a few drops of full strength debriding soap rubbed vigorously for about 30 seconds into the skin. So if you're like her and have been in my program for a long long time and haven't yet tried out the debriding soap, don't you think it's time to do so? See below on how you can save 5-to-10 percent on your purchase of it.

Please I Need Help

Unfortunately, I get emails from needy people with stories, like the following, almost every day. We have three angels and could use dozens of angels. Marlena, writes,

Hi Richard, "I am a 3 year clear case of whatever we, as sufferers, victims, call this terrible medical issue. My son and i are domestic abuse survivors, barely surviving, shelters, food banks, old friends sofa's from Montana to Florida and many in between. My now 5 year old son, has a minuscule amount of symptoms that with your soap and extra vitamins, disappear. I, on the other hand, after suicide contemplation, finally see I too can be healed. I am educated with backgrounds in real estate, medical field, and law. A sober mom and a germ a phobe and don't want to die like this. But, seems I must suffer unless I have money, (I've spent $300 with you Richard and thousands in between), in which I do not. My domestic circumstances have lead me near homelessness, all while and because of these mites, fungi, resistant strains of whatever my weakened immune system and no education regarding this potentially life sucking disease has invaded my body with. My question is, how do I rid myself without having a penny, unable to work, and being a single, struggling mom? If your sensible compassionate reply is, "community help," wrong answer. Oh, and yes I follow diet because I am dying on lemon water.


Hi Marlena,
It's terrible.
I get stories like yours almost every day.
While many believe that they need products to get better, that's not 100% true. You can make a lot of progress with the diet and effective disinfection. The key is to not make any mistakes with the diet, and be effective at disinfection.

Every dietary mistake will cost you 2-3 days of progress. Overlook disinfecting one thing and you'll get reinfected costing you days of progress. Taking as many as three hot baths a day with a disinfectant like peppermint (least expensive) also helps. But you can use vinegar, peroxide, bleach, pool shock, MMS, and so on as disinfectants.

I attached the book if you don't already have it. And if you can, talk you doctor into prescribing one of the medications, like Abilify for depression or Doxepin for anxiety, listed in Chapter VI--all the better. They often help reduce parasite symptoms dramatically.

This plan should get you to the point where you can get employed and then afford products that will accelerate your progress.

She's Got Collembola and Maybe Mites

Received an email from a newbee to the program. Her name is Sheryl and her questions are in blue and my comments and answers are in green.

First of all, are you on the diet? It's very very important

Finally purchased NG soap. I'm still gun shy about baths after getting burned by the peppermint oil. I've read you talking about the wipes but how to you make them using the soap? Body wipe is a term that simply describes the diluted NG that you make by adding about 30 drops to 4 ounces of water that you put in the empty bottle with a spray head. So you spray it on or apply with your finger tips--that's the body wipe.
Yes, it is a challenge to have sufficient disinfectant to destroy the organisms, but not too much to irritate your skin. If you skin is sensitive, you can experiment with the other disinfectants like Epson Salts, Borax, peroxide, vinegar, lavender, MMS (miracle mineral supplement), and so on.

Also when you went through your ordeal did you a good days and bad days? Yes,

Did it at times feel like you were being attacked by hundreds of the bugs?
Read Chapter III. Are you using diatomaceous earth or an ozone generator. There was an update about two weeks ago about ozone. The updates are at Just scroll back a few weeks to find it. It seems that you're dealing with mites. If you complete the attached questionnaire I can provide you more insights as to whether Morgellons or Collembola might also be involved.

My sores seem to be healing but the bugs won't leave me alone. We've tried to get them out of our home but no luck. Do you think removing our carpet and laying down laminate or vinyl might help? I'm afraid to use the insecticide because my son has a chronic illness, do you suggest another way to control the surroundings? The pronto you mentioned is this bed bug spray?

The Pronto is a bed bug pesticide that was reported to work for some strains of Collembola. I think that the ozone approach is better if you use the listed precautions.

Hope this helps

She returned the questionnaire and it was evident that she had a very light case of Morgellons, a serious infestation of Collembola, a limited amount of skin fungus and strong possibility of mites. In answer to the question about what she was eating, she responded, "For breakfast I eat a cheese sausage croissant or a cheese & meat snack dish. Lunch either sushi, wendys hamburger or chipotles. Dinner, meat ( beef, pork, chicken) potatoes and a veggie. Snack on chip sometimes. No pop or coffee. I only drink water or cranberry juice no sugar or tart cherry juice."

And of course, the diet is paramount and I pointed out that most of what she was eating is feeding Collembola. And, of course I provided her a detailed specific protocol just for her like I do for everyone who completes the questionnaire.

Danger using Concentrated NG??

Sharie wrote the following expressing concern about having lost a big glob from her right eyebrow. She was concerned that the concentrated debriding soap may have caused it. She writes, "There is a lot I want to write to you about. One is I am ever happy that the book with diet info is now free. What I want to mention, besides being grateful for your NG soap, having gone through 5 bottles so far, is that there is a danger when using it full strength on certain kinds of infections. I had a bad nodule, gooey and thick and under my skin as well as protruding on my right eyebrow. As I had done many times, as per your suggestion that you can use full strength on troubled areas, I put it on this gooey glob and what happened was it all came off, a big glob, the whole thing, right there in the shower. And with it I also lost the right half of my eyebrow hairs, right to the root. This was months ago now, and it is not growing back. The buggers had a hold of my skin deep as the roots of the hair, so its gone. (I have been suffering intense with this Morgellons thing, and gladly and luckily, this is the only major disfiguring I experienced so far.) Thanks again, and please pass along to be careful with what level of rash or legion one has when using full strength. Thank you!!

Thanks for your note.
You're the first to share this type of experience.

One thing for certain: the debriding soap in concentrated or diluted form does not affect healthy cells. The fact that you lost that glob was because it was already destroyed and, the debriding soap cleaned it from healthy cells. I have no idea why it's not growing back, but it's not because of the debriding soap.

FYI, the debriding soap has been used on gangrene, It cleans out the dead cells, but when the damage has been bad, the cells do not grow back.

I hope this makes sense.

Yes, Morgellons can disfigure and destroy healthy cells. It even destroys your gums that support your teeth. The debriding soap in either concentrated or diluted form, removes debris (dead cells) and cleans wounds. It does not disfigure.

Removing Debris from Your Skin

Yesterday I passed along Linda's experience. Remember she is new to the program and had not yet used the debriding soap. She shared the following describing how she had been removing debris.

I have found that the only way I can get these under control is to remove the nodules (scalpel), clean out and irrigate them as best I can. Once all the "stuff" is out of these, they clear up remarkably quickly. However this treatment is not for the squeamish and did lead to the diagnosis of nutcase by many of the docs I saw.

The two nodules on my scalp that started this entire thing off have remained on my scalp since 2014. I finally shaved those areas of my hair and removed and irrigated those as well. You wouldn't believe (yes, you likely would) what came out of them.

I kept telling people, this is not my scalp....I could feel that there was a layer of debris there. I used salycylic acid to remove the debris. This took months and months and is actually an ongoing process. I was only then able to open these up and irrigate and treat them.

My response back to her about this was, "Generally, once you're on the diet and using our debriding soap, creams and Super MSM gel, its not important to remove the debris as you have been doing."

Today, she wrote me, "Thanks. I found that out. Used the debriding soap this morning and amazed. It softened skin and stuff came off. I will definitely order other product. Thanks!"

What more can I say about Nature's Gift�. She said it all!

What's the Problem Mixing Protocols

Hi Richard,

I received the debriding soap and plan to start using it, and start the diet, on Monday. I enjoy my 2 glasses or wine a night and will miss that. It's a de-stressor for me. I will try alternate methods for that.

I began this journey in 2014. Won't go on and on, but it started in rural Iowa where my husband and I moved for work. We owned an over 100 year old farm home there which prior to this time had visited for short periods of time in the summer months. The house was moldy and buggy. Fly issues.

I contracted what my doctor said was ringworm on my scalp. I also had removed hair color from my hair by bleaching several times.

I then was moving some moldy bales of hay and got pretty much covered by and inhaled dust and mold. I worked in our garden a great deal, as well, and had long hair at the time which I wore pulled up on the top crown of my head.

I began to develop nodules on my scalp, neck,and upper back.

I saw 8 doctors, two dermatologists, two internal med docs, and general practitioners. I traveled to U of Iowa hospital and to U of Miami dermatology department.

I was diagnosed with bacterial infection, despite negative culture, eczema, dermatitis. Otherwise pretty much told I was nuts. None of the meds for any of these conditions helped in the least. Some made it worse.

The only people who ever seemed to believe me but were not qualified to deal with this was on nurse practitioner (referred me to internal med doc) and one lay person I saw at the beginning who was a lice removal person (said, you don't have lice but you have tiny black dots all over the top or your scalp), and my hairdresser who told me, something is eating your hair and thereafter would not have me as a client.

I tried everything under the sun on my scalp. Nothing worked. It then began to spread to my neck and upper back.

I do believe I got rid of the fungal issue with a fungal med that I had my brother bring me from Asia, where he was living at the time.

I believe I have had a fungal issue and various types of bugs. I do know springtails is one as I can see them and know what they are.

I have found that the only way I can get these under control is to remove the nodules (scalpel), clean out and irrigate them as best I can. Once all the "stuff" is out of these, they clear up remarkably quickly. However this treatment is not for the squeamish and did lead to the diagnosis of nutcase by many of the docs I saw.

The two nodules on my scalp that started this entire thing off have remained on my scalp since 2014. I finally shaved those areas of my hair and removed and irrigated those as well. You wouldn't believe (yes, you likely would) what came out of them.

I kept telling people, this is not my scalp....I could feel that there was a layer of debris there. I used salycylic acid to remove the debris. This took months and months and is actually an ongoing process. I was only then able to open these up and irrigate and treat them.

I use iodine, alcohol, or salt to ward off bacterial infection.

Once the debris is removed and the nodules cleared out (which can take months), I use turpentine which seems to kill off the stuff for the most part.

This is all only control and nothing has gotten rid of this entirely, only holds it at bay.

My major find was that no matter what I used, it wasn't going to work as long as I had the debris, whatever it is, covering my scalp or skin.

So I had to exfoliate like mad and clean and irrigate.

For the environment - we moved back to our desert hometown and sold the house in Iowa. I vacuum daily and spray down and clean with a pine cleaner I buy at the $ store. I did use cedarcide spray which seemed to help a great deal but simply can't afford it in the quantity I require. The Pine Glo seems to do the job. I also own a carpet cleaner, so use it every month on the carpets in our present rental. I got rid of cloth furniture, got rid of old clothes and shoes. I boiled all of my jewelry and store it in borax. I boil anything I wear from the waist up and iron as much as possible (I hate ironing).

I found the cheapest thing for bathroom control is to pour boiling water down drains and use the pine cleaner.

I bathe using either salt, or bleach. I use pool shock bleach and it does seem to help considerably.

I don't allow anyone close to me to use towels or clothing or hairbrushes. I have my own bathroom.

This stuff is definitely cyclical. In the past, I would use something and think, oh, this is working!! But what I found is that I was only in the down time of the cycle and nodules would reappear with about 3-4 weeks.

At this point, I want to start the debriding soap on Monday, and your King diet. I do believe this is internal and that only diet and tackling the internal aspect of this will help further.

I want to buy the anti-chitin med you sell when able.

I have read and read and the chitin issue was something I looked at some months back but was at a loss as to what would handle that.

I want to thank you for your help. Your book is definitely the most accurate description of this issue that I have read over the past several years. I have read medical reports and tried to stay off of most blogs. I called Mayo Clinic a few years ago and they thought I was crazy, as do most doctors.

I have a Master's Degree and I am not a nut.

My only question is that though you say your protocol is not the only one, you did suggest in one letter I read that mixing protocols will not work. So perhaps you could clarify that issue?

Again, thank you for your help and contribution to this crazy issue.



"Thank you for writing, Linda.

I'm surprised that the Pine Cleaner is sufficient. Most people need to use ammonia or the triple pesticide to get a handle on Collembola.
The cyclical thing is typical and I don't believe it will change until your go on the King Diet�, it's very strict. If you haven't completed the attached questionnaire, please do so to see if Morgellons might also be an possible issue.

I do not suggest mixing protocols for two reasons: First, you'll have questions and I'm here to answer them. If you're having trouble getting your life back, I don't know enough or have experience with the products on the other protocols to provide an intelligent answer. Result: you'll be in never never land.
Secondly, and most important, I often find ingredients in other products that feed the skin parasites so I even wonder about the experience of those who create the other protocols. Seems that most of them are guess work. They try to apply what they know about internal parasites such as nematodes to skin parasites. For instance, they invariably suggest products with worm wood or black walnut hull. While both are good for dealing with Morgellons, they feed Collembola.

Also, as a destressor, consider one or more of my stress management CD programs at and if you're dealing with depression or have trouble sleeping, they are discounted at plus if you're only dealing with Collembola, you can have white wine in stage II of the diet.

And, if you have found my book helpful or enlightening in getting your life back, I would greatly appreciate it very much if you took ten minutes to write a review and give me a 5 star rating for my book on Amazon. Click here or go to

Just scroll to the very bottom of the page where you'll find a link to write a review.

I'm honored that you chose me to participate in getting your life back."

Note that she has gone to extreme to remove the debris from her skin and uses turpentine. I do not recommend this approach. The diet and use of the debriding soap and any of our creams or Super MSM gel is generally sufficient.

Living in an Apartment

Leah writes,

"I live in a large HUD building. I am infected with Morg/Springtails/Bird mites over 7 years ago and brought it here almost 5 years ago.

I suffer with depression and anxiety and did not know how to deal with above until very recently.

I have triple pesticide, Pronto and DE. My concern is my building will not deal with this other than to treat as bed bugs and I may be evicted. I am a senior and would have no affordable option.

Can the disinfection be done by me without treating the heating duct?

I plan on purchasing your debriding soap and the MaxOne as soon as I can afford it. My friends are praising both.

I appreciate your book and your time.

Thank you."


"Thanks for writing.

If you don't have access to the heating ducts, you can put a filter over the heating ducts coming into your space. It might be a good idea to disinfect the filter every couple or so days by spraying it with ammonia. Turn down your thermostat so the heat is not coming into your space and then spray the filter. Turn the thermostat up after about 30 minutes--enough time for the ammonia to evaporate.

Regarding depression and anxiety, please consider my Over Come Depression CD Program available in the online store at"

I'm Not Getting Better

Unfortunately, not everyone who reads my book and uses the debriding soap gets their lives back. Sonya is one of those people. As I read her letter, I see that she's been doing a lot of things and one big thing she's doing is that she's mixing my protocol with others. I caution against anyone doing this. However, I'm surprised that she didn't have improvement from the King Diet�, but then, many believe that they follow the diet, but when I have them keep a diary for a few days, we find lots of mistakes. So, maybe Sonya is and maybe she is not following the diet. One little mistake with the diet costs days of progress. She writes,

"Hello, I just wanted to take the time to write and see if there was ANYTHING ELSE or ANYONE ELSE I could possibly see regarding my condition (skin parasites). I've followed the King Diet for months now and used the debriding soap. NOTHING IS WORKING AT ALL. I've used/taken (since March 2014 when it started AND IT'S GOING ON 3 YEARS):

Your debriding soap/peppermint oil

Permithren cream

Malathion lotion (2 bottles - discontinued - cost $100 per bottle)


Antifungal creams (triamcinolone, Nystantin)

Eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil

Oatmeal baths


Hot baths/cold baths

Long showers

Sulfur soap bars

I have literally spend over $5,000 trying to get rid of these things and I JUST CANNOT. Now I am on antidepressants (trazodone) to help me sleep at night and not be so anxious.

The itching is terrible just a few times a month. I must correct, in your questionnaire that you sent me approximately 6 months ago, I said that I had skin burning. That is NOT correct. I do not. My skin does get irritated at times from using all the above products.

The problem is that I've run out of money and to further complicate things, I've recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the tender age of 46 (and now 49 so it's advanced). I cannot tell whether the arthritis is flaring up (stabbing sharp pains) or if my particular skin parasite is the culprit. They seem to LOVE to sting right in the joint area and it is very painful.

I have the type of bug that you describe in your book as "percolating" sounding. I've seen these up close. Some of these bugs are white fuzzy balls/strands that can appear to look like lint, and then there's the other two. One appears to be gnat looking thing with a stinger on it, and the others look like a pincher bug. These bugs are translucent/transparent, so are very hard to see and can be seen best in dim lighting I have observed. They make a popping sound and bounce off walls, furniture, especially electrical appliances. The sensation that I've stuck my finger in a light socket when I swat (which is punishment). I've never in my life have seen anything like this. They work as a unit or in swarms. Bath time should be the best time to sooth this terrible pestilence. No! Sitting in the tub they dive in down under my thighs at the bottom of the tub and secrete this oily thick stuff and when I move my legs in the water, it feels like egg yolk stuck to my wave and cocooned within it are the bugs. I am just frustrated. I've cut my hair so short - it doesn't matter they still seem to favor the crown of my head, back behind the ears, over the top of the ears and around the hairline.

I've been to 7 DIFFERENT DERMATOLOGISTS and every single time I've gotten handed a psych referral. NO ONE WILL HELP. There is a website that I believe you may have heard of or should check out.

There are many sufferers on there but I have found quite a few that have the exact same symptoms as I do and are also at their wits end.

Is there not a doctor that I can see (that you may have connections with - who will actually believe me) and offer some other type of help other than what I had been prescribed/taking above? Also I found a lot of other helpful things on your site, but again it's costly to buy/maintain the products so the symptoms will go away. Is there sponsoring for those who cannot afford to buy the products perhaps?

It is going on 3 years now. I cannot stand a minute longer of this. I am moving for the 4x. Steam cleaning carpets, treating the air with an HEPA air filter is also not working. For some reason, I live in a household with 2 other people. NO ONE has the symptoms except me.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP. I used to have 1 day out of the week where these things would lie dormant and I could get a rest/break from swatting, crawling sensation, etc. but those days ARE LONG gone. Every day is hell!


My response, "Many of the things you've done, I don't recommend. In fact the only things you've done that I recommend are the diet, debriding soap and peppermint. And, while there's nothing wrong with eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, oatmeal baths, borax/bleach, hot baths/cold baths, long showers, and sulfur soap bars, many are disinfectant options that can be use with peppermint or as an option to peppermint. .

The permithren cream and malathion lotion can be toxic. Ivermectin, at best, is a status quo medication--you don't get better with it. And the antifungal creams are useless if you don't actually have skin fungus. which you discovered you don't. It's a challenge to find the right balance of disinfectant to use that is strong enough to kill the organisms but not too strong as to irritate your skin.

Please keep an eating diary for three days. Write down everything you eat and drink along with times. And, a half hour after you eat, write down how you feel in terms of symptoms. Give yourself a 6 for unbearable and a 0 for no symptoms or anything in between. Assuming you're not making any mistakes on the diet,
What are you doing to disinfect your surroundings?
Are you using lufenuron?
are you taking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water twice a day on empty stomach?
are you taking 3 drops of food grade peroxide twice a day in glass of water on empty stomach? twenty minutes apart from the baking soda?
are you using diatomaceous earth in your surroundings?
are you taking food grade diatomaceous earth internally?
how many baths a day are you taking?
have you used any of the supplements:
multi vitamin?
MSM caps
enzymes plus probiotics?
Have you used super MSM gel on your skin?

Trazodone is not one of the medications that have been said to help with skin parasites. We do have a doctor, Dr. Su, who can help you find a medication that will help with both depression or anxiety and skin parasites.
Regarding arthritis, I suggest you look into boosting glutathione for both the arthritis and skin parasites.

I thank Sonya for writing and hopefully the eating diary will shed some light on where she's making mistakes or what food is not good for her (even though it might be on the OK list of the diet)

Is the Soap Nanosized?

Nathan inquired about the technical aspects of the debriding soap. He asks, "Does the soap have nano particles in it?. I read that angstroms are nano sized, so the angstrons that are in the soap are these naturally occurring sized particles?."

Answer: Angstrom is smaller than nano. There are ten angstroms in a nano meter. The particles are carbon atoms, so it's liquid carbon.

He writes back with another question: So are these sized particles in your product man made or naturally occurring?

Answer: Through a proprietary process, that I'm not privy to, utilizing corn extracts, oats, rice, and natural alcohol (not from synthesis) the end result is liquid carbon. it has no gmo's, no chemical compounds, nothing but pure carbon atoms and nitrogen. It bears the USDA insignia certifying that it's totally made from renewable sources.
6 angstroms is the particle size which is the size of a carbon atom.

You could say they are synthesized like you can have a synthetic diamond (not cubic zirconia). The chemical composition is exactly the same--carbon.

This new chemistry is used to create particles slightly larger than angstroms. Angstroms are the tiniest particles of physical matter known to science. If reduced any further, according to Einstein the physical matter reverts to energy. A study of quantum mechanics can explain more. These particles are created in a process in which processed liquid extracts of natural plants are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences. The extracts become transformed into tiny new particles, described as "angstroms."

Is the Diet That Crucial

I can't tell you how many people read Chapter IV about the diet and come away with the impression that the diet is just getting rid of sugar, or just getting rid of gluten, or just getting rid of soy, or just getting rid of carbs, or just an anti Candidia Albicans diet, or just a general diet. And invariably they make little if any progress in getting their lives back.

So, is the diet critical? Answer: Yes, in the beginning, it is super critical, and it's amazing how precise it is. Make just one mistake and you lose up to three days of progress. One little tic tac breadth mint or just one piece of chewing gum and you lose several days. Forget to read the ingredients and consume something with diglycerides and you lose up to three days of progress. Eat out and have marinated prime rib and you might lose a week of progress. Eat a can of tuna in oil and lose a week of progress. Forget to question your waitress/waiter about whether they use real or a butter blend and lose days of progress.

In other words, it so so easy to make mistakes and if you don't take the diet seriously or just think it's a guide of some sort, you simply won't make any progress.

And if you are dealing with both Morgellons and Collembola, then Stage I of the diet is super super critical and limiting. So read and re read the diet. Take a copy of it to the grocery store.

And, if you can get your doctor to prescribe one of the medications in Chapter VI, then you'll most likely notice the diet becoming more flexible.

Many Make a Common Mistake

Let's get off to a good start in 2017 regardless of your political view.
I often get emails from those who are destitute and lost everything saying, "I'm broke, I can't afford your products," or I occasionally get emails telling me that the products are too expensive. The latter is often from those who haven't tried the products. But, regardless, if you're under the impression that you need my products or any one's products to get your life back, then you really didn't read my book. I got my life back with diet and disinfection. Products of any sort were a waste of money and time and I tried a lot of different things. In fact, long before I discovered the debriding soap, I had sold over 5000 copies of my book and that was all that was necessary for people to get their lives back--diet and disinfection.

But, I believe so many are of a mistaken belief: They must buy something in order to get better. Maybe I should go back to selling my e-book for $19.95 instead of giving it away. Yes, the book is worth hundreds of dollars and I now give it away, but don't for a minute believe that because it's free it has no value. It is the first book of it's kind and the diet and disinfection instructions are all you really need to get your life back.

What about the products? Answer: they are accelerators and help make life better faster. So, to those who have lost their homes and careers, here's what I suggest: Do the diet and disinfect your surroundings. If you're dealing with Morgellons, then research the value of drinking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water twice a day on an empty stomach. Take baths too--three per day. I used to take hot baths with Epson Salts and Borax (expensive). So get our peppermint (2 oz for only $10 and it will last you over a month instead of Borax and Epson Salts). You'll be able to get a job in a couple months or less and can then afford to accelerate the progress with some of our other products. If you don't use debriding soap in your bath, 4 oz of it will last you over a month as a body wipe to help getting from one bath to the next.

And if you can convince your doctor to prescribe one of the medications listed in chapter VI for you, all the better for you.

And if you are going to use products to accelerate your recovery, please use mine. I've invested a lot of time to find supplements that are compatible with the diet and also produce results for the least expenditure. With regard to creams and soaps, I believe we have the best creams and soaps in the world for dealing with skin parasites.

But more importantly remember that while the internet is free for you, it is not free for us. We pay Google $500 every three or four days so you could find us. Obviously, we have to recover that money from the products we sell in order for others to find us. Google does not give us a discount for trying to help people who are suffering. Every time someone clicks on our Google ad, we pay. It would be nice that if everyone who clicked were serious about our services, but in reality, only one out of fifteen or so go on to ask for my free book and then only one out of four actually place an order. The strange thing is that these numbers are considered pretty good meaning a lot of people just click for a quick look at something whether really interested or not and we pay to satisfy their curiosity.

This press Release Answers Any Questons About Mayo Clinic

Sandra sent me this 2015 press release about Joni Mitchell that you might want to read. If you've been wondering about the Mayo Clinic, you'll see in this news release dated April 2015 why you won't get any satisfaction from Mayo, As stated in the release, "the Mayo Clinic, concluded this way: 'Although patients are convinced that their skin is infested with parasites or inanimate material," skin biopsies and specimen analyses turned up no evidence of infestation. The patients were probably suffering from delusional parasitosis � or the false belief that one is infected with parasites � the researchers determined.'" So, do yourself a favor and don't waste your time or money with the Mayo Clinic.

To access the press release click here or go to


Accelerate Your Progress With MaxOne

Kyle, who has shared what he has learned about ozone treatments of his home for mites, wrote the following as a follow up:

At this point I believe I have a combination of Collembola and Morgellons. I tried the MaxOne and I'm already feeling a difference. It seemed too good to be true like maybe I was imagining some placebic effect. Then I read the article you provided about how the MaxOne can produce results in just days. Between the debriding soap and MaxOne I seem to be improving rather dramatically. With the stepped up ozone treatments, I feel like this thing may come to an end. Thank you for your help. By the way, I have been diagnosed as delusional by my doctor and family.



Again, I thank Kyle for taking the time to share his experiences. Kyle is referring to the MaxOne glutathione accelerator by clicking here or going to to order it. Learn more about it by clicking here or going to
Please note that your individual results may differ. I simply provide his experience as a reminder for you to consider adding MaxOne to your regime.

As a final note, it seems impossible to have skin parasites without being diagnosed as delusional by at least one doctor.


Get the Blazes out of There

There are two basic sources of getting infected with skin parasites:
1. From an external source such as from a friend, bird nest, trying on clothes in a store, and so on.
2. From your home such as from slime mold, rat mites in crawl space, bird nests in attic and so on.

If you bring the skin parasites into your home, you have a great chance of getting them out of your home. However, if they come from your home, your home is sick, and getting your home well can be a challenge. In fact, sometimes, it's easier to "get the blazes out of there," as this lady and her husband did. She writes:

"Hello Richard,
Please do not quote me or use my name.
Whatever this is, its cause is in the environment/air - I have recovered completely simply by moving from a condo in a large polluted city to a lovely house in a clean rural location, far from airports, industry, traffic and EMF. It is very tiresome and not very effective for people to keep trying various (relatively expensive) products when true relief can only be found by avoiding environmental exposure. I realize that not everyone will have easy access to this kind of "cure" (my husband and I are consultants and therefore free to travel), but I thought you might be interested in hearing about my personal experience.
Kind regards."

The first goal is to figure out whether you brought the parasites into your home or whether your home is breeding them. If your home is breeding them, then you need to determine if you can make your home healthy or if you need to move.

Usually, spraying ammonia or fogging with Cedarcide or anything like that is insufficient. This is where you want to dust diatomaceous earth and try the ozone treatment that I had in an update a couple days ago. It seems that the ozone treatment must be done practically on a daily basis to have the best chance of it producing results. And there's also the triple pesticide you'll find in Chapter III. Outside, you need to use something like Bifen granules or one of the insecticides listed in Chapter III.

Unfortunately, the option of moving is not practical for everyone. Many are stuck living where they are because they can't afford to lose their rental security deposit. And unfortunately, not only is their home sick, but the surroundings outside are sick which makes it really difficult to get one's life back.

A Use for Fresh Coffee Grinds

"I wanted to share what has been extremely helpful for me in this battle. I discovered, by accident, that ground, caffeinated coffee (in a bag) works to remove the black specs that cause so much itching and biting. (I use organic ground coffee but I'm not sure if that makes any difference).

What I do is put a very small amount (you don't want to wreck your skin) on my fingers that are wet and put it on my skin where I itch. I gently rub it and then rinse my skin completely off - once I've done that I vigorously massage my skin in that area with my wet hand - you figure out a system - the black specs come out like crazy and the itching is gone.

I always follow this process with the diluted Debriding Soap to keep my skin soft. This is just one step - like you said the diet is so important, adopting a protocol to restore your immune system and your Debriding Bar for the bath has done wonders for me. I'm not sure what I would have done without it. Without the constant itching you start to feel like yourself again.

I hope this simple coffee process helps someone else - I've had many of the same issues that others have or are experiencing but never had open sores - I am 100% better than I was 3 months ago and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you do share this please don't share my name. Thanks."

I thank this lady for taking the time to share her experience and am very happy that she's had dramatic improvement.

Ozone Kills Mites/Cell Phone Tip

This may be exactly the update those dealing with mites might need to read. In my book, I recommend an ozone generator that produces 4,000 mg per hour for cleaning the air in your home. However, I also note that it won't do much for Morgellons or Collembola. How about mites? Kyle has found that it made a significant difference for him in dealing with mites and I'm please to pass along what he has learned.

He also had a problem with his cell phone getting infected. Although, I never had a problem with my cell phone and no one else has reported issues, he has and shares his experience in solving it. I presume his phone was infected with mites.

Thank you for shipping my order so quickly. Here are a couple tips for sufferers that have helped me.

First of all my cell phones have been infested (in the past) to the point of having to throw them out. I now keep my Samsung Smartphone in a pint sized, ziploc freezer bag with one old fashioned mothball. I change the bag daily and wipe the phone once a day lightly with alcohol. I no longer have any issues with my phone. I can even text through the plastic without having to open the bag. Much cheaper than replacing phones so often.

I have also begun using ozonators in my home and car. According to my research from an official scientific study, ozone must be produced at the rate of 400 milligrams per minute to kill mites and other pests. This translates to 24,000 milligrams per hour. Therefore a unit that produces this amount or more should be sufficient. There are models that can produce 40,000 mg per hour but they are a bit expensive ($675-$750).

A company called ForeverOzone sells a 20,000 mg model for $100 and that includes shipping, a timer, and a wall adapter. Right now I have a 10,000 and a 20,000 mg model operating in my home. I would suggest at least four hours per day. I have only been using the 10,000 model until a couple days ago and noticed a huge difference. One thing to note is that you need to buy a box fan to put in front of the ozonator to circulate the ozone. And most importantly, you must vacate the premises as ozone is poisonous. When the unit shuts off, the ozone immediately begins to revert to breathable oxygen. When you return home, it's good to open a few windows for a bit to air out the house completely. This method saves a lot of work sanitizing the house and it also kills bacteria and mold. Once a day, set it and forget it. What a relief! This can also be done in the car but only for 30 minutes to an hour.

Thanks again.



Forty thousand mg per hour is ten times higher than the ozone generator that I recommend in my book. The unit he recommends produces 20,000 mg/hr and is available is at They recommend that the ozone plates be cleaned after each use to keep up the efficiency of the unit and Kyle recommends using a box fan in front of the unit to circulate the ozone. They claim that the unit kills dust mites and Kyle has found that it kills the organisms he was dealing with.

If you try the ozone generator, let me know how it works for you and whether you used it for mites, Collembola, or Morgellons. Make sure you read and reread his recommendations regarding airing out your home as ozone is toxic.

However, note that it will also destroy most electrical things, damaging the plastic coating on the electrical cords. One fellow ruined his car with ozone. The whole electrical system went bad. All the plastics in the car started cracking due to ozone damage. It�s dangerous to breathe, or get on your skin at a high level of ozone. It also damages synthetic fabrics and rubber.

And above all, remember to keep your pets from the area being treated with ozone.

The Nail Warning

 Here's an email I just received today. You may find her suggestions interesting and valuable.


"Thank you so much for all you do to help us. I too got into all bad foods around the holidays and could tell a big difference in the itching, biting going on, worse than before. (even though I had not totally stopped itching)

I've not been able to afford the products yet; I have been trying to use alternatives until I can get the NG soap. I have no tub to soak but tried a mixture of borax and antibacterial dish soap, rub all over, leave a while then shower off (not perfect but have to deal with what we have) I now have some diatomaceous earth (food grade) and will try Debra's mixture...every little bit helps. (She's referring to my most recent update where Debra shared that she made a mixture with a lotions, diatomaceous earth, and baking soda. If people keep sharing these homemade concoctions, our on-line store will be out of business lol. )

I do use the borax in my laundry, soak the clothes at least an hour, sometimes overnight. I was doing this all along not realizing it helped with the "bugs" (or "little buddies" as I painfully refer to them) and even though I wasn't following the King's diet, I had eliminated a lot of the foods, carbs etc in an effort to get rid of yeast, candida etc, and to lower my blood sugar (GI).

By diet I had lowered my glucose level to almost normal from a high of 310 when I discovered on my own how high it was. I lost 60 pounds last year and so much else was happening at that time. (my husband was diagnosed with cancer, then died last Dec 8, year ago today)

I had this rash and eruptions for several years but didn't realize it was more than yeast and candida. Now I know it is more than just that (scourge enough in their own right) The doctor I had consulted for the "rash" tested me for MRSA but since it was negative only gave me a 3 day medication; didn't really help, another doctor gave me Nystatin external powder (even though I asked for oral...then she put in my file she had cautioned me not to eat the I was the ignorant one...they DO make an oral Nystatin powder!)

Sorry for rambling on, but you are one of the rare ones who understands! (Lucky you!)

Anyway it occurred to me, I had not seen in your advice on ridding ourselves of these "little buddies" (forgive me if I missed it) something I thought might be helpful; I read in Jordan Rubin's book (the Maker's diet) a protocol to avoid infections by washing ones hands thoroughly and frequently. He advised clipping the nails short and scrubbing the hands and nails with a brush and soap under hot water (for those who purchase your products I'm sure that would be best to use)

Since we tend to scratch and touch ourselves it might be helpful to some if you emphasize the importance of this extra nail cleaning and the clipping short part (my nails tend to grow before I realize it there are condos abundant for the "creatures" to hide). I took a photo magnification of my nails and was surprised at what was under them, as I had scrubbed my nails with a brush just prior to the photo; just wanted you to see it. (under my "clean" nails)

debris under nailis


I thank Juanita for sharing her experience and agree that shortening the nails is a good idea. And, that cleaning under the nails is also a great idea. And the best cleaner that you can use to clean under the nails is Nature's Gift� debriding soap. It will clean deeper and better than any other cleaner.

She's Back On Track

Just after Thanksgiving Debra wrote to tell me how she messed up on the diet and how badly it affected her with activation of the skin parasites. She just wrote me the following:

"A couple weeks ago I reported a terrible relapse after sampling foods at Thanksgiving
I went back to stage one of the king diet
It has taken 10 days but I am back to where I was before Thanksgiving
As I did not have money for the products this month I had to invent something on my own
I used lotion and mixed baking soda and diatomaceous earth and rubbed it all over my body after every bath
For my hair which was the worst I sprayed my hair down every night before bed with NG body wipe then I took a bowl of conditioner mix baking soda and diatomaceous earth into it massage this into my hair then wrapped my head up in saran wrap then dusted the top with more diatomaceous earth before sealing up the wrap. This was my low-cost alternative and it helped a great deal with my hair
I am back on track to getting better and know that the diet is number one.
Hopefully next month I can purchase more products!
Your book has been the help I was looking for for the last two years
Thank you so very much"

I thank Debra for sharing her experience with messing up on the diet how she recovered. I also thank her for passing along the tips on how she managed in a pinch without the creams and products she normally uses.

I can't say it enough--diet, diet, diet is super important and it's strict. However, it's worth it. I remember as a youngster playing a game as I walked on a sidewalk in town. The game was to avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. In other words, as long as I avoided cracks, I was safe. Likewise, you're safe as long as you avoid eating foods or having ingredients on the "do not eat" list.

How Long Does It Take?

Carol asks a question I often get, "How long does it take being on protocol for them to stop emanating from me and making others itch or react to me?

Answer: "A lot of that depends on you
If you're:
►Perfect with the diet, make no mistakes, and don't have to make any adjustments to it
►Make no mistakes disinfecting and don't get reinfected
►Bathe three times a day
you might be in good shape in 10 days or less
But, it's so so easy to make mistakes with the diet and disinfection. Every time you make a mistake, you lose up to 3 or 4 days of progress.

Basically, after those few days, you should be noncontagious right after a bath with the debriding soap and a disinfectant providing you are free of itching and biting sensations. As time passes, after the bath, and you gradually begin experiencing itching and biting, you begin to be contagious. So, it depends on how long you are free of itching and biting after a bath--it could be minutes to hours. The debriding soap is available in 4 oz bottles of 50% concentration for $38 or you can get a larger 9 oz size of 100% concentrate at over 20% discount for $133.50 by going to and going to the Nature's Gift portion of the store. You use 2 cap fulls of the 50% concentrate or 1 cap full of the 100% concentrate in the bath along with the disinfectant of your choice.

Candice Was Surprised to Hear From Me

Sometimes I get emails that provide me inspiration to continue doing what I'm doing. And sometimes I get notes accusing me of being in this all for profit. My answer to them is to send them the book and tell them it's unfortunate that they never wrote me or asked me a question about the King Diet�, or anything about parasites.

Obviously, I prefer the emails that inspire me. Candice wrote me one a few days ago.


I want to thank you so very much for taking time to call me on a Sunday, I didn't really know who you were. I just got a grip yesterday. I want to tell you that when I listened to your message that day I cried. You are the first person who has wanted to help me.

I am following your program, I have ordered the soap and very anxiously waiting for its arrival.

I have my 3 chihuahua on the diet and we can see the difference. it's a struggle to clean the environment. but I'm getting it.

Your a blessing; and why God has led me to you is a miracle. I have perused your Facebook page and I'm with you the GMO'S and water sources. I have signed almost every petition.

If you had not told me to use ammonia, I would never be getting rid of this stuff.

I told you that I left my.home and farm. I was getting so sick and swollen have ran through over $20,000 spraying trying to kill.this stuff. As far as cash goes I depleted it.

I have a 2014 Silverado HD diesel truck that my insurance company just spent over $7,000 on replacing the entire inside. I live in a farming community, so it not unusual for anyone of us to have trucks like that.

I'm one of the lucky ones though, I still have assets to sell and that's exactly what I'm doing -- selling the farm and my home.

I lived in my very modest horse trailer for about a month with no water or restroom, with the dogs.then some friend rented me a winnebago, with no water, I stayed in for another 2 months, then to a hotel for a month, then I bought a camper. which I've been in since August.

I'm thankful I wasn't on the streets

I've been to Mayo clinic, referred to dermatology, they told me to go home. They didn't have any appointments--EVER, Then I went o the Olmstead Clinic , I saw a dermatologist and was going to run a bunch of tests on Friday. Tuesday when I returned, he wouldn't look at me and to.go.home. I was so depressed. I went back to my truck and fell asleep for 5 hours in the parking lot. I was in Minnesota for a.month. getting.these appointments. I'm sure the doctor at the Olmstead clinic knew what I had.

I've been to another dermatologist in St. Louis and she did run tests, biopsy, and is convinced I have cancer and delusional psychosis, and that I am in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) because my 23 year old daughter passed over Sept, 2nd from a heroin overdose that someone gave her. I know what Ptsd

I lost.husband and 6 year old son in 2001 to a house fire and was.left with 4 babies and pot full of debt. and this isn't it. this is normal mourning.

I don't understand why our medical care people don't listen. they rush in the room and out. and take your money. I've been a self pay. I believe this last Doctor if she knows ewe what she was looking at but she doesn't.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you and tell you how much I appreciated your thoughtfulness and kindness."


I thank Candice for taking the time to write. She's been through the wringer and now side swiped with skin parasites. I get many stories like this from many who have already lost everything. Fortunately, she will now have an approach to getting her life back that works and maybe she'll be surprised that she doesn't have to sell her farm.

A Salty Laundry Tip

"Here's a laundry tip. I pour a whole container of salt (cost is 50 to 65 cents/always using the cheapest brand on the shelf) into the rinse cycle of my clothes and let it soak for at least 8 hours but usually a full 24 hours as experience has taught me that there are only two modes for dealing with these little creatures: overkill or regret. I pour it right onto the spun out clothes, let the washer fill, then agitate for 5-10 minutes, stop, and soak. Very easy and effective. I have used both iodized and uniodized salt and the result has seemed to be the same.

It has also had an impact on the dryer and the vent. Several times after opening the hot dryer to check the clothes, there was a strange sensation in the hot air which of course I thought was the bugs. But after closing the dryer the sensation stopped and I went about my business. I think the sensation was caused by the salty air in the dryer, kind of like salty air at the beach. Anyway, I no longer sanitize my dryer as I believe the salt water from the clothes is taking care of it and so far, so good. I have been doing this for about 6 months now and my wardrobe is the only part of my life that truly feels under control. Just sharing.



I thank Kyle tor taking the time to share his experience. I must warn you though that salt can be very corrosive so if you choose to use salt. be wary as to how it might effect your washer and or dryer. In other words, don't write me and tell me that your washer or dryer is ruined because of this update.

Also, with some of the newer washers that have no agitator you can't stop the rinse cycle and let it sit.

Tis the Diet Testing Season

I've said many many times that the King Diet� is crucial to getting your life back; and even when you get your life back, it's still important to be diet wary. Debra wrote the following and I'm passing it along as all the foods of the holidays are soon to be upon us. Notice it took two days before she reacted. In my book I refer to this as the time dilation factor.

Sent from my iPhone hi Richard a story to share
'I was well on my way to recovery showering twice a day no itching crawling doing very well. So I thought at Thanksgiving I would be able to eat a little bit of a variety of different foods.

How wrong I was two days later I was an absolute mess. I am now back to taking a bath three times a day and feel like I have gone backwards two months
The diet is the most important part of healing. Christmas is coming up and I know I will not be able to sample anything yummy such as fruitcake breads rolls cookies candy
I know now it is not worth it.

And to make matters worse my Social Security check went down $450 so I will not be able to purchase any of the products that cleaned my skin so well
I have resorted to Epson salt's with peppermint there is so much debris in the tub after one hour I can't stand to be in it

So please please emphasize to everyone the diet is number one I know you tell us but somehow I don't think everybody believes that I am living proof
Thank you for all your responses and advice'

Anti Psychotics for Skin Parasites?

Part of my protocol for both Morgellons and Collembola is the addition of one or two of several medications which are for the most par known as anti-psychotics:
1.ORAP: 1 mg per day up to 3 mg/day if needed typically used for Tourette syndrome and motor tics
2. Zyprexa: 2.5 mg per day at bed time for up to six months with blood lipids checked after four mos typically used for schizophrenia and bipolar.
3. Doxepin: 10 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for anxiety
4. Abilify: 2 mg per day working up to 7.5 mg per day for 4 months and then back down slowly to 2 mg per day to stop. Typically for depression
5.Zolof: 25 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for depression/panic attack
6. Serequel 30mg typically use for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
7. Lyrica (dosage unknown) typically used for seizures, fibromyalgia, pain from shingles
8.Risperdal: 1 � mg to 2 mg per day (duration unknown) typically used for bipolar, schizophrenia
9.Naltrexone at 3.5 mg at night time typically used for drug addiction
10 Wellbrutrin 5 mg twice daily typically used for depression, ADHD
11. Some have reported that over-the-counter allergy meds may also have the same benefit.
And sometimes, more than one medication is required to produce results.

Joel recently questioned me on this, "Why do you include the anti psychotics?

Always wanted to know. They are not considered antiparasitics. Although this illness is extremely hard on psyche

Thanks again"


My response is, "No, no, they are also antiparasitics--99.9% of doctors just don't know that fact like they know nothing about Morgellons or Collembola. In fact, it's practically impossible to get your physician to prescribe any of these medications for dealing with skin parasites. However, some of these medications are used for anxiety and depression and it's highly likely that anyone affected by Morgellons or Collembola would also suffer from anxiety and or depression. So, at least a couple of the medications can be gotten from your doctor.

The good news is that we have a physician that does work with us and will prescribe medications like orap, low dose Naltrexone, Risperdal, and so on. And even better news is that he will work with you over the phone so you don't have to travel thousands of miles to see him. He charges $150 for the first session and will help you find the best medication to get results. If you are interested, email me and I'll get you the details on how to contact him.

New Mix for Skin

Received this email a couple days ago and thought it good to pass along. I know there are a lot of people beating these parasites, but not many take time to share their experiences as Lisa has.

"Hey Richard. It's Lisa and Rachel. Just wanted to let I know we are doing great. I guess we're in a remission sort of. No symptoms for a while now and it's all because of u and your products. Thank you for giving our lives back. I'd be happy to be a voice for you to others who need help. Take care". Lisa

> Hi Lisa,
> so glad to hear the good news from you. I'm honored to have participated in your lives.
> I remember that while you got your life back fairly quickly, Rachael had a tough time of it.
> I'd appreciate it if you could provide me the details of what she eventually did that made the difference.
> And yes, I always appreciate having a spokesperson--others having a difficult time get inspired from others' success.
> "Hi Richard. I'd love to help you inspire others, I'd be honored. Rachel stayed persistent with the debriefing soap, dream cream, and a couple more of your newest items. She ended up pulling all her hair out, that's where they were the worse on her was in her hair on her head. She took 3 baths a day, we continued to spray the house, rugs and furniture, with deb ridding soap and ammonia and diatomaceous earth and it worked wonders. Baking sofa really helped her in a mixture I made for her which had vitamin e, debriefing soap, baking Soda, peppermint oil. Mix them all and it's great for an itching body anywhere it itches. That was. Biggie for her, that mixture and a lot of prayer. We've been symptom free for about five months and it's great. We still take precautions now. You were a god send Richard, thank you for being in our lives. I'm here to help you in any way to help others. Just let me know. Lisa
> I thank Lisa for sharing more detail. While Rachael, progressed by doing what she did as described above, we can not guarantee the same results for everyone. In other words, your results may vary.

Getting Your Life Back From Morgellons Is Easy!

If you hear anyone promising that getting your life back from Morgellons, Collembola (spring tails), mites, or skin fungus is easy, you know they are either a rip off or selling snake oil. In fact the stark reality is the opposite. It's only easy if you make absolutely no mistakes, but that's practically an impossibility.

For instance, in the beginning, if you make one little dietary mistake (for instance. you have a sample of some food item at Costco), you lose two or three days of progress. You have a piece of most any bread and you've lost two or three days. I could go on almost indefinitely listing possible mistakes (I've made most of them and learned from them)

And let's not forget disinfecting: For instance, you forget to disinfect the inside of your shoes and you get reinfected costing you two or three days of progress. And there are literally 50 different places you might overlook, forget, or skip disinfecting. And, with some strains of Collembola, it may take months to get an article of furniture or an area totally disinfected.

Really, to be successful, you need be a stickler for detail. It's important to read and reread Chapters III and IV. It's important to take the "do not eat list" with you to the grocery store and check the ingredients of everything you buy.

Remember, I know how frustrating this can be. I've been there and done that.

The only good news is that applying the diet and disinfection is a very very large part of the battle. Everything else we have in our on-line store simply helps speed things along.

Will Your Products Help With Parasites or Not?

Tina writes, "Richard, what does this all mean at end of email you sent.
Note: the FDA has not evaluated these statements. This information is for educational purposes only.
This information is in no way considered to be a diagnosis, treatment, or cure for any disease. Please see your physician for diagnosis and treatment. It is to educate you on how to clean your environment and body, and how to improve your general well being?
Is this saying the products & info you offer is not going to help???
Seriously??? I'm at the end of my rope hanging on by a thread. If your products are not going to get rid of these issues...what will they offer someone like me??"

I thank Tina for taking the time to write and ask. I'm sure that if Tina has this question, many others also are wondering what that statement means and why it's there, My response to Tina is, Thanks for writing.

It's simple. It's a disclaimer to protect me from the FDA. Since I am not a doctor I can not claim to treat, mitigate or cure any disease unless I want to get thrown into jail and be useless to everyone. In fact, a fellow who was selling specific enzymes for Morgellons was shut down about two years ago by the FDA and is facing incarceration. Apparently he made mistakes in how he represented his product. Obviously I don't want to make similar mistakes. In fact, I hired an attorney so I could better understand what I could and could not say. I only hope I got it right. The FDA is ALL POWERFUL.

It also means I don't have two or three million dollars for the FDA to test my products. Drug companies spend that much money or more on every product so they can make health claims for their product. And unless I want to risk the FDA throwing me in jail, I can't make claims that any of my products will treat skin parasites. Thus, I must say, "the FDA has not evaluated these statements..."

In fact, anyone who has a product that claims it will treat Morgellons is in violation of FDA laws--unless they spent millions getting the FDA to approve it. And since the CDC does not recognize the existence of Morgellons or any of these skin parasites, then the FDA will not approve any product for the treatment of Morgellons--it's as simple as that.

Legally I can't even tell you that drinking water is good for fighting parasites. Likewise I can not legally tell you to even do the diet. I can tell you to research water, the diet, the products, and supplements and decide for yourself and then I must tell you to ask your doctor as to whether the diet, products, or supplements can be taken by you. Otherwise, the AMA could accuse me of practicing medicine without a license.

I hope this helps. I didn't write the federal laws, I simply must follow them and advise you accordingly.

She wrote back, "Thanks for clearing that up. So sad that Morgellons goes unnoticed and so many are suffering. I have these things in my head that feel like lumps. They extract hair or something & like a seed. But the hair feels like rubber. I believe they are attached to my face. My face has an indented lesion that will not come out. Its like dented inward.. i swear it is attached all the way to my hair line. So much of my hair has fallen out.. i have a huge bald spots all around my hairline.. its so dreadful. I don't go out the door. And haven't gone out in years now. Other than when i MUST. And if i do I wear a baseball hat, sun glasses & scarf.. i hate my life since I truly don't have one anymore. I cant believe this is my life & how this has damaged me. Just Living takes energy & I don't know how much longer I'm willing to live in this torture.
I truly just want to die."

This is the third person this week that has expressed the desire to die. Fortunately, we have a protocol and a coach, Sandra, that can help with scalp and face issues. Yesterday's update showed how to access this information in our blog.

Good Morning

Mornings can be one's worse time--a time where a little boost can mean a lot. Sandra sent me this link. I invite you to go there now and to use it every morning whether you need it or not.

Click here or go to

I thank Samdra for taking the time to share this resource. On another note, she also shared this video about another disease that is highly contagious and manifests itself in itching and lesions--hand, foot, and mouth disease. Click here or go to

I include it for two reasons:
1. some could confuse it on a superficial level with Morgellons
2. It's good to be aware of it.

A Vote for Salt and Vitamin C

Zeljka of Canada, who is dealing with Morgellons writes, "I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help. Salt and vitamin C work like a magic.
Thank you, thank you"

She and I had been communicating about using salt and I had sent her the following from my book.

"They recommend one gram of salt for ten pounds of body weight for Lyme disease, but perhaps they don�t know it, they are dealing with both Morgellons and Lyme. And this is not uncommon. So if you weighed 160 pounds, that would be 16 grams of salt per day divided up into four doses--4 grams of salt each with 3,000 mg of vitamin C divided into four portions. Maximum daily dosage of salt should not exceed 18 grams or 4.5 grams four times a day.

Other sources recommend Himalayan Red Salt to reduce the impact of salt on blood pressure. The salt can be dissolved on the tongue followed by water."

So, if you haven't read my book, please do so. There are many gems like this one in it. Click here or go to for your copy. Thousands have paid $19.95 for it and I'm giving it to you for free.

Does NG Kill Parasites In the Bath?
Sandy had a question about how effective NG is on the skin. She asks, "One small question has been at the back of my mind. If NG debriding soap is not enough of a disinfectant to be used without some other disinfectant in the bath, then is it strong enough diluted in the body wipe to actually kill what's on the skin (as kleen green supposedly does)? I have been confused so I actually spray NG just out of the shower, let dry then spray kleen green on too. Is this necessary?

Also, you don't seem to be impressed with ivermectin.

Thank you so much -"

"NG in the bath is diluted to a 1 part NG to 23,000 parts of water---very very dilute, so in the bath you need to add a disinfectant.
NG dilulted as body wipe is 1 part NG to 128 parts water--far far more concentrated than in the bath.
so you don't need to use a disinfectant with the body wipe although you can add a drop or so of peppermint if you desire.
Kleen green is not necessary, it's basically a disinfectant.

Ivermectin is great for scabies, not much good for Morgellons or collembola. It might also be good for other internal parasites. Lufenuron seems to be better for the organisms associated with Morgellons You can get it at

Dealing With Mites
Pam is not dealing with Morgellons or Collembola--just mites which in themselves can be a living hell. The only good news is that the diet isn't that important when only dealing with mites.

"I am improving a lot living in a small bare space and treating environment and self in various ways. Looking at a new car.

However, I am worried about my friend, who was infested in CA by mites from a nest in her awning (she saw them march into her place), took them to MA for the summer and back to CA for the fall. She lives with husband and son and has a lot of "stuff" so she fogs all the time, used dehumidifier, lots of products on self and environment.

She has black specks coming out of her. I have witnessed this and it is quite amazing. It happens mainly when she has sulfur cream, Neem oil or petroleum jelly on. Mainly legs and feet.

Is there a lab that would identify these by DNA, PCR or visually? Do you have suggestions? Thanks," Pam

"I'm told to take a specimen to any pest control company for identification.  The medical community generally uses ivermectin for scabies and it probably applies to other mites too. If the mites are breeding under the skin, a better approach might be to use lufenuron. It can be ordered by going to

My suggestion would be to have her bath with NG, along with disinfectants. Up to 3 times a day.

A dermatologist once recommended sufur mixed with Vasoline--messy. Today, I'd use our Super MSM gel on her skin which has NG and diatomaceous earth in it. If you want to mix some flowers of sulfur with the MSM gel, you can but I don't think it's necessary. Plus the skin will look jaundiced.

Treat the house and auto with diatomaceous earth. Invert clothing and dust with diatomaceous earth. Any time one of the mites come in contact with the diatomaceous earth, it will cut them to shreds.

Aside from using basic insecticide foggers at the grocery store, I'd use ammonia spray. But, I believe the key is diatomaceous earth."

Worry and Anxiousness

Has anyone noticed that when they are deeply worried or anxious from fear that they experience more itching and biting from the skin parasites?

Cheryl writes, "I've read your hardbound book, I've been on the diet. Started the diet about 2 months after infection.

I believe that sugar and carbs from grains to be a scourge to you health.
I reordered Nature's...soap because of its detoxification of the skin properties , I don't use deodorants and noticed that even living in Florida my underarms have no odor
I also work on the energetics of fear
They feed on fear, I'm very adapt to working on this level and have greatly reduced suffering.

I know that when I suffered many years ago it seemed that they fed on my anxiety about losing my life to them at an early age. Yes, they were more active when I was anxious and very worried--they seemed to feed off those hormones. That's one of the reasons why I have CDs to overcome depression and sleep through the night in our on-line store at

Another important point is that Cheryl noticed that the debriding soap detoxifies her skin. I never thought of it that way, but it makes perfect sense--toxins are cleaned from your skin along with the organisms.

What Kills Them?

Ann writes me with the subject: What Kills these things in the Environment?

"I believe killing these things internally is based on herbs diet etc....However it's the reinfection that's the issue.

There's so much info out here books ,discussions,etc...

It seems to me that more people are trying to make $$$ off people who are desperate and suffering.

What I seek is a definitive answer what kills these monsters in your house and car!!! Clothing. Once the life cycle has ended then one can work on internal.

The sad part of this is while these horrible creatures aren't being taken seriously by the medical field and I hate to say by idiot Physicians!!!!

We are heading for Pandemic status these things are in everything! Toilet paper, Paper towels, Clothing, Cotton etc.
Morgellons Collembola, same difference!!!

It's time for some real solutions!!!"

"It seems you haven't read my book yet. I've attached it. The answers re what kills them in your house and car are in Chapter III. It's very detailed. There is no other book like it or as detailed.

You pay us $500 for a disinfectant so we can get rich. lol

No, you buy your disinfectant in the grocery store for $2.50 per gallon and for outside you go to a place like for some other agents listed in Chapter III."

Yes, Ann is right about idiot physicians, but Morgellons and Collembola are not the same--only the misinformed make that mistake and unfortunately most of those who are supposed experts on Morgellons make that mistake.


Our first Helping Angel Award

I'm happy to announce our first angel award to Katie, a young lady living in NC. Her Angel is from CA and prefers to remain anonymous. The good news is that we have a second angel waiting in the wings (pun intended) and we have Sherry of MS as the second recipient, but I haven't heard from her to follow through with the award.

Katie, our first recipient writes, "I just found the email you sent looking for angels! I don't know how I missed it but reading it made me cry.... For 7 years I worked at coastal surgery specialist as a surgical coordinator had a nice car 3 beautiful kids and could buy them anything they wanted. And then it happened.... I lost my life... I was still physically here but my mind was gone. I stayed up cleaning everything in sight I never slept and would fall asleep right on my desk in the front office in front of everyone. I also had a newborn baby that was constantly sick and I was getting sicker. I lost my job and I lost my identity. I went from being well to do to taking change out of my daughters piggy bank. Cleared out my savings having to get food stamps. I lost everything because of this horrible issue. I was denied disability and know I couldn't work again until I am better. I was on the verge of suicide when I found you. Really I thought I had lost my mind even though I felt sane. I felt things other people didn't and saw things that people would say is just lint or dirt and tiny little black dots or sometimes what would look like small black hairs. My baby would scream horribly and id have to use a baby wipe to get the black stuff off of him to calm him down. He would have it under his chin or in his ear and as soon as if clean it off he would stop crying but if I said anything to anyone about it they would look at me like I was crazy. All the doctors that told me he had dandruff or it was just dirt made me feel horrible because I couldn't fix the problems with me or my son. I saved up enough for my 1st bottle of NG after reading your reviews and prayed it would help us. I thought I was crazy and my children would be better off without their crazy mom around. I tried everything even bought all new leather furniture so it would be easier to clean. I was once a normal working mom but this took everything from me. I lost my mom and sister and my dad moved away so I built up my life and worked so hard to get to where I was at. I don't know why this happened to me but I appreciate you and all that you do to help us kill these parasites and cleanse our bodies so that we can enjoy our lives again and know we aren't alone. Thank you for being an angel to me and my family. Really... For everything you have to hear and go through just to make sure we know you are there for us. I know it has to be hard but please know that you are loved and appreciated just for being who you are. Even though we have never met you you have shown us kindness and friendship when we have no one left to turn too. Thank you for everything."

While this is a great start, we still have about four dozen needy sufferers with similar sad stories who could use a helping Angel. Every Angel counts. Katie will receive her award for up to six months or until she becomes employed again--whichever comes first.

Helping Angels Wanted: A Helping Angel has the financial resources to help someone suffering from Morgellons obtain the products that they need for relief and to live with some kind of dignity.

How it works:
Simply let me know you want to be an angel to a needy person. We will choose a name at random from our list of names in this program. Presently, we have about four dozen needy individuals.

You can be an anonymous angel or you can be involved as much as you like. We will send you the name, address, and phone number of the person we draw for you.
You can call and communicate with that person, and if you feel you want to be that person's angel, you will be for as long as you choose. If you do not feel it's a good fit for you to be that person's angel, we'll draw another name and keep doing that until you find a fit.

That person will be ordering product from our discount store where they always receive 50% off on the debriding soap plus discounts on other products and the purchase which you authorize will be charged to your credit card. If you want to support them in obtaining other products not in our store like diatomaceous earth, the triple pesticide, lufenuron, food grade peroxide and so on, that's up to you.

Once you are an Angel here are options as to how the program works:
1. You can place a limit on the dollar amount and frequency of orders.
2. You can give carte blanche for as long as you like.
3. You work the order out with them, approve the order, and place it personally for them.

Oxygen Extreme

n speaking with the doctor who has contributed the Parasite Cleanse Kit and the DNA chip machine, she has found that Oxygen Extreme liquid can be beneficial for Morgellons. No suggestion about Collembola. You can purchase Oxygen Extreme liquid on and follow the instructions on the bottle. If you try it, let me know how it works for you, I have no further information on it.

Wii the Triple Pesticide Work With Morgellons?
Sheila asked an important question:

Hi Richard,

Why will the triple pesticide not work for Morgellons? I am not sure what I have if there is a parasite involved with Morgellons why would it not kill them? Thanks

Answer:Because Morgellons fibers are agro (plant) based instead of insect based. And while the pesticide may kill organisms that come from your skin, it won't kill what mutates those organisms so they will just keep producing.

I also sent her the attached questionnaire and asked her to complete it so I can provide some insight as to what she is dealing with. You can do the same if you haven't already completed the questionnaire. The best way to disinfect your surroundings with Morgellons is to spray ammonia. Be cautious as it's a neuro toxin and minimize inhalation of fumes. In Chapter III of the book is a question and answer portion with a lady detailing how she uses ammonia. The only thing I might add is that you can add about 5 droppers of peppermint oil to a gallon of ammonia to super charge it.

A non chemical alternative to ammonia is to spray diluted Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap (NG). However, it's an expensive alternative to ammonia. You can also boost it's effectiveness by adding several droppers of peppermint per gallon. Unfortunately, many who have Morgellons also are dealing with Collembola. NG may not have much impact of Collembola, however, by boosting it with peppermint, if might help. Let me know your results.

I Often Forget

I often forget how difficult it was to get Collembola out of my environment, but during a coaching session last week, I was reminded. Collembola had infested my recliner on my side of the couch. Every time I sat in it, I'd get itchy or bitten. And that would set me back two days with baths until was itch free.

And sure, they were around my kitchen area: sides of cabinets, flooring, the bar chairs, and so on. Fortunately, they were easier to disinfect in the kitchen and bathroom than my couch. .

My client had a similiar experience. Her husband treated the home with cedarcide ten times to no avail. My opinion of cedarcide is that it's a big waste of money. You'd have to treat the environment daily to maybe get results.

For nearly two months I had to sit in a dining room chair across the room, as the couch was simply off limits. I sprayed it with ammonia daily; I sprayed it with the triple pesticide every ten days; I removed the foot rest and soaked it in the bath tub with the debridig soap and pool shock as a disinfectant. I thought I was going to have to trash the entire leather sofa.

Then it seemed that for a while I had to be human bait. I'd sit in the couch for a few minutes until a few of the organisms were activated and then I'd apply the debriding soap or Super MSM gel and retreat to my kitchen chair. Eventually, I got to the point where I could sit in the couch as long as I had my feet in a foot bath. It didn't even have to have water in it--it just protected my lower legs and ankles.

But I didn't give up and am now sitting in the couch, without having to use the foot bath as a barrier, writing this. But I wonder, how many do give up and scrap the program because they can't get them out of their environment.

It seemed like every time I'd be symptom free, I'd make a silly mistake and forget to disinfect something. I also had them under my desk at work: the sides of the desk, under my chair, and flooring. My car was relatively easy to handle, but for many their autos are a night mare as my couch was.

If you're fighting Collembola, I want you to know that there is hope. Near the end of my fight with the couch, I added Orap to what I was doing. For some reason, I didn't think it would help with the environmental issue, but it did somewhat and in retrospect, I wish I had added it in the beginning of my fight instead of near the end. But going through the experience without orap certainly gave me the many lessons.

Interactions with Orap

For years I've suggested medications like Orap to help in the fight against skin parasites. It's available by prescription and your doctor knows the interactions with other medication. However, many doctors are resistant to prescribe it which may take some sufferers to the internet to find it where you won't have an idea as to what drug interactions there are.

Pamela was kind enough to write the following:

"Dear Richard,

First of all I want to thank you for being there for so many that are suffering and sharing your knowledge with us. I do not remember if you talked about the severe interaction with other medications but since I am on so many for depression, I always double check them. I was stunned by the huge amount of severe interactions with other medication. I wanted to give you an idea of what I am talking about since so many of us will only get Orap (Pimozide) on the web without a prescription. This is a very needy to know thing. At the bottom I have listed the two webpages that I found most of the 1002 medications that interact with Orap. I have to quit taking four of my meds to use Orap. This leads to great distress for me as the drugs keep me alive and I will not settle for second best when it comes to getting rid of these bugs. Here is, LOL, the short list of severe drug interaction that I have never seen.

"Using pimozide with any of the following medicines is not recommended. Your doctor may decide not to treat you with this medication or change some of the other medicines you take.

Alfuzosin Amifampridine Amiodarone Amitriptyline AmprenavirAnagrelide Apomorphine Aprepitant Aripiprazole Arsenic Trioxide Artemether Asenapine Astemizole Atazanavir Azithromycin Bedaquiline Bepridil Boceprevir Buserelin Chloroquine Chlorpromazine Ciprofloxacin Cisapride Citalopram Clarithromycin Clomipramine Clozapine Cobicistat Crizotinib Cyclobenzaprine Dabrafenib Darunavir Dasatinib Degarelix Delamanid Delavirdine Desipramine Deslorelin Dirithromycin Disopyramide Dofetilide Dolasetron Domperidone Donepezil Doxepin Dronedarone Droperidol Ebastine Eribulin Erythromycin Escitalopram Famotidine Felbamate Fingolimod Flecainide Fluconazole Fluoxetine Formoterol Fosamprenavir Fosaprepitant Foscarnet Fosphenytoin Galantamine Gatifloxacin Gemifloxacin Gonadorelin Goserelin Granisetron Halofantrine Haloperidol Histrelin Hydroquinidine HydroxychloroquineIbutilideIloperidoneImipramineIndinavirItraconazoleIvabradine Ketoconazole Lapatinib Leuprolide Levofloxacin Lumefantrine Mefloquine Mesoridazine Methadone Metoclopramide Metronidazole Miconazole Mifepristone Mizolastine Moxifloxacin Nafarelin Nefazodone Nelfinavir Norfloxacin Octreotide Ofloxacin Olanzapine Ondansetron Paliperidone Panobinostat Paroxetine Pasireotide Pazopanib Pentamidine Perflutren Lipid Microsphere Perphenazine Pipamperone Piperaquine Posaconazole Probucol Procainamide Prochlorperazine Promethazine Propafenone Protriptyline Quetiapine Quinidine Quinine Ranolazine Rilpivirine Risperidone Ritonavir Saquinavir Sertindole Sertraline Sevoflurane Sodium Phosphate Sodium Phosphate, DibasicSodium Phosphate, MonobasicSolifenacin Sorafenib Sotalol Sparfloxacin Sultopride Sunitinib Tacrolimus Tamoxifen Telaprevir Telavancin Telithromycin Terfenadine Tetrabenazine Thioridazine Tipranavir Tizanidine Tolterodine Toremifene Trazodone Trimipramine Triptorelin Troleandomycin Vandetanib Vardenafil Vemurafenib Venlafaxine Vilanterol Vinflunine Voriconazole Vorinostat Ziprasidone Zotepine"

"A total of 1002 drugs(5380 brand and generic names) are know"n to interact with pimozide."

I can't find were you address this problem, but if you don't, I recommend mentioning these two web pages for review of over eager, rightly so, person's that will purchase Orap over the net like me. It is a frightening thing when even Ibuprofen is on this list.

Not meaning to step on any toes or telling you what to do. I know you may have covered this in your book or newsletters but I wanted to share this information if you didn't for you to consider.

Again thank you for being!"


I thank Pamela for taking the time to share.

No Soap Scum or Biofilm

Soap scum and bio-film. I haven't thought of these two issues, but Karen has noticed something that may be important to you about either of our Nature's Gift� Bar Soaps.

Karen writes, "I had a cleaning business for years. Lye in soap, I believe, produces scum.
I've been using your bar soap and have no soap scum in my shower. All I do is rinse everything down real good after I shower
Just an idea for other advantages of using your bar soap--your soap doesn't create scum.
Thank you for being in my life

It's true, our bar soap has no lye in it. It has Nature's Gift� Concentrate and Karen has noticed that she has no scum accumulating in her shower. And, the very nature of the debriding soap is that it breaks down bio film too.

Nature's Gift� Regular Red Bar Soap is at
Nature's Gift� New Ivory Peppermint Bar Soap is at

Medications That Workj

In Chapter VI of my book is a list of medications that others and myself have reported as beneficial for dealing with Collembola and Morgellons. The problem is that 99% of all physicians do not recognize them as being helpful against skin parasites. In fact 99% of all physicians do not even recognize Morgellons or Collembola as being infectious agents. This means the likely hood of you having your doctor prescribe any of these medications is very low to nil.

In fact, should you ask for a script for one of the medications to deal with skin parasites, you're most likely to get a sermon about how any one of these medications are anti psychotics with potentially bad side effects and would have no value for you.

I find it amazing how they make a big deal about side effects when every medication you see advertised on TV have potentially debilitating side effects.

Fortunately, we have a physician who works with us who recognizes the value of these medications and is willing to work with you if your doctor won't give you a script for one of the medications.

And the good news is that you don't have to travel to his office. You can consult with him over the phone. His fees are $150 for the first consult and $75 for any follow-up consults.

Now, what do others report from using these medications? Answer: They seem to turn off or diminish what makes the organisms attracted to your body. A side benefit is that you can advance more easily to Stage II and III of the diet.

Here's a list of the medications including dosage, where known, and their typical uses:
1.ORAP: 1 mg per day up to 3 mg/day if needed typically used for Tourette syndrome and motor tics
2. Zyprexa: 2.5 mg per day at bed time for up to six months with blood lipids checked after four mos typically used for schizophrenia and bipolar.
3. Doxepin: 10 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for anxiety
4. Abilify: 2 mg per day working up to 7.5 mg per day for 4 months and then back down slowly to 2 mg per day to stop. Typically for depression
5.Zolof: 25 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for depression/panic attack
6. Serequel 30mg typically use for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
7. Lyrica (dosage unknown) typically used for seizures, fibromyalgia, pain from shingles
8.Risperdal: 1 � mg to 2 mg per day (duration unknown) typically used for bipolar, schizophrenia
9.Naltrexone at 3.5 mg at night time typically used for drug addiction
10 Wellbrutrin 5 mg twice daily typically used for depression, ADHD
11. Some have reported that over-the-counter allergy meds may also have the same benefit.
And sometimes, more than one medication is required to produce results.

If you want an appointment with Dr. Su, you need to complete or have completed the attached questionnaire, be strict with the King Diet, and on the protocol for either Collembola or Morgellons. These medications do not work by themselves, but only in conjunction with the diet, disinfection, and supplements.

You'll then be forwarded Dr. Su's contact information.

Remember, the Beauty Forever� Total Revitalization Cream is on special for a limited quantity--one ounce at 64% of for just $9.50 by clicking here or going to

We're Adding Glycerine to Our Bar Soap

Our new peppermint bar soap has become a popular item. Many who initially tried it expected that it would be like the debriding bar soap with added peppermint, but it's nothing like the regular red bar of debriding bar soap.

The peppermint soap is a completely different base using cocoa butter, shea butter, candilla wax and an emulsifying conditioner in addition to NG and other surfactants. And of course, it has peppermint, lemon oil and tea tree oil. It's a cream almond color.

Whereas the regular debriding bar soap actually lathers up enough to serve as a shampoo, the peppermint soap is more therapeutic with much less lather even though it has more NG concentrate. It also lasts longer than the regular debriding bar soap.

For an additional boost, we just added glycerine to it. You can Google, "benefits of glycerine soap" to read about all the benefits.

And remember, with either bar soap, even with less lather in the peppermint soap, you have a super shaving soap--razors just don't seem to dullen and they don't clog.

Face Issues?
Yesterday I wrote about scalp issues. Another popular subject is the face.

Sandra also went on to focus on her face and lips. She writes, "Richard, I use some of the same approach on my face and lips that I used on my scalp.

First, I use either the Nature's Gift bar of soap or Peppermint Soap and lather it on my face. I let it on my face for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water.
Next, I use the very same combination as in the scalp treatment, i.e., I take some Super MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Cream into the palm of my hand. Then I add in a few drops of peppermint oil and mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together. Then I massage this gel/cream mixture deep into my skin after which I apply a lite dampened cloth on my face for 30 min.... It work wonders!!!!!!!!!!

Alternatively, after the first step above using either bar soap, you can apply Exfoliant cream and massage it in with water and wipe with damp cloth
Then apply skin balance softener and massage it in with water.
Finally, apply the Total Revitalization cream and massage it in.
Repeat this several times a day.
You can also apply the damp cloth for 30 minutes before bed time.

Again, I thank Sandra for her valuable contribution. She's available for support. If you'd like to speak with her for coaching, let me know.

Problems with Parsites in Your Scalp?

One of the most popular subjects is parasites in the scalp. If you go to our blog and go back to Jan 20, you'll find a thorough program for dealing with parasites in the scalp. I've copied the instructions below. Our Morgellons coach, Sandra, developed this protocol.

First: Shampoo and lather your hair with Nature's Gift� Shampoo.

Then rinse off and towel blot so it's not sobbing wet.

Second: Take an 8oz spray bottle of water, add 3 drops of peppermint oil plus one cap full of 100% Nature's Gift� Debriding soap and shake well.

Then, spray your scalp and behind your ears with the solution of water, peppermint oil and NG and massage into the scalp and skin.

Next, take some Super MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Cream� into the palm of your hand. Add in a few drops of peppermint oil and mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together.

Massage this gel/cream mixture deep into your scalp.

Then take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair to the ends.

Next, put a shower cap on for at least 30 minutes and allow the scalp to heat up. You'll feel all the products activate in your scalp.

Ideally, repeat the entire procedure six times the first day twenty minutes apart. She started over a month ago and is down to 3-to-4 times a week--that's progress. She writes, "I now can tell If I need too do more or less treatments. I'm at the point if my scalp feels itchy I do a treatment to prevent a full blown relapse."

With each day, there was less debris. If you want to see the photos, go to and go back to Jan 20,2016. You'll also see Sandra doing a head stand in a bowl. It will make sense once you see it.

Here's some of her diary. She wrote the following after the second day of treating her hair and sent the photos.

"Good evening Richard, I have been following your directions here are yuk fibers from my aggressive scalp treatments as you can see It's been very effective day 2. I have done 5 treatments today. shampooing/conditioner with Debriding soap in each bottle rinse towel blot until the scalp is damp not really wet proceed with Debriding soap, MSM gel, peppermint and Claudia's dream cream with shower cap for 30 min rinse off then proceed with the same process. Have a Beautiful Blessed evening. "Sandra K.
Day #2

After Day #3 she writes and sends more photos--you can see much less debris after just one more day.

"Good afternoon Richard, still busy with my aggressive scalp treatments. I did add MSM too my treatments as you can see more YUK!!!!! fibers from my scalp pretty crazy!!!!!!! day 3.but as you can see so far so good very effective!!!. my scalp is feeling tender but not to bad!!!!!! It is certainly better compared too the never ending movement in my scalp with biting stabbing with the feeling of these things building a Country of there own!!!!!! Have a Beautiful Blessed week end. thank you again Richard." Sandra K.

I can't tell Sandra enough how much I appreciate her in depth contribution--she has also made significant progress with her face--more in another update.

Remember, the Beauty Forever� Total Revitalization Cream is on special--one ounce at 64% of for just $9.50 by clicking here or going to

Are You Being Cheated?

If you have completed my questionnaire, you have received a specific protocol in which several supplements are listed. I specifically state, "Regarding products, I absolutely do not recommend substituting other products as they may actually have ingredients that feed the skin parasites and strengthen them."

Actually, I make that recommendation for two reasons:
1. To save you from being ripped off with products that are less expensive.
2. These products have been used by hundreds so we know that they are compatible with the diet.

You would think that "Less Expensive" would mean a savings to you, but not so. For instance Lorin wrote to tell me that she was getting her allicin from Whole Foods for only $20 a bottle compared to the $40 that or Garcillin is. I wrote back and asked her what the ingredients were and she responded as follows:

"Hi Richard: Cost for WF garlic is about $20 for 100 tablets containing allicin 5,000 mcg. I take 2 of these a day morning and night. There is also bulb extract of course including 11,000 mcg of Allicin. Thoughts?

Allicin is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungal, anti protozoan, and anti parasitic. In my opinion, it's far more powerful and effective than colloidal silver.

My reply is, "I think you're getting ripped off. The total is 16,000 mcg which is 16 mg. Two a day is only 32 mg.

Our Garcillin� has 300 mg of allicin. that's 9 times more allicin than what you're getting. Our price is $40 and their price is $20. you decide if you're getting a good deal because you need to take about 9 times more of your product to get the same amount of allicin that you get from our Garcillin�. Now you get 100 tabs which last you 50 days vs 30 days for our Garcillin�. One bottle of your product contains 1,600 mg. One bottle of Garcillin� contains 9,000 mg. You'd have to pay $112.50 to get the equivalent amount of allicin that Garcillin� has for a month. And if you order as many as 6 bottles at a time, you can get it for only $32 a bottle instead of $40.

Of course, you might ask if you really need that much allicin and the answer is, 'Yes, and sometimes to get things under control, you need to take as many as 6 or 8 capsules a day.' For the $20 version at WF, that would equate to about $900. Remember, Garcillin� is part of my protocol for Lyme disease. Click here or go to

This is just one example of how you get ripped off with a cheaper product. Those who substitute other glutathione products for MaxOne suffer the same problem.

The second reason is that many other products have offending ingredients like diglycerides or one of the many forms of soy that are listed in my book. So, you think you're doing yourself good, but instead all you're doing is feeding the skin parasites.

10/4/16 The BX Therapy for Lyme

There are many approaches to dealing with Lyme disease. This one believes that antibiotics are the wrong way to go and I agree. This is approach is called BX therapy. I'm not sure what BX means, You can view it on Youtube at

I thank Laura for sharing it. It's about a half hour long and about 28 minutes of that time is promotion. Basically, they are saying that the key to beating Lyme disease and many other diseases is to boost mitochondrial function inside the cellular mechanism.

What is a mitochondria? Answer: It's the "furnace in the cell" In fact, each cell has hundreds, maybe thousands of these furnaces--mitochondria. There are many threats to the mitochondria. Weak mitochondria mean a weak cell--a target for any disease--Lyme, Morgellons, auto immune diseases, and so on.

The BX treatment is to infuse the cell with oxygen to get the mitochondria activated. Remember a furnace needs a fuel and oxygen to create energy. According to the video, the BX approach is 68% effective.

I agree with the approach to strengthen the mitochondria. However, there's more than one way to "skin a cat." Let me reintroduce MaxOne. MaxOne is made of D-Ribose (a special sugar) and L-cysteine (a protein) bonded together so that they pass the digestive tract and get into the cellular mechanism. It just turns out that the main fuel for the mitochondria is D-Ribose. So, the question I have is, is the cell starved of oxygen or is it starved of the fuel that feeds the mitochondria?

I'm not saying that boosting oxygen in the cells won't help, but I'm saying it makes more sense to effectively fuel the cell with D-Ribose which is only half the the value of MaxOne. The other half is the introduction of L-cysteine to the cell. There the cysteine combines with glutamate and glycene to produce glutathione (a tripeptide). The cell is typically deficient in cysteine which is the ingredient in MaxOne.

As I've written many times, glutathione is the main regulator or controller of the mitochondria so that the furnaces burn evenly to supply the cell evenly with energy. Lyme disease and many other diseases thrive on toxins inside the cell. These diseases take advantage of all that "toxin confusion." Glutathione is the cell's major detoxifyer. In fact, when one is poisoned with arsenic, glutathione injections is the first approach.

But that's not even half of what glutathione does. It's the cell's main protector of free radical damage. Free radicals damage DNA. Morgellons damages DNA. Glutathione is the body's first and most powerful defense against damage to the DNA. There's even research, reported in the blog, that says glutathione breaks up the iron-sulfur complex of which Morgellons is made.

But that's not all! Glutathione is the cell's major anti inflammatory agent. Inflammation is the body's major enemy when it comes to ALL disease.

And that's not all! Let's discuss oxygen-the main armament of the BX therapy. Glutathione boosts the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to deliver to the cell's mitochondria. So, is MaxOne BX therapy?? I think so.

And that's not all!! Put it all together, glutathione boosts immune functioning.

And that's not all!!!! My protocol for Lyme and most any disease is to also include a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungal, anti parasitic, and anti protozoan componet--acillin as in our Garcillin�. As opposed to man made antibiotics, Lyme and other organisms can not adapt to allicin.

Rather than write another fifteen paragraphs about allicin, there's an e-book. Just return this email, request it, and I'll send it to you.

So, even if you choose another protocol for Lyme, look into using MaxOne and Garcillin� as a base. Neither will conflict with any protocol for Lyme or any disease--even if other antibiotics are used.

And, by the way, both MaxOne and Garcillin� are in the protocols for both Collembola and Morgellons.

10/3/16 Co factors that Make it Impossible to Get Your Life Back???

Any disease by itself is a challenge. Two diseases can complicate thing infinitely. Ellinor informed me that getting her life back from skin parasites was an impossibility for her until she was diagnosed and treated for chlamydiae pneumonia (Cpn).

In her case, Cpn is a co-factor. Co-factors are physical conditions that have to be treated before the obvious malady, in this case skin parasites. One can have Cpn and be asymptomatic (have no symptoms, but instead be a carrier). Or one can have low grade fever, coughing, pharyngitis, laryngitis, and sinusitis.

Ellinor writes, "I was tested about a month ago for Cpn and now I can use the debriding soap along with my meds and they work like a charm together! Before with just the soap, I almost lost it. I was miserable!"

She states, "....until the Cpn infection is dealt with, one may feel better as I have for stretches of time in the past only to relapse," and that, "Statistics prove that ninety per cent of the population have antibodies for Cpn. It is opportunistic and flares when the body is weak for whatever reason(s). It's worth ruling it out."

The treatment for Cpn is antibiotics--typically tetracycline.

Is Cpn the only co-factor? I doubt it. It may be why the doctors who treat Morgellons as Lyme disease with a round or antibiotics have improvement with Morgellons. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is often more resilient than pneumonia. Lyme disease can often return after the antibiotics are finished and so too the Morgellons. Plus the doctors who treat Lyme disease this way are often not covered by your medical insurance.

My protocol for Lyme disease is simple: MaxOne and Garcillin�. Of course I strongly believe it helps to also use our multivitamin and ionic minerals. In fact, I recommend you research both MaxOne and Garcillin, and then decide for yourself. Next, consult with your doctor before using these products. No matter if you decide on another protocol, consider using both MaxOne and Garcillin�--neither will conflict with any other protocol. Remember, Garcillin is a natural antibiotic. If it works with Lyme, would it work for Cpm? Answer: If it does, it would certainly require more than the one maintenance capsule that is recommended.

Tomorrow's update will be about another protocol for Lyme.

9/30/16 New Peppermint Bar Soap

Last week I introduced the new peppermint bar soap. Many of you have used and love our regular red Nature's Gift� bar soap. I didn't think to tell you that the new peppermint bar soap is not just adding peppermint, lemon oil, and tea tree oil to the regular soap. The new soap is a completely different soap. In fact it's an ivory color and harder to the feel.

While it feels good to the skin, it does not lather up like the regular soap, so if you're looking for the same soap with added oils, don't buy this one. It's completely different--no similarities in how it feels. Of course it has Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap concentrate in it, in fact, even more than the regular bar soap. Nevertheless, I hope you love the new feel to the soap and the combination of peppermint, lemon oil, and tea tree oils in the new soap is just heavenly.

The regular red bar soap is at
The new peppermint soap is at
Try one of each and decide which you like best.

9/28/16 The DNA Chip

The DNA chip is a small chip to balance/realign one's DNA. It was not developed for Morgellons specifically, but instead, for many other health problems such as Parkinsons. I learned of it from a doctor who contacted me six months ago who was suffering from Morgellons. At the time she was constantly being attacked and being bitten and itching. She started using the parasite cleanse that several of you ordered and tried and improved significantly.

Then, she experimented with the chip by using it on her self before offering it to one of her patients dealing with another health problem. Much to her surprise, as long as she stayed close to the diet, she got rid of most of the Morgellons symptoms while wearing the chip. Organisms stopped coming from her skin, lesions stopped forming, biting and itching greatly decreased. And she no longer attracts them to her skin. Of course, there's a lot we don't know about this chip. This is only one person's experience and we don't know if it will work the same for others. Is it worth trying? That's up to you. If I had Morgellons, I'd definitely give it a try and report the results to you, but I don't have Morgellons.

The chip is operated by a battery and kept in a pouch that is affixed to your belt and can be worn through out the day. At night, the chip, in it's pouch, is placed under your pillow. The chip learns from you daily, affecting your DNA. Results occur after about two weeks to a month. The chip can only be used by one person at a time.

Will it help with Collembola? I seriously doubt it, but I could be wrong.

The chip is not in mass production yet, but instead available on a limited basis. I have one available and the it's rather pricey--$700. Remember, it's experimental, wasn't developed specifically for Morgellons, but since Morgellons has impact on one's DNA, it makes sense that the DNA chip will make a difference. We can not guarantee that one will have the same results as the doctor has had. If you're interested, contact me about it. Remember, I have only one, and I understand the wait time to get another one is about 2 months; and I can't guarantee the price won't go even higher.

Yes, It Could Be Alive

Brenda writes, "Hello Richard, last night I had the burning sensation all over my body felt like jellyfish stinging me. I had taken a bath earlier. After suffering for hours I remembered I had ordered the MSM gel for the first time so I applied it all over my body my husband put it on my back. The stinging sensation stop but then on my back all this stuff started rolling out I actually had to take a lint roller and get it off of my pajama top and couch and me. My question is that stuff that comes out is it alive is it going to hatch into whatever what if I don't get it all off my couch or carpet I know this sounds weird but is this something that will reinfect me or others if I don't get it all? One more question I went to the ER couple weeks ago and they found out I was anemic is taking an over-the-counter vitamin okay? Thank you for taking your time with us and me."

"I don't know if the stuff coming out of you is still alive or not. I'd treat it as being alive and spray it with ammonia and then use the lint roller on it. If it's alive it could re-infect you or infect someone else.

The multivitamin that's compatible with the diet is The Complete Nutritional System that we have in our on-line store or it's available in most health food stores.

Also, I strongly suggest you use our ionic minerals at

Looking for a Super Antibiotic, Anti Viral...?

Most likely you've heard of colloidal silver and maybe even have tried it as an antibiotic and anti everything. Don't get me wrong, colloidal silver can be powerful stuff. The problems are that it has to be taken as a liquid under the tongue with a plastic spoon, the wrong formulation might turn you blue, and it's not always that effective. I know it wasn't effective for me and many others that have written me over the years.

I have something even better than colloidal silver: It's our Garcillin� capsules. Garcillin is allicin and if your research allicin you'll find that its a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungal, anti parasitic, and anti protozoan wrapped up in one. It's a derivative of garlic, but don't expect that you'll be getting any allicin from eating raw garlic or any of the garlic supplements on the market. You see, allicin breaks down as soon as the garlic clove is opened (before you get to eat it), and all of the methods of making garlic supplements are pre 90 technology so there's no allicin in garlic supplements. Go ahead and read the ingredients of garlic supplements--no allicin.

Just like with colloidal silver, the organisms can not adapt to allicin like they can with man made antibiotics. So, the organisms will never get the upper hand on allicin. Research allicin and decide for yourself; and then consult with your doctor before taking any supplement. Once you've done that, go to to order your first bottle. If you only order one bottle of Garcillin� you'll be charged $11.50 shipping and most of that will be refunded to you when your order is processed.

Start with one capsule a day. Be careful, it may detox you. With the first one I took, my knee inflamed itself over 100% and the pain was unbearable. It took a week before the inflammation went down. What happened was that the allicin detoxed my knee of the toxins Lyme disease was enjoying and now I can take as many capsules of Garcillin� that I need without any detox reactions. It has become an important supplement in protocol for Lyme disease. Write me for the complete protocol. And if you wan to know more about allicin, write me and ask for the free ebook about allicin.

So, start with one capsule and you can work you way up to as many as 8 capsules a day as needed. Howerver, for maintenance, only one capsule a day is needed.

Want to Try Out One of the Medications?

In Chapter VI of my book, I list several medications that can be of dramatic help. Yes, I discovered the diet after I had suffered about two years. And the diet is strict. Fortunately, I also discovered a dermatologist that knew something about skin parasites and certain medications and he prescribed ORAP for me.

Orap enabled me to expand my diet to discover Stage II and eventually Stage III of the diet while keeping me from the symptoms of itching and biting. Over the years, others have shared with me other medications that have worked for them and they along with dosages are listed in Chapter VI.

Now, you'd think it would be a simple matter to request a script for any of the medications from your doctor. Not So. Fact is that most of these medications are typically used as anti-psychotics. Yes, they are also anti parasitic, but remember, you doctor doesn't even believe you have skin parasites and never in a hundred years understands that these meds are anti parasitic as well. So, the likely hood of having your doctor write a script for one of the meds is nil, but you can try. You can even show him my book and hope he doesn't laugh at it, but takes it seriously.

The good news is that we have a doctor that understands the importance of these medications. And you don't even have to travel to him--he will have a telephone session with you. And his fee is quite reasonable--$150 for half an hour. Air fare alone would be double that plus a hotel for a night.

If you want to use the doctor, you'll need to email me and I'll send you the questionnaire.
First, complete the questionnaire and return to me.
Second, start the protocol I provide you if it makes sense to you and your doctor approves of the diet and supplements
Once you're on the protocol I'll forward you the page to pay for your session with the doctor.
Once payment is received, he will set a date and time for your appointment.

Insurance: Sorry, he does not accept insurance.

Please do not think that in a million years any of these medications will replace the diet, disinfecting your surroundings, bathing, and the important supplements. The medications can only magnify the progress you're making with my protocol, perhaps as much as ten fold.

Give Your Mouth a Bath

Try this for mouth issues to relieve discomfort associated with parasites and gums: Squirt a teaspoon or more of Nature's Gift� Body Wipe into your mouth and squish it around to give your mouth a bath for a minimum of ten minutes or ideally a half hour or so and then spit it out.

Remember, you make Body Wipe by adding 40 drops of concentrated Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap from the 4 oz 50% bottle or 20 drops from the 8 or 9 oz 100% bottle to a 4 ounce bottle4 of water and shake well. Add one-to-three drops of peppermint to flavor and boost its power even more.

Do this once or twice a day to super clean your tongue, mouth and teeth; and yes, you get accustomed to the taste. Make it a habit and do it daily for a healthy mouth.

Morgellons Monthly Pack

We have two monthly packs for Morgellons. Both contain:
►Complete Nutritional System Multi Vitamin
►MaxOne glutathione accelerator.
►Ionic Minerals
►MSM Capsules

The difference between the two packs is the enzymes. One pack is for those who are dealing with Morgellons only and the enzymes are Nature's Gift� Floracor with Probiotics. Probiotics are important for dealing with Morgellons.

The other pack is for those who are dealing with both Morgellons and Collembola. Probiotics may activate Collembola (spring tails) which is why the enzymes in the second pack for Morgellons/Collembola is the Veganzyme product which has no probiotics.

Generally, once you reach mid or late Stage II of the King Diet� you can have probiotics and switch to the Morgellons Pack with Floracor.

Morgellons/Collembola Pack is at

Morgellons Pack is at

Baking Soda
If you're dealing with Morgellons, are you drinking baking soda in water? It's recommended to drink one teaspoon in water on an empty stomach twice a day. Yes, in the beginning it doesn't taste great, but after a few days you get accustomed to it.

Claudia, of Claudia's Dream Cream� likes to drink alka selzer gold instead of baking soda. I can't think of anything less expensive than baking soda and the benefits could be dramatic for you plus other health benefits.

Caution: If you're also drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide in water on an empty stomach, do not drink it at the same time as you drink the baking soda in water. Drink them about 20 minutes apart.

Mating Habits of Collembola

Randy shared this video about the mating habits of Collembola--Interesting. Remember, there are 7000 species of Collembola. The one shown in the video may have nothing to do with the ones that plague us. The video shows them quite active indicating that they can migrate everywhere. My experience is that they don't migrate that much, but pretty much stay in the location where they jump off of your body. However, once they are on your skin, they do seem to migrate up the body pretty fast to your back, scalp, eye lashes and so on.

Maybe they need a food source to migrate and my floor and furniture doesn't feed them. So much we really don't know about them.

Go to to see read about them and see a video of them doing a mating dance.

I thank Randy for sending me the article/video.

Foot Bath Recommendation

"We got the book with our first order, and I want to clarify that it's my son that has the parasites, and quite bad, they are tearing up his feet now......hoping we can get this under control soon!!!! I am quite worried..."

"In addition to taking three baths a day as directed with the instructions that came with your order, have him use a foot bath with a half cap full of the concentrated Nature's Gift and about 9 drops of peppermint oil. His feet should be in it for hours at a time. You only need a basic one like you'll find on amazon at

Collemmbola and Foot Bath Go Together Like

Collembola (spring tails) generally attack around the ankles and lower legs and then move up the body. While you are getting them out of the upper parts of your body, they may still attacking you around your ankles. When they attack your lower legs, you sometimes feel them almost right away and sometimes you might not notice that you've been infected for a half hour or so. Collembola and the foot bath go together like a horse and carriage. Yes, let me be corny. But once you're infected, it can take several hours a day in the foot bath to get back to normal. The foot bath with a half cap of concentrated Nature's Gift� from the 50% bottle and about 8 or 9 drops of peppermint or it's equivalent.

If you're dealing with Collembola and don't have a foot bath, you're not really equipped. If fact, while you are getting them out of your floor area, the only real safe place for your feet is in the foot bath even if you have no water in it. Just make sure that after you use the foot bath that you disinfect it inside and outside with ammonia.

She's Not Progressing

A lady wrote to tell me that she wasn't having any results with the debriding soap.

I responded with, "Of course I have many questions.
The first one being, did you start the diet? If not, I'd expect little if any result with the soap or anything."

She responded, "Yes, I started the diet and even loss 9 pounds. I still have the black specks in my towel and pillow. Small bites that turn red just under my skin."

My response was, "I would not expect any changes in the black specs yet--that could take weeks.
The diet works, however, it's only a guide and about 1% find that they can't have spelt or rice or black coffee.
So, we need to figure out whether you're eating something that's on the "NO " list as in soy additives in the food you eat, or whether you have a problem with something on the list.

Then we need to know whether you brought the organisms into your abode or whether your living space gave you the organisms.
If you brought the organisms in to your home, then it's important to make sure you're not missing anything in your disinfection. If your home is sick, then that's a larger challenge and progress will be difficult.

In the beginning, it's important to bathe 3 times a day with the concentrate and enough disinfectant to kill the organisms and use the dilute debriding soap, super MSM gel, Claudia's dream cream, or any of our other creams between baths to reduce skin discomfort.

Coaching is also available with me or Sandra--she's free and I'm $125 for a half hour. Click here or go to to make your selection"

Anti Parasitic Chewing Gum

Do you miss your chewing gum? It's unfortunate, but practically all chewing gum has ingredients that feed skin parasites.

Good news: For chewing gum lovers, Debra found one that has no ingredients that feed parasites plus it's actually anti-parasitic. It's Cedar chewing gum from Russia and the only ingredient is 100% Siberian Cedar resin. But, she reports that it's expensive, but on the other hand, one piece can actually can last up to three days for her. Just search for "cedar Chewing gum" on and decide for yourself. It's around $15.

I thank Debra for taking the time to share.

Options to Rice and Spelt

Rice and spelt are both on the "OK to eat list" of the King Diet�. However, for about one percent of skin parasite suffers, both rice and spelt activate the parasites.

What options are there to rice and spelt? Answer: Rye and millet are two options.

I've not tried it, but there are pasta makers and I don't see any reason why rye or millet can't be used to make pasta. And of course, there's a recipe in Chapter V for making bread from spelt, but you can substitute either or both millet and rye for spelt to make the bread.

Other options are quinoa, amaranth, and kamut.  I can't vouch for any of them and have never tested any of them, but they are worth testing if you can't tolerate rice or spelt. If you test them, let me know if they do or don't work for you.

Super MSM Gel

Super MSM Gel is one of the best things you can do for your scalp. I received a question asking if it's messy which would be an important concern. The answer is, "No."

No, Super MSM gel is not messy. MSM is a source of organic sulfur which is in every cell of your body. The interesting thing about MSM is that it seems to destroy or quiet the parasites.

If you apply a few drops to your skin or scalp and massage it in, it completely disappears into your skin within a few seconds. It simply adsorbs into your skin. And you can apply it as often as you need it. Super MSM gel also contains NG and diatomaceous earth. As the MSM and NG adsorb into your skin, the diatomaceous earth dries onto your scalp destroying any organisms that surface as they are extracted by the MSM and the NG.

Of course you can use our Shampoo with NG to wash and condition your hair and then take the Super MSM gel with you and use it through out the day. Apply it every time you take a bath room break. It's in our store at

How to Kill Springtails

Collembola (spring tails) are either dragged into your home by you, your pets, or someone else in which case the basic instructions for disinfecting your surroundings in Chapter III are all that you need. On the other hand, your home and outside yard area may be the source of them in which case you need to do some serous pest control work.

Roseann, shared this link which tells you everything you need to know to get rid of them from your home. It tells you what specific products to use for treatment of your yard, foundation, crawl space, bathroom areas, and so on. However, it does not tell you how to identify where they are. I suggest using glue boards to locate where the spring tails are. Remember, they are the size of a dust particle that can be seen on a glue board but not against your skin. The article is at

You should be able to get glue boards and the pesticides from Do Your Own Pest Control at or call them at 800-476-3368

I thank Roseann for taking the time to forward the article to me.

I Got Sick From MaxOne

In response to my update yesterday about MaxOne glutathione accelerator, Barbara wrote, "Ok, so bad news and you will probably be mad at me for saying this, I ordered the MaxOne, and I am extremely chemically sensitive, and after reading you saying that people were experiencing nausea and headache, and me being one that can't even drink or smoke I get sick, thought I better try it with caution!!!!!!!!!!!! and I took ONE capsule, just one, and it made me deathly sick, not just for one day, but a week!! maybe as a man you can tolerate whatever is in it, but to me, it gave me signs of one of the worst allergic reactions I have ever experienced!!!!!!!! That is why so many people are wanting to substitute the reduced glutathione! I don't know why it caused this reaction cause Lord knows I need it badly, but is not worth the kick in the %#$ that I received Sorry Richard , tho otherwise, I sooooo appreciate what you are doing to help us!!!!!!!!!!!"

I replied, "MaxOne is hypoallergenic, so most likely you experienced a significant detox reaction. The same thing happened to me when I took my first Garcillin capsule. My knee swelled to double size with extreme, I mean extreme pain and agony, and stayed that way for a week. I was deathly afraid of ever taking another capsule of Garcillin� until I realized I was detoxed. MaxOne didn't detox me, but Garcillin did. For you, MaxOne is detoxing you.

So when I started taking Garcillin� again, I only took a quarter of a capsule and gradually increased it to one a day. Now I can take as many as I want.
Nothing wrong with reduced glutathione--I didn't say it was. Problem is that you're only getting a smattering of what you need in terms of glutathione to fight the parasites. You can do it that way too. Take the reduced glutathione and work up to about ten caps a day at which it will be equivalent to one MaxOne cap then switch over to MaxOne and save money."

Go to or click here to order MaxOne.

Let's Talk About Glutathione

Boosting glutathione is important for both Collembola and Morgellons. It's part of the protocol for dealing with both skin parasites. And in my protocol I specifically caution against substituting other products or supplements for the ones I recommend. And this is particularly important for our MaxOne product to boost glutathione.

Yet, almost every week I speak with someone who is attempting to supplement or boost their glutathione via some other method.

First, many think that taking reduced gluatahione is the same thing. Reduced glutathione is a very large tripeptide molecule which when taken as a supplement has trouble getting past the stomach. So the best one can hope for is higher glutathione levels by about 20%. I calculated that one would have to take 15 doses a day to get the amount of glutathione that begins to make sense. And even at a low cost of $15 per month for one bottle that would be about $225 a month for fifteen bottles.

Then many physicians prescribe glutathione injections. Granted, this is definitely a way of significantly increasing glutathione in the body, but it only boosts glutathione in the blood stream. Glutathione can not go from the blood stream into the cellular network--it just doesn't flow that way.

In fact, in the body, glutathione is produced naturally in the cells and the liver then distributes it into the blood stream. It does not go from the blood stream through the liver and into the cells. So, while one will derive benefit from increased glutathione in the blood stream, one will not get the full benefits of having increased levels in the cellular network.

Why is it important to have glutathione in the cells? Answer: that's where all the action is. That's where free radicals attack DNA. That's what Morgellons does: it attacks and rewrites our DNA. That's where we need glutathione. Also, the furnaces of the cell are the mitochondria. Glutathione regulates the mitochondria to keep them from dying prematurely.

MaxOne has one additional benefit: It's comprised of D-Ribose and L-cysteine. The D-Ribose is a special sugar and is the natural fuel for the mitochondria. And for some reason this sugar is beneficial for both those with Collembola and Morgellons as opposed to sucrose, dextrose and so on.

And the L-cysteine is the molecule that the cell needs to produce glutathione.

Now, some realize that they can buy D-Ribose and L-Cysteine by themselves very inexpensively, and they figure that taking them by themselves is the same thing. Not so. While both are beneficial, the L-Cysteine has trouble getting past the stomach and the boost in glutathione is minimal. Note that MaxOne is a formula of D-Ribose and L-Cysteine bonded together. The bonding is the magic that gets them both past the stomach and into the cellular network.

No other product in the market place does what MaxOne does and this is why I do not suggest substituting other products for MaxOne. Go to to see all the other methods of boosting glutathione or even a substitution for glutathione. Recently a subscriber referred me to a product from France which was about $15 a month less than MaxOne, but it had additives that feed both Collembola and Morgellons--not what we want.

And what about price? MaxOne costs us $60 for a one month supply and if you subscribe to receive it monthly, you  pay $65 for it. Otherwise, it's $75 for a month's supply if you're just trying it out.

Baking Soda???

in one of my recent updates I inquired as to how many of you dealing with Morgellons are drinking food grade peroxide--it's part of the Morgellons protocol. Only a hand full of people responded; and, of them, only one was drinking the food grade peroxide. Some have tried drinking the peroxide for a month or so and gave up.

Now, I'm wondering how many of you, who are dealing with Morgellons, are drinking one teaspoon of baking soda twice a day. Drinking baking soda is also part of the protocol for Morgellons.

Quite frankly, persistence is the key to success--not trying something for a month or two.

I hear of so so many Morgellons sufferers who are financially broke and have difficulty affording supplements. Quite frankly, while the supplements accelerate progress, they are a luxury. The King Diet�, disinfection, and bathing are the essentials. And drinking baking soda is one of the least expensive things you can do. I really can't imagine anyone going broke with the diet, disinfection with ammonia/peppermint, and baking soda. Even the debriding soap is a luxury. As mentioned in my book, some have found that applying a banana peel or mango peel to the skin also sheds debris from the skin.

So, tell me if you're doing it and if not, why not! And not just for a month or so.

I once suggested flavoring it with a drop of peppermint. Tell me if that helps too.

Lyme Disease Protocols

Seems that every month someone sends me a protocol for Lyme disease. Some of them quite involved. Some involve antibiotics, some herbs and nutrients. I imagine they all work to some degree and years ago I tried the antibiotics and then things like Cat's Claw and Taurox, and still with all that, Lyme disease almost totally ruined my life when I had turned 62.

My protocol is basically pretty basic and simple: MaxOne and Garcillin. By boosting glutathione 8 years ago I obtained 95% relief from the symptoms of Lyme. And those symptoms were excruciating pain and inflammation in my right knee. By adding Garcillin a few years later, I obtained 99.9% relief. Occasionally, now at age 70, I might wake up with slight pain in my knee at night and all I do is take a MaxOne and go back to bed and sleep soundly.

If you suspect or know that you're dealing with Lyme, then before you go crazy with some protocol, research boosting your glutathione with MaxOne and using Garcillin as a natural antibiotic and decide for yourself if it's worth trying.

The advantage of this protocol is that boosting glutathione also does so many more things--it reduces inflammation, detoxes your body, destroys free radicals, increases oxygenation of the red blood cells, and so on. Go to to learn more. And allicin?? It's a not only a natural antibiotic, it's a natural anti viral, anti parasitic, anti fungal, and anti protozoan. So, what these two products do for you regarding Lyme is simply a bonus.

Please note that I do not recommend using other glutathione supplementation products. The mechanism by which MaxOne works produces glutathione inside your cells where you need it. All other methods of glutathione supplementation are limited to getting glutathione into the blood stream and not into the cells themselves.

Nevertheless, I must legally advise you to ask you doctor if there's any downside to boosting glutathione or taking a natural antibiotic, allicin.

Peroxide Feedback Requested

Drinking food grade peroxide has been a part of the Morgellon's protocol for years.
"3 drops with a glass of distilled water 3 times a day. (on empty stomach first thing in the morning) three hours after a meal. You might start with one drop and work up to three drops. Do not--do not take more or without distilled water--it can do physical harm if not taken correctly. Google "How to take food grade hydrogen peroxide" for more information.

I'm looking for feedback. Are you doing it? What benefits have you noticed? Do you also drink a teaspoon of baking soda twice a day (I hope not the same time you drink the peroxide)?

Email me your feedback, I'd appreciate it.

Important Information About Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

I must admit, that aside from using diatomaceous earth spread around my environment, I know very little about taking diatomaceous earth. It made sense to me to use it for intestinal parasites, but beyond that, I was in the dark until I read this article that Vivian forwarded to me.

Go to and read it and you'll have a far better understanding of how to take diatomaceous earth internally.

I thank Vivian for sharing this article. You can order it from Do Your Own Pest Control at or call them at 800-476-3368 and ask for food grade diatomaceous earth.

Question About the Creams
Mary had a couple questions about our Nature's Gift� or Beauty Forever� Creams.

"Can the cream, for people who don't have Morgellons, be used to deal with brown spots from the sun?

Can the moisturizing creams also be used by anyone for wrinkles and hydration in general?

Thank you Richard for your time
Take care,"


My answer: "Any cream with NG can be used with brown spots. Originally we were going to market one of the creams with NG as a Whitening Cream, but there are too many federal regulations with which to deal so we call them debriding cream, revitalization, and exfoliant.

And yes, all creams can be used to hydrate your skin; and you may be surprised about the impact they have on wrinkles. After applying any of the creams, you can add water to your skin to reactivate the NG in the cream.

Yes, Katie, You're Sane

After going to many doctors and being told things like there's nothing wrong, or it's in your head, or you're doing it to yourself, or you're the only one in the family who has the problem, I can understand how one can question oneself. After all, doctors know things we don't, right? Katie apparently began to believe her doctors, but fortunately, she got my book and learned that she was suffering from real skin parasites and not insane after all. She writes, "I just wanted you to know how important you are to me and my family. I Don't think I would still be alive if it wasn't for your information and encouraging emails. No one believed me, I lost my mind. I really did. I would go days without sleeping and still manage to watch my children. I hardly remember the time before I found you. it seemed like a bad nightmare. I still have not been able to find a job but even a small amount of NG still helps. I've pulled together a few dollars for another bottle so I will order soon.. I am convinced that this problem is related to the horrible food I was eating. My family have studied up on GMOS and all the people paid to keep quiet. I will never look at the world the same. Just thank you for fighting for us and if I can do anything to help let me know. I can't do anything monetary but if there is anything else just know I will back u up. Thank you for giving me back my sanity."

Granted, GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) are probably the work of the devil (in the form of Monsanto), but I don't know of any evidence that points to Morgellons being caused by eating GMO's even though Morgellons is a GMO. Aside from that, I'm happy to contribute to Katie knowing that she's sane and not suffering from some imaginary ailment.
Another Solution for Scalp Issues

Kim explains how she is creative with our products in dealing with her scalp issues.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful products, I truly believe that the debriding soap and super MSM are helping me a great deal. I add peppermint and cedarwood oil to both and then polish off with food-grade diatomaceous earth, to my scalp, cover with a cap overnight. The first few days I thought the "junk" would never quit trickling down my neck; it has practically stopped. After showering with sulfur soap, I spray 91% isopropyl alcohol mixed with debriding and peppermint, followed by spraying with distilled water mixed with debriding, MSM, and peppermint. Once I am dry, I dust myself with the diatomaceous earth (DE). In addition, I am ingesting 1 tablespoon twice daily of the DE with plenty of water on an empty stomach; the first few days I had a definite 'cleanse'. I take MSM capsules twice daily. I will continue to hope and pray for a day when this ends.

Maybe this information would be helpful for others? I am no longer feeling the itchiness and biting."

I thank Kim for her testimonial and taking the time to share her experience in how she successfully dealt with her scalp. While we do not have cedar wood oil in our on-line store, we do have lavender oil that I'm sure will be an excellent substitute for cedar wood oil. We do have cedar wood oil in our cedar debriding cream.

And of course the good news is that she's no longer feeling itching and biting--she has her life back.


Awakening Fungus

Getting your life back from skin parasites can be confusing. Ellinor writes, "Hi Richard, thank you for the follow up on laundry disinfecting. I have no problem being reinfected by my washed laundry. I use Arm and Hammer washing detergent with baking soda and oxi clean and add either borax or Clorox with the wash.

I soaked in the debriding soap with peppermint drops on Saturday. I really didn't know what I have been dealing with other than a never ending hellish nightmare. I soaked about 45 minutes. I took a shower in Dr Bronners Peppermint Soap and borax powder afterwards. My hell began soon after. I ached some in my shoulders/upper body. My skin was burning and had considerable movement. I scrapped my skin with a business card and saw little black dots. Then I began feeling drunk in my head. I feel like the soap pulled fungus out of my body and it remained on my skin. I finally took some anti fungal soap and rubbed it in and left it. I also rubbed some anti fungal Lotrimin Cream on my skin which helped. I am afraid to use the soap again because I feel the soap awakened a hornets nest from within me and dumped it onto the surface of my skin. My skin burned and stung unlike I had never felt. I guess next time I will put in some vinegar, salt, borax and powdered oxygen bleach plus. I don't know which came first, the fungus or collembolla.

I solicit any help you can offer. Thanks, Richard.

Best regards,"

I thank Ellinor for writing. In Chapter III of my book I caution against using Nature's Gift (NG) in your bath without sufficient disinfectant. NG does an amazing job of cleaning the skin--that's what the little black dots were about. That's what you want to happen--get them out of your skin.

In the tub, NG will extract skin fungus from anywhere on your body. And, if you're not using sufficient disinfectant, the fungus can spread everywhere on your body. Peppermint is a great disinfectant, however, you need to use 20 or more drops. Using less may not get the job done, but even 20 drops is sometimes too much for one's skin. The challenge is to have sufficient disinfectant to destroy the organisms and not strong enough to irritate your skin and that's why some use more than one disinfectant. For example, some use peppermint, lavender, apple cider vinegar, borax, and so on together.

How do you know it's skin fungus? Answer: because you feel a burning of your skin. And unlike with the skin parasites, you might also get a biting sensation that lasts only a few moments and then it's gone. With the skin parasites, the biting sensation seems to last forever and doesn't move.

What Ellinor experienced is as she suspected--she didn't use enough disinfectant. Which came first? Answer: It's hard to tell. I know that personally I had Collembola for many years and when I started taking baths with NG in my whirlpool, I developed skin fungus too. Frustrating indeed! I was making progress with Collembola and bang--skin fungus. Another night mare. That's when I discovered the importance of having a disinfectant in the bath and the importance of disinfecting the jets in my whirlpool.

Caution: Don't use peroxide with vinegar, pool shock, or bleach together--they will cancel each other out chemically. Peroxide is a base, and vinegar, pool shock and bleach are acids. When you combine an acid plus a base, you get a salt plus water.

Regarding peppermint soap, we plan on introducing our own bar soap with peppermint, lemon, and tea tree oil in the very near future.

When is the best time to take MSM

MSM capsules are organic sulfur. Morgellons uses up your sulfur when it forms it's iron-sulfur complex--the heart of the organism. This means that basically anyone with Morgellons is deficient in sulfur.

Please understand that this organic sulfur is different than the yellow flowers of sulfur that's often applied to the skin.

Brenda asked, "When is the best time to take MSM capsules? with or without food?"

Answer from an article about MSM: "It all depends on your individual G.I. (Gastro Intestinal Tolerance)

It is generally best to take larger amounts of MSM at meal times though some people take it between meals. It's well tolerated by most people however, if you feel any discomfort from taking it between meals, try it with, or immediately after food.

Sports enthusiasts tend to take MSM on an empty stomach before and after training.

It is best to avoid taking MSM late at night as it will tend to keep most people awake. It's suggested that MSM and oxygen are chemically closely related, therefore it's hypothesised that taking MSM helps oxygenate the blood stream, cells and tissues. When the body is well oxygenated one tends not to feel tired.

Most people find MSM gives them increased energy so again, it's best avoided at bedtime."

MSM is available in capsule form in our on-line store at and is part of the Morgellons pack at

Enzymes are the natural enemy of Morgellons. A former sufferer of Morgellons writes about enzymes, " I used a ton of enzymes and it really helped my progress." The enzymes that make a difference are Protease, Cellulase, Chitosanase & Peptizyme SP* (Serrapepbase) which are in our Floracor-GI Enzymes. But research them and decide for yourself and of course consult with your doctor if it's OK to consume these enzymes. The enzymes, 180 capsules for $45. are in our on-line store at or click here and they are part of the Morgellons pack in the Morgellon's protocol. Depending on your present condition, you may need to double up on the recommended 6 capsules a day.

Floracor-GI is also a full spectrum blend of probiotics, and prebiotics expertly formulated to maintain a proper balance of intestinal microflora. Floracor-GI* may assist with Candida by the utilization of enzymes to proteolytically deteriorate cell walls and protein within Candida thus, promoting healthy cleansing and proper nutrient absorption for optimal digestion.

Who's Yout Buddy?

You're sitting on the couch or favorite chair watching TV. Who's your buddy? You get in the car to go to the grocery store. Who's your buddy? You go out for dinner. Who's your buddy? You go to the beach. Who's your buddy? You to to school or to work. Who's your buddy? You go anywhere. Who's your buddy?

Why do you need a buddy? Answer: To deal with any minor or major skin discomfort that you may experience. Your buddy is one or more of the following:
1. Diluted Nature's Gift� Body wipe with some peppermint added to it in a little 4 oz bottle
2. Super MSM gel
3. Claudia's Dream Cream in the small one ounce jar
4. Beauty Forever Exfoliant Cream in a one ounce jar
5. Debriding Cream or Cedar Cream in a one ounce jar
Any one or more sitting next to you on the couch, on your night stand, in your car, pocket, or pocket book.

You can apply them as often and as frequently as needed--every few minutes if needed.

If I got reinfected or felt persistent discomfort around my ankles or lower legs while watching TV from spring tails, a foot bath ready for use with a quarter cap if NG concentrate and ten drops of peppermint was my buddy. You can keep your feet in it for hours if desired. Just disinfect it when you're finished using it.

Trouble Sleeping
If you have difficulty drifting asleep because of worry about what your life will be about because of these parasites, then you might benefit greatly from my relaxation hypnotic sleep program--Sleep Through the Night. Click here or go to

There's Real Hope

I love getting emails like this one. It's why I do what I do. If you've been in despair, you'll want to read this email.

Brenda is a testament to what happens when you follow instructions as written in my book--you get your life back. Ignore the diet, disinfection, and bathing and you suffer--it's simple. Brenda has gone from wishing she were dead to being glad she's alive. I wish the same for everyone and am here to support you. It's not an easy fight, but it's winnable. In Brenda's mind it was "expensive", but only because she was most likely at the point she was depressed and probably felt guilty for using funds that would not produce results, but instead could be used for the family. I know, I've been there. I was once so depressed that I didn't want to drive my car because I didn't want to pollute the atmosphere with more carbon dioxide--I didn't think I was worth it. Instead of me not wanting to use money, I didn't want to use gasoline. It may not be easy to get this analogy, but when you're depressed, you can feel guilty for using anything that is expendable. And that's an experience I'll never forget and I used it to create a powerful CD to Overcome Depression available at

"Thank God for YOU...Thank you for fighting for us. I can tell you from my heart that if it wasn't for you and your product I would be dead. I had suffered for 18 months covered with lesions and my husband found me one day naked on the bathroom floor begging him to give me a gun. That is when he said 'Brenda order that stuff right now, I don't care how much it is do it."

I had been reading all your stuff for months but i thought, "what if it doesn't work and it is so expensive." Well I can tell you, "IT WORKS." I am 80% lesion free, itching is gone and I don't want to die anymore. All because of you.
thank you,"

They Panic

I saw on the news last night that they panic with one case of Zika virus in the NY area. Yet, they totally ignore thousands of cases of Morgellons and other skin parasites. Not that Zika virus isn't dangerous, but there are thousands of people already suffering every day from Morgellons that get ignored. Nothing new--right?

And my attempts to get some publicity for the last three years have fallen on deaf ears, but I haven't given up.


To Tell or Not to Tell

In my last update, a lady shared that she informs others of her plight with Morgellons and lets them decide if they want to socialize with her. There are pros and cons with this approach. Rachel shares her feelings, "Regarding telling everyone about the condition - personally I don't think it's a good idea unless you are contagious (i.e. not doing the protocol, especially the diet and medication.), other than significant others or those you live with. For instance, I experienced someone thinking I was taking drugs that cause skin eruptions and things "feeling" as though they are coming out of my skin. If you have kids and are a single parent, if people or doctors think you may be doing drugs, they may say your are unfit to be a mother."

Something to think about. There are risks to tell and risks not to tell. I know none of us want to infect others, yet, we still need to live our lives. Generally, you reduce being contagious by being on the diet, disinfecting, and taking a bath before going out in public, and being on one of the medications; and of course, taking along your diluted body wipe for spot application to your skin as needed. You can add a few drops of peppermint or lavender to the body wipe for disinfection of any organisms.

I shudder when highly infected people tell me that they have to go to the library to access a computer--scary for others that will later sit in that seat. I don't have a solution. If one is new to the program, infected, and doesn't have a computer at home, the library is the practical choice. And taking a spray bottle of ammonia (smelly) or boric acid (no odor) along to spray the seat, keyboard, table area, and floor area after you leave is tenuous to say the least, but the responsible thing to do. At worse one might get labeled as whacky, but not "Buggy."

Any ideas on that?

Lonely Hearts

Yesterday's update was about the possibility of starting a lonely hearts' club. I received more comments from that update than any other that I've released.

First, there were negative responses. One just thought that it would be not a good idea to get involved with and the other lady wants me to stick to dealing with the skin parasites and took exception to the "same sex" statement which was there only to be politically correct for today's world.

Many, many were excited about the possibilities and some mentioned some precautions:
For those with Collembola, meeting another sufferer with Collembola really wouldn't be much of a problem, however, it's not a good idea for someone with Collembola to physically meet someone with Morgellons or visa versa. And then, with Morgellons, there's also precautions to be taken since everyone who has organisms coming from their skin is different. And some have black goo too.

But maybe more importantly, would be to establish an on-line relationship with someone else going through the same thing--a friend to support and be there for the tough times. Who says, lonely hearts have to meet physically--at least not in the beginning, but perhaps when you've gotten your life back which is our goal.

Bigger problem: No one has any experience or a technical background in how to set up such a network. And, unfortunately, I have neither the time or expertise. So the idea may simply remain an idea. Two people suggested using Face Book, but then again, neither they nor I have any idea as to how to use Face Book.

But, if you're interested, here are a couple of the responses. Stacy writes, "It is not easy to have a social life when you have Morgellons disease and other parasitic adversities, but it is not impossible.
I have Morgellons disease and I am always careful when I am with others who do not have this terrible disease. I always wash my hands, take a shower before I go to church to see my friends. I would not want anyone to catch this, so far no one has caught this disease from me.
I have somewhat of a social life. I go to lunch with my friends, get together for fun events I usually meet people outside of my home Starbucks, movies things like that--go for walks and talk, but they know what I have.
The most important thing is to tell people that you have this and I let them decide whether they want to take a risk. and to be around you or not.. SO I EDUCATE THEM AND I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THEIR HEALTH.
As far as a boyfriend I would not want to see someone who has the same disease as I do. I I would not want to get infected again..
Some people are very contagious. I went over to visit my friend whose son had this. She didn't tell me her son was sick and after she cut my hair, her son came in and started styling my hair with his hands when he knew he had parasites coming out of his skin, They didn't even tell me he was sick.. Well, guess who caught Morgellons!!! I hadn't even heard of the disease before.
His mother never said a word when he tried to change my hair style. I wondered why she had this look on her face.. I didn't know why Now I do!
I feel my life is ruined because of the people who were so dishonest. ..It's like a person with AIDS they know they have AIDS and they have relations with a person anyway.
I say just be very careful.
Isolation breeds depression so don't be isolated! I just tell others the TRUTH! and I am not lonely. I have a social life and I see my friends. As far as a serious relationship it takes along time to get to know a person. I would stick to courtship and become good friends with the person you are interested in.. People in your life need to know what is going on with you so they can make a healthy decisions when they are with you... After all this is a terrible disease and if you have this disease you would not want to give this to someone else...
I am sorry there are no pat answers, not easy answers when you are ill."

I can only say that while being upfront with others may work for her, it may not work for everyone. In a previous update a lady shared how she made it known that she had Morgellons and ended up getting labeled as the "bug lady." Stacy's certainly right about there not being any "pat answers," and isolation does breed depression. And then again, the words you use to inform others about your condition may make a big difference--in other words, you don't want to say, "I have bugs that can jump onto you and infect you." If you've mastered how to inform others without getting labeled, please share.

Steph writes, "I think it's a really good idea. I also think it would help those suffering to feel included in the world again! I guess the particular parasite would need to be the same for the people but some get more than one I guess. I just don't feel isolation is the key. It would have to be set up in a way where people had proof Of how they were helping themselves to rid them and so very highly contagious ones could wait maybe until they got somewhat better? Not sure but I think it's a good idea."

Viv writes, "I have thought about that idea several times. I dated 2 people and told them the truth but they were not worried about it, but I was always stressed out about it. They never seemed to be affected by it. and were even kind enough to deal with my diet habits and the constant washing, but it was internally emotionally still very stressful for me. Anyway, Thanks be to God they never seemed to be affected by it. They have moved on and found new people and still seem to be fine. Just these past few days, I have been feeling the extreme loneliness of just needing to be held in some ones arms. just a hug, a kiss, a tender touch of someone who cares. At this point, however simple you decide to start, at least it would give people someone to at least talk to and share feelings and at least have a friend who understands."

A "friend who understands." How valuable would that be?

Tim writes, "This has potential to not only help with the isolation, fear and anxiety, not to mention companionship.

It may also help you and others as a means of collecting vital data that may be instrumental in continuing your drive to bring forth new modalities of treatment and unify what has been a living nightmare for so many.

I have been able to keep it together, with your help, for over a year. I have divorced and lost a relationship with a wonderful woman, because of the circumstances, so be it.

I have the ability to work side by side with someone local to me who is infected and affected by this, and am able to help this person financially with products. For me, to have an avenue to link us, could help make that happen.

My goal is to understand the similarities and clinical differences to help with forming a better strategy to get the Medical profession a basis to go on.

My eternal hope is that somehow, someway, that the eradication of these para/nanosites can happen with whatever help I can give.

And Tim has taken it upon himself to help a friend financially with products--many thanks to him. One idea I had was to set up an adoption program, where someone who is in a good financial position can support someone who is practically destitute because of the disease.

I thank everyone quoted above for sharing and everyone else whom wrote short notes of support.

Lonely Hearts Club

A couple months ago, a gentleman had written me asking if I could start a program where single sufferers could meet others of the opposite sex, or in today's world, same sex, who are also suffering and seeking an intimate relationship.

As you most likely already know, both Morgellons and Collembola can be highly contagious to some people. The result is that many sufferers, who are single, become isolated because dealing with the skin parasites is one thing, but inadvertently giving them to someone else is mentally disastrous--nothing worse than that--guilt, fear, anxiety, worry.

Of course, if one could find someone else who was already affected, then life might not be so isolated.

It sounds like a great idea, however, I would not know where to start other than to set up some kind of moderated private chat room. If any one has experience in how to proceed with this approach and time to help out, contact me. Or, if there would be a better way of doing it, contact me too.

A Collembola Hiding Place
Here's a place that's easy to over look. At the bottom on your kitchen cabinets and your bathroom cabinets is an indent so your feet can go under the front of the cabinet--a foot recess. If you stand there bare foot or with open shoes, Collembola can jump to the bottom side if that foot recess so that next time you stand there, they can simply drop down onto the top of your feet and reinfect you.

So, when you disinfect your cabinets, bend over and disinfect the vertical back and the upper horizontal portion of the foot recess as well as the front vertical side of the cabinet, floor area around the cabinet and counter tops.

Does the Right Medication Stop Collembola

Here's a question you might have about the medications.

Does taking the medicine stop the Collembola from attaching to you?

Answer: Not by themselves. It's important to be on the diet, do the disinfection and the protocol of supplements, then the right medication can kick you over the top and make the diet a lot more flexible. However, if you're walk through an area where there is an infestation of them, they will still jump on you and you will notice itching. The good news is that it's far easier to get rid of the itching than it was without the medications.

If you complete the attached questionnaire, I'll tell you which protocol you need. And then if you can't get the medication from your doctor, you can make arrangements to have an appointment with our doctor. But don't think that these medications are the magic pill that will cure you without the diet, protocol and disinfection of your surroundings.

Sometimes More Than One Medication is Needed

For me, Orap or Zyprexa did the trick, but not so for everyone. Carolyn found that she needed both Orap and Doxepin to deal with her Collembola. She writes:

"Yes, I take both Orap and Doxepin. I was so infected that with my last visit with Dr. Su, he opened up your book and said lets add doxepin.
it works great! I have been 90% clear.
Just feel a little bite once and a while at work on my ankles, and still can't use the couch, besides that I'm good.
I tried going off doxepin, then boom! Itching returned...first dose back on the doxepin and I was better...amazing how fast it worked.I swear by the doxepin. best med I've tried.
It's wonderful that you are working with Dr. Su to help people, I have been blessed with the world's best doctor, he's you!"

I thank Carolyn for her kind words. By the way, Carolyn introduced me to Dr. Su who has agreed to work with us to provide a much needed service, and that is to provide us with the medications that work. Note that even with two medications, she still needs to avoid her couch. I asked her why and she informed me that she has two cats that are infected with Collembola and they hang out on the couch. Good news is that with the medications and supplements, she's 90% clear. Basically, she has her life back everywhere except on her couch where the cats rule.

So, if you have not been able to have your doctor work with you, and are interested in Dr. Su's services, let me know and I'll tell you what we need of you.
More about Lavender

Yesterday's update was about lavender. I noted that I have no experience with lavender and didn't know how many drops to use in a bath. Randy, was kind enough to email me the following information with his experience. In fact I first learned of lavender's disinfecting value from Randy several months ago. I began looking for a supplier of lavender and a formula for shampoo with lavender right after his email. Thanks to Randy's information we now how both: A shampoo with lavender and lavender oil in our on-line store. This is what he wrote:

"I personally use 7 to 20 drops of lavender in my bath water, and then soak for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.

I wear ear buds, and even soak my head in the water which helps immensely the itching of the scalp.

I always advise to test a very small amount of everything before using a lot, so that if one is allergic to it, there is a tiny allergic reaction, not a major shut down of the body.

p.s. Even 1 drop of peppermint is too much for my body in bath water. LOL
All the best,"

Thank you Randy for your contribution. If you submerge your head in the bath water, definitely keep your eyes closed to keep parasites from getting in your eyes. Click here or go to to find lavender in our on-line store.

Next I'll be looking to add Tea Tree Oil and expand the store to have a section for Natural Oils.

Get More From Peppermint/Lavender
Both peppermint and lavender are powerful disinfectants or antiparasitics. In addition to using peppermint in your bath, you can boost the power of NG body wipe by adding in about ten or fifteen drops of peppermint in a 4 oz bottle of diluted NG body wipe.

And remember the lavender alternative. If peppermint is too strong or too harsh or too cold for your skin or you simply want a different fragrance, consider using lavender in place of peppermint in your bath and NG body wipe. Drop wise, I don't have a good feel for whether you need the same number of drops or less than what you use of peppermint. Let me know what works best for you.

You can get both lavender and peppermint in our on-line store at:
Click here for Lavender or go to (60 ml for $28.95)
Click here for Peppermint or go to (60ml for $9.45)

Parasite Cleanse Report

Sandra gave me her report today after being on the Parasite Cleanse for about 4 weeks. She noted that shortly after starting the cleanse she began feeling flu-like symptoms that pretty much persisted for most of the month. As she continued, she noted that more and more debris was coming from her skin. She said that she was practically living in the bath tub as she used Nature's Gift� to extract more and more debris from her skin and peppermint in case any organisms were alive. She noted that after four weeks she had to take a break from the Cleanse for a week as there was just too much debris coming from her body.

After fourteen years of fighting Morgellons, she's certain that it will probably take her three or more rounds of the Parasite Cleanse. If anyone has any questions about her experience, email me, give me your phone number, and I ask her to contact you.

In the meantime, if you want the Parasite Cleanse, click here or go to and order before Monday.

Remember, as I noted before, the parasite cleanse has worm wood and black walnut, both of which will activate Collembola. Thus, if you're also dealing with Collembola, you need to be proactive and begin with foot baths with NG as soon as you start the parasite cleanse. And then, take a break from both the capsules and the tincture after about 6 days (about the time the Collembola may be activating) for a week or so and then repeat the process.

Body Wipe and Wipes

Here's a question you might also have:

"What are you meaning when you talk about NG wipes. I have been spraying the Nature's Gift mixture on my body. However, I could see the benefit of using wipes in some areas of the body. Please let know."

"I write about diluting Nature's Gift (NG) to make a body wipe. It's been found the best way of applying it is with your finger tips or spray it on your skin and massage it it in with your finger tips. Not recommended to use wipes to apply the body wipe."

Can Collembola Be Cured?
A young lady sent me these questions pertaining to Collembola (spring tails). Her questions in black and my answers in reddish rust.

How long do I have to take Orap (Pimozide) as my doctor is not keen on keeping me on this drug for an extended period of time? Depends on how bad the infection is before treatment. Some people a few weeks, others for the rest of their lives.

How long do I have to be on the Collembola Kit (if I�m trying to beat Collembolla) so that I know what I need to continue ordering (e.g., autofill my orders)? Turns out that everything in the Collembola kit in the on-line store is what one needs for general health for a dozen different reasons, so, for instance, I'm on it for life.

There is nothing that will kill Collembola or mites internally, but rather by pushing out through the skin. Is this true? Just so that I understand. The Orap is to keep the bug from being active (i.e., sleep so less crawling, not reproducing, and make me less a target for bug attack; the supplements are to push the bugs out by boosting my body immune system and making my body less bug friendly; and the Debriding Soap is pull the bugs and other residents out of my skin. Do I have an good understanding of these products? Yes, except no one really understands everything about orap or how these medications work.

Is it true that Collembolla can infest internally, e.g., bloodstreams and stomach? How do I detect it via laboratory testing? Yes, they go internally, but not sure how far, and there are no lab tests available or even being designed. In fact doctors don't even recognize that they are human pests and that humans can be infected with them.

How do I keep my office clean as I cannot spray pesticide or ammonia? That's a problem as it has to be disinfected--stay late or come in early and spray. Consider using boric acid solution as an alternative to ammonia--maybe even white vinegar. You'll have to figure out what works best. There was an update on boric acid several months back. and search for "boric acid"

Is this problem curable or just keeping manageable for people infested? No cure. You beat them by getting to live your life free of itching and biting sensations, but always need to be diet sensitive and use the products and maybe the medications.

I previously took CALM MAGNESIUM, but stop when I started the King Diet and the Collembola Kit. Do you know of anyone taking Magnesium while using the mentioned items? Does magnesium help in anyway that you�ve heard of? The ionic minerals have magnesium in them along with about 70 other minerals. But, if you look at the ingredients of your Calm Magnesium and it doesn't have any offending ingredients, you could probably take it too.

I�ve been on the King Diet (Stage 1) for a month now and on the Collembola Kit along with the Debriding Soap for two weeks. The crawling on my scalp and ankles has reduced by about 50%, but not going away yet. Is this expected or should I increase the dosage of Orap and Collembolla Kit? It's an indication that you are still eating something that feeds them. For instance, while 95% of us can have rice, 5% can't. The diet is a guide, so if you're still reacting, then you need to keep a diary as I wrote about in the book. Best to read the book at least three times and the diet section four or five times. .

How many have cured? How many people are still fighting skin parasites? What is the average length for people get their life back, i.e., beat their nightmarish ordeals? I don't cure anyone--impossible to cure. I have no idea how many people I've helped. To my knowledge, no one else knows how to deal with Collembola--everyone is focused on Morgellons. It's about getting rid of relentless itching and biting sensations and learning how to live with Collembola rather than being contagious and it running your life. If everything falls into place for you and you effectively disinfect everything, perfect with the diet and make no mistakes and get results with orap, you can get your life back in a couple months, but unfortunately, mistakes are made in disinfection, diet and so on so it could take a year or so to get it all right at the same time.

Do you follow other skin parasites sites and their treatment protocols? Trishaspringsted (or ESP Botanical)? Etc? Stopskinmites is megan and good luck there. Earth clinics is mainly about candida so good luck there. Our beauty forever creams have ESp botanical beat ten times over, You didn't mention IBS syndrome--but good luck there too. Everyone says eat healthy but can't come close to defining what eating healthy is for dealing with either Collembola or Morgellons--they don't have the actual experience. The diet is the trunk of the tree--nothing else comes close to working without the diet. And yes, you'll be able to eat most anything you want after you go through the first and second stage of the diet with either orap or zyprexa. But you can't jump on the caboose and run the train.

In subsequent emails she shared that she's groggy on orap and asked if sauna's, ozone, or acupressure help. I replied that she should look into switching to Zyprexa or one of the other medications and that saunas, ozone, and acupressure have shown demonstrated

Free Product Awarded
A couple weeks ago I announced a program to help those who have lost everything and basically have trouble paying their rent and buying food, much less anything else like much needed supplies to fight skin parasites. These people have no real estate, bank accounts or friends that can help the out. They are flat out broke often only living on a meager social security check.

I am personally donating $100 a week (most of what I receive from coaching) to this cause. We had our first award last week and the recipients are Patty from Utah and Heather from TX. We haven't heard back from Heather yet, but this is what Patty wrote.

"Thank you so so much I can't begin to tell you how much this is going to help me. You're a godsend. Thank you for all you do for me and so many others that are fighting this disease, if this life wasn't hard enough already, and now this disease on top of it . I tell you what if this isn't considered one of God's test I don't know what is. I believe that this was your calling in life I truly believe what makes a good counselor is somebody that has suffered through what they're fighting for to help others..thanks Richard and everyone else at getting your life back. All your diligent studies and hard work and most of all love an compassion to help those who would truly be lost without you., teaching us never to give up 😀😁😂"
Love patty

I thank Patty for the kind words and ask for your participation on this program. This is where we stand: So far we have about two dozen individuals who have applied for the help and even "some" help means so much. If you qualify to receive help (no financial resources, friends or relatives that can help, no savings or real estate), then send me your name, address, phone number, and email address along with a short paragraph as to your financial situation.

If you'd like to help out, you can donate in $5 or $10 or any increment of $5 or $10 by going to our on-line store at and go down to donations. If, for some reason, you have problems with the store, you can call in to our office at 900-993-0929.

We'll be having our next award to two more people in need later this week.

Trouble Getting one of the Medications

In Chapter VI of my book I list over a half dozen medications that have greatly benefited many parasite sufferers. Now these medications do not replace the King Diet� or any part of the protocol. However, the right medication can figuratively put you in a different world with respect to skin parasites. Instead of having to drive yourself nuts with disinfection, stick with Stage I of the King Diet�, and deal with itching and biting, you can feel that you really have your life back.

The problem is that these specific medications are most often used for Turrets Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Drug Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, and so on and that your doctor knows nothing of their value with respect to dealing with Morgellons or Collembola. What a shame! Two of these medications have made a significant difference in me getting my life back--I was fortunate enough to find a dermatologist who knew of their application with bird mites.

For years, I've been sending parasite sufferers to their physicians to obtain a script for one of these medications. Unfortunately, instead of being given a script for one of these medications, most were given a lecture on how they don't have skin parasites but have a mental problem instead.

Now, all that has changed. Carolyn, a skin parasite sufferer, found a doctor who actually read my book, took heed, and gave her a script for two of the medications recommended in the book and her situation with Collembola has improved dramatically. What does this mean for you? Carolyn introduced me to her doctor who has agreed to be available for anyone in need of one of these medications to improve their situation with respect to skin parasites.

This is how it works: You complete the attached questionnaire and return to me. I look at it and give you the specific protocol which you research and decide for yourself if it makes sense for you. Legally, I must advise you to check it out with your doctor (who may have told you your problem is in your head). If it makes sense for you and your doctor, you start the protocol (including diet and disinfection). Once you're on the protocol, then you are given the doctor's website where you can arrange for an appointment. He's an MD.

You go to his website and order your initial phone consult with him for $150 for 30 minutes. When he receives payment, I send him my take on your situation (from your questionnaire) and he determines which of the recommended medications are a best fit for you.

You are then contacted by him to schedule your consultation.

Follow up phone sessions with him are 15 minutes for $75 to evaluate the fit of the medication for you, i.e. side effects, lab tests needed and so forth to find the best medication for you.

The good news is that you don't have to invest in hundreds of dollars to travel to him, lodging, and so on. No need to wait in a waiting room where you could contaminate other patients or be contaminated by others.

He then sends me a report on your session and you have either free consultations, as needed, with a volunteer, or paid consultations with myself. Your first step is to complete the attached questionnaire--unless you've recently done it in which case you give me your name and I'll look it up for you.

But remember, the medications are not a substitute for the King DietSM, or any part of the protocol. The good news is that the medication makes it easier to progress to phase III of the diet and feel very close to normal eating again.

Lavender is Here
Lavender is a powerful disinfectant. We ordered it to add to the new shampoo and decided to also make it available in 2 ounce bottles. If you find the peppermint too chilly in your bath, you can add lavender instead. It's now available in our on-line store at under the Nature's Gift tab for $28.95 for a 2 oz bottle. You can use it pretty much as a substitute for everything you use peppermint for, but not as a tea to drink.

Enzymes Are Here!

Years ago, a fellow discovered a group of enzymes that made a significant difference in dealing with Morgellons. He demonstrated that enzymes were one of the most important things to do to get your life back from Morgellons. In fact he built a business promoting his enzymes to Morgellons' sufferers and most of those who used them benefited greatly. Unfortunately, he somehow crossed the line with the FDA and they shut him down, his enzymes were taken off the market, and the last I heard the FDA was threatening to incarcerate him--just for crossing their fine line and trying to help fellow sufferers.

For the last couple years, I've been recommending Veganzyme (120 capsules for about $48) which is a formula that has his basic enzymes. I will still recommend the Veganzyme formula for those who are also dealing with Collembola.

I finally found a formulator that produces a capsule with the same enzymes he used and we now have it in our on-line store. And one additional bonus. These enzymes also have probiotics which is highly recommended for those dealing with Morgellons. It's 180 capsules for $45 and recommended to take three capsules twice daily on empty stomach. You can be agressive and go as high as 5 capsules twice a day.

Enzymes and probiotics have been part of my protocol for Morgellons for years and we now have them for you. Go ahead and research the value of adding enzymes and probiotics for yourself, and if you agree, then order your enzymes today. They are in the on-line store at in both the Nature's Gift and the Supplement shops. We may find that the probiotics in our new formula won't be a problem for those who also are dealing with Collembola, but right now there's uncertainty about that unless you are in late Stage II of the diet at which time probiotics are OK with Collembola.

Presently, we have a Collembola pack in our store and will be adding a Morgellons Pack which will include a monthly supply of:
►The complete nutritional system multivitamin for overall nutritional balance
►MaxOne glutathione accelerator for a dozen different reasons
►Garcillin--a natural antibiotic
►Ionic Minerals to replenish iron and keep your minerals banalced
►MSM capsules to replenish sulfur
►L-glutamine for intestinal health
►Enzymes with probiotics to further support intestinal health.

Mites in Mouth

Debbie has an interesting question about mites in her mouth:


I have been using your soap for a few years now and recently developed a problem in my mouth and I am not sure if its mites or a reaction to a new medication I am taking. So I have read on the blog once that you can get them in your mouth and its safe to gargle with the soap, but I was wondering if you could tell me how I can be sure. What would be the symptoms one would experience. My gums are red and swollen and it is very painful around my teeth. My tongue hurts as well I have a white film on my tongue and my taste buds are swollen and I cant taste food. There is also a metallic taste in my mouth, I don't really see bites but I don't see some raw areas and blisters."


Thanks fro writing. It may very well be the new medication you're taking. A metallic taste, according to Google, can be related to antibiotics or on anti histamines. It's best to confer with your doctor.

With regard to using the debriding soap in your mouth: You can take 4 ounces of water in a bottle, add about fifteen drops of 100% concentrated NG or 30 drops of 50% concentrated NG and about three or so drops of peppermint. you can look into swishing that in your mouth for as long as you can and the spit it out. repeat as often as you can.

One other thing to research is the valut of adding lifenuron. Lufenuron destroys chitin--the substance that eggs are made of.

We are Less Important Than Cancer  Patients

Most of us at some point are directed to a dermatologist--a doctor specializing in skin disorders. Personally, I went to about five different dermatologists. One ordered blood work and another a biopsy and nothing was found. Another gave me cortisone injections at each lesion on my scalp. The one who ordered blood work suggested that maybe I had skin parasites in the past but there was no sign of them from the results of the blood work. He suggested that I might be suffering from folie a deux (a shared psychosis) and gave me a brochure that explained it.

But, I did luck out because the last dermatologist I went to see knew about the use of ORAP with regard to bird mites which he suspected that I was infected with since my infection came from a cloud of dust from a tree.

Many of you have not been as fortunate as I have been with dermatologists. And get this: the irony was that the only dermatologist that knew anything about bird mites had his office next door to my office.
I'm reminded of my experiences with dermatologists because Arlene went to a dermatologist yesterday and wrote:

"Hi Richard:

I went to another dermatologist, my fifth one. A couple of months ago and she said it was dermatitis, and sent me home with a prescription for a steroid cream. She said the next time I saw her would be the last as she had more important people to see, like people with Cancer etc�;

Yes, you can believe it, you have been there.



The sad thing is that almost everyone I talk to has gone through a similar experience. I thank Arlene for writing. Some have been kicked out of hospital emergency rooms and told to never return.

Are You Using Diatomaceous Earth?

Margo has put diatomaceous earth to work for her. The good news about diatomaceous earth is that it's inexpensive and can also be used internally for intestinal parasites. It can be an alternative to using ammonia in many ways. It's covered in my book. Remember, you still need to be on the King Diet� and using the important supplements. I thank Margo for taking the time to share her experience with diatomaceous earth.

Originally I bought a duster for about $30 to dust it about. I found that it created either too much dust all over the place or very little--disappointing. I found that putting diatomaceous earth is an sock and shaking it worked better for me and I could control the amount of dust by hard I shook the sock. Margo writes, "I don't know if this will help anyone but I have taken to using diatomaceous earth around my bathroom, toilet, carpets....I dust my bedding I am going to sleep in which has almost but all stopped my crawling and biting at night...I dust inside my socks before putting them on and I put it all over chair I am sitting in...I dust inside and of my clothes that I am going to wear....I use the food grade kind for all of this...the pest control kind I have dusted outside my apartment Windows and around inside my apartment around baseboards etc....I also drink it when taking Garcillin and MaxOne...."

Caution: it may not be healthy to breathe a lot of the dust into your lungs. Wearing a dust mask might be important depending on how much dust you create.

Thanks Are Always Appreciated

I love getting emails like this one:

"Thank you so much Richard for all the help, the motivation, the compassion, the knowledge you share, the encouragement you give. Like most people I was at my wits end and very frustrated and had pretty much given up hope of ever being normal again. I'm not sure how I found you and your book which should become a best seller soon. You have brought back hope of a normal life again. Not to many people in this world can do what you have done. You will be remembered in our history books right there with all the other great people that contributed their lives to help others. Thank you again for saving my life."
I thank Pat for taking the time to share her success and am honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to her life. "remembered.... with other great people...." That sounds rather grandiose to me, but am appreciative of her thoughts. I can only wish that everyone who is at their "wits end," can experience success.

Basically, experience says that if you are good at following instructions, as Pat apparently is, you will succeed. It's nothing magical--King Diet, disinfection, bathing with Nature's Gift, and the targeted supplements. And when you get stuck, email me, or take advantage of one of the coaching options at

Tips for Your Face

"Good Morning, Richard. Just a note. Sometimes, woman have the issue on their face. It begins to get itchy, to me around the eyes and down to the ear lobes. Well, although this is not often, I apply (briefly) straight debriding with my finger tip. Just a very thin layer and then use the spray over my entire face. This causes them to surface. Now, although one can simply wash them, it really is not long that they come out again. The little white tiny strings on the eyelids. It is very hard to remove. I have used tweezers in the past, but that hurts especially if you grab the skin by mistake. So....a trick.Use a small piece of tape (not too adhesive) and simply use it to pull out anything that comes to the surface. Do this as long as you can still see them. Within a few day, they should be gone. As far as the lids, a medicated lid wipe goes a long way not to get that swollen lid. Anyway, that is it. As usual, end with either the cream or spray. Love you and have a wonderful day." Roz

I thank Roz for taking the time to share her experience--hope it helps.

Scalping It up Again

Within the last week or so, several have shared that the scalp is a big issue. So, I'm reissuing this update that I published 1/20/16. Notice that Sandra does this protocol 6 times a day for starters--aggressiveness is important and it pays off as after about three weeks she's down to doing it two to three times a day. When Sandra and I were talking about the scalp, I said it was too bad we couldn't take a scalp bath.

I surmised that all one has to do is take a head bath and Sandra took me literally and sent this photo. I believe she said she was a gymnast. Go to the update on 1/20/16 to read the rest of this update.

New Development for Morgellons

I've been waiting to write an update like this for a long time. I just hope the results you get will warrant me telling you about it.

A little background: A doctor in the North East has come down with Morgellons. She started the King Diet�, bathing with Nature's Gift�, most of the supplements and disinfecting her surroundings. Whether she is also dealing with Collembola is an unknown--maybe, but we're not sure. She has most of the typical symptoms of Morgellons: itching, biting, organisms coming from her skin, cotton or lint like substance in clothing, fibers growing from her skin...

She noticed improvement right away with the diet and supplements, and then she started using an herbal formula which I call a parasite cleanse. After just two weeks of using her formula, she noticed that her symptoms were minimal--amazing progress. And after a month of using the formula she reports that when she scratches and occasional itch on her skin, she finds a dead organism coming to the surface of her skin.

Will this work like this for everyone? I don't know. Will it work for Collembola? I don't know since it has wormwood in it. Maybe it's the form or the wormwood that is different than in other herbal supplements, but for now, I'm not suggesting it as a possibility for Collembola.

What is it? It's a program of 6 bottles of capsules taken at 2 capsules twice a day and one bottle of tincture taken at 2-4 drops or so twice a day under the tongue.

Please, I'm making no promises as to this being a treatment, cure, or that it will mitigate your skin parasite condition. It's totally at your own risk. I'm only reporting her experience and making it available at a trial price which is near cost at about 1/3 off. I received one order, took the information from the labels for the on-line store and shipped it off to someone today. If you want to try it at this special price of $249, go to and go the the second page of nutritional supplements and you'll see it listed as Parasite Cleanse. All the directions on how to take it and the ingredients are listed there.

You order with the understanding that it will be on back order and may take up to three weeks or longer to get to you. When I receive 5 orders, I'll place the order with the doctor. If I don't receive 5 orders within one week, I'll order whatever number of orders have been placed. Please note that you are a guinea pig on this. If I receive positive feedback after a month, we will gear up to stock it, but it will be at the higher pricing.

Why Morgellons Sufferers Need Sulfur
A question was asked about yesterday's update: That if Morgellons uses sulfur to create an sulfur-iron complex, wouldn't supplementing your diet with MSM capsules (a source of organic sulfur) feed Morgellons?

The answer might be dependent on one's eating habits. For instance, if one is not on the King Diet, then that might be the case, i.e. supplemental sulfur would feed the organism. However, if one is on the diet, then the answer is "No," and the result might be a sulfur deficiency if sulfur isn't supplemented.

If you Google "sulfur deficiency symptoms" you'll get the following:

"Did you know SULFUR is important to cellular respiration, as it is needed to help cells utilize oxygen, which aids brain function and all cell activity?

Sulfur is generally considered to be the 8th or 9th most abundant mineral in the human body. It is stored in every cell in the body, with the highest concentrations being in the joints, hair, skin, and nails. Sulfur is also the least researched major mineral.

As part of four amino acids, sulfur performs a number of functions in enzyme reactions and protein synthesis. It is necessary for formation of collagen, the protein found in connective tissue in our bodies. Sulfur is also present in keratin, which is necessary for the maintenance of the skin, hair, and nails, helping to give strength, shape, and hardness to these protein tissues. Sulfur, as cystine and methionine, is part of other important body chemicals: insulin, which helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism, and heparin, an anticoagulant. Taurine is found in bile acids, used in digestion. The sulfur-containing amino acids help form other substances as well, such as biotin, coenzyme A, lipoic acid, and glutathione. The mucopoly-saccharides may contain chondroitin sulfate, which is important to joint tissues.

Sulfur is important to cellular respiration, as it is needed in the oxidation-reduction reactions that help the cells utilize oxygen, which aids brain function and all cell activity. These reactions are dependent on cysteine, which also helps the liver produce bile secretions and eliminate other toxins. L-cysteine is thought to generally help body detoxification mechanisms through the tripeptide compound, glutathione.
Sulfur deficiency has been associated with the following symptoms or illnesses:

Brittle Nails
Brittle Hair
Gastrointestinal Challenges
Immune Dysfunction
Memory Loss
Lung Dysfunction - Inflammation
Scar Tissue
Slow Wound Healing"

Copied from Life Enthusiasts at
MSM (organic sulfur) available at

Do You Need Sulfur

Research indicates that Morgellons is based on and iron-sulfur complex--in other words it uses sulfur. You can replenish your sulfur with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) as opposed to using flowers of sulfur (a yellow powder). Meithylsulfonylmethane sounds like a dangerous explosive chemical, but it's not. It's the organic form of sulfur found in every cell of your body. We've had MSM gel and capsules in our on-line store for quite some time. The MSM gel gets applied to the skin and the MSM capsules are for replenishing your interior cells with sulfur. Regarding iron, we have ionic minerals to replenish iron.

The MSM capsules have been available (350 capsules for $44). Today we added a smaller bottle with 210 capsules (a month's supply) for $26.40 and will discontinue the larger size with the inventory is gone.
Go to to order or call the office at 800-993-0929

A Question About Ammonia

"I had a quick question.
You recommend using ammonia to disinfect clothes and as a spray for the bed and so forth. I am not familiar with using it. Will in stain or mess with the color of clothes like bleach? I currently use a mixture of nature's gift, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint as my go to spray and wanted something more powerful. I do use bleach when I can. And for the bathroom but I'd like to try that.
Thanks!" Kate

"Thanks for writing. Ammonia does not discolor or bleach colors like bleach does. However, I recommend adding it in the same place you add bleach so it is not poured direct onto your colored clothing. You can add peppermint, lavender and even NG to the ammonia.

When you spray it onto your furniture it freshens and evaporates in about a half hour and does not discolor. However, it may destroy the finish on some wood (furniture and or flooring). It's best to test it in an inconspicuous place. Again, you can add peppermint, NG, and lavender to the spray."

Bad Breadth and the King Diet�

No, the King Diet(SM) doesn't give you bad breadth, but there's a huge industry dealing with bad breadth and we get accustomed to using:
Tic tacs
chewing gum
life savors

to freshen our breadth.
And if you're on stage I of the diet, just one tic tac, or a piece of gum or a life savor, or an Altoid can mess up the diet and cost your a few days of progress. They all have either sugar, gargum (soy) or artificial sweeteners.

Those who have suffered the most...

In response to my recent update on depression, Susie, shared this quote by "Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo" from SGI-USA Buddhist organization.

"Those who have suffered the most can become the happiest."

What do you think? I know of one fellow who beat Collembola about 8 years ago. He still stays in touch with me and credits me for saving his whole family from disaster. He shared that while the skin parasites jeopardized his physical existence, he's now strangely grateful for the experience for two reasons:
1. His lifestyle (eating habits and exercise) are far healthier today than they were before he started the King Diet�
2. He's more appreciative of his quality of life than before.

He's only one of many who have gotten their lives back. Unfortunately, I don't get to stay in contact with them as I have with him.

I know that being in the middle of the fight against skin parasites, it's hard to see the "forest for the trees," and it's hard to see you can be happy again while dealing with the "day to day" challenges.

Happy Mother's Day

For all you mothers--hope you had a great day. Go to for your mother's day card.

Does Having Skin Parasites Equal Having Depression?

In the last week, I had two sufferers tell me how dealing with skin parasites makes them so depressed. That doesn't surprise me. In fact I'm surprised that the subject isn't more predominate. Fact is: From my experience of several years ago, I can't see how anyone who is dealing with the horrors of skin parasites and Lyme disease can't be depressed.

Personally, in my early 50's I encountered the skin parasites and yes I was situationally depressed--some days worse than others, but my attitude kept me going and after about a dozen years I felt that I had my life back and looked forward to the rest of my life being relatively free of skin parasites---YEAH!!

And then, like a ton of bricks, Lyme disease hit me in my early 60's after I had gone off the diet. My knee was so inflamed that I could not walk without pain. The pain was 24/7. I had already done the rotation of antibiotics for 6 months and then Cat's Claw. In addition to dealing with Lyme, I had turned my manufacturing company over to someone else to make it more profitable; and he almost bankrupted my company. I was depressed to no end. The depression was way beyond "situational." I had no interest in getting up in the morning and worried myself all day long. I even felt guilty for existing. Sometimes I had to focus on a photograph of my 3 yr old smiling niece to get from one moment to another.

Yes, I had beaten the skin parasites and now Lyme was going to ruin the rest of my life and my business was failing. I wallowed in my depression. My golden years were not going to be golden.

Having been a stress management coach for nearly 20 years I had developed many self help CD programs before I got into the manufacturing business. One of them was "Overcome Depression." I listened to it and found little relief from my depression. I made it my first goal to revise the program and make it effective. Again, just as with discovering the King Diet�, I was my own research subject.

Fortunately, a lot of the components to overcome depression were already in my original CD, so all I had to do was to improve, revise, and fine tune them.

The first goal is to acknowledge the feeling of depression and stop fighting or resisting it. And then to do that without wallowing in it. This is a critical step as it's really easy to wallow.

The second goal is make peace with your beliefs about being depressed. My thoughts were that I shouldn't be depressed because I was still better off than a lot of people who had already lost everything or were dependent on a wheel chair. This part is about becoming your own best friend instead of being your worse enemy--acknowledging limiting beliefs and owning them instead of them owning you.

The third goal is to release your creativity to be open to discovering the answers to your specific issues. In my case, it was to have my ears open to hear about the specific nutrients to put Lyme to sleep. I also resolved issues so I could take back my company, save myself from bankruptcy, and losing my home.

The CD program "leaves no stone unturned" and includes a relaxation hypnoidal segment to facilitate deep sleep and accelerate the above goals. I made the program, which is available normally for $24.95 at a special price of $14.95 on our on-line store at Just scroll down to Books.

Another NG Testimonial

I've been away on vacation for the last week. While I've been keeping up with answering emails, I haven't released any updates--my apologies. Rhonda took the time to send me this unsolicited email during the week and I saved it to share with you below.

Yes, I enjoyed getting away--even celebrated my 70th birthday and enjoyed walking the boardwalk in Atlantic City up and down and up and down many times that only 8 years ago, on the same boardwalk, I needed to be pushed in a cart because of the crippling pain of Lyme disease in my right knee and leg. I give thanks and am grateful to the people who discovered how to make MaxOne and Garcillin for my rejuvenated knee and leg.

Over the last couple years, I've gotten a lot of emails attesting to the power of Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap. I'm sharing Rhonda's because it's concise and to the point and gives me the opportunity to make a point about the difference between disinfectants and NG. I thank Rhonda for taking the time to share her experience--she did it out of the blue.

Your soap is the best cleaner I have tried. I was using Dr. Bonner's Peppermint soap, borax, and even ozone in the bath water.

Your soap just deep cleans better, period.

Thank you for making this available.

Have a great day!"


If you're wondering why, peppermint, other soaps, borax, Epson Salts, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, bleach, MMS, and so on are only disinfectants--they do not deep clean your skin. Nature's Gift Debriding Soap deep cleans your skin and disinfectants kill what the debriding soap removes--that's the difference.

 Be Careful with Ammoinia

I recently wrote about the neuro toxic impact of using ammonia on your skin to stop the itching and biting. In response to that update, Jeff wrote,

"I was hospitalized twice because i used ammonia on my body. My legs swelled up like balloons. Half of the problems I had were due to what I attempted to use to kill the bugs which was everything. I was killing me and not the bugs because I had no idea what I was dealing with. Thank God for this book which makes more sense than anything else on the web."

To counter the effects of ammonia toxicity, one person offered charcoal internally and MSM (organic sulfur) capsules to repair the body. Personally, I don't know enough one way or the other about this recommendation, but it can't hurt so I am simply passing this along. We have MSM capsules and MSM gel in our on-line store. Boosting glutathione with MaxOne also detoxifies the body.

Ammonia Warning
Ammonia is a powerful disinfectant and it kills most skin parasites dead--like dead. So effectively dead that I've have two people in the last couple of weeks told me that they either used ammonia in their bath as a disinfectant along with the Nature's Gift debriding soap or they sprayed it on their skin to relieve itching. My book lists over a half dozen disinfectants that destroy the skin parasites and ammonia is one of them. While there are many warnings in my book against using ammonia on your skin or in the bath tub, it's easy to understand how someone would make that mistake--particularly since all the other disinfectants are OK to use on your skin or in the tub.

But ammonia is a neuro toxin and one should breathe it as little as possible, but also never ever never use it on your skin or in your bath tub. A neuro toxin is a toxin that destroys nerve tissue. So, please, please, never use ammonia in your bath water or on your skin and when you spray it, breathe as little as possible. It can also contribute to depression. You can imagine how surprised those two people were when I informed them of ammonia's toxicity.

The preferred disinfectant to use in your bath tub is peppermint oil. Two ounces (60 ml) of our Nature's Gift� Peppermint oil is only $9.45 and is enough to last about two months at about 20 drops added per bath. For the skin, diluted Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap or one of our creams such as Claudia's Dream Cream�, Debriding Cream, Cedar Cream, X-foliant cream, Revitalization Cream, or Super MSM gel is all that's necessary to relieve discomfort from skin parasites. All available in our on-line store at

More Healing Vibrations

A few months ago Claudia shared with me healing vibrational music called Whole Tones that she found and used. The music is at

And, a little while back, Arlene shared a parasite cleansing frequency that she also used while she also used Whole Tones at

Not to say that this music makes a big difference for everyone, as both ladies have been diligently doing many other things to get their lives back from skin parasites. Personally, I know too too little about vibrations to offer any advice. I do know that those who promote prosperity consciousness promote tuning our vibrations to connect with Source (God) for health and wealth. And music can certainly be a vehicle for healthy vibrations.

However, if you do invest in these programs, I would not suggest just listening to them a few times. I'd suggest playing them over and over, going to sleep with them, waking up with them and playing them everywhere except while driving a moving vehicle as they may bring on sleep. You want your entire being to be in vibration. And I would not suggest that you stop doing anything else you're doing to get your life back in terms of bathing, disinfecting, and supplements.

I'm So Disappointed

Brenda wrote,
"Hello, I finally ordered my first debriding soap weeks ago. I found your story from the beginning so intriguing and interesting and familiar that I didn't want to stop reading. So when I got the laundry soap, bar soap, and so on, that I ordered the second time, I picked some laundry to wash. But I notice if I pull something out of the closet, like my t-shirts, the itching starts right away. One of my million questions that I have for you is: Do I have to strip all my drawers everything out of my closet and wash everything before I can wear it? This is exhausting! I'm sixty years old in very poor health with a 38 year old disabled paralyzed son. This laundry issue has me really really depressed I am using borax but I did not get ammonia. I can't imagine using ammonia on my clothes. Wouldn't that smell just horrible? Anyway t,hat's my question right now: do I have to pull everything out of the closets and drawers and wash again?"

Thank you Brenda

"Yes, you need to pull everything out and also disinfect your drawers and dryer.

Use ammonia, a cup or so, in your washer. It gets rinsed out so you won't smell anything.

Get our peppermint and squirt about six droppers of it into a gallon of ammonia. Add 1/3 cup of ammonia to something absorbent like a wet towel when you use the dryer--again you won't smell anything when it dries.

Put some of the ammonia/peppermint mix into a spray bottle and spray all your empty drawers and empty closet--after 30 minutes, the ammonia evaporates and there will be no smell--it will freshen your drawers
Hope this helps."

Question About Skin Fungus and Medications

"Hi Richard
If you get a chance, I have a few questions.

On fungal infections. Does it work like this for you:
If I touch something that is infected, a rug say i step on it and i can feel the burn spread all through my body like an electric fire.

Once that happens, does that mean my fungus infection is back and Collembola can be breeding from me? What should I do in the moment that happens, fungal spray on the affected areas, will that stop it? How to get the fungus out of my rug and bedding? (even i feel it on my place on my concrete floor)

Do you have guidelines on how to use the pronto spray ? How often to re-spray floors and other places near where I walk or stand?

Finally, I got a doctor in Mexico to give me some Zyprexa (they don't have ORAP there). One pill knocks me out. My theory as to why it works is that it knocks out Collembola too. But it doesn't kill them, right? It just puts them to sleep while I am asleep? Is this really useful? If I could manage to split the dose to where it knocks them out and I could actually drive, it might,because then I could use it as a way to go out and be social without worrying they are active, but the pill is too small. Or do you think it actually does something toward getting rid of the ones inside?

Thanks so much"


"There's a pretty complete section in the book about skin fungus. Also more detail in the blog at and do ctrF search for "skin fungus."
Best to spray ammonia mixed with peppermint to kill it on rugs, concrete etc.

You are hyper sensitive to it, most people would experience it on their feet or ankles from walking on an infected area and it wouldn't spread that quickly up your body.
To relieve the skin discomfort of skin fungus, bathe with NG and peppermint and add in apple cider vinegar to the bath. As spelled out in the book, lots of disinfection of your surroundings are required.

The medications seem to turn off the attraction factor of the organisms to you--make you less appealing more like others who are not affected by them.
The meds, to my knowledge, don't put them to sleep.

You probably want to get switched to Orap or one of the other medications that allow you to function more fully.

Only know what's on the label about Pronto spray--only 50% report it useful. Don't know if spraying daily is better than weekly.
Hope this helps"

The Ever Looming Danger of Morgellons Radio Interview

A radio interview, titled "The Ever Looming Danger of Morgellons Disease", with myself and Sandra Kasraie, a long term sufferer of Morgellons, was done a few days ago and is now published at

Just copy and paste the url into your internet browser.
Sandra did an excellent job of relating her experience involving years of pain, agony, distrust, betrayal, major expense, and how she's finally, after 18 years, getting her life back.

Just copy and paste the url and you'll be taken there.

This is the second interview done with e-health radio. If you missed the first one, click here or go to

If you have any contacts with any talk radio shows that provide educational opportunities, please let me know.

Could You Use Some Guidance?

I hope you completed the attached questionnaire and have received my protocol or check list for you to research and consider, and have gotten started on the three essentials:
►The King Diet�
►Bathing with Nature's Gift� (NG)
These are are the three most important things to do; and without any one of them, progress will be very difficult. But, you might want to know what's next and what else can you do to accelerate getting your life back.

Yes, you've gotten emails about some of the supplements and products we have in our on-line store. In addition to NG, we have a multiple vitamin, glutathione accelerator, allicin supplement, ionic minerals, enzymes, MSM gels and capsules, NG bar soap, and various creams. Years ago, I would have sent you to a dozen different sites to obtain most of these items which are now conveniently available in our on-line store.

But, there's more: In addition to the value of all of the above, there's basic things like the value of drinking baking soda, taking food grade hydrogen peroxide, and specific medications that have proved valuable in the fight against Morgellons and Collembola.

If you'd like to schedule a free consultation, please email me with your request and we'll schedule a time to talk. Remember, this is a free consultation.

Getting You Skin Ready for Vacation

Mar wrote me a question asking what she can do to clear up her skin.

Your book is like my new bible.
Thank-you for such precise information.
I am getting educated, I wish it were on any other topic, but I am constantly referring to your blog and book.
I wanted to ask you if you had a cream, oil or anything magical that can heal the lesion scars.
Right now I am using vitamin E and a cream by Dr. Holt which has mink oil.
I am looking for a quicker fix. I am going on my first vacation since I got sick a year ago. My scars are pretty dark.
Also is it a good sign or not if during one's protocol, they have more coming out than usual.
My ears, and nose are driving me crazy.
Anything that you can use in the nose or ears?
Thank-you so much for giving me a guide.
One last question, do you feel that a natural protocol works or do you believe that antibiotics must be used?
Gratefully Yours,"

"Thank you for your kind words about the book and for writing to me."

"First, I hope you're adhering to the strict aspect of the King Diet
We have a multitude of creams to put your skin in order.
If you go to and go to the Beauty Forever shop, you'll find a complete a,b,c answer to your question. To get a feel for how they work, you can get a collection pack of the Exfoliant cream, the Revitalization Cream, and the skin Balance/Softener serum.
It integrates the NG bar soap (which you might already have) and suggests applying morning and night, but for even faster results, do it 3 times a day.

We have other options too:
1. Claudia's Dream Cream with lavender and diatomaceous earth
2. Our new Super MSM gel with diatomaceous earth and NG
And of course the old stand-by's NG debriding cream with and without cedar oil.

For ears and nose, wet cotton with NG diluted and insert into your nose and ear. You can apply with Q-tip first.
Aside from the medications listed in Chapter VI (which are not antibiotics) it's my opinion that antibiotics are a waste of time unless you have a chronic bacterial infection like strep throat and so on.
I hope this helps,"

Beauty Forever� Collection Pack
A new item has been added to our on-line store--a collection pack of Beauty Forever� Creams and Serum
The pack is:
►1/4 ounce jar of Xfoliant Cream
►1/4 ounce jar of Revitalization Cream
► two 1/4 ounce packs of Balance/Softener Serum
The collection is $18 reduced to $7.95 -- over 50% off.
How to use them:

Apply to your affected skin
Step #1 Use Nature's Gift� bar of soap in the shower and work into a lather and then rinse.

Step #2 Massage Exfoliant cream into your affected wet skin and then wipe with damp cloth

Step #3 Apply Skin Balance Softener to affected skin and massage in.

Step #4 Next apply Total Revitalization cream to affected skin and leave on all day.

Note: any time you wet your skin, you active the special ingredients in the cream that cleans and and hydrates your skin.

Repeat at night before retiring, if desired.

All items contain NG. The Exfoliant cream also contains ellagic acid and coral calcium. The ellagic acid is from Meeker red raspberries to exfoliate your skin and the coral calcium to mineralize your skin. If you research ellagic acid, you'll see that it is also known as an anti skin cancer agent. We can say that ellagic acid and NG alleviates skin discomfort from skin parasites, skin cancer, shingles, Rosacea's red face, acne, ... We have pictures of shingles on the face that were completely gone after 14 days (instead of 5 weeks)--the worse being day #3.

Finally, A Use for Your Microwave Oven

Some time ago I wrote an update, "Scrub Your Socks." Maybe I should have titled it, "Microwave Your Socks." Tight fitting clothing, like socks, seems to be a place where Collembola eggs get embedded. In another previous update I shared a fellow's experience where he has to soak his socks and canvas shoes for days in disinfectants before laundering them. It appears that the eggs do not get easily destroyed even when soaked in the strongest of disinfectants like ammonia.

The answer seems to be the microwave oven. Finally, a use for microwave ovens other than for heating water. Microwave your socks for about one minute. Caution: socks made of synthetics may be a problem. You may even want to microwave your shoes. Again, be careful for the microwaves may destroy part of your shoe. And of course, if your shoes or clothing that you microwave have any metal buckles or cleats, do not microwave them--it could start a fire or destroy the microwave oven.

And, of course, it's important to be strict, I mean strict, with the King Diet�, disinfecting your surroundings, your dryer, and acquire one of the medications listed in Chapter VI to get a foot hold (no pun intended) on Collembola and finally find a use for the microwave oven, other than heating water.

Feedback About Super MSM Gel

Like Claudia's Dream Cream�, MSM Gel has been a favorite of many ever since it was added to our on-line store about 6 months ago. Carolyn had written me a couple months ago informing me that she boosted it's effectiveness by mixing some NG concentrate and peppermint in the palm of her hand.

On another note, I've often recommended inverting clothing and dusting it with diatomaceous earth to protect your skin from skin parasites. And then I realized, MSM gel could be infused with diatomaceous earth without any messy mixing on your part. While I could have added peppermint, I decided not to since some users may not like peppermint, so I made some MSM gel and added concentrated Nature's Gift� debriding soap plus diatomaceous earth to it in the cool down mixing stage and called it Super MSM gel.

Just as Carolyn did, you can easily mix in your own NG concentrate and peppermint with regular MSM gel in the palm of your hand, but mixing in the diatomaceous earth might get wildly messy. Depending on how things go, I may add peppermint to it or make another version of Super Super gel. Your feedback is welcome.

Lisa has beaten Morgellons, but her sister has had more of a tough time with it and has been struggling. Here's the early feedback on adding Super MSM gel to what her sister is doing after just a couple days of using the gel. Please note that your individual results may differ.

"Hi Richard. Happy Easter to you. I got the super MSM gel the other say and its helped my sister so much. Her arms and hands look so much better and they feel so much better. Bless you Richard, you are a life savior and a GOD. SEND." LISA

I thank Lisa for taking the time to send me Easter wishes and feed back on the Super MSM gel and am glad it's produced results. Please note that Claudia's Dream Cream� also has diatomaceous earth in it.

Burning Skin?

A subscriber asks:
"Help my skin is burning. It's on my chest. I use colloidal silver and silver ointment."

My answer:
"Burning skin is generally and indication of either using too much disinfectant in the bath or the presence of skin fungus. For instance, the instructions on the peppermint bottle says, "up to 30 drops in the bath." However, for some people, their skin is so sensitive that 15 drops is too much. So, if you use too much, it will burn/irritate your skin. If you can only use 12 or 15 drops of peppermint, then you may have to add in some other disinfectant such as boric acid, 3% peroxide, borax and Epson salts, Apple Cider Vinegar, baking soda, and so on to the point you feel that most of the organisms are being destroyed.

It's not uncommon that all of the organisms won't be destroyed, that's why we recommend disinfecting the tub after or before each use. However, you do need to use enough disinfectant to destroy all of the skin fungus, but, by the same token, not irritate your skin.

Regarding silver and skin fungus: I don't think silver does much good for skin fungus.

However, if you do have skin fungus:
Look into applying the diluted NG debriding soap, apple cider vinegar and or over the counter anti fungal meds direct to the affected skin. You also have to disinfect all your clothing and bedding with ammonia--you can add in a few droppers of peppermint in a gallon of ammonia. It's important to disinfect everyplace and thing that your affected skin touches, i.e. furniture, chairs, car seats and seat belts... Remember: Skin fungus can migrate through layers of fabric.

Women Only

I received this email from Roz asking a personal question:

"Dear Richard: I am doing much better. Following your diet, along with a lot of water, is key. Today I purchased more 100% debriding soap along with your Super MSM gel. I am looking forward to trying the latter also. I have been successful in your advice regarding bathing, my environment, etc. I also find the use of ammonia very important. This, to me, is vital especially when it comes to my panties and other person items due to the following problem which I simply cannot remedy.

My problem is vaginal. I have tried every combination in the form of a DAILY douche! The debriding soap is always an ingredient while alternating with food grade diatomaceous earth, peroxide, Epsom salts, baking soda, and boric acid. I also had my gynecologist take smears to rule out any other problems. All negative. Deep inside I knew the results, but thought it prudent.

Personally, I have chosen to remove my pubic hair to more easily determine any progress. Unfortunately, none. I have gotten to the point that were it not prohibitive, I would try ammonia. Today, I read in your blog the idea of soaking a tampon in the debriding wash. I am going to try that also.

My issue now it not external. It's internal.

Please give me your advice regarding this issue as it is not only very uncomfortable, but is effecting my confidence as a woman.

Thank you for your never ending research which is allowing me to "Get My Life Back".


"Thank you for writing. I'm so happy for you and honored to participate in you getting your life back. Internal always seems to come along with the supplements which you are probably doing:
1. Complete Nutritional System
2 MaxOne--up to 6 or 8 a day on a gradual basis
3. Garcillin--up to 6 capsules a day--I think this one is very important for you--this is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti protozoan, and anti fungal
4. ionic minerals
I'd suggest researching doing the higher doses until you start noticing improvement.
I don't remember if you're only dealing with Collembola or if you also have Morgellons. The above would be for Collembola and also important for Morgellons. If you're also dealing with Morgellons (fibers from skin, cotton like lint balls in clothing and bedding, etc,) then you need to also look into enzymes, MSM capsules, food grade hydrogen peroxide drops in a glass of water on empty stomach, and L-Glutatmine for intestinal issues.

Hope this helps

Are they Eating Your Counter Tops and Wood Furniture?
Lisa, who has gotten her life back from Morgellons, emailed to inform me that she noticed something eating away at her counters and wood furniture and asked if it's common and what to do about it.

Over the years a couple others have written about having aggressive parasites and that their parasites are eating their books and wood furniture. Psocids are a tiny insects that are drawn to damp moldy environments and often found in books where they eat the glue in the bindings. According to Orkin there are 200 species of them that vary in length from 1 mm to 6 mm in length. They advise reducing humidity to get rid of the insect.

I imagine that Morgellons is capable of hijacking psocids which would explain those who found their parasites eating their books and paper. But, counters and wood??? That's amazing. My first advice would be to treat the affected furniture, wood, and counters with ammonia spiked with peppermint, or making a mix of one part concentrated NG to four parts of water and add in some peppermint. Apply it liberally and let the NG soak in.

If you have parasites eating your furniture, counters and so on, email me and if you've found a solution to destroying them to stop their destructiveness, please don't keep it a secret.

I Feel Terrible After Taking MaxOne

MaxOne and Garcillin� are two of the four most important supplements you can take in the fight against skin parasites. The recommended dosage is two capsules of MaxOne per day and one capsule of Garcillin�.

However, after one has been ravaged by skin parasites for many months or even years, the basic dosage is insufficient. It is sometimes important to go up to as many as eight or ten capsules of MaxOne and six capsules of Garcillin� per day. Of course, spreading them out during the course of the day is advisable.

What do these supplements do? Garcillin� is an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiprotozoan. MaxOne is an anti inflammatory, free radical destroyer, immune booster, recycler of Vit C & A, and blood oxygenator. And both detoxify your body. While the benefits of most supplements are experienced over time, with both MaxOne and Garcillin� the benefits can be dramatic and fast. Yesterday I received two inquires: One lady wanted to return the MaxOne because she felt sick to her stomach after taking it and the other was scared of the light headed faint feeling she felt after taking both MaxOne and Garcillin�. They both experienced detox reactions.

Detox reactions are known as Herxheimer detox reactions. An increase in glutathione (the benefit of MaxOne) and a release of allicin (from Garcillin�) removes toxicity from your body. The kidneys are responsible for releasing the toxic elements from your body and if the kidneys are overwhelmed, there is a build up of toxins in the blood stream resulting in one or more of fifty different reactions--stomach upset, diarrhea, headache, faintness, inflammation, and many more reactions. So, rather than having to wait months before you notice the impact of these supplements, you can notice the changes almost immediately.

My own experience: In my early 60's, Lyme disease left my right knee inflamed and painful to the point I barely could get up and down from sitting. Pain throbbed in my knee all night long. MaxOne got rid of 95% of the inflammation and discomfort at night. Years later, when I took my first capsule of Garcillin�, my knee inflamed 100% and the pain returned. At first I thought the Garcillin� reversed the benefit of the MaxOne and then I realized that Garcillin� actually detoxed me in a dramatic way. I stopped taking Garcillin� and MaxOne as I didn't want to take the chance of more toxins being released. The inflammation continued for a week until I received a massage pillow from and used it to vibrate my lymphatics on the inside of my right knee and release the toxins. Now, in my late 60's with both Garcillin� and MaxOne my knee is 100% and I can go jogging again--yeah!

How to deal with detox reactions: Do what I did. Stop taking MaxOne or Garcillin� until the discomfort goes away. If it's inflammation, you need to massage or do whatever is important to release the associated lymphatics. After the discomfort goes away resume with both MaxOne or Garcillin� but start at one capsule of MaxOne or 1/2 capsule of Garcillin� per day and increase incrementally until you're at your desired dosage. If you detox again, stop both until the discomfort goes away and then continue. It's not uncommon to detox several times over the course of a year.

So, when others recommend techniques or supplements to detox your body, let them know that you are already taking two of the most powerful detoxing agents known. Both the glutathione produced by MaxOne and allicin from Garcilln� will release heavy toxic metals, pesticides, and anything else foreign to your body. Both Lyme disease and skin parasites thrive in a toxic environment. If you'd like to know more about glutathione go to and also email me to be added to a six part report on how to use glutathione. If you want to know more about allicin, email me too and request the e-book about allicin. Remember, allicin is a derivative of garlic, but has no garlic in it, so taking garlic supplements is not the way to get allicin.

Guide for Feeding, Cleaning, and Revitalizing Your Skin

In several of the last updates, I've focused on the nutritional aspects of dealing with Collembola and Morgellons. However, I get a lot of questions about how to deal with the skin. The instructions that come with the Nature's Gift� (NG) concentrate are rather detailed so I won't go into them.

To get started in dealing with skin parasites, bathing three times a day with NG and a disinfectant for up to 40 minutes is highly recommended. After symptoms if itching and biting diminish, the number of baths can be reduced until eventually you no longer need baths. Yet, if it is not practical to bathe, for one reason or another, you won't be getting the full value of NG; and I don't really know of a method to compensate for the absence of bathing

After bathing, it's best to take a shower with NG bar soap to remove any organisms that stick to your skin. Lather it up and massage it into your skin. After showering, only blot dry the areas of your skin that you are not affected by the skin parasites. Next apply the Beauty Forever� Exfoliant cream and massage into your wet skin. The Exfioliant cream has ellagic acid, NG concentrate, and coral calcium. The water on your skin will activate the NG and the coral to alkalize and mineralize your skin. You can remove any gritty material left on your skin from the ellagic acid and the coral with a damp cloth.

Next apply the diluted debriding soap to the affected areas of your skin, but only apply to one area at a time and before it dries apply anyone of the following creams:
1. NG debriding cream made of only shea butter, coconut oil and NG
2. NG debriding cream with cedar (same as #1 but with cedar added)
3. Claudia's Dream Cream� with lavender.
4. MSM Gel
5. Beauty Forever� Revitalization Cream with shea butter, jojoba oil, and NG concentrate.
6. Super MSM Gel--this is new and not in the on-line store yet. This is MSM gel plus diatomaceous earth and NG concentrate.

NG, lavender, ellagic acid, diatomaceous earth, and MSM are not friendly to skin parasites. Some add a couple drops of peppermint to either of the MSM gels. Basically, creams and gels (one thru six of the above) are each options and any one may be better than all the others for you--experiment and decide for yourself. Some actually mix Claudia's Dream Cream� with the NG debriding cream.

Take the dilute NG body wipe with you through out the day to apply as needed to relieve any skin discomfort as it's experienced.

Sixth Revision of Book Released
The sixth revision of How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites is out. It was released in late January of this year. Go to to read the press release. And if the book you have doesn't say Sixth revision, go to to order either the soft cover at over 60% off or the e-book for free.

Are We Being Punished?
MF writes:

Just to say that I listened to your interview and you spoke eloquently. I learned so much, but most of all you helped to pave the way for so many of us whom people believe are just delusional.
Even my husband thought that I was nuts and sometimes still does. He doesn't believe that the stuff floating around is coming from me, and not just dust.
I see these black things in our food, coffee (individual packets) Nothing feels clean.,
My husband who has slept next to me for this whole year has no symptoms at all. Thankfully.
I just don't understand why I am being punished. I have lived honestly and clean. Never did drugs, don't drink alcohol and have wonderful and supportive parents.
I feel like I'm Losing my mind. I have always prided myself on being well, stable.
Thanks so much for writing this book and for giving me a little bit of hope.
Someone said baking soda can help. Have you heard this?
Do you do any phone consults and obviously I would pay whatever your fee?
If money were not an object, what would you invest in first besides your wonderful Things?
Again, it's one thing to be punished for anything I may have done wrong, but why an innocent child?
I'm Itching a little, but not like my son. I have terrible lesions and so much coming out that I am like a WALKING HORROR MOVIE". I don't know if my scars will ever go away. Both emotionally and physically.
I have three dogs and I had only one tested and the lab said he had an UNIDENTIFIABLE MITE.
I think I have made almost everyone in my house Ill.
I am definitely at the end of my rope.
The house we are living in is quite large and I wonder how I can possibly keep up with the disinfecting.
I am writing this while watching my 8 year old itch himself into oblivion. The pain is so intense I just don't know how this will ever go away.
Thank-you again for listening, your kindness and for giving me some hope that someday life will be normal again.
I forgot to ask why olive oil is a no no?"

"I don't know why olive oil is a "NO" other than the fact that the skin parasites are very active when its consumed.

Trust me, no one is being punished by with these parasites for transgressions or for being bad. Morgellons is simply an bio engineered organism that apparently got loose from a lab. And, as a few people have luck at winning at the casino, a few of us are unlucky in that the skin parasites are attracted to us.

Unfortunately, animals complicate things ten fold. It's important to control their diet, supplements, medications, bedding, and where they exercise. The best way to deal with mites is with diatomaceous earth dusted everywhere including bedding, clothing, furniture--where ever they might land or crawl. Dust it in their coats.

And when spouses are not affected, it sometimes does lead to suspicions that the afflicted one has a mental problem--especially since doctors often call the symptoms delusional. In some families, it's led to divorce and or abandonment. And yes, spouses can be carriers. The good news it that they don't have to do the King Diet� and with disinfecting their clothing, bedding, chairs, car, and a bath with the debriding soap and a disinfectant, they get rid of it fast.

It will be important for your son to do everything that you will be doing--King Diet�, bathing, disinfection, and supplements, otherwise you'll be contaminating each other.

What to invest in:
Once you're on the King Diet� the first things are basic disinfectants from your grocery store and peppermint oil from our on-line store. Next, is to invest in the debriding soap to clean your skin. Then, it's important to build immune function with selected supplements in our on-line store:
Multi vitamin
MaxOne glutathione accelerator
Garcillin (allicin)
Ionic Minerals
If morgellons is the issue, then the following:
L-glutamine for support intestinal health
MSM capsules to replenish sulfur
Enzymes to break down plant based material
If you have organisms coming from your skin, you want to research lufenuron as something to add to your regime.
Hope this helps"

The interview that ML is referring to is at and if you haven't listened to it, please do.

I Think ML Says It All

I received this email today from ML. It points out the confusion of the medical community and their lack of knowing and the overwhelmingness of what it means to realize one might be suffering from skin parasites with a child involved. It's like living a night mare of being stuck in quick sand. I guess one of my purposes in life is to throw a rope and hopefully provide some hope in place of total despair.

I want to ask if my child can use this soap? He is 8.
Also what can I safely use on his tub to disinfect?
I bought your book today and such good information, but so overwhelming.
I am a 50 year old woman who has been suffering for a year with this. I am only concerned about my son who is itching.
I am on a protocol from a Doctor, but it's hard to find something safe for my son to take.
I am so overwhelmed with taking care of myself and have no idea how to do both.
I have never felt more anxiety, anger, heartbreak, and dis allusion.
How do I start this process?
It feels too huge to accomplish. It also feels like I'm fighting against a major current and keep ending up where I started.
I am with a well known Doc who says this is not Morgellons and not contagious. My other Doc is speaking at the Morgellons conference. Their protocols couldn't be more different and I don't know which person to follow. I have just had enough.
If I didn't have a son to worry about, I don't know where I'd be. I do not want to live like this nor should anyone especially a child have this as part of their life. I grew up super healthy and what I have given to my child's life sentence of misery. What loving Parent could endure this?
I so need your help and deeply appreciate any thoughts, info."


"Hi MF,
The skin parasites are totally overwhelming.
The debriding soap is hypoallergenic and can be used by anyone at any age and any animal.

Regarding doctors: I don't know anyone who has had success with the doctors who work with Morgellons. That's not to say they are not successful. Obviously if one is successful working with these doctors, they would not be contacting me. So, I only have experience with many who have dumped thousands of dollars and gotten no where.

And, I'm not saying everyone succeeds with my approach either: it takes a lot of work and the diet is not an easy one for most people although many have told me how healthy it is and easy for them, but it's a challenge for most.

Disinfection of surroundings is often the most important factor--a factor most of the doctors don't have a clue how to deal with. It's a lot of work and if the source of the infection is from a sick house, then that's a major issue which may mean relocating.

Bathing is important--at least three times a day with a good disinfectant. Healthier disinfectants are 20 drops of peppermint or more, 2 quarts of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2 cups of boric acid and or maybe 2 cups of borax--any can be used by your son.

And then to disinfect the tub after you've used it with something like spraying ammonia on the tub walls and bottom.

And, one of the medications listed near the end of Chapter VI may be required to get a foot hold on the physical symptoms of itching and biting. Unfortunately, it's most likely that the doctors you're seeing know absolutely nothing about these medications which is a true shame. To me, that points out their ignorance.

I have too too, way too many emails from way too too many sufferers that tell me they either picked up the disease from someone else or they gave it to someone else. In fact, how is it explained that both you and your son have it?.

So, am I to call all these sufferers, who write to me like you did, liars? Don't think so. I'm more likely to call your doctor ignorant or inexperienced. Unless you truly are not dealing with Morgellons or Collembola, or skin mites.

After you get going with the diet, have read the book, an disinfecting your surroundings, I have a gal who has probably been to the same doctors, around the block with everything else, and gotten no where but to have been committed against her will three times. She's been doing my protocol for about a year and her life and looks are being returned. She's only one of many, but she's had it so bad and is familiar with the complete protocol and is so grateful that she's volunteered to coach others free of charge--time permitting.

In fact the protocol was just published a few days ago--go to and scroll down a few updates and you'll find it.

Didn't See Vitamin C In Your List!

received this question from a lady who received the protocol for Collembola

"I didn't see Vitamin C in your protocol. What brand should I get?"

"You need nothing more than in the list I sent you in the protocol. If I discover additional products/nutrients that work and are beneficial for a specific reason, I add them.
The complete Nutritional System multi vitamin has all the Vit C you need.
The glutathione produced by MaxOne recycles Vitamin C all day long so you don't need more than what's in the multi vitamin which is 3 caplets a day that you can spread out over the day.
It might seem strange, but the few nutrients that we use accomplish the benefit of $400/mo worth of supplements that a nutritionist would recommend and have little if any offending ingredients that we often find in their recommendations.
Complete Nutritional System Multi Vitamin $25/mo
MaxOne glutathione accelerator $70/mo on monthly subscription
Garcillin $40/mo
Ionic Minerals $30/month on monthly subscription basis
Total $165/month

but, if for some reason you really feel you need vit C use Solaray cryataline powdered 100% Vit C without additive, binders or gel caps

I hope this helps

Is the Bar Soap any Good?
I received this question about Nature's Gift� bar soap several months ago. At that time, I didn't know enough about it to really answer the question. Fortunately, that has changed with time and the experience of others.
"I've been using the NG Debriding Soap with great results. Particles of what is theorized as fungus or Morgellons (not sure if they are the same thing) have been coming out of my skin. In fact there are infections related to the bugs or Collembola which show as white specks on/inside the infection. It hardens the skin around my fingertips and toenails and there is white hard flakes poking out from the skin. When I clip it, I see that the infection goes to tissue and will reproduce/regenerate the infected skin. The tiny bugs will fly out and land on my face. I can also see a swarming of tiny white particles around the exposed infected skin as the layers are clipped. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. The NG Debriding soap is either killing or flushing out the "bugs" and beginning to heal the infection. It is not totally gone as I believe that the infections of fingers and toes come from internal tissue. When I put the soap directly on some lesions, I feel a tingling sensation at going from the lesions to my toe tips as if the "bugs" are trying to get away from the soap. I see more sores and black mole-like particles right under the epidermis and believe that the soap is bringing them out.

One tip to others is if there is no bathtub available, I find it helpful to put drops of the soap in my hands and spread a thin layer over my entire body. I will re-wet as needed since water transports the soap into the skin and acts as a catalyst and keep it on for 15-30 minutes. White hard material collect on my skin, which are the particles/parasite and I use exfoliating gloves over my entire body to further extract and loosen debris. Finally I use my hand held shower head set on the most powerful water stream to spray over my every inch of my body to remove everything.

A question that I have is: - does the NG Soap bar have the same cleaning effect and action as the liquid form? Thank you for the information in your book and the invaluable information that you share via email.

My answer months ago was, "Thank you for your note. The answer is I don't know about the bar soap. I know that it has 18% NG by weight in it. When it was offered to us by our supplier, I thought it was a waste of money and that no one would buy it. Guess I was wrong because without making any claims or promises, people bought it like crazy. After nearly a year, they constantly reorder and we are constantly running out of it."

My answer today is, "The bar soap richly lathers up on your skin. It will have the same cleaning effect as the liquid form. And, you can use it in the tub for the upper body parts--lather your face neck and chest area. Have someone lather your back. Shampoo your hair with it--you really won't need to use any other shampoo. If you have specific problems with your scalp, go to our blog at and search back about a month for an update titled, 'Scalping it Up,' for a specific technique to clean the organisms from your scalp."

In the shower, lather up and let it stay on your skin a couple of minutes before washing it off. As a bonus, I can say you'll find it the best shaving soap you've ever used. Lather up and it will make a dull razor glide over your skin and shave close like a new razor. And another bonus: it keeps your razor from clogging.

You can Get Your Looks Back
Yesterday, you saw Sandra's before photo. Here it is again!!! And next to it, two "after photos"

Before Picture    After Pci    After photo
Incredible, incredible. First, while the before and two after photos were only taken 3 weeks apart, she has invested nearly a year in getting her health and life back. Personally, I never thought that getting one's life back would also mean getting one's looks back, but why not?

Honestly my second thought after "Incredible" was a question, "did she use make-up?" and this was her response, "I used eye shadow on my eye lids/ lip gloss... no foundation on my face...It's bare skin, the eye bags just went poof.....".

What a difference!!! This is what she did:
1. She lathered her face with Nature's Gift� Bar Soap
2. She applied the Xfoliant cream to her wet skin and massaged it in and then used a damp cloth to clean her face
3. She applied the Skin Balance/Softener Serum
4. She applied the Total Revitalization Cream
She was aggressive and did this three times a day.

The products are shown at but don't buy them there. Instead go to and save 50%. Note: that she used Nature's Gift� bar soap which is red and has a higher concentration of NG than the Beauty Forever� bar soap which is green and more expensive with less NG. In other words, the Nature's Gift� brand of bar soap is the better value.

Can you obtain the same results with the less expensive Nature's Gift� and Claudia's Dream Cream�? Answer: Maybe, I don't know. All I can say is "try it" and let me know. Instead of using the Skin Balance/Softener Serum, you'll simply use a higher concentration of the NG body wipe (one part NG concentrate and 5 parts water), but I don't have a substitution for the Xfoliant cream.

I know one thing for sure!! While I use the cream religiously to keep my skin young and hopefully stop wrinkles for someone about to turn 70, I ignored the big bags under my eyes--no more--I'm going after those suckers and hope to get the same results Sandra has and to think it can be done in weeks instead of years--Wow, that blows my mind.

I thank Sandra for sharing her experience and more than that I thank her for leaving her ego out of her decision to share her photos. Ego is a tough thing--it keeps a lot of people in the closet. If I had let my ego run my life, there might never have been a book, and I know that my employees would never have known anything about my plight and therefore they would not be there to answer the phone to answer your questions and take your orders when you call. My employees have been super about it and we are all honored to participate in each of your getting your life back. We celebrate each of your successes and are honored to participate in you getting your life back.

I hope this helps."

Has Morgellons Done This To You?
Sandra sent me this photo of her self today and gave me permission to share with you. She took it three weeks ago and it serves as the "Before Photo."

Before Photo

Sandra contracted Morgellons around 2002. Her doctors declared her delusional resulting in her being committed three times against her will. Because her family believed the "God Almighty" "know it all" doctors, her family declared her wacko too. She's "been around the block," tried everything, and even went to see three high powered doctors specializing in Morgellons and spent thousands. Nothing helped her.

She found me almost a year ago and has experienced dramatic improvement in her health. In fact she's helped me by coaching several sufferers of Morgellons in the last few months. Sandra and I have never met. She fell in love with Claudia's Dream Cream, Nature's Gift� Debriding Cream and the bar soap. And of course she's been a stickler with the King Diet�, bathing with NG, and a fanatic about disinfection of her surroundings (the three essentials).

About five weeks ago she learned that I was looking for help to market the new line of Beauty Forever� Creams that I've been developing over the last year. In her "Past Life" she had a beauty salon and was quite involved in the world of skin care and fashion. She lost it all as Morgellons stole away her career and changed her relationship with her family forever. Nevertheless, she offered her expertise and experience to market my salon grade creams.

It's difficult for an honest person to market something without having experience with the product. So, with samples in hand she added the Skin Balance Softener Serum, Xfoliant Cream, and the Total Revitalization Cream to the bar soap and she began using the cream. From day number one she told me that she loved it all.

Stay tuned in for the next update to see what her "after photo" looks like--you just won't believe it!!!!!

Skin Parasites in Plain Sight

In a recent update I wrote about how Collembola (spring tails) can hide on the outside of your shoes. In this update, let's consider your bathroom. You spend time sitting on your toilet. Collembola and Morgellons can be hiding right there on the floor around the toilet infecting you every time you use the toilet. And lets not forget the sides of your toilet and of course the toilet seat itself. Then consider the floor area in front of your vanity, the sides of your vanity, counter top and the drain. And let's not forget the area around your bath tub. And let's remember the shower too--the basin, the walls and drain of the shower.

Remember, Collembola will jump onto any surface from any infested area of your skin onto any surface of about 8" or so away from your body. Morgellons fibers can likewise drop from your infected body.

Until you are symptom free of itching and biting, consider yourself a distributor of organisms. After you leave any area where you spend more than a moment or two, disinfect the area by spraying one of the disinfectants of your choice listed in Chapter III of my book. With more resistant strains of Collembola, you may need to use the triple pesticide to boost effectiveness of your disinfectant. If you're only dealing with Morgellons, diluted NG may be all you need to use.

If you have organisms coming from your skin such as mites or are dealing with a mite infestation, then you'll need to add diatomaceous earth to your arsenal.

Collemmbola Hiding in Plain Sight

If you're dealing with Collembola (spring tails) (Invisible Bug Syndrome) you know they get inside your shoes and that spraying a disinfectant such as ammonia into the shoes from the tip to the back is of utmost importance. And you know that because they can stick to the soles of your shoes from an infected floor, you also spray the soles of your shoes. And you spray them on the inside and the soles every time you take them off.

And yet, you still get infected from your shoes. How can this be?

Answer: The organisms can hide in plain site, i.e. the top and sides of your shoes. Yes, disinfecting your shoes means disinfecting inside and every square inch on the outside--even the top narrow portion around the heel portion of the shoe.

Protocol for Collembola  (spring tails)

Before I get into the protocol for Collembola, a little explanation: Spring tails (Collembola) is different than Morgellons although some people have both Morgellons and Collembola with which to deal. Aside from the relentless itching, biting, nodules under the skin, non healing lesions and often rashes, the main tell tail sign that one has been infested with Collembola is that they first generally attack around the ankle and lower leg portion of the body where they itch, crawl and bite, but are invisible. And, yes, once they are in your house, they can be blown from air conditioners and heating vents. Sometimes, they can spring from plants infested with them and pets can deposit them on furniture too. Once you become infested, they migrate all the way up your body and I don't know why, but they love eye lashes.

Collembola is an organism about the size of a dust particle and it is generally rod shaped with a springing hinge in the middle--hence the name spring tails. They are also known as IBS (invisible bug syndrome).

Collembola does not produce fibers growing from one's skin. Nor does it produce a cotton or lint-like substance that you find in your bedding or clothing. You won't find any debris in your tub after taking a bath and you won't have a one degree lower than normal body temperature. Those are tell tale signs of Morgellons--not Collembola.

What to do to get your life back from Collembola: Legally, I can not even recommend that you drink water to get better from skin parasites. I can however, recommend that you research the importance of water and decide for yourself. Likewise, I can not recommend the diet or any of the following items that are listed, but can recommend that you research the diet and the following items and decide for yourself.

First, Stage I of the King Diet--Chapter IV of my book. It's very strict. It's the trunk of the tree and everything else are limbs on the tree of getting your life back.

Secondly, disinfection of the organisms from your home--Chapter III of my book. More recently it's recommended 40 drops of peppermint oil plus 20 drops of NG concentrate in a 32 oz spray bottle of water to spray as a disinfectant. However, for some strains of Collembola, you may have to stick with the 100% ammonia.

Thirdly, use the debriding soap in your bath, as a shampoo, body wipe and debriding cream. In your bath, you need to use a sufficient amount of disinfectant to keep skin fungus from starting. The most economical disinfectant is Peppermint. Use 15-to-20 drops in your bath. If you can tolerate it, you can go up to 30 drops. Alternatively you can use 2 quarts of 3% peroxide ($2 per bath), boric acid, or an ounce of pool shock (hypochlorite). Or, you can add 1/3 cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide instead of the 2 quarts of 3% peroxide.

After wiping your body with debriding soap, apply MSM gel to the affected areas of your body. It provides even more relief from skin discomfort. Remember, that the NG cleans your skin of the parasites and the MSM gel quiets them.

Following are several supplements that will ultimately support you in getting your life back. But, I recommend that before you start them you get progress from the above. For instance, unless you're sticking to the diet, most anything you do is a waste of time and money. Many think that just eating healthy is sufficient--no way. the diet is very specific--no substitutions.
However, if you are into the King Diet�. disinfecting, and bathing with the NG, then definitely research each and every item listed below and decide for yourself whether it makes sense to do and be as aggressive as you can be. Just like cancer is serious, so are skin parasites.

Regarding other products, I absolutely do not recommend substituting other products as they may actually have ingredients that feed the skin parasites and strengthen them.
When you get results from the above, research the value of as many of the following and decide for yourself. Instead of sending you to a dozen other sites to obtain what you need, most of the supplements and products are available in our on-line store at
1. The Complete Nutritional System Multi Vitamin which is compatible with the diet.
2. MaxOne Glutathione Accelerator--reduces inflammation and helps with brain fog.
3. Garcillin� (allicin) a natural anti fungal, anti-parasitic, anti bacterial, anti protozoan, and anti viral agent from our on-line store.
4. Ionic minerals to raise alkalinity and balance minerals from our on-line store.
5. A script for one of the medications following medications from your doctor (they are not listed in any particular order):

1.ORAP: 1 mg per day up to 3 mg/day if needed typically used for Tourette syndrome and motor tics
2. Zyprexa: 2.5 mgper day at bed time for up to six months with blood lipidschecked after four mos typically used for schizophrenia and bipolar.
3. Doxepin: 10 mg once per day (durationunknown) typically used for anxiety
4. Abilify: 2 mg per day working up to 7.5 mg per day for4 months and then back down slowly to 2 mg per day to stop. Typically for depression
5.Zolof: 25 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for depression/panic attack
6. Serequel 30mg typically use for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
7. Lyrica (dosage unknown) typically used for seizures, fibromyalgia, pain from shingles
8.Risperdal: 1 � mg to 2 mg per day (duration unknown) typically used for bipolar, schizophrenia
9.Naltrexone at mg at night time typically used for drug addiction
10 Wellbrutrin 5 mg twice daily typically used for depression, ADHD
11. Some have reported that over-the-counter allergy meds may also have the same benefit.

Additionally, you may also find that Claudia's Dream Cream or one of our other creams from our on-line store relieves skin discomfort and is also very helpful.

Now, for Morgellons: What is the protocol for Morgellons? All of the above plus more. Watch for a future update with the Morgellons' protocol.

The Many Ways Nature's Gift is Used

Arlene wrote asking of the different ways others use Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap. From the basic recommendation of bathing and as a body wipe, many have shared over the last two years how they have used it. It seems that almost every month someone tells me they discovered another way of using it. So, if you've found another way that's not listed here, please don't be shy and share it with me and I'll share it with the world. lol

As concentrate
one-to-two cap fulls (one cap of 100% or 2 caps of 50% concentrate) in a bath tub along with disinfectant.
a few drops as a shampoo or add a cap full to your regular shampoo.
a 1/4 cap full or so in a foot bath along with disinfectant.
a drop directly onto problem lesion.
mix a drop with MSM gel and peppermint for aplication to the skin.
add a few drops to your skin creams and mix, or get one of our prepared skin creams or soap:
��� Nature's Gift� Debriding Cream--shea butter, coconut and NG.
��� Nature's Gift� Cedar Debriding Cream -- shea butter, coconut, Cedar oil, and NG.
��� Beauty Forever Rejuvenation Cream--Shea butter and Johobia oil base with NG--salon grade cream.
��� Beauty Forever Xfoliant Cream--Shea butter base with Ellagic Acid, Coral Calcium, NG��.
� Nature's Gift� bar soap for bath, shower, or face treatment--also an incredible shaving soap.

Diluted Body wipe as:
replacement for regular soap in the shower
wipe down skin and let dry after shower--can add a few drops of peppermint
mouth wash and brush your teeth
enema�may need double or triple concentration that which is used for regular body wipe
use after Claudia's Dream Cream
spot application throughout the day for itching, biting, or burning skin
apply in ears, nostrils, and privates with cotton or tampon
bee stings, bug bites, diaper rash, poison ivy, pimples, shingles cleanse, skin cancer cleanse, nail fungus�
clean furniture--fabric, wood, and leather
clean counter tops...
soak infected clothing
environmental cleaner for Morgellons�not Collembola

Double diluted
eye wash

Yes, there are lots of other products available that do some of these things, but why? Why? Why use six different products when one will get all the jobs done? My goal is to provide you with a minimum number of products and supplements to get the job done, but by the same token provide you with many variations to fit your particular needs.

Drugs Get Bad Rap

So many who read Chapter VI and find that I recommend medications that are used for depression, anxiety, nervousness and other psychotic applications misunderstand. It's like they are so focused on never being associated with these mental issues that they don't read all the words--they just gloss over the section and quickly come to conclusions. Here's an example of a lady who misunderstood what I wrote and took exception to these medications.

Sorry Richard,
I just have a problem with people recommending that Morgellon's victims and that's what we are; take depression meds. Most holistic doctors say depression is a clogged liver. So Hulda Clark's detoxes would be more beneficial then dangerous prescriptions with tons of side effects; not to mention people getting labeled by taking these meds, as crazy, which they are trying to avoid since they are not.
Just my humble opinion but I'd thought I share it.
Peace and Harmony to you,

So so true. however, if you ignore the claw of a hammer, you only get to use it to put nails into something and can never easily remove them when you bend a nail.
These specific drugs are known in the main stream as anti depressives and anti psychotics (the part of the hammer that puts nails into something). The stupid doctors don't know that these same drugs (in much smaller doses) are also a claw and are very effective anti parasitics.

I don't give a dam if they call the ORAP that gave me a foot hold with the parasites, allowed me to advance my diet, and discover a second stage to the diet, an anti psychotic. I KNOW that it's an anti parasitic and that's all that matters to me. I used the "claw of the hammer." And fortunately, the doctor I went to knew that to be true too. Too bad most doctors are not like him.

But, let me ask you, "How can you have these skin parasites and not be affected mentally with either some depression, anxiety, or nervousness about your future?"

PS, As far as depression being a liver thing--never ever heard of that in thirty years that I worked with depressed clients as a private clinician. While Hulda Clark detoxes are important for many other health issues, I don't hear a lot of people telling me that it has helped them significantly with Morgellons. I do however hear a lot of people telling me how using MaxOne (it also detoxes you) and Garcillin (another detoxer) both do a great job at detoxing plus lots and lots more in terms of inhibiting the growth of Morgellons, reducing inflammation, improving immune functioning....

I thank L for taking the time to write and enabling me to explain to her that these medications have more than one application---i.e. that they are also anti parasitics. And while I have always hated drugs of any type--even antibiotics, I have always recognized the value of them as a crutch to get things started in the direction of regaining one's health--mental or physical. The important thing to remember, about the medications listed in Chapter VI, is that the recommended dosage for each of them as an anti-parasitic is minimal compared to what is generally recommended for their other well known applications. And while most doctors will not give a prescription for ORAP, Zyprexa, Risperdal, low dose Naltrexone, and Seroquil unless you have a diagnosis generally associated with these drugs, they will prescribe Abilify, Doxepin, and Zoloft because depression and anxiety/nervousness are generally experienced by most of us at one time or another. And remember that some have reported that over-the-counter allergy medications also have an anti parasitic effect.

Dealing With Parasites In Shoes

You can only appreciate this update if you are dealing with a very resistant strain of skin parasite. I'd guess that over ninety-five percent of sufferers do not need to go to this extreme.

"My shoes were a huge source of problems (crawling, itching, jumping, biting). Spraying the shoes was not effective for me. Through much trial and error I found a successful disinfection protocol.

You might pass this advice along: My strategy has been to purchase several pair of inexpensive canvas shoes (Walmart is a good source). I wear each pair for no more than 2 days without using this disinfection protocol:
1. Remove the insoles.
2. Put about 2 gallons of hot water in a large plastic container (like a file box or a bucket).
3. Add 3/4 cup of janitorial grade ammonia, plus 1 to 2 cups laundry grade ammonia to the water.
4. Immerse shoes and insoles in water with a brick or other heavy item. Cover the container.
5. Soak shoes for 48 hours
6. After 48 hours remove shoes and wash in washing machine with normal detergent. Dry shoes overnight on a shoe/boot dryer. Make sure to disinfect the shoe dryer between uses with 90% rubbing alcohol or ammonia.

I'm about 90% of my way through my healing journey- thanks to your book, your recommended supplements, disinfection protocol, and the King Diet."


I thank Greg for taking the time to share his experience. Notice that Greg uses both laundry grade ammonia that you purchase in any grocery store and also janitorial grade ammonia that he purchases from either a janitorial supply store or maybe Ace Hardware. I would recommend adding peppermint and a cap full of Nature's Gift Concentrate to the soak to perhaps reduce time and maybe needing the janitorial grade ammonia.

Greg didn't note if he wears socks. I would think that socks would need the same treatment as the shoes or go sockless as I suggested in a previous update titled, "Scrub the Socks."  For women, it's easier with Croc shoes that can easily be laundered.

More Important Questions

M, new to the program, asks some important questions and shares how devastating it can be on a healthy relationship. Her questions are in blue and my answers in red.

"I just recently acquired your book from a friend..I just received your soap my first shipment today..already washed my hair with it. I apologize ahead of time for the questions I have but have been suffering for going on two years now and at the end of my rope...I am physically unable to do so much..

Not really understanding why the itching just like overnight started....I am so physically and mentally affected and infected that most days I am paralyzed and can't do anything...I am afraid to eat anything as even though hard to believe possible that could get worse, afraid it will.... very near impossible for me to do and get all done that I need to. The more I move around the worse the itching gets. The more stuff I touch the worse I get...they really attack my fingers and hands.
2.) As I stated my significant other does not have this....he thinks he should move out...(I know he has them on him and on in his clothes..) Its been very very hard on our relationship....Sexually I have not initiated it because of how I feel, look, and afraid of getting worse or truly having him get it like I do. He is convinced I am just not attracted to him anymore...We had very passionate and healthy lovemaking before this happened. Have been reduced to maybe once a month if that....its pure hell...
3.)As far as clothing what material you recommend? I had lab tech recommend bamboo clothing...I have been trying to get satin, or polyester type clothing No Cotton....never heard about bamboo, most wear synthetics and avoid natural fabrics.
4.) Can you wash cotton sweatshirts/shirts/courtoroy pants/jeans in ammonia, soak whatever and get them clean for future wear or do I just throw them out no hope for anything cotton? cup ammonia is good for most, sometimes you need to add 30 drops peppermint and a capfull of NG to a regular size laundry load. Sometimes, you have to presoak with the mixture for up to 30 hrs.
5.) What about shoes that I have had sealed over past year? Can I get them free of these or throw those too? Spray with ammonia, add peppermint and NG if necessary.
6.) I am being tested for Lyme as well...Doesn't really matter--most test show up negative.
7.) What do you think of Dr. Amin? My cousin bless her heart, has now spent $4,000 and counting on his tests and "Protocol Treatment ". I have only gotten worse....Haven't heard of one person really benefiting from his services.
8.) Can't get any doctors to take me seriously....I had an appointment with LDMD SPECIALIST back in April and then an arnp not even a doctor. Unbeknownst to me she classified and diagnosed me with psychotic disorder!!! She wrote how I belonged in a pych ward and so the clinic called left message after they received my medical history from them, that they could not see or help me!!!! 99.9% of all doctors are in the DARK about skin parasites
9.) So I know right now after not having any prescription of any kind, that could benefit greatly from do I go about getting it? Unless you have a good rapport with a doctor, best not to ask for any of the following meds for skin parasites, i.e. you take a copy of the Family Practice Notebook in Chapter VI of the book and ask for ORAP that is recommended. Otherwise, consider asking for one of the meds for anxiety or depression
1.ORAP: 1 mg per day up to 3 mg/day if needed typically used for Tourette syndrome and motor tics
2. Zyprexa: 2.5 mgper day at bed time for up to six months with blood lipidschecked after four mos typically used for schizophrenia and bipolar.
3. Doxepin: 10 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for anxiety
4. Abilify: 2 mg per day working up to 7.5 mg per day fo r4 months and then back down slowly to 2 mg per day to stop. Typically for depression
5.Zolof: 25 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for depression/panic attack
6. Serequel 30mg typically use for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
7. Lyrica (dosage unknown) typically used for seizures, fibromyalgia, pain from shingles
8.Risperdal: 1 � mg to 2 mg per day (duration unknown) typically used for bipolar, schizophrenia
9.Naltrexone at 3.5 mg at night time typically used for drug addiction
10 Wellbrutrin 5 mg twice daily typically used for depression, ADHD
11. It has also been reported that results can be obtained from using over-the-counter allergy meds.

Boric Acid for Your Eyes

As promised, here's how Arlene used boric acid for her eyes.
"Another good use of boric acid solution is to put it into a spray bottle and spray it into your eyes when your corneas become infected. It doesn't burn, although there will be a little twang felt where the infection has taken hold. This is also a good way of finding out where exactly the infection has taken hold.

My latest discovery is adding NAC (1% to 5%, depending on what you can bear) to about 50mls water, together with a drop of glycerine. Spray or dropper that into the eye. This not only kills or stuns the organisms and has them fleeing your cornea, but if used persistently, every waking hour, it assists healing and helps to reduce clouding in the cornea. After two weeks, my left eye's vision is very noticeably clearer than it had been prior to use. Definitely worth trying. However, it does burn a little in the infected areas. But again, this is a useful indicator of where infection is, which you might not have hitherto been aware of."

Again, I thank Arlene for taking the time to share.

Boric Acid as a Disinfectant

Boric acid is one of the disinfectants recommended in my book. However, I know very little about how to use it. Arlene has filled in many missing blanks with the following information. If you remember, she recently shared a recipe for making a gel tooth paste. Regarding boric acid, she writes,

"Personally, I've found nothing works better than boric acid solution. You need to saturate the fabric, unless it is made of leather. You can try this out quite easily on a garment which you believe is infested. Add about a tablespoon and a half to a quart of hot water. If it's hot enough, the boric acid will dissolve. When a bit cooler, saturate your fabric, let it dry, and then test.

For laundry, add two rounded tablespoons of boric acid to a hot bucket and water, stir to dissolve the boric acid, and then put in your laundry and soak for 20 minutes before putting it in the washing machine for a hot wash cycle. I usually put boric acid solution into the "softener" compartment. Once the washing cycle is done, I dip my bedding and clothes (washed) into a boric acid solution, wring them out, put them in washer for a spin dry, and finally put them in the dryer. Since I've been doing this, I've not had a single interrupted night's sleep due to Collembola.

To clean a leather settee, (which I have), spray it thoroughly with boric acid solution, let it dry, then drench a cloth in boric acid solution with a little detergent and some cedar oil and wipe the leather thoroughly. I use 1.5 rounded tablespoons of boric acid per quart of hot to boiling water, then let it cool. Adding castor oil to the mix is even better, because it both nourishes the leather and smothers anything that might possibly be left over. The cedar oil is also an insecticide. By the way, adding approximately a teaspoon of glycerine to the oils (instead of detergent) before adding the oils to the solution ensures that it mixes well, because glycerine mixes with both water and oil.

Also, to get stubborn critters out of your skin, after you've applied NG, wait 20 mins for it to work, then smear on some castor oil. It's quite amazing how much more comes out of your skin!

I thank Arlene for taking the time to share her experience and expertise. I would think you can spray any infected area, car, work space and so on with the boric acid solution. In a future update she will share how she uses boric acid with her eyes.

Chelation Therapy for Morgellons??

Jim asks, "I have a couple questions regarding the treatment I have been using to manage Morgellons. In you opinion, what do you think of chelation therapy, does it help with detox and is that a benefit to help combat Morgellons? Also I would appreciate your option on Dr. Karjoo from California and his products? I would appreciate any insight you could provide." Thank you.

Chelation therapy is done by injecting EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) into the blood stream several times a week for several weeks. Typically, the treatment can cost several thousand dollars. EDTA removes atherosclerotic plaque toxic mineral deposits.

In my opinion, chelation therapy for dealing with Morgellons is a lot of money for little if any results. I prefer to "skin the cat" another way and that is by boosting glutathione. If you research glutathione, you'll find that among many things, it is the body's major detoxifyier. If fact, those poisoned by arsenic or any heavy metal are first treated by an injection of glutathione.

What is glutathione? Go to and you'll learn that it's a naturally occurring substance in the body that because of aging, stress and so on can become severely depleted. However, boosting glutathione in one's body has been a challenge until recent. I personally use and recommend the MaxOne glutathione accelerator. What's remarkable is that it has no glutathione in it and that's because the stomach is good at digesting glutathione taken as a supplement. Instead, MaxOne is the bonded combination of D-Ribose (a special sugar used to fuel the mitochondria of the cell) and L-Cysteine (the limiting amino acid of the glutathione tripeptide) to boost glutathione by approximately 270%. Bonded meaning that they are tied together by a proprietary process so it's not the same as taking the ingredients separately. To obtain an equivalent boost in glutathione, one would have to take seventeen capsules a day of a typical glutathione supplement at a cost of about $300/month.

Recent research also indicates that glutathione is instrumental in inhibiting the production of Morgellons. Add up all the benefits and MaxOne wins over chelation therapy or any other method of glutathione supplementation.

Dr Karjoo is located in CA. He's a pathologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Morgellons. However, the feedback I get is that he's expensive (several thousand dollars) and, other than, being able to diagnose Morgellons, there is no benefit to his services--a lot of money for expensive soaps with little if any results. He does not specify any specific diet or even how to disinfect your surroundings. Most people don't have to have a pathologist look at their skin to see the presence of Morgellons. The tell-tale signs of Morgellons are: fibers growing from non healing lesions, cotton or lint-like substance found in bedding and clothing, and greyish spider-like veins.Sometimes one has to use a jeweler's loop to see the fibers which are often described to be greenish or bluish.

There is also a Dr. Amin and the feedback is likewise poor--thousands of dollars for little result.

Magnets and Nutri-Silver

"Mr Kuhns
I really appreciate your taking time on answering personal questions.
What is your take on nutri-silver & magnetic products?
What is the best water or any type of drinks you recommend?"

To answer your questions: First, nutri-silver is a "Pig in a Poke." For a few sufferers it's a dramatic help, but for most, it's a waste of money. And yes, you'll find colloidal silver in our on-line store.

Instead of colloidal silver, my approach is to use MaxOne and Garcillin�, however, for the few who find colloidal silver effective, we have a superior brand. It's superior because the particle size of the silver is substantially smaller than the particle size of the sliver in Nutri-silver. If you have one particle of silver and can break that into ten particles, it's ten times more effective than only one particle.

Magnetic products: The feed back that I continue to get is that while an ankle magnet might occasionally be somewhat helpful, the super magnet unit promised by the guy has yet to be delivered. So, don't waste your money.

Drinking water: In my opinion, the best drinking water is distilled water with Nature's Gift� Ionic Minerals dissolved in it. It raises the Ph of the water dramatically and is infused with all the minerals in you need in ionic form. After you use the minerals, you can place the spent sachettes in with your bath water to extract toxins from your skin.

Shaving Cream Alternative

Let me save you some money!! Throw away your shaving cream. That's right! You can replace your shaving cream by lathering up with Nature's Gift� Bar Soap. Your razor will just glide over your skin. And, what's more you get the benefit of deeply cleaning your skin--a double win

And then, after your shave, refresh your shaved skin by applying Nature's Gift� Diluted Body Wipe infused with two drops of peppermint in 4 ounces. Wow, another win!!!

Shaving Face, Legs...

Let me save you some money!! Throw away your shaving cream. That's right! You can replace your shaving cream by lathering up with Nature's Gift� Bar Soap. Your razor will just glide over your skin. And, what's more you get the benefit of deeply cleaning your skin--a double win

And then, after your shave, refresh your shaved skin by applying Nature's Gift� Diluted Body Wipe infused with two drops of peppermint in 4 ounces. Wow, another win!!!

A Lufenuron Question

Deborah wrote asking about something she found on the internet regarding lufenuron.

"I am finding this on the internet now, is this valid? And have you spoken with those who have taken it? I have already taken two doses now. Is this just propaganda? "Deborah

I looked up the site she sent me and found it basically a site selling other products for dealing with Candidia. I wrote,

"Thanks for sharing that site. The site is primarily to sell products for dealing with Candidia. And the sites that sell Lufenuron also promote it to deal with Candidia. I can't really address that issue as I have no knowledge of Lufenuron being effective or not effective for Candidia or fungus.

Lufenuron destroys chitin which is what holds insect eggs together for which I recommend you research Lufenuron for that purpose and decide for yourself. However, the site did warn against using Lufenuron because of it's potential impact on the intestines in that it could contribute to leaky gut syndrome which is why I recommend that those with Morgellons research the value of using L-glutamine to deal with leaky gut. The site I send people to to research lufenuron is

She wrote back, "Actually I think what is happening is Candida roots through the intestines and as the Lufenuron is softening the chitin walls and the roots are probably dying and leaving the intestines, it leaves the holes behind. I just found a site that recommended to drink bone broth and coconut ghee to heal the gut while taking Lufenuron." Deborah

My response, "If you're also dealing with Collembola, I'd be very vary of using any coconut derivative. The coconut is probably the natural sugar the intestines need to heal, but will feed Collembola. L-glutamine is a safe choice of food for the intestines."

Some Questions You Might Also Have

Here are some questions Doni sent me that you might have too. Her questions in blue, my answers in brown.

Dear Richard,

"Is there a correlation between skin parasites and depression?" "I can't see how anyone dramatically impacted by skin parasites can't be depressed and or be very anxious because doctors provide no direction, treatment, or cure. Turns out that Abilify (for depression) and Doxepin (for anxiety) are both effective for dealing with skin parasites. I also have a CD for dealing with depression at"

"Does the debriding soap and peppermint bath pull out other toxins from the skin besides the parasites?" No, but if you bathe with the spend ionic minerals, they do extract toxins.

"Does adding additional essential oils (such as tea tree, rosemary, rose hip oil, etc...) to the debriding bath diminish its effectiveness?" "No, some, such as tea tree, peppermint, lavender, cedar etc serve as a disinfectant."

"Does the King Diet address the systemic eventuality of Morgellon's? If not, what may?" "The diet is simply an experiential diet that eliminates foods that activate them."

"Why do you feel that the skin parasites can only be managed and not cured? Well, have you found a cure????" "There is no bonafide pill, medication, or treatment that is a cure, but with hard work, you can get your life back and be free of skin discomfort. You are always subject to being reinfected. The good news is that you will recognize it almost immediately and know exactly what to do"

"Any thoughts on a Zapper to manage the buggers?" "Some claim a benefit, but not many."

Thank you so much for your time.
And, I thank Doni for taking the time to send me the questions.

Lips and Face

Yesterday's update was quite detailed for getting your scalp back. Sandra has gone on to focus on her face and lips. She writes, "Richard, I use some of the same approach on my face and lips. First, I use the Nature's Gift bar of soap and lather it on my face. I let it on my face for 20minutes and then rinse it off with water. I then use the very same combination as in the scalp treatment, i.e., I take some MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Cream into the palm of my hand. Then I add in a few drops of peppermint oil and mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together. Then I massage this gel/cream mixture deep into my skin after which I apply a lite dampened cloth on my face for 30min.... It work wonders!!!!!!!!!!

Again, I thank Sandra for her valuable contribution. She's available for support. If you'd like to speak with her for coaching, let me know.

Scalping It Up
A month or so the subject was how to deal with your scalp. Several people wrote in sharing the different products that they use. But rather than complicate issues and send those with scalp issues to another half dozen different sites, I just didn't understand why we could not apply the products that you may already be using, NG, Claudia's Dream Cream�, peppermint oil, and MSM gel, to solve the problem. With a short conversation and some discussion with me, Sandra took on the challenge.
I surmised that all one has to do is take a head bath and Sandra took me literally and sent this photo. I believe she said she was a gymnast.

head stand

No, she did not recommend this for everyone and was just being funny. Got to keep some sense of humor--hope it brings a laugh or at least a smile to your face.

The good news is that Sandra, suffering from severe scalp issues, took on the challenge of using NG and MSM to deal with her scalp issues without having to do a head stand in a bowl of NG. She writes, "for me, my scalp DROVE ME CRAZY, CRAZY. IT was worth the time, This scalp problem would keep me up all night long with the itching/biting"

And the better news is that she has made significant progress with NG, MSM, and peppermint as a disinfectant. And this is what she does for her scalp:

First: Shampoo and lather your hair with Nature's Gift� Shampoo.

Then rinse off and towel blot so it's not sobbing wet.

Second: Take an 8oz spray bottle of water, add 3 drops of peppermint oil plus one cap full of 100% Nature's Gift� Debriding soap and shake well.

Then, spray your scalp and behind your ears with the solution of water, peppermint oil and NG and massage into the scalp and skin.

Next, take some Super MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Cream� into the palm of your hand. Add in a few drops of peppermint oil and mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together.

Massage this gel/cream mixture deep into your scalp.

Then take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair to the ends.

Next, put a shower cap on for at least 30minutes and allow the scalp to heat up. You'll feel all the products activate in your scalp.

Ideally, repeat the entire procedure six times the first day twenty minutes apart. She started over a month ago and is down to 3-to-4 times a week--that's progress. She writes, "I now can tell If I need too do more or less treatments. I'm at the point if my scalp feels itchy I do a treatment to prevent a full blown relapse."

First day using proceedure This is the debris on the first day.

  This is after the third day.

Here's some of her diary. She wrote the following after the second day of treating her hair and sent the photos.

"Good evening Richard, I have been following your directions here are yuk fibers from my aggressive scalp treatments as you can see It's been very effective day 2. I have done 5 treatments today. shampooing/conditioner with Debriding soap in each bottle rinse towel blot until the scalp is damp not really wet proceed with Debriding soap, MSM gel, peppermint and Claudia's dream cream with shower cap for 30 min rinse off then proceed with the same process.Have a Beautiful Blessed evening. "Sandra K.
Day #2

After Day #3 she writes and sends more photos--you can see much less debris after just one more day.

"Good afternoon Richard, still busy with my aggressive scalp treatments. I did add MSM too my treatments as you can see more YUK!!!!! fibers from my scalp pretty crazy!!!!!!! day 3.but as you can see so far so good very effective!!!. my scalp is feeling tender but not to bad!!!!!! It is certainly better compared too the never ending movement in my scalp with biting stabbing with the feeling of these things building a Country of there own!!!!!! Have a Beautiful Blessed week end. thank you again Richard." Sandra K.

Day #3

I can't tell Sandra enough how much I appreciate her in depth contribution--she has also made significant progress with her face--more in another update.

Recipe for Tooth Paste Gel/Mouth Cleaner
Arlene shared the following recipe for a mouthwash/toothpaste. She writes, "It works wonders when swilled in the mouth for 2 minutes or so before brushing your teeth. Here's the mouthwash/toothpaste recipe:


1 rounded teaspoon powdered guar gum
3 tablespoons Xylitol granules
1 mug hot water
1 rounded tablespoon coconut oil (draws the critters out)
2 tablespoons grape juice (draws the critters out)
2 tablespoons DMSO (takes the ingredients into the skin) -- alternatively use NG concentrate
40 drops peppermint oil (kills)
20 drops cinnamon oil (kills)
1 tablespoon powdered eggshell (re-mineralizes teeth to restore enamel over time)
20 drops clove oil (optional) - more killing action


Put all ingredients into a tall jug and blend with an immersible blender until smooth.


Put cooled gel into cake icing syringe as an easy dispenser. Put a toothbrush-load into mouth and swill for 20 minutes with just saliva to moisturize. This forms a slimy gel which does not allow the critters to escape from your mouth to go up your nose or out of the corners of your mouth as you swill. After 20 minutes, spit out and rinse, then use another toothbrush load to brush your teeth. Rinse as usual.

I have found that this has cleared up a potential abscess, where the critters have managed to burrow down below gum level. It's extremely painful, but three days of such swilling, 3-to-4 times per day, has cleared up the problem."

I thank Arlene for taking the time to share her discovery. In place of DSMO, you can use a quarter teaspoon of 100% NG concentrate from the 8 oz bottle or 1/2 teaspoon of 50% NG concentrate from the 4 oz bottle. Let me know how it works for you.

Egg Shels:
Save the egg shells from the eggs as you use them.
Remove any egg whites and store them in the egg carton.
When you have about a half dozen or so eggs put them in a pot with about 3 cups of water and boil for 10 minutes to destroy any pathogens.
Drain the water from the shells
Spread out the wet shells on a baking sheet and place in the oven at 200 degrees to dry.
When dry, place a few shells in a coffee grinder to pulverize.

Let's Count the Peppermint Ways

Let's count the ways we can use peppermint oil--many of the following have been offered by creative subscribers:
1. disinfectant in your tub or foot bath--up to 30 drops in the tub and 8 or 9 drops in your foot bath along with concentrated NG.
2. disinfectant for your environment--up to 30 drops in a 32 ounce spray bottle of water. Add in equal amount of drops of NG concentrate and or ammonia, if desired.
3. disinfectant in your washing machine--up to a dozen drops along with ammonia, borax, or whatever you choose
4. disinfectant in your laundry soak--up to fifteen or twenty drops along with a cap full of NG and ammonia. Soak clothes for 24 to 30 hours (for very resistant Collembola) before laundering.
5 extract parasites from the mouth--add 2 drops and a splash of lemon juice in cup of warm water and swish in your mouth. Do this with six cups. Be careful, this strong--start with only a sip.
6. disinfectant in your dryer--add up to a half dozen drops to your dryer sheet of Bounce or equivalent.
7 tea--add one drop to a cup of hot water for delicious tea.
8. mouth wash/tooth cleaner--add one drop to 4 ounces of diluted NG body wipe to clean and brush your teeth.
9. MSM boost--add a couple drops to MSM gel in your hand and mix and then apply to your skin.
10. vaporizer boost--add two drops to a few drops of NG concentrate with an equal amount of water to the vaporizer cup.
Add to the abovei:
►liquid makeup
►night cream
►liquid soap
Just 1 to 3 drops or so depending on the size of the container. If allergic to peppermint, you can use lavender or orange oil.
And of course, you can add in a few drops of NG too to each of the above your lotion, make up, night cream, shampoo, and liquid soap.

If you have discovered other ways of using peppermint oil, please don't keep them a secret--share.

What is the Difference in Creams

Over the course of a year we've gone from one cream, Claudia's Dream Cream�, to five creams which can be confusing. Ann writes,

Would you tell me about your creams, how each one works�..I saw Claudia�s Cream and then a debriding cream and a cedar cream and another one�.how are they different?
Thank you.

"It's a matter of personal preference.
Claudia's cream has lavender and is mainly for Morgellons, however surprisingly, a lot of Collembola people love it too. The lavender isn't friendly to parasites.

The NG debriding cream is NG concentrate in a base of shea butter and coconut oil. People apply it to wet skin after they apply NG dilute and MSM gel.

The cedar cream is NG debriding cream with cedar mixed in. Cedar isn't friendly to parasites and some people prefer to use cedar which is why we made it.

The down sides to the debriding cream is that the melting temperature is less than 80 degrees F, it can be a bit greasy, and a bit granular.

To fix this, we came up with a salon grade cream, Beauty Forever� Total Revitalization Skin Cream with a rose oil scent, with many more natural ingredients to make it creamy, non melting, and non greasy. It also contains NG and is also based on shea butter and coconut oil.

In the development phase is Beauty Forever� Total Revitalization Plus which will have a base of shea butter and jojoba oil (instead of coconut oil). It will also contain ellagic acid and may or may not contain NG.

And in the thinking cap phase is a peppermint cream with NG.

and then there's the NG bar soap that many use to wash off with in the shower after they bathe.

You really have to try them and see what works best for you. Some hate the smell of lavender, some hate the smell of cedar. Some don't like gritty or greasy so they use the Beauty Forever� Cream. Bottom line, we have a cream for everyone.

I hope this helps. Regarding the Beauty Forever� cream/s, we are looking for independent agents on a commission basis to introduce the cream to beauty salons. Contact me if interested.

Our first batch of Beauty Forever�, with NG, is off spec (slightly gritty) and you can pick it up for only $5 for an ounce with your next order--limited quantity and has no rose scent. First come, first serve--you'll need to call the office at 800-993-0929 to take advantage of this offer. Note, that ellagic acid makes it a brownish purple cream. Ellagic acid is from the Meeker raspberry grown only in the state of WA. Many claim that it is capable of destroying skin cancer. You'll have to research that and decide for yourself.

E-Health Radio Interview

If you're new to receiving updates or if you missed the update I released about two months ago about this interview when it was taped, I'm making it news as it was just aired about about a month ago. To hear it, click here or go to and if you like it, leave a comment.

E-Health radio is planning on a follow-up interview sometime this month. I'll update you when it's been taped.

Garcillin� Testimonial

While I was going through my old notes, I found this one. I don't remember who sent it, but based on the amount of Garcillin� that is ordered, a lot of people must be getting similar results.

"I have to tell you I started the Garcillin about 2 weeks ago and Wow! I am now 90 percent plus free of symptoms! What a boost it gave me on my road to recovery. I only get itchy now when I sit on my darn couch. Going to try the trick with the ammonia and nature's gift then, cover with sheets. That's my last area to conquer
Thanks Richard, I really don't know what I'd do without you. You saved my life."

I thank the person for sharing, He or she is referring to another update where I suggested spraying infected furniture with ammonia and then covering it with a sheet to keep the ammonia vapors from evaporating too fast. Please note that your individual results may differ. While Garcillin� may make an incredible difference for some, others may not notice a difference. And sometimes, one may have to increase from one capsule a day to as many as six a day to get initial results. And, from personal experience, I use it with MaxOne glutathione accelerator.

Is Meat Necessary?

Rose asks the last question of 2015 about meat in the King Diet�

"Hi, Is there anyway to do this diet without the meat??"

"Thanks for writing, Happy New Year.

I only know what the skin parasites like and what they don't like. They don't like meat--that's a fact. And they do like legumes and most nuts and seeds.

You didn't say whether you're a vegetarian or a vegan, but people aren't born vegans or vegetarians, they usually chose that way of eating for health reasons as they are less likely to have heart problems, diabetes, and many other health issues. Personally, I believe you get far more benefit by boosting glutathione to reduce inflammation than you do by not eating meat. Likewise, other nutritional adjustments such as supplementing with ionic minerals and effective multiple vitamins go a long way to make up for consumption of meats.

You may have to decide whether it's more important to guard against heart disease, diabetes and so on, for a year or so, or whether it's more important to get your life back from skin parasites over the course of that year and then readjust your diet to reduce meats."

It's a Holiday Treat--Fudge--Stage I

Karen, from Texas, shares this recipe in her words for your sweet tooth.

"It's Stage One Fudge!

As shared, I love sweets and of course this time of year makes me miss those so much more. That got me to thinking and the recipe below is the result. It's great if you keep in mind that it's not the real deal and it tastes even better you're marginally (or completely) desperate for something "good" to eat. Pair it either a glass of stevia sweetened ice cold home made lemonade or a cup of hot stevia sweetened coffee and enjoy!

Stage One Fudge

*** Amounts listed below are approximate...I'm kind of an intuitive cook which means I add amounts until they "look right."

Melt a stick of butter

Stir in some unsweetened cocoa powder until it looks nice and chocolaty (make sure the cocoa passes Stage One specs!!!)

Add some stevia to taste

Add a few drops of peppermint oil if desired

Take about three plain rice cakes (you know...those round things that look and taste like styrofoam) and put them in a big zip lock. Take a rolling pin and crunch them up. You can also use your fist to do same if you feel the need to express your hostilities toward the little body invaders that have affected your life in so many "fun" ways. Crunch these up until the pieces are pretty small.

Mix above mentioned crumbles into chocolate mix.

Line a pan with wax paper and spread out the mixture (but not too thin) and refrigerate until hard. It doesn't have to go to the edge of the pan, it can be kind of free form. Don't put all of the mixture in the pan. Save a bit in the bowl for immediate use. You know you've felt deprived! Get one of the suggested accompanying beverages along with a spoon. Sit in your favorite chair and enjoy!

*** Walnuts can be added in or substituted for the rice cake crumbles--if you can eat them."

Karen from Texas.

Disinfecting Your Tub Water

Here's a good question from Andrea,
"Hi Richard, thank you for peppermint tea advice, I love it. I had a quick question. I took a bath with NG soap last week, I asked lady from parasite store how many drops of peppermint oil and she said ten. I did just that and a few more but my itchy spot spread another two inches or so. Did I put enough in my bath? Plus my kids take baths in the same tub, what would you do to make sure the tub is completely disinfected? I sprayed ammonia and let it sit then washed it and sprayed it down with peppermint/NG mix. Hopefully that was enough. Thank you for all your advice. Have a great holiday! I'm truly blessed to be able to email you." Sincerely Andrea

"Hi Andrea,
Thanks for writing
Your method of disinfecting the tub seems to be right on.
Disinfectants are a challenge to figure out how much to use. It has to do with your skin sensitivity. Too little disinfectant and the organisms go wild, too much disinfectant and your skin pays the price with irritation and burning. And the problem is that it's hard to tell the difference between parasitic activity or fungal activity and skin irritation from too much disinfectant.

As long as I can remember, Epson Salts was always recommended to add into the bath. Personally, I've never found it of any value so I never recommend it. Plus it's expensive. But, maybe it would help boost the effectiveness of the disinfectant of choice, plus it's a weak disinfectant by itself. And maybe instead of having to add a cup and a half (as I recall on the instructions) you only need to add a quarter cup when used with stronger disinfectants like peppermint, pool shock, and so on. Sea Salt or borax may also work too. Let me know what you find.

Regarding the peppermint question: Ten drops of peppermint would be a minimum for most people. One said 12 is too much for her skin. Another lady started at 10 and worked her way up to 30 drops. But, you truly have to experiment and see what level is good for your skin. If ten or twelve doesn't do it, go up toas many as 30 drops. Ultimately, you have to decide how much your skin can tolerate.

Let me know what you learn--your experience is important.

It's the Holiday Season, Don't You Just Want to Cry?

It's the Holiday Season and Don't You Just Want to Cry?
not because it's the Holiday Season, but especially because it's the Holiday Season?

It all started some time ago with unexplained itching and biting sensations of the skin
you went to your doctor hoping for answers and a cure
he gave you some medication and it didn't work
and didn't you just want to cry?

You went to another doctor and he told you you're doing it to yourself
and didn't you just want to cry?

You went to the internet for help and found so much overwhelming information
and didn't you just want to cry?

You spend oodles of money on fogging and herbs and got nowhere
and didn't you just want to cry?

Your spouse believed the doctor that "it's all in your head," and you lost your main support
and didn't you just want to cry?

You eventually discovered, your itching was caused by unknown organisms
and didn't you just want to cry?

You soon discovered that you contaminated your entire environment--bedding, furniture, auto, work space....
and didn't you just want to cry?

You found organisms taking over your body that were being born from your skin
and didn't you just want to cry?

You found them in your mouth, nostrils and ears
and didn't you just want to cry?

You found strange fibers (hairs) growing from your skin, found unexplained lint-like substance in bedding and clothing
and didn't you just want to cry?

You learned of the word, "Morgellons" and reading about it scared the hell out of you
and didn't you just want to cry?

You went to one of the few doctors specializing in Morgellons in the country and spent oodles of money for naught
and didn't you just want to cry?

You wanted to talk to someone who knew a little about the condition and could guide you and could find no one
and didn't you just want to cry?

You found the King Diet� and then read the book and discovered how restrictive everything was
and didn't you just want to cry?

You did the diet, disinfected like a maniac, and bathed in this soap and had hope, but with all the work didn't feel any results
and didn't you just want to cry?

You found out that your beloved cat, dog, or other pet is also infected and only complicates matters ten fold
and didn't you just want to cry?

You bathed in the soap or took foot baths with the special soap and a disinfectant and felt good, but after you got out, you skin felt like:
1. it was burned from too much disinfectant or
2. the parasites were still active
and you didn't know which--whether you were one step ahead for the day or ten steps behind
and didn't you just want to cry?

You were simply shopping in the mall and felt attacked by the organisms
and didn't you just want to cry?

You found out that you could be contagious to children/grand children
and didn't you just want to cry?

And now, the holidays coming and there's so much uncertainty
and don't you just want to cry?

and there's so much work every day in dealing with laundry, cleaning, disinfection
and don't you just want to cry?

and you've lost weight on the diet and are afraid of losing more
and don't you just want to cry?

and while you can't afford everything suggested on the protocol, progress seems to be at a stand still and you don't know what else will produce those results you want
and don't you just want to cry?

or you got your life back and were free of skin discomfort and got reinfected from an article clothing you didn't disinfect enough
and don't you just want to cry?

You've developed other health problems that complicate matters
and don't you just want to cry?

And the CDC says it's all in your head
and don't you just want to cry?

And now it's the Holiday Season where all you seem to see is people being happy and celebrating with family and you're alone and afraid to have company
and don't you just want to cry?

WELL, I say, "Go Ahead and Cry" and while you're crying, call upon that higher power within you to find the missing pieces that make a difference in making the diet, disinfection and bathing/skin cleaning work for you. And eventually the crying will pass and your creative brain will discover how to make what you read in my book, updates, and find elsewhere, work to get your life back. But, always stick with the King Diet�--the trunk of the tree of getting your life back.

If you're one of the many who have gotten your life back, I wish you to be grateful and cherish every moment of the holidays.

If you're still new to this or still are in the midst of skin discomfort and are crying, I don't want to wish you a happy holiday because I know that until you get some semblance of your life back, it's simply an unreasonable expectation--to be happy--for the holidays. Sure, you can be happy because you still have two arms, two legs, a head, and all else that comes with the human body, but for many that's a small consolation when their lives are dictated by foreign organisms that all experts claim can't exist in humans.

Extracting Parasites from Your Mouth

Many have asked me what to do about parasites in the mouth. My answer has been to squirt diluted Nature's Gift� body wipe into the mouth and swish around. It's terrible tasting. By the way, I use it on a regular basis brush my teeth, not because I have parasites in the mouth, but because I want my gums to be super clean. It took a few weeks but I eventually became accustomed to the taste.

Sandra, who is dealing with Morgellons, has discovered a better tasting way of extracting parasites from the mouth. It involves peppermint oil she obtained from our on-line store.

She writes, "I warmed up a cup of distilled water a splash of fresh lemon 2 drops of peppermint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much to my surprise the inside of my mouth became grainy. I then repeated the same thing 6 times. Parasites were extracted out of my mouth BRAVO!!!!!!!! thank you again"

Warning: two drops is very very strong! You might want to start with one drop. She writes, "My peppermint drink was so very strong!!!!!! my first sip I almost coughed up a lung!!! LOL, my eyes watered up, and my nose started producing mucus runnning down my face!" I imagine she swished the solution in her mouth. I thank Sandra for taking the time to share. I would hope that swallowing peppermint tea would also benefit one with parasites in the esophagus too. Normally, only one drop of peppermint is used for making tea, so two drops are fairly strong. Peppermint oil is available in our on-line store at

Morgellons and L-Glutamine
A few years ago, there was a physician, Dr. Sloan, in Atlanta who claimed that Morgellons compromised the sufferer's intestinal tract resulting in leaky gut syndrome to further compromise one's health. Symptoms of leaky gut are bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities and aches and pains.

Dr Sloan claimed that Morgellons affect the mucosa of the intestinal tract. The mucosa are the cells that line the intestines. The affect Morgellons has on them is to increase the spacing between the cells. It is the mucosa that controls what passes from the intestines into the blood stream and when the distance is increased, toxins pass through the intestines resulting in leaky gut syndrome.

To deal with this, his recommendation was to take L-Glutamine which is the natural food for the mucosa. L-glutamine is food to the mucosa like natural sugars are to the other cells of the body.

If you've completed the questionnaire, attached, and I informed you that you have the symptoms of Morgellons as listed on, then one of the recommendations was for you to research the value of adding L-glutamine to your regime, but you had to find it on your own at your local health food store and choose a brand that was compatible with the King Diet�. If you haven't completed the questionnaire, please do so and email it to me at and I'll send you the protocol to suit your situation free of charge. Getting this information can save you a lot of discomfort. I spoke with two people today who had not completed the questionnaire, and while they were doing several of the recommended things, they missed an important one that would have known about if they had completed the questionnaire.

Note leaky gut is not associated with Collembola (spring tails).

The good news is that I have that work for you and have added it to our on-line store. It's in pure powder form to be taken on an empty stomach with a liquid. Now, that we have peppermint, it's a perfect combination. Take a teaspoon of L-glutamine in a cup of peppermint tea (one drop) on an empty stomach. It's comes in an 18 oz jar and is available at

Lavender and Claudia's Dream Cream

Randy wrote to share his experience with lavender.

"I traveled out of the country. After a few days, I noticed increased activity in my hair.
A week later, and I noticed the tunnels from scabies on my hands, and other places. Probably got from a seat on the plane or from a movie theater there.

So I researched natural treatments for scabies, and discovered that Lavender oil was supposed to be effective in a couple of weeks, via dropping 5 drops of lavender oil in a 1/2 tub of water, and then soaking for 15 minutes.

It has helped me tremendously, as I had gotten quite bad, and now I have very little activity after less than 2 weeks. I even soak my clothes in 5 drops in a 5 gallon container 1/2 filled with water over night. And then wash as normal.

My hands were the worst, and discovered that my notebook computer was also infected, so tonight I scrubbed it with diluted lavender oil and water.

The worst thing for me is that it tends to burn my stomach from the inside or perhaps it just burns my sensitive skin a bit. P.S. I do NOT drink it.

P.S. I feel like it is also helping me with my Morgs/Collumbola problem. At least I hope so."

All the best.

"Thanks for sharing. Interesting: maybe that's why so many people love Claudia's Dream Cream�--it has lavender in it.
Ingredients: cold pressed avocado, almond, apricot oils; purified water, ash of decedcyl solution, dehydrabiethylamine, diatomaceous earth, potassium alum, potassium chlorate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride. essential oils of lavender, rosemary, palo, santo, lemon grass, peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, pine, cinnamon; menthol, eucalyptol, thymol, camphor, benzoin; alcohol [1/100 of 1%] caramel color

I'll look into adding lavender oil to our on-line store."

In the meantime, we have Claudia's Dream Cream� in our on-line store at

Diagnostic Tests

There was a question as to how I can tell from the questionnaire whether we're dealing with Collembola (Spring Tails) or Morgellons and what diagnostic tests there are for skin parasites. Here's my answer:

You need to search for Collembola and learn how they behave. Because of their body structure--rod shaped with a spring hinge in the middle--they spring upwards about 8" or so. they gain access to your body usually from the ground or floor. Occasionally, they can be in plants and spring onto you from higher elevations, and sometimes they get into window AC's from bird nests outside and then they get thrown into your upper body. But most experience them from floor areas.

They are the size of a piece of dust--300 microns or so and seeing them on the human body is like trying to see a dust particle on your skin. Locating them by biopsy is impossible. ALL EXPERTS claim that they can not live on human skin so there are no diagnostic tests.

Morgellons on the other hand, produces fibers growing from the skin, cotton-like or lint-like substance, and so on. Collembola does not produce either. And Morgellons doesn't jump. For some reason, the characteristic fibers can't be identified by pathologists as being Morgellons and this may be because Morgellons is not a recognized disease by the CDC.

It seems that about 50% of sufferers are dealing with Collembola (spring tails) and 50% with Morgellons with about 20% dealing with both. And, maybe 5% have sensations of burning skin which according to WebMd is associated with skin fungus.

Peppermint Rocks
Peppermint has recently been added to our arsenal in the fight against skin parasites. Carolyn has found some creative ways to effectively use it to deal with Collembola. Her arsenal is peppermint oil, Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap (NG) and MSM Gel. She writes,

I take the MSM gel in my palm add 3 drops of peppermint, mix it well with both hands then rub all over my body, it works so well, it feels a bit cold for about 10 minutes, but man it works all day! I add peppermint to everything I use now. both MSM and NG--it rocks. Makes everything work better.

I thank Carolyn for taking the time to share her experience. When she told me she added the peppermint to the MSM gel, I wondered how she did it and asked her--rather straight forward as she shared. I recommend adding about 4 drops of peppermint oil to a 4 oz bottle of diluted NG. Since applying the MSM and Peppermint makes her cold, I offered my warming services, but she declined. lol We have to keep our humor. You can get both the peppermint oil and the MSM gel in our on-line store at or try our new store at which will replace our old store once we fix any problems that might be there--haven't found any yet. If you have any problems with the new store, let me know. All products appear when you select "shop" at the top.

Remember she's dealing with Collembola, not Morgellons. So we don't know how this approach will work with Morgellons--let me know if you try it. And it may not be strong enough as a spray disinfectant--you may still have to use full strength ammonia for some strains of Collembola

Concerns About Being Contagious
As you may know Morgellons and Collembola are both contagious despite what some experts claim. Fortunately, not everyone is susceptible to being affected by them. But, there's no way of telling who is and who is not susceptible until they are exposed. This means that if you are active with skin parasites, it's prudent to be very careful and avoid putting others in jeopardy.

Cathy wrote:

Hi Richard ,
Thank you so much for being there!! This whole Morgellons issue seems surreal! I am not sure if you can answer these questions but please try.
I put my self in self quarantine---- meaning , I cancelled thanksgiving, asked that my grandkids don't come over for a while and am not going sit in a full church near others. I still have to grocery shop, but otherwise not much public things I HAVE to do. The friend whom I most likely got this from has never done any quarantine, due to her job, and she touches people in wet situations all day long with her hands . She's thinking we all got it at the beach this summer and my symptoms showed up later. Am I being too hard on myself? She was a bit upset at what I decided to do about staying clear from people for a while, as she has continued business as usual.
Family is angry!! They want me to fix this now !! The stress, diet and confusion surrounding this condition is overwhelming ! I'm a strong person but exhausted physically emotionally and mentally .
How do we know "it's gone" and SAFE TO be with others, letting them in the house, hugging etc. ???
Just need some direction
And to simplify supplements. I feel i need these as most important :

Thanks for writing.
Your skin and bath tub basically tell you when you are relatively non contagious. When you are shedding very little if any debris in the tub and when you feel little if any itching and no biting and not giving birth to organisms through your skin, you're safe. I hate to say 100% because itching is a relative term.

You friend may be feeling a bit guilty for being careless and ignorant about how contagious she might be.

The basics are the multivitamin, MaxOne and Garcillin.
The L-glutamine is for intestinal comfort as many suffer from leaky gut syndrome
Enzymes are good to help accelerate progress.
MSM capsules are good to replace the sulfur that morgellons uses up.
Ionic minerals are good to alkalize and replace the iron morgellons uses up.
and many swear by drinking a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water on empty stomach twice a day.
remember, not everyone is susceptible to being infected my morgellons. One lady claimed to have 300 employees and no one else got it, on the other hand, entire families can be impacted or infected to one degree or another.
Hope this helps

Vegan and the King Diet

It's no secret: The King Diet� can be very limiting and even more so if you are vegan. For instance, many nuts feed skin parasites. All lentils and seeds feed skin parasites. This makes finding protein very difficult. Even most kinds of potatoes feed skin parasites and some vegetables.

Being vegan is a personal choice. The choice is usually to be healthier and live longer. For instance a vegan diet is an anti inflammatory diet. And inflammation is at the root of most health problems including heart and brain issues.

But, while vegans have less health issues associated with inflammation and may live longer than those who eat meat and dairy products, being vegan may not be your best choice to fight skin parasites. At most you might shift to non vegan for a year or so which is generally long enough for many to get their lives back to a point at which time they can return to eating vegan.

Remember: The skin parasites only have one commitment and that is to consume you.

An Alternative to Ammonia as a Disinfectant
Ammonia has been the long standing recommended inexpensive disinfectant to spray your furniture, bedding, car, and so on. It's very effective for about 95% of all skin parasites and relatively inexpensive at about $2.50 per gallon. The downside is that it smells terribly and smelling it can contribute to depression.

Maybe we have an alternative that is healthy and also inexpensive. Twenty drops of peppermint oil in a 32 ounce spray bottle of water. Add in 20 drops of concentrated NG if you like. Use it to spray your bedding, furniture, auto, floors and anything that can be infested with Morgellons, Collembola, Strongyloides, or Skin Fungus.

It's non toxic so you can even apply it to your skin.

Twenty drops is one milliliter and there are 60 milliliters in bottle. That comes out to about sixty six cents per gallon of diluted peppermint disinfectant--even less dollar wise than ammonia.

You might experiment by adding 15 drops or so to your laundry in the washing machine. Will it replace ammonia in the washer? Answer: Think so, but I don't know.

Try it out and let me know how it works and if you like it. It's available on in our on-line store at

It Works and Dad is Back

Sometime back I spent a few minutes on the phone with Tim who was searching for relief from skin parasites. I don't remember whether he was dealing with Morgellons or Collembola or both. I asked him to keep me apprised of his progress. I just got this email from him two days ago and thought you might like to read it. I'm sure he was approaching skin parasites like many others--trying everything and quickly moving on to something else. Fortunately, he took my advice. He writes,


After fighting a losing battle for over 6 months , I have finally seen a dramatic change in my situation.

I have spent in the thousands trying to find something that would eradicate these bastages and give me my life back including every product thinkable to man, and even trying kerosene ( which I would never do again, or recommend).

My story was that I was all across the board in trying things, but was so impatient, that if I didn't notice immediate change, within 24 hours, I would move on to something else.

Waking up every morning with my scalp alive and moving, along with so many other symptoms were getting the best of me.

I was already using the Max One, and a garlic supplement from GNC. I tried the soap but showed no remarkable results.

Then the update about garcillin came out, and I got in touch with you to discuss my circumstances.

You reiterated using Max One, the use of garcillin, and using the NG debriding soap and rubbing it in and the diet.

it has been over one month since that conversation, I continue to use these products, and am 100% clean.. It is amazing. My kids have gotten their dad back!! I am hugging and sitting with them again. It has changed my psychological state , and I am opening up again.

The biggest thing I physically noticed was that by rubbing the NG soap in the problem areas of my scalp exfoliated hundreds if not thousands of smalls white/clear eggs that were embedded in my scalp.. Every day I just stayed with it, and will continue to.
I also started using ammonia to disinfect everything before and after use, and in washing all my loads of laundry. I can sleep at night without my scalp crawling or feeling anything in my bedding!!!

thank you,"

Tim C

I thank Tim for taking the time to share his progress. I certainly related with his limited contact with his son--spring tails cheated me out of a lot of daddy time with my toddler son twenty years ago. You don't get that time back.

Unfortunately many sufferers of skin parasites have not heard of Garcilin and MaxOne--two amazingly powerful products. For that matter they haven't even heard of Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap. Instead they get into the colloidal silver trap and spend thousands on a product that, if it works at all, only works while you take it. Stop it and all bets are off. It's not that I'm against colloidal silver. Why, we even have it in our on-line store. And if it works, that's great. But, what you'll want to do is move away from it onto MaxOne and Garcillin. MaxOne is instrumental in building much need glutathione and Garcillin is an antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungal, anti parasitic, and anti protozoan.

Peppermint May Be The Best Bath Disinfectant

For over a year I've been recommending pool shock as an inexpensive disinfectant for bathing. In fact, an ounce (two tablespoons) of pool shock (the amount you need in your bath) is about six cents. I've also recommended peppermint for quite some time, but I knew very little about it other than that I thought it would be expensive.

I finally got around to researching it and found that peppermint is a lot less expensive than I thought. In fact it's less expensive per bath than pool shock and better for your skin than pool shock (hypochlorite). Sixty milliliters (2 oz) of peppermint oil is about $9.50 and only ten to fifteen drops are required in a bath. There are 1,000 drops in 50 ml which at ten drops per bath is enough for 500 baths which is less than 2 cents per bath. And peppermint is better for your skin than hypochlorite (pool shock). Even at 15 drops per bath it's about 3 cents per bath. I only wish I had researched peppermint earlier. We have added it to our on-line store at

Plus you can add 2-to-4 drops in four ounces of Nature's Gift� diluted body wipe and apply to your skin. And you can add a drop to a cup of water to drink as a tea after eating to facilitate digestion. Uhmmm good! If you're at the point in the diet where you can have honey, it's a total winner. It replaces coffee as my favorite after dinner drink.

Plus, a 50 ml bottle of peppermint takes up a lot less space than a gallon of pool shock. Try it and see if you like it. Order today from our on-line store and let me know if you do or do not like it.

Scrub The Socks for Collembola
If you're dealing with Collembola (spring tails) and they are very active on your ankles, you might consider scrubbing your socks. I don't mean scrub, like in "clean," your socks, I mean scrub like in "get rid of" your socks--go bare footed. Socks fit your feet and ankles rather tight and make it difficult for you to apply either the diluted debriding soap or the MSM gel in case of any parasitic activity. I suspect that any eggs laid in your skin are going to hatch with the increased heat and if you can't get to apply either the MSM gel or the diluted debriding soap, you may have the start of a reinfection.

Is there Anything to the Chem Trail Theory?
Chem Trails: Are They Contributing to People Suffering From Morgellons? I've seen a few of the Youtube videos on the theory of Chem Trails effecting our health and quite frankly, I stay away from the theories. I just don't have time to get involved and focus on what we can do now as I don't have any influence over the agencies that spray material from high flying airplanes.

Robert sent me the following Youtube video by Sophia Smallstorm. It's at

This is the first youtube video about this subject that really makes sense to me. I remember when I was in my 20's I had wished I could create a pill for everyone to take which would not allow them to do criminal acts--a dream of a boy. But, this video shows exactly that happening on a grand scale with a larger agenda than simply keeping people from doing criminal acts. Nevertheless, I am too busy helping people get their lives back from the damage done rather than join in the frey to uncover this grand scale manipulation.

Perhaps some of you have the know how and desire to join in this fight to stop the manipulation of the human race into someone's miss fitted dream.

Trouble Getting Parasites Out of Laundry

The fight against skin parasites can get very very intense. This subscriber is dealing with a very very resistant strain of Collembola (spring tails). He describes what he and his family have to do to get them out of his laundry. It's rare that one has to go to these extremes, but if you can't get them out of your clothes, you may learn from his experience. He writes, "We have found that if we soak our laundry in regular ammonia and borax for 6 days that this seems to kill whatever it is we seem to have in our laundry.

We fill a 5 gal. bucket two thirds full of water then add 64 ozs. of ammonia and 1 cup. of borax. We then daily add our clothes to the bucket, making certain to keep the bucket covered with a lid. Once the bucket is finally full we place a date on the bucket and begin counting our 6 days. We later wash the clothes with a cup of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and a cup of Borax (using hot water) and then dry our clothes in the dryer completely.

We then pour enough industrial strength ammonia on some of the dried clothing to soak them good, then throw them back in the dryer (along with the dried clothes) allowing everything to go through another drying cycle. (Note: we have found the the industrial strength ammonia at Ace hardware stores). I know this sounds like a lot to go through for laundry but its the only thing( for us) that actually seems to work.

I would suggest that his process might be improved by adding a cap full of Nature's Gift� concentrate to each bucket of clothes as they soak. Doing so might cut down on the number of days required to soak the clothing and reduce the drying down from two times to one by adding liquid ammonia to the wet clothes before drying.

Do You Really Want to Vacuum?

In a recent update I recommended steam cleaning floors over vacuuming them. My main reason was that even with hepa filters, there are leaks and with many types of vacuum cleaners, air is stirred up that could simply circulate fibers from Morgellons or spring tails which are the size of a dust particle.

In response to that update, Albert offered the following comment, "Yes, however you must clean it out outside and throw away the bag. Then spray the vacuum cleaner. I wash mine out as well."

And he's right--that's a lot of work. I knew there was a reason other than just making sure there was no leak between the vacuum and the bag. Again, my vote is for steam cleaning. Just think: you can't disinfect with a vacuum cleaner--shampooer yes, but vacuum cleaner--NO! Don't get me wrong, I'll use my Kirby when Collembola is not involved, but when I'm dealing with Collembola, it's steam clean all the way.

And consider this: A good floor steamer is less expensive than a good vacuum cleaner.

Do You Really Want to Vacuum?

The fight against skin parasites can get very very intense. This subscriber is dealing with a very very resistant strain of Collembola (spring tails). He describes what he and his family have to do to get them out of his laundry. It's rare that one has to go to these extremes, but if you can't get them out of your clothes, you may learn from his experience. He writes, "We have found that if we soak our laundry in regular ammonia and borax for 6 days that this seems to kill whatever it is we seem to have in our laundry.

We fill a 5 gal. bucket two thirds full of water then add 64 ozs. of ammonia and 1 cup. of borax. We then daily add our clothes to the bucket, making certain to keep the bucket covered with a lid. Once the bucket is finally full we place a date on the bucket and begin counting our 6 days. We later wash the clothes with a cup of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and a cup of Borax (using hot water) and then dry our clothes in the dryer completely.

We then pour enough industrial strength ammonia on some of the dried clothing to soak them good, then throw them back in the dryer (along with the dried clothes) allowing everything to go through another drying cycle. (Note: we have found the the industrial strength ammonia at Ace hardware stores). I know this sounds like a lot to go through for laundry but its the only thing( for us) that actually seems to work.

I would suggest that his process might be improved by adding a cap full of Nature's Gift� concentrate to each bucket of clothes as they soak. Doing so might cut down on the number of days required to soak the clothing and reduce the drying down from two times to one by adding liquid ammonia to the wet clothes before drying.

Here's a Radio Interview

If you're getting tired of reading updates and would rather use your ears than your eyes, here's a radio interview I did last week. It's due to be aired on e-health radio sometime next week. To hear it before it's released to the public,  go to

To Vacuum or Not
I get a lot of inquiries about vacuum cleaners. I don't like them. Even with a hepa filter they often leak at the connection between the bag and the input connection to the bag.

I prefer steam cleaning. Steam clean your rugs, your wood floors, your tile floors. Consider this: You can't disinfect anything with a vacuum cleaner and you have to dump the filled bag or container. You can use white vinegar with your steam cleaner to disinfect. You wash out or launder the cloth head of the steam cleaner.

Remember, in the case of Morgellons, you're dealing with fibers; and in the case of Collembola (spring tails), you're dealing with an organism the size of a dust particle. Both can easily be kicked up with air currents. This is why I also recommend using a micro sized air filtration unit to constantly filter any fibers or Collembola organism from your air.

But, if you must vacuum:
1. makes sure you're using a hepa filter
2. that the vacuum cleaner is not the type that blows out a port to stir things up
3. that there is no leak between the discharge hose and the hepa bag.

Glutathione Found to Inhibit Morgellons

Glutathione has been found to inhibit Morgellons. Click here to read more. Arlene sent me this link yesterday and I thank her very much.While this is great news, I've been promoting boosting glutathione since 2010. The study used Vit C, NAC, and glutathione to inhibit Morgellons cultures. This is my take on the study:
1. using NAC in the study was redundant as NAC is used to produce glutathione and NAC has been used for many decades as a way of boosting glutathione. However, the results with using NAC to boost glutathione are unpredictable and at best boost glutathione about 20% unless it's the MaxGXL formula. This is precisely why I only recommend using the MaxOne Ribocene product to boost glutathione. Two capsules a day boost glutathione by 270%. This study tells me that, if your can afford it, you want to go all out with MaxOne and up your intake to as much as 6-to-8 capsules per day until you have Morgellons on the run. You can never have too much glutathione. I don't recommend MaxGXL because it has shell fish and traces fungal ingredients that many people are allergic to.
2. Glutathione recycles Vit C meaning that if Linus Pauling had known this he would have been promoting boosting glutathione instead of recommending up to 8,000 mg of Vit C. All you need is about a thousand mg of Vit C from the Rainbow Light Complete Nutritional System multivitamin that we have in our on-line store, and glutathione will do the rest, It will recycle and recycle Vit C all day long.
3. The study also points out to the fact that Morgellons uses up iron as Morgellons is an iron-sulfur complex. And guess who has been been promoting Ionic Minerals since 2004? Me. Nature's Gift Ionic Minerals replenish your iron and over 70 other minerals in perfect balance. Plus it raises your alkalinity.

Taking this a step or two further: Sulfur is stolen by Morgellons, we just added MSM capsules to our on-line store.
And for extra measure: some find colloidal silver a blessing. My feed back says it's a "pig in a poke." For some it's like magic and others a waste of money. We have it in our on-line store for those who find it miraculous. Instead, I highly recommend Garcillin�. I have not had any adverse feedback on this product. Allicin is an antibiotic, anti fungal, anti viral, anti parasitic and anti protozoan. If you have little red strawberry spots just under your skin, according to Dr. Harvey of the Morgellons Association, that's an indication of protozoan. Now remember, I'm recommending you research MaxOne, Ionic Minerals, MSM capsules, Garcillin, The Complete Nutritional System and decide for yourself.

Yes, it's That Sensitive
Kaye wrote me a week ago to share how sensitive the diet is:

"Good Morning Richard,

Needless to say I had a little out break last night. I have been trying to be so careful reading all labels and abiding by your menu guide. But last night my Mom, Bless her soul tried to make me a nice dinner. Most nights nights she makes dinner since I work. She has been very diligent and going by the book as well, but last night didn�t think to read the lemon pepper condiment label and it had sugar. She only put a little on the white fish for dinner. About an hour after dinner I was covered again with biting and itching. I went to the bathroom dowsed myself in neem oil and rubbed them out and wiped most of them off, but their were so many. How can that happen with just a bit of sugar? They must be embedded in my skin, they� can�t just have hatched like that. Some were elongated black, some tiny black specks and then the sand type that you really can�t see but feel. Crazy�So I guess I am back at week one again. How much is the Garcillin again? I will probably need to place another order soon�



"Yes, in the beginning of Stage I, the diet is very critical. And yes, they are embedded in your skin. When they die, they are like tiny grains of rice. A months supply of Garcillin� is $40.00."

A week later she writes, "It�s only been 3 weeks, but the bites (misquito type) seem to be going away, feeling the critters on my face less, the white spots under the skin dissipating some and not so noticeable, and the dark red lesion? Getting lighter. Still have debride, white capsules from time to time and sand type under hands when rubbing skin with neem�But my skin is less tender to the touch, my neck and chest area does not ache so bad�.I will continue the soap, MaxOne and Garcillin. I accidentally took two garlic one day and wow really felt a little better."

I often suggest experimenting with taking extra Garcillin and MaxOne.

A Better Alternative to the Triple Pesticide

Albert has been trying to kill Collembola (spring tails) and has has a miserable time until recently. He's spent a fortune on cedarcide and only found that it doesn't destroy the eggs which hatch 29 days later.

He writes, "We spent thousands of dollars trying to kill Collembola. We had them everywhere; in our house, clothing, cars. I believe they were in the millions in our house. I found out that the eggs hatched every 29 days. Everything we used either stopped them temporarily or killed the adults. It never killed the eggs, so a month later we were battling them again. Also, we didn't have the diet so we were spreading them from ourselves. Thank you for the diet!! We also use debriding soap and chlorine baths.

We got relief in our environment by using this spray called Pronto. We purchased it from Amazon. It was another product I was trying out to kill these buggers. I had success finally. I discovered by usage of the product that my environment finally was rid of these pests. It appeared to kill the eggs as well as the adults. It killed them in the house, the car and everywhere I spayed it.

One other thing we discovered was that these things can move extremely fast. So, when I spray I have to spray as if I am cordoning off the area first. Then spray the rest of the area.

I clean our carpet with a mixture of Tide and Cedarcide. But first I spray it with Pronto, then an hour or so later I clean it with my carpet cleaner using the above mixture. The carpet looks like new when I am done and the Collembola is gone.

One of the things I do every night before bed is to spay my body with debriding soap, let it dry on my body so I can sleep. It works. In fact it works well.

I hope this helps."

I thank Albert for taking the time to pass along this information. This could be a very important alternative to not only CedarCide, but the triple pesticide too. It's comes in a 10 oz spray can and lists it for bed bugs and dust mites. It's at

If you try it, let me know how you like it.

Scalp Issues??

A week or so ago, Roxanne emailed me with her positive experience using Nature's Gift� (NG) in her scalp. However, for many who have scalp issues, it's not this easy. For now, I recommend:
1. using a few drops of concentrate as a shampoo along with the disinfectant of your choice--peppermint, four thieves oil...
2. rinse with water and then apply diluted NG body wipe.
3. apply MSM gel and or debriding cream with or without cedar or Claudia's Dream Cream into your scalp--figure out which or a combination of them works best for you.

Repeat #2 and #3 every half hour or more frequently, if necessary. With time, you should notice longer intervals between applications.

If this doesn't work, consider wetting a cloth with NG diluted and covering your scalp with it with a shower cap. Note that until you get your scalp under control, you may need to shorten your hair considerably.

If mites are involved, often times using diatomaceous earth in your environment and maybe scalp is important as well as investigating the use of Lufenuron to destroy the eggs of mites. Note that this does not replace the use of the King Diet� and any of the supplements such as MaxOne, Garcillin, Ionic Minerals... listed below.

If you have a better method of dealing with scalp issues, please return this email.

"Hi Richard,

My name is Roxanne. I ordered the soap about a month ago. It is truly a miracle soap. My lesions have disappeared, the biting and itching are gone and it has done one thing further which is our answer to the Morgellon�s condition.

The soap has broken down a nest in my hair of something parasitic living on my scalp. It is making cocoons in layer upon layer with my hair and either a silk or their saliva to keep the form. When tearing through the nest, I am able to put my finger through what feels like circular tunnels. When I got down to the main nest, I began mashing the nest, where I felt the thing moving rapidly all over like it was running from my vengeance. They are living lumps and it feels like they are in my brain from the strange pain I feel when they move. The thing has a tunnel design going from my hair and onto my whole body in numerous circular nests. I am able to follow the tunnels by touch all over.

After trying for years to get the attention of the medical community, no one will even listen to what I have to tell them about what I�ve discovered. I NEED SOMEONE TO LISTEN AND HEAR ME NOW!!! I need to know what this thing is in order to help all the other sufferers of this nightmare. Whatever this parasite is, is epidemic and we all deserve to know the answer.

I need you to join me in this endeavor for answers. My birds and my dog have the exact same patterns of this nest all over them and have had to put my cat down . Richard, please, I beg you, to please help me to find someone who can help us, NOW! I might add that I stopped using everything I was using for detox, even the Colloidal Silver, and used the soap alone for the remarkable results I have experienced. Finally, I have total relief after twelve hard years of suffering immensely! I am grateful beyond words for your diligence to help us all.

Only thing is, I�ve wiped out all of the flora in my bowel and am unable to get it back after 2 weeks of probiotics. Don�t know what to do!
Please let�s work together to solve this thing. People need to know!! Send me another Guardian Angel.

Very gratefully yours,

"Hi Roxanne,
Thanks for writing. That's my job and of course I welcome yours and everyone elses' help. As you know we get nowhere with doctors. There are nearly a thousand others such as yourself who communicate their discoveries to me--quite a research team. A big reason why there are so many updates and why the book keeps getting updated.

I'm so glad the soap is working for you.

The problem is that Morgellons is a disease of infinite faces. You want to identify the tunneling organism, another sufferer wants to identify the black goo, another the 3" long spine-plastic-like thing she pulls from her skin, another the weird mites that come from his skin, another the waspy thingy, and on and on.

The common denominator is a spirochete creating an iron-sulfur complex that is at the basis of Morgellons. This basic complex hijacks other organisms through which it thrives and multiplies. The debriding soap has been incredible for many many sufferers, but is not the total answer. You should also have the book--copy attached. Following is what I've learned works to get lives back from Morgellons. Forgive the disclaimer--it's simply necessary as I do not want to mislead anyone and do not want to violate any Federal laws.
To deal with Morgellons:

First, Stage I of the King Diet--Chapter IV. It's strict and it works.

Secondly, disinfection of the organisms from your home--Chapter III.

Thirdly, use the debriding soap as you've been doing. Bathing can be super important along with the use of a strong disinfectant to destroy the organisms.

From an educational perspective you seriously want to research Lufenuron at Lufenuron destroys eggs of insects. It's on page 189 of my book and has been covered in several updates in July of 15. I have no connection with the site and can not even vouch for them. If your tunneling organisms lay eggs, lufenuron can be very important to research

To help raise alkalinity, research the value of drinking water with a teaspoon of baking soda twice a day on empty stomach in a glass of water as directed on the Arm and Hammer box. Since it has a lot of sodium, watch your blood pressure and fluid retention. There are some who claim this alone is the cure.

There are several supplements that will ultimately support you in getting your life back. But, I recommend that before you start them you get progress from the above. For instance, unless you're sticking to the diet, most anything you do is a waste of time and money.
When you get results from the above, research the value of as many of the following that you can:
1. Complete Nutritional System multivitamin in our on-line store at
2. MaxOne Ribocene to build glutathione from our on-line store.
3. Garcillin (allicin) from our on-line store. This is my preference to colloidal silver which you stopped.
4. Ionic minerals to raise alkalinity and balance minerals from our on-line store.
5. Hydrogen peroxide. Internally Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. 3 drops with a glass of distilled water 3 times a day. (on empty stomach first thing in the morning) three hours after a meal. You might start with one drop and work up to three drops. Do not--do not take more or without distilled water--it can do physical harm if not taken correctly. Google "How to take food grade hydrogen peroxide" for more information, It's not in our on-line store.
6. A script for a low dose of Naltrexone as I recently reported in an update in late June or July of 15 or anyone of the drugs listed in Chapter VI or published in this article that you can print and take with you to the doctor at
7. L-glutamine for intestinal health by Blue Bonnet at your local health food store.
8. Probiotics such as Kefir
9. Enzymes such as VeganZyme in our on-line store
10. Use of Claudia's Dream Cream�, NG cream with or without cedar, MSM gel

I hope this helps.

Rug Cleaning Question

Arlene asks, "How do you get spring tails out of the carpet and car?"

"Hi Arlene,
It depends on how resistant they are
Steam clean using white vinegar followed by spraying ammonia before it dries.
In the car where you can't steam clean, spray ammonia. Sometimes you need to spray into the air re-circulation system
But you need to spray the car every time you get out of the car with ammonia and you need to spray the areas of the carpet where ever you sit including furniture you sit in every time you leave until your body is not active with itching or biting.
If this doesn't do it, then you need to get the triple pesticide and spray carpet and car once each ten days.
If this doesn't do it, then carpet needs to be thrown out and gotten rid of.
Car?? some have had to get rid of their cars.
Hope this helps"

A Vote For Dream Cream

Sandra, a gal dealing with Spring Tails writes,
"I found the dream cream very effective. I had a few itching bites on my back. They pop up now and then. Almost instantaneously, after applying the creme, the itching stopped. They are now, after a few days of applications, almost gone.

I wanted to mention, too, that in the thing I wrote, I didn'??t want to imply a lack of importance of the diet, medicines, cleaning, etc., and all of the other advise that were at the center of what helped me improve. I always go back to the first stage of diet when things flare up and still try to keep it at the base of my diet though many other things can be added now. I know that eliminating sugars has also helped. I was getting a long of stinging and that has been pretty much under control lately."

Carpet Steam Cleaning Instructions
Arlene asks, "How do you get spring tails out of the carpet and car?"

"Hi Arlene,
It depends on how resistant they are
Steam clean using white vinegar followed by spraying ammonia before it dries.
In the car where you can't steam clean, spray ammonia. Sometimes you need to spray into the air re-circulation system
But you need to spray the car every time you get out of the car with ammonia and you need to spray the areas of the carpet where ever you sit including furniture you sit in every time you leave until your body is not active with itching or biting.
If this doesn't do it, then you need to get the triple pesticide and spray carpet and car once each ten days.
If this doesn't do it, then carpet needs to be thrown out and gotten rid of.
Car?? some have had to get rid of their cars.
Hope this helps"

Burning Skin Question
Linda, who is dealing with Morgellons and most likely Collembola, asks, "I am having burning sensations on legs. Does that relate to spring tails? I am having very tiny white substance coming out of my pores. Is that part of spring tails?"

If you check with WebMd, burning is associated with skin fungus.
Before I knew to use disinfectant in the tub, I had created skin fungus all over my legs. And then, later I found that the disinfectant that was strong enough to kill the fungus without burning my skin, wasn't strong enough to destroy hot tub rash. It took about 3 months to get rid of hot tub rash. I don't know if hot tub rash creates the stuff you see from your pores--it typically is not associated with spring tails--most likely Morgellons. The dermatologist prescribed CiproFlaxen 500mg for ten days. It showed up as kinda reddened skin, but had a purplish hue on camera.

First I tried apple cider vinegar and NG and that didn't do much, then the dermatologist gave me too low a dose of CiproFlaxen and I lost two two weeks before I got the 500 mg per day. Afterwards, I found that hydrogen peroxide on the skin was much better than the apple cider vinegar. In fact, had I known about using hydrogen peroxide, I might not have needed the CiproFlaxen.

Needless to say, I then learned to disinfect tub with about 4 ounces of pool shock running the jets for ten minutes with warm water after I got out of the tub.
hope this helps

Burning Skin Questio
"Linda, who is dealing with Morgellons and most likely Collembola, asks,
"I am having burning sensations on legs. Does that relate to spring tails? I am having very tiny white substance coming out of my pores. Is that part of spring tails?"

If you check with WebMd, burning is associated with skin fungus.
Before I knew to use disinfectant in the tub, I had created skin fungus all over my legs. And then, later I found that the disinfectant that was strong enough to kill the fungus without burning my skin, wasn't strong enough to destroy hot tub rash. It took about 3 months to get rid of hot tub rash. I don't know if hot tub rash creates the stuff you see from your pores--it typically is not associated with spring tails--most likely Morgellons. The dermatologist prescribed CiproFlaxen 500mg for ten days. It showed up as kinda reddened skin, but had a purplish hue on camera.

First I tried apple cider vinegar and NG and that didn't do much, then the dermatologist gave me too low a dose of CiproFlaxen and I lost two two weeks before I got the 500 mg per day. Afterwards, I found that hydrogen peroxide on the skin was much better than the apple cider vinegar. In fact, had I known about using hydrogen peroxide, I might not have needed the CiproFlaxen.

Needless to say, I then learned to disinfect tub with about 4 ounces of pool shock running the jets for ten minutes with warm water after I got out of the tub.
hope this helps

Is it Spring Tails or Morgellons?
Linda asks, "Do spring tails only affect lower legs? When I have crawling sensations on my legs am I to think that is spring tails or Morgellons?"

"Hi Linda,

Collembola (spring tails) frequently attack your lower legs. They will itch and or bite relentlessly, but they can quickly move all the way to your scalp and infest you entire body. But generally, they keep attacking your ankles and lower legs as they have infested almost every inch of your body. They go into the nose, ears, eyes--especially eye lashes, anus, private parts ... Spring tails do not involve fibers growing from the skin, cotton or lint like substance in bedding and clothing, and spider grey veins under the skin.

From what I've seen over the last few years, about 49% of sufferers have Morgellons and 49% have Collembola, and about 20% have both Morgellons and Collembola and about 15% have burning skin in addition to either or both of the above.

Burning skin is most often associated with skin fungus which is handled with the approaches to handling Morgellons and Collembola. And then, about 2% only have skin fungus without either Morgellons or Collembola.

Is it Spring Tails or Morgellons?
Are You Kinda on the Diet?
I get emails from people all the time telling me that they are "kind of on the diet." It tells me one thing: They are not going to get their lives back from Morgellons or Collembola. Not at least from what I know.

Yes, I hear of people all the time on Youtube who are getting their lives back with no mention of diet, but then they acknowledge that they are still fighting the monsters. In other words, they made some head way and think that they are going to win. Talk to them in a month and see if they've progressed.

I got an lengthy email from a fellow the other day. He uses Nature's Gift debridiing soap and a lot of other stuff. His email was detailed and his summary was that he and his family saw the light at the end of the tunnel and even though he didn't use the diet, as he doesn't like diets, he wanted me to share with everyone that even when it looks like you won't succeed, don't give up but just keep fighting for you'll get there.

I was happy for him and his family, glad I participated in some small way, and wondered how he did it without the diet. He also asked to be removed from the updates as there were just too many of them.

I wrote him back thanking him for taking the time to share his experience and acknowledged that the information in the updates can be overwhelming and that I removed him from future updates.

Within hours he wrote me back with despair instead of jubilance. He was not as close as he thought to getting his life back. My experience with countless others says that without the diet, you don't stand a chance of getting your life back--too many variables. You won't know whether you're reacting to the food you ate or being contaminated by your environment.

A lady with whom I had many email exchanges on all different topics related to lack of progress and new things showing up finally acknowledged that she's "mostly on the diet." I now know why she's not progressing as well as she should have by now.

I had to say this to her and I say it to others too: "You're either on the diet or you're not. For instance, in Stage I, if you have one piece of gum or a Tic Tac, you're not on the diet, period. The diet is not about being gluten free or sugar free, or soy free, it's all of that and a lot more. It's very precise. You ignore one little thing like having something to eat with rosemary and you're not on the diet. You're feeding the little monsters. It's like when I was a kid, stepping on a crack in the sidewalk was to die (a game we played) and sometimes the sidewalks had a lot of cracks.

So, if you're only partly on the diet (the part that suits your taste buds, you're wasting your time and my time). Please go find the fellow or gal that knows how to do it inexpensively without diet. I won't be upset and your taste buds will be happy."

And one fellow wrote to tell me that he's on fixed income and can't afford steak. Somehow people get this impression. Sure, while you can eat steak, lobster, and king crab legs on the King Diet�, the diet can be less expensive than any other eating plan. For instance, a favorite of mine is fried chopped dark turkey meat with steamed broccoli and rice. This meal for two is about $2-$3 and very tasty. You can make turkey burgers and use lettuce leaves instead of a bun. You can make meat balls out of dark turkey meat and flavor with salt, pepper, oregano... with tomato sauce flavored with basil and rice pasta for about $3 per person. The King Diet� doesn't have to be an expensive diet. There goes that excuse!

Bottom line, you're either on the diet or you're not--there's no in between until you get to late Stage II and can experiment! When you experiment, you'll know if you make a mistake. Sandra writes, "Hi Richard, I messed up big time OMG I allowed myself too run out of everything!!!!!!!! with out thinking I had 2 slice's of pizza!!!!!!!! soooooooooooo I will never DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!! but I'm on the right track!!!"

A gal from Canada writes today, "I can definitely tell you, you and  your diet are sent by GOD !
I told you this before, if was not for you I wouldn't be around any more! @! It's not a joke. Thank you!

Believe me and believe them--the reward is there when you respect the King Diet� and use it to your advantage.

In addition to Orap (Pimozide), Collembolla Kit, and Debriding Soap, you also listed other supplements (up to 10 items). Are they necessary and when do I need to experiment with them? Th

10/20/15I get an email from someone who claims that Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap isn't working. I suspect it's because they are dealing with a resistant strain of Collembola (spring tails) and rather than working the debriding soap, they are simply applying the debriding soap. Let me explain:

With the resistant strain of Collembola, the only thing I know that is effective is Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap. However, it's important to know how to work (use) it. A short bath and or simply applying the diluted body wipe is simply insufficient.

For instance, if you're free of itching and biting and get reinfected near the ankles or lower legs, the first thing to do is apply a few drops of the concentrate, the diluted body wipe, and MSM gel, if you have it, as soon as possible and reapply as often as you can (every few minutes) until you get into a foot bath with a quarter cap full of concentrate and a disinfectant. If you have a bite mark or lesion that has formed from the reinfection, the spring tails are inside of it and if left alone, they will simply multiply and contaminate your surroundings within minutes. The aloe vera in the MSM gel helps keep them from spreading.

How long in the foot bath??? Answer: You need to soak your feet for hours upon hours until the bite mark or lesion is neutralized--generally about 3 days. And, if you get reinfected with another bite mark or lesion during that time, then the clock starts all over. Remember to disinfect the foot bath with ammonia and flush it every time you change water.

Obviously, you want to treat your auto, bedding, clothing... with ammonia every time you leave and before you occupy a space. When you are away from the foot bath, you want to constantly wet the affected area of your ankles or lower legs with dilute debriding soap and MSM gel.

At night, have the dilute body wipe and the MSM gel handy to liberally apply to any activity your feel. If the MSM gel and body wipe doesn't eliminate any activity, get out of bed and back to the foot bath.

It's important to remember, that you need to work the debriding soap with baths and foot baths rather than to think you can simply apply the debriding soap a few times and solve the problem. Assuming you're foot bath is disinfected, sometimes the safest place for your feet and ankles is in the foot bath with or without water, concentrated debriding soap, and disinfectant. And, remember, if you have trouble getting the spring tails out of your environment, wearing riding boots is a good option. And of course disinfect them with ammonia after wearing them.

And She Hasn't Even Gotten the NG Yet

I love getting emails like this. So many have come to think that they must have a product of some sort to make a dent in getting their lives back when I've been saying for years that many have done a lot with only the diet; and Josie has just demonstrated that.

Many people write me and tell me that they've already spent thousands of dollars fighting these skin parasites with approaches that went no where, have lost their homes, careers, marriages, and are on fixed income. For many, they won't even have the $38 for the debriding soap until they get their social security check after the first of the month.

Josie may have been one of those people and I sent her the ebook at no charge, like I do for anyone on fixed or limited income, with a note that long before we had any products, hundreds have gotten their lives back with just the diet and the information on the book about disinfection. Her main concern at the time was that she was about to have eye surgery.

In her note she comments on some of the specifics of the diet--and that tells me she's paying attention. Unfortunately, many people read over the diet and think that all they have to do is to eat "healthy." And I always have to say, "you're either on the diet, or you're not--there's no in between--no benefit in being close to the diet. For instance, one piece of chewing gum and it's starting all over with the diet. It's strict and there's no wavering from it until you get to know how your skin parasites respond to different foods as you advance to Stage II of the diet."

Notice her exuberance in the first line as she writes,


This is Josie. I'm the lady with they eye surgery issue and Morgellons/Spring tall sufferer. The healing process to the eye is going along great but slowly. But, I'm getting my eye sight back which is amazing! They are still in my eye though. I'm waiting for the NG soap, taking the hydrogen peroxide daily and baking soda in distilled water. I immediately saw results and everyday the hard nodules are disappearing way more quickly.

I've been on the Stage 1 diet for 11 days. I believe I need to stay on this the whole month of October and just wait. I'm rush to move on to Stage 2. I'm used to eating strict. As soon as I started the Stage 1, my body immediately received it. It took about 9 days though for things to feel somewhat normal. I'm still not there yet so I don't mind waiting..

I tried the butter and that did not go well. It seems the garlic oil is working way better. But, I was already using that, so my body may had adjusted to it way before.

I cut out ranch dressing, cheese, carrots oatmeal and crackers. This changed everything. THANK YOU AGAIN! I also didn't know "teas" herbal or otherwise were not helpful!! Now I know!!

And I use to eat a truck load of almonds because I was told by another Morgellons expert this was okay. I see now THEY ARE NOT OKAY! much info out there can really back fire and waste your money and time!!

Please continue to pray for my eye and if you get any revelation on that, please share it!

Blessings! Josie

My response, "Thank you Josie for taking the time to write. So glad you're progressing.
For you eyes, you can look into using some of the things others have used.
I had an update on 6/25/15 which summarized the different options.
To summarize, we have:
►1. Rue Fennel
► Sulfacetamide 10 % eye drops by Baush and Lomb by prescription (2 drops 4 times daily) although she used them more frequently
► Diluted NG with a dropper or an eye glass (only use distilled water to dilute the concentrate).
► A 2 or 3% Metronidazole gel from Demodex Solutions (DS) at
► Ovante distributed by NAAMA Inc. at . Either the Metronidazole product or Ovante can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes with a Q-tip. If used
regularly, they kill off the mites and will restore loss of eyelashes. Keep eyes closed for one minute after application.
►Calendula tea
► Colloidal Silver--a drop or two
►Argentyn 23

A Vote For MaxOne
Deborah emailed me with her experience with MaxOne. She writes, Hello!  I just not could get over the hump-was 95% healed but still had a few stings and itching.  Started the MaxOne and wow, I am now about 98% healed.  An occasional sting or itch.  I also can tolerate rice bread now and papaya.  Can I heal on this also or will I have to take it for the rest of my life?  Also should I order cellgevity next time?  Thank you!  Deborah  I have Morgellons and maybe the other"
Thanks for sharing your experience. That's how it also worked for me when I was reinfected about 6 yrs ago. I found that taking an extra capsule of MaxOne now and then made an incredible difference in getting over an itchy spell.

MaxOne or Cellgevity??
If you're dealing with Collembola (spring tails) absolutely not. You're not sure. Typically Collembola attack your lower legs and ankles with itching and biting and they are invisible.
If you're only dealing with Morgellons, yes, you can have Cellgevity--it's $5 more per month.

Personally I would never stop boosting my glutathione because it was instrumental in giving my knee back from Lyme disease, plus I know that if I weren't deficient in glutathione in the first place I never would have had many of the health issues I've had.

So, I'd suggest making it a cornerstone for the rest of your life--not a bad thing. In fact, it's more instrumental in maintaining health than Vit C is, and that's because glutathione recycles Vit C. In fact, vitamins, C, A, E, and alpha lipoic acid are basically useless without sufficient glutathione. Remember, glutathione is your body's major antioxidant and detoxifyer. 

Now, there are many ways of taking or boosting glutathione, however, in evaluating the rest of them, they only boost glutathione by about 20% instead of 270 % that Max does and you need every bit of it.

I am investigating a French discovery that claims a boost of 230% and will report on that when I get the details. What I know now is that it won't be as good since the boost in glutathione will be limited to the blood stream as opposed to Max which boosts glutathione cellularly.

I'm Beginning to Think I'm Being Ignored
I get feed back on many of the things I suggest--debriding soap, MaxOne, Garlic Plus, Claudia's Dream Cream, and so on, but I don't get feed back on one important recommendation! Let me explain: Everyone who completes the questionnaire receives a free analysis. And one of the first things I recommend is that each person researches the value of drinking baking soda as instructed on the Arm and Hammer Box. But I don't get any feedback. How much does baking soda cost? Answer: Less than a dollar a box. So, it can't be the cost and you probably already have a box of it in your kitchen cabinets. Maybe it's the anticipated taste???

But why do you want to drink a couple teaspoons of baking soda a day? Answer: To raise alkalinity. The King Diet� can be an alkaline or an acidic diet depending on your food preferences. But, baking soda is definitely alkaline. Organisms can not exist in an alkaline environment in your body. Baking soda is the first thing to do.

In fact, one fellow claims that baking soda is the cure for Morgellons. Whether he's right or not, I don't know. I know that drinking baking soda simply makes a lot of sense and will help make everything else work better--even the King Diet�; and maybe it is the cure. So, if you haven't been drinking baking soda, isn't it time to start? And if you have been drinking baking soda, I'd love to hear from you.

And while you're boosting alkalinity, why not add Nature's Gift's� Ionic Minerals? Do your own experiment! Add a sachet to a quart of good quality water--distilled, osmosis water, Poland Springs--and then measure the ph. You'll find it goes from around 6 or so to 10 plus. But, that's not all. Remember, the product is called ionic minerals. It contains all the minerals in ionic form that your body needs--70+ of them. And, in the right balance. In other words, the ratio of calcium to magnesium is right as well as the balance of other minerals to other minerals. There is no better way to get your minerals. Any other mineral supplement will most likely only have a half dozen or so minerals--here is over 70 of them and they are in ionic form meaning that they are completely bio available. In other words, the body doesn't have to break down a chemical compound like calcium carbonate CaCO3 to get the Ca++.

I was also sent a youtube video by the people who provide us with the enzymes and colloidal silver on our on-line store. The video was about the importance of iodine. Guess what, Nature's Gift� contains iodine and all the other important minerals.

I must laugh. One lady bought a month's supply of the ionic minerals, took them for a month, and wrote to tell me that she didn't notice a difference and is stopping them. That's like saying, "I drank a glass of seltzer a day for a month and didn't feel a difference." Yes, you might feel worse from drinking seltzer every day but most likely not. FYI seltzer and all carbonated beverages contribute to acidity in your body--the opposite of what you want. But back to ionic minerals. Building your minerals is not going to make a big difference in a month--let's be real! Building minerals is an investment in getting your life back and works with the Complete Nutritional System Multi, MaxOne and Garlic Plus.

Additionally, you can use the spent coral in your bath to remove toxins from your body.

If you haven't completed the questionnaire, I've attached it. If you've already completed it and lost your list of recommendation, please complete it again and I'll send you my recommendations. Remember, even though it takes me a half hour to read your answers, evaluate, and reply with specifics, it's FREE. And this confuses me, only about fifteen percent of you actually complete the questionnaire. Wouldn't you like to take advantage of my years of experience?

Dr Oz Weighs in  On Parasites

Laura sent me this Youtube link

It's a Dr Oz show about internal parasites. No, not Morgellons or Collembola (spring tails), but fundamental and microscopic internal parasites. The reason I'm writing about this is that many who have Morgellons and Collembola most likely have other internal parasites sapping their energy too.

The summary of the show was to do any one of the following natural things to protect or rid yourself of internal parasites:
1. consume two cloves of garlic daily or 1,000 units of garlic.
2. wormwood tea. Although this is good for Morgellons people, wormwood might feed Collembola.
3. one quarter cup of papaya seeds with a tablespoon of honey daily was the most recommended. Again, I don't know how the papaya seed will interact with Collembola.

Regarding papaya, some have told me that rubbing the skin of a banana or a papaya over their skin, removes Morgellons debris. A bit messy, but effective. Maybe a good thing to do in the shower with a bar of NG soap.

And, they highly suggest that one stops using anti acids for the stomach as you want stomach acid to create an unwelcome environment for parasites.

Previously we looked at taking diatomaceous earth for intestinal parasites. A video at goes into the use of how to use it. It's suggested to start at 1/2 teaspoon and eventually go to 2 tablespoons. Mix food grade diatomaceous earth in water--avoid breathing the dust--and take on an empty stomach before bed time for one to three months. She also provides instructions on how to use Himalayan sea salt water solution to drink for parasite removal.

A Vote For Wellbutrin
Karen shares that Wellbutrin, a drug typically used to treat major depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder, or its generic helps fight Collembola. If only physicians would wake up and use these medications to help us instead of giving us grief. In the meantime, you must ask for the specific medications listed in the book and these updates to deal with depression, anxiety and so on to get help with both--depression/anxiety and skin parasites. Karen writes,

"I'm on one pill of Wellbutrin twice a day, 5mg each.
When the pills wear off or if I eat soy, then I feel them.
Also, decongestants, and allergy pills, and cough suppressants work too, but only allergy pills are safe to stay on"

From what I can tell, Karen has been dealing with a very resistant strain of Collembola, (spring tails), Notice, that if she goes off the diet with something like soy, it's bad news for her! As I always contend, diet is crucial.

Your Cornerstone to Success
Theresa from Canada asks some questions about the diet and I realized that while it's one of the cornerstones to getting your life back, I don't stress it and write about it nearly enough. So, here goes.

"Hi Richard

I have a few questions, I started Stage 1 of the King's diet on Monday as I wait for my MaxOne, NG, & NG bar of soap to come in.

What can I expect to see happening with my body with the diet? I have a lot of black grains, grandulars, & my skin is more itchy now, is this what happens when we starve those little buggers? �??

Also what is better MaxOne or their newer product, Cellgevity? They say it does what MaxOne does & more.
There is only a 5$ difference between both of them.

Last one, in Canada I can't find Boar's Head product (must only be in the USA) like a lot of other things we don't get up here is there another brand you might know of.

Thanks for writing.
Remember from the chapter about the diet, there's a time dilation factor, as I call it. That means it may take days before the offending foods, that you ate just before starting the diet, are out of your system, even though you're strict with the diet.

I ask one favor, each time you write me remind me of whether you're dealing with Morgellons or spring tails. I get dozens of emails and simply can't remember who is fighting what, and it takes time to look back into past emails to figure it out.

I can't say for certain, but the black grains and the glandular stuff are most likely the parasites dying off.

Ideally, after you're through any time dilation period, you'll notice a reduction in itching within a day. I used to keep a diary and scored each day 0 to 6. Six being bad itching and zero (no itching). I was glad to get to 1/2 to 2 and considered that improvement. I would get it to where I could advance to Stage II only after about 6 days of being on Stage I.

By adding ORAP many years ago, I was able to get to zero to 1/2 on the scale pretty easy in just a couple days of Stage I. And then easy to advance to Stage II. Otherwise, I would have been stuck on Stage I. But there are other drugs listed in the book that have reported to have similar effect. Someone just told me that Wellbutrin does it too and she's been fighting a very resistant strain of Collembola. I'll be passing along her experience in a future update.

A few years ago I was reinfected and found that even with Stage I and ORAP, I was still having problems getting rid of the itching. I thought the spring tails had developed some kind of resistance to my approach. Accidentally, I took an extra capsule of MaxOne and noticed within 20 minutes all itching gone. And you ordered it--great.

MaxOne can be used for Collembola or Morgellons
Cellgevity can be used for Morgellons but not Collembola. And we do have Cellgevity in stock if you're dealing with Morgellons--we don't list it in the on-line store.

When you go to the deli, you must ask to see the packaging on the sliced meats and read them carefully to compare them with the offending ingredients on Stage I.
Stage I is literally very strict and yet, only a guide. For instance, while 95% of people can have rice, 2 or 3% can't. Same is true for spelt, eggs, and so forth. You need to be very cognizant of what you eat and how you do or don't react minutes later.

But after you're free of reacting for a day or two, then you have to be guarded when you add new foods because of the time dilation factor I mentioned in the beginning. Please read the diet chapter over and over and then read it again in two weeks. It's very specific--as opposed to generalities.
Hope this helps.

Hold Your Hat

Hold your hat for an amazing before and after set of photos.

Forgive me Richard, I almost forgot. Last week when I shared Sandra's horrific story with you, I promised to give you her before and after photos. So here they are after one month of using Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap and Claudia's Dream Cream�. Truly amazing! Amazing what Morgellons can do to you and amazing what impact Nature's Gift� and Claudia's Dream Cream� can do to relieve skin discomfort.

Befor photo of using Nature's Gift  After Photo of Using Nature's Gift

I thank Sandra for sharing her photos, am honored to participate in her progress, and am happy for her amazing progress in just one month. If you have before and after photos that you'd like to share, please send them in. Thank you.

Debriding Soap Removes ....
John, who is dealing with Morgellons, sent me this email and these photos today after using Nature's Gift� (NG) diluted debriding soap on a small cut, or what appeared to be a cut. Because it started as a small red dot, most likely it was Morgellons breaking through his skin in what ended up looking like a cut.  His photos show you the magic of NG's ability to clean.

I used your debriding solution to clean my hands this morning after I got a cut on my finger - totally unexplained cut. It began as a small red dot, then enlarged to a cut about 1/4" long. It has happened in the past.
 I grabbed your soap and washed my hands right away.  The cut didn't go away, of course, but over the course of the next few hours, a bunch of debris came out of the skin on my hands. I am attaching a picture of it as seen through a small eye loop, one with the flash and one with just the field of the debris with the flash off.Feeling very hopeful that I am starting to cleanse my body.
 Thanks so much," John
         Morgellons Debris                         Morgellons Debris Thru Loop
                   Debris without flash                                                                         Same debris through loop with flash
I thank John for taking the time to share the photos and his experience.

A Vote for Doxepin
Several medications are listed in my book that are helpful in dealing with skin parasites. Here's what a lady writes about Spring Tails and her experience with Doxepin.

'I had my first night on Doxepin last night and am amazed at the reduced biting and irritation,I  had the best night's sleep in years. I think that it must have a mild sedative that knocks out the Collembola as they are very dopy today when I am flushing them out. Not ready to spring off me as often happens"   Cheers Deidre 
It's unfortunate, that the medical profession only recognizes these drugs as anti psychotics, anti depressives, anti anxiety, and so on. And which one will work the best? Ideally, you'd want the opportunity to try as many as you can until you find the one that works best. But, until the CDC wakes up and "smells the coffee." it doesn't look like that will happen. The drugs reported to help are:
Low dose Naltexone

Nature's Gift and MSM Gel Together

Many people have shared that MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is important in getting their lives back. MSM also just happens to be Nature's Gift's� friend. Let me explain: Nature's Gift� is the best debriding substance known. Just a cap full in a bath tub--that's a one to 23,000 dilution--does a great job of cleaning deep levels of skin. A few squirts in a foot bath cleans your feet, ankles, and lower legs. The problem is that most disinfectants that you can use on your body aren't strong enough to kill the parasites without burning your skin in the bath. So, all of the organisms are not killed. In fact, because of this, some users have complained that Nature's Gift� causes the organisms to spread.

MSM gel applied topically seems to fix that issue. After bathing, take your shower and wipe down with Nature's Gift� body wipe (diluted concentrate). Then apply MSM gel to your skin where you need it. MSM seems to do what the disinfectants don't--destroy the organisms that the disinfectants don't. Among it's many uses, MSM also strengthens your skin and helps with dissolve scar tissue.

After foot bath, wipe with body wipe and let dry and then apply MSM gel and let dry for a minute. Then reapply again and every minute thereafter as needed.

How does MSM work with Morgellons? Search the internet and you'll find that it's part of several protocols, both internally and externally. And much of it's value might be in dealing with Lyme disease which often is a part of dealing with both Collembola and Morgellons.

MSM is also available in capsule form. If you search the internet you'll find many recommending it for dealing with Lyme disease. Personally, I stick with MaxOne and Garlic Plus (allicin) but recognize there is more than one way to "skin the cat." Plus MSM capsules are less expensive than MaxOne and Garlic Plus. Research MSM and Lyme and decide for yourself. However, I must tell you that there's a hypothesis that the sulfur in MSM could feed Morgellons as Morgellons is a sulfur-Iron complex. But, I think the wide use of MSM, as you'll find on the web, simply proves that hypothesis wrong.

Both MSM gel and MSM capsules have been added to our store at They might be a couple dollars more than you'll find elsewhere because we've chosen to use the highest degree of refinement available so you won't have the issue of it not working because the MSM is low quality. For the gel, it's 99.9% MSM in an aloe based gel which is PH balanced and has a natural preservative. All of this is important in getting results. 


A Story for A Congressional Hearing
I am sure that there are many of you with equally hair raising stories, but the one I've attached, as well as yours should be told to a Congressional Hearing on the subject. Sandra's story would make a great movie. It depicts the medical profession in their ultimate ignorance and how family members believe doctors who easily dismiss Morgellons sufferers as Lunny--how Morgellons not only attacks one's body, but destroys family trust in the process.

Sandra's story transpires over 13 years of "Hell on earth." Sandra also has the distinction of living in the same neighborhood as Mary Leitao when she coined the word, "Morgellons."

Sandra's story is a gut wrenching story and you just want to hang the doctors she consulted that sent her to the Lunny bin three times. Over those 13 years she has tried everything--even Dr. Karjoo, and came up empty. Thank God that she is now getting her life back and sees a future to live for--to testify before a Congressional Hearing. Somehow we need to make that happen so Sandra's pain and agony, as well as yours, won't be for naught. We need to force the CDC to do a meaningful investigation. We need the CDC to consult with researchers like Randy Wymore of Oklahoma State Univ before they run off and waste more taxpayers money on useless research.

After publishing a recent story, a lady wrote me to tell me how disappointed she was in me. She was looking for research and all I did was print a story. Research??? The only real research was published Feb 12 of this year that proved Morgellons is spirochete based. But who is paying attention to that research? We each are our own research projects and all I do is read what you send me and tell me what works, and when I find sufficient collaboration with others, I investigate it and publish it--that's the extent of research. For instance, most recently MSM has come to my attention as being beneficial. Maybe I'm a little behind the time, but one if the next updates will be about how it compliments Nature's Gift� debriding soap. It's now available in our on-line store. 

Back to Sandra's story. It is attached--hope you can open it. If I remember, I'll send you her before and after pictures of her arm. As I told her, I am honored to participate in her getting her life back as I am with each and every one of you. It might sound a bit corny, but its these stories and testimonials that you send me that keep me going. And, I hope that one day, some researcher will figure out why some of us are susceptible to Collembola and Morgellons and others aren't, but until then, it's diet, cleaning skin, disinfection and many of the products in our on-line store.

I was reading one of Joe Vitale's posts today. He went to a demonstration to see how a couple of guys could bend horse shoes, tear phone books or a deck of cards in half. He thought there must be some magic involved and he wanted to uncover the trick. What he found instead is that these guys were so strong they could do all these feats because they knew they could and how to apply their thoughts and strength. In fact there were some petite strong women there too that could bend the horseshoes.

With some instruction, Joe applied himself (knowing it was a possibility and not an impossibility) and bent the horse shoe. It wasn't easy, but he did it. However, he didn't succeed with the phone book or the deck of cards, but he came to realize that once you know something is possible, half of the battle is won.

If you have your story of how you're getting your life back with my support, I'm collecting them. Some have told me that reading the two stories I've published greatly inspires them.

July of 2002 little did I know my life would never be the same. My symptoms started with a feeling of extreme fatigue soon after I contracted 2 cases of head lice. I picked up a rid lice kit at the drug store but the itching biting crawling feeling never let up I felt as though bugs were crawling all over my body head to toe with raised red hives. I woke one morning to find that my face and right leg had huge red blisters that were turning black and blue. I made an appointment with my PCP he called a Dermatologist to see me that day for fear I had been bitten by a poisonous spider. I was given antibiotic steroid cream.

But, the itching biting crawling just worsened. I had movement on my scalp, ears, eyes, nose and genitals. I was taking 2 hour scalding hot showers putting all of my clothing bedding towels in garbage bags after each use I found myself consumed with washing cleaning vacuuming, and so on to keep everything in a separate room away from my family. But this just had become unmanageable. It felt as though I was laying on an ant nest 24 hours a day 7 days a week I was unable to sleep, think, eat, or live life.

My skin started too look horrifying. I made an appointment with the best Dermatology Department I could find in my home town. The wait was 6 months to be seen. My skin started to break out in red raised blisters all over my body, head-to-toe, which led me to the emergency room on many occasions. They prescribed ointment for scabies which gave me temporary relief. But then I started too notice little mites, insects ,worms, fly, and fruit fly moths all over where I would sit, sleep, drive to work, and so on.

At first I thought I was losing my mind, or that my mind was playing tricks on me. I started to convey what was happening to me to my husband, family, and children. Well, that did not go over so well I was told, �You're a crazy nut case. You need to see a shrink.� Unfortunately, their attitude about me is still the same. I was in and out of the emergency rooms and med help emergency clinics for severe skin lesions I started to collect sample's from my skin put them in a plastic bag transported samples with me when I had horrible break outs which led me to the ER. Very often my lesions would become infected. That's when my life started to shift in a whole new direction. I took samples extracted from my skin and lesions to my doctor at the hospital. I was escorted out of the doctor's office by the nurse who had two police officers escort me out of the hospital to my car. This black cloud became the pattern. My name was red flagged. This meant that in all the medical computer systems I was labeled schizophrenia.

As a result, they refused to administer any and all medical treatment It then became a psychological issue. I had hoped that the state of the art Dermatology department would figure this out so I could move on with my life. But during my Doctor's appointment, many physicians were called in to take a look at my horrifying skin lesions. They all stepped out and conferred with my husband. From there I was committed against my will, taken to the loco lounge for 20 days, put on antipsychotic drugs prescribed at a very high dose, and told I would be under going 2 weeks of shock therapy treatments which meant inducing seizures every other day. I pleaded and begged that I would comply take all medications that were prescribed to me. The medications compromised my liver and my kidneys. I walked around like a zombie�itching, biting, and crawling sensation head-to-toe.

This was horrifying. I was committed to the loco lounge 2 more times after my symptoms worsened to the point my face became disfigured and my skin full of scars. I looked horrifying. I could no longer look at myself in the mirror. From there, I had more life threatening illnesses. I started to suffer with migraines, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in my urine and stool, lost a lot of weight, weak, very sick, depressed, and down and out. I prayed every day to simply die. I became a recluse in complete despair this fight and battle. It totally consumed me and I had no support what so ever. The medical personal had me for crazy nut case my loved ones believed them.

My girl friend made me appointment with her Homeopathic physician. I had many biopsies done of my scalp and body. All came back as trauma to the scalp and skin. Doctor Misak from Pittsburgh Alternative Health sent my biopsys to Doctor Raphael d 'Angelo MD MT (AAB ) along with a urine and sample stool sample. I tested positive to Iodamoeba Butschii cysts (Protozoa parasite) other skin parasites including Morgellons . I under went 6 month of treatment to rid the protozoa parasite. Doctor Misak detoxed me slowly added supplements he put me on a strict diet. Rife treatments all with a positive result. but the skin parasites were still driving me crazy and eating me alive Is Morgellons contagious YES YES YES they're are 7 people who have been infected in a small group of people we were all at the same place at the same time 13 years ago all 7 have been infected yes Morgellons and other skin parasites are contagious.

One day I was surfing the web and came across, Richard Kuhn's website. I instantly became intrigued purchased his book, � How to Get Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites�. I started his King diet and starting using the Nature's gift debriding soap and some other supplements he listed in his book. From the information in his book, his emails and products, I quickly started to see a difference and feeling better.

For instance, one large terrible lesion on the back of my right upper arm that was with me for months went away in just one month. With his support and applying his extreme knowledge on this topic, he has been an angel and I consider Richard to be priceless. I cannot thank Richard enough and from the bottom of my heart. One major difference between him and everyone else trying to help us, is that he is specific in his instructions. For instance, I tried other expensive soaps from a noted doctor who treats Morgellons. In spite of the soaps being good there were no detailed instructions on how to eat, disinfect and so on, so I had no improvement. Richard leaves no stone unturned about exactly what to eat, how to disinfect my surroundings�even down to my jewelry and shoes, and how to bathe. I am now getting my life back for real and regained hope for the first time in my thirteen years of suffering from this horrifying night mare.

I even emailed Richard on a holiday week end in a complete melt down and within 2 minutes I received a reply from Richard with an email as well as his personal cell phone number. He didn't know me from Adam�he just helps. He gave me advice but more importantly he talked me through the episode which shows his great compassion and concern. As the days go by, I am finally getting my life back from Morgellons and whatever other skin parasites I may have. Richard Kuhns, I can't thank you enough and will be forever grateful for your help. You literally saved my life and gave me hope for a positive future. Thank you with gratitude and have a blessed day. Regards, Sandra K. McMurray Pa.

Wrinkled Skin & Disinfectants
Linda asked a few questions:
"Hi Richard - I am hoping you have a suggestion as to what I can use in my laundry when I wash my delicate clothing to disinfect.  I used so much ammonia in my washer that it ate thru the hose and I had water damage.  I had to purchase a new washer and was told not to use ammonia in the Maytag washer.  I have a lot of "washable" clothing that cannot have bleach added to it.  
I am now thinking that I have spring tails and Morgellons.  When I am standing at my sink in kitchen it feels like things are on my lower legs and ankles.  
When I bathe in the NG at what point to I add the disinfectant?  the last few minutes?  Also, my skin has aged 15 years-so wrinkled.  Is there something less harsh to disinfect with.  I just cannot tolerate that pool shock.
thanks for all you do."

"Maybe you were using too much ammonia in your washer--only a cup full of laundry grade tops. Without ammonia, that leaves you with boric acid, peppermint, four thieves oil, and borax. I don't know much about any of them except i don't think borax is strong enough although if you soak in the laundry soap for a few hours, it might work. Or you could try a half teaspoon of NG concentrate and a half teaspoon of laundry soap. Bottom line is  you'll have to experiment. Please let me know what you discover works.

Regarding the bath, add the disinfectant to your bath before you get in and mix well. Again instead of pool shock, disinfectants can be boric acid, peppermint, hydrogen peroxide (about 2 quarts of 3%) don't know much about the others. Some also use a cup or so of borax plus Epson salts, but I'm not sure if Borax is strong enough but with the Epson salts it might be. 

For your face, try the debriding cream or the Beauty Forever� cream twice daily. Wet your face with water and then apply, or apply dry and then rub in with water. Remember, the Beauty Forever� is a salon grade cream and is not greasy or gritty. Both the NG debriding cream and Beauty Forever� have NG in them.

You definitely need to disinfect where ever you stand and feel them on your lower legs and ankles--spray ammonia and if that doesn't kill them, then consider the triple pesticide, or you could try the Four Thieves Oil (recipe in the book)." Spray floors, sides of counters, and so on.
Hope this helps"

Lyme Disease and How to Get Parasites Off Floors
JAZ is dealing with both spring tails (Collembola) and Morgellons. She asked, "How do I get parasites off of floors?"

Carpets: try steam cleaning with white vinegar as a disinfectant.
Floors: you can also steam clean with white vinegar.
Alternatively spray full strength ammonia on the floors, but if they are wood, test an area to see if ammonia strips the finishing.
If ammonia doesn't kill the spring tails, then you have the resistant strain of spring tails and you'll need to get the triple pesticide.
You spray the triple pesticide every ten days on the rugs and floor and then spray ammonia daily on the floors and rugs.
You can also dust the rugs with diatamaceous earth but you don't want to vacuum it up every day. Leave it down for a week or so and reapply.
I hope this helps--it's a lot of work.

She wrote back
I had 9 exterminations and nothing killed them!!!
Did you know from having pesticides you can have increased heavy metals in your body which have to be chelated? I had a test and I was way off the charts in most of them and had to go on chelation therapy it's been a year and a half and still doing it.  Lymes lives around the heavy metals and the tooth fillings. You might want to check into chelation and also recheck the Lymes test, because it can come back.

My response,
That's why I boost my glutathione with MaxOne. Glutathione is the strongest detoxifier in the body as well as the most effective antioxidant. for more info.
Lyme almost destroyed my life when I was in my early 60's. My knee was so swollen that I was painfully limping and getting in and out of my car was almost impossible. The pain was continuous all night long. I lucked out and found MaxOne after 2 yrs of suffering. Within 6 weeks I was 95% improved and my knee was tolerable. Mostly 2 capsules a day was all I needed and occasionally I went up to 8 capsules a day for a few days to control discomfort.
Then about 2 years ago, I added our Garlic Plus allicin product. Just one capsule and I was in excruciating pain with my knee swollen like it was before adding glutathione. I was depressed and then realized that the allicin further detoxed my knee and that my lymphatics were clogged. I ordered a cheap massage pillow and place it on the underside of my knee and the inflammation disappeared in one day. Since then, I take one capsule of Garlic Plus (allicin) and two MaxOne's daily and my knee is 100% instead of 95%. And if I ever waken with some minor discomfort in my knee, I immediately take an extra MaxOne or a Garlic Plus and it's gone. This is my experience. Remember, I can not even recommend you drink water to help deal with Lyme disease, but I can recommend that you research the value of water and decide for yourself. Likewise I can not recommend that you take either MaxOne or Garlic Plus (allicin), but I can recommend that you research both and decide for yourself. And I must also say that if you do decide to try MaxOne and Garlic Plus that your results may be different than mine.

Back to your exterminators. If you're not on the diet, you can have a dozen exterminators and nothing will get done because your person will reinfect the floors and furniture as soon as they leave.

It is absolutely IMPERATIVE to do the three things simultaneously:
1. You stay strict on the diet
2. Disinfect everything over and over and over and hope you don't need the triple pesticide, but if you do, then look at boosting glutathione--maybe 4 capsules a day instead of two.
3. Bathe and bathe and wipe your body down and foot bath and foot bath.

A few days later, she wrote:
Just wanted to let you know my feet are much better due to NG ��

My response:
Great, foot baths are really important. If I get reinfected, I'm immediately in the foot bath for hours upon hours. In fact, you're better with your feet in the foot bath even with no water--that way they won't be jumping to the floor and the front of furniture you're sitting on. But you have to disinfect the foot bath before putting in water.

If you're on the diet, within about 2 or 3 days you should be free of them on your feet with the foot bath, then you can wear riding boots to keep from getting your feet infected from outside, garage, or anyplace they still are. But, again, you have to spray the inside of the boots with ammonia every time you take them off to keep them from getting infected.


The Collembola Challenge
JEM wrote to ask me how to get results with the debriding soap for dealing with Collembola (spring tails). She wasn't getting anywhere with it. One of the comments she made made me wonder if there was more than spring tails so I asked her to complete the questionnaire. And sure enough she was also dealing with Morgellons and she knew it. I also learned that she's a vegetarian and eating seeds, nuts and coconut--a spring tails smorgasbord. I wrote:

I asked you to complete the questionnaire as I thought there was something else other than spring tails and you confirmed that you are also dealing with Morgellons which only complicates matters.

The ankles are the main point of attack.
Being a vegetarian complicates things too. I've had vegetarians and vegans tell me that they did good with the diet, and many just can't handle the diet. Even though I admire vegans and vegetarians, I'm glad now that I'm not. I just might not have lived to write the book. Anyway, the diet is super strict for you because of both spring tails and Morgellons, and you are eating a lot of things that spring tails thrive on--almond and coconut milk, seeds, most nuts all feed the spring tails. While these foods are good for Morgellons, they are terrible for spring tails.

I can't give you much hope with those foods--just one small hand full of almonds will cost you a week of spring tail hell.

The debriding soap is only a cleaner. I had to bathe three times a day for up to 40 minutes with an ounce of pool shock to get things in order for about three days while I was strict on the diet and a nut with disinfection. Then I'd go to 2 baths and then to 1 per day and then to only showering.

But, because the damn things are everywhere in my environment, it took me about 6 months to get them off of the upper part of my body. No matter how fastidious I was, I'd miss something and get reinfected, but I didn't stop. What I'm saying is that I'd get to one bath a day and then to showering for a few days and get reinfected from sitting on a swing outside or from my couch or from my car, or my outside walk way, or patio, and on  and on.

Because I'm only dealing with spring tails, I could go to stage II of the diet and enjoy Haagen Daz ice cream and the other goodies. But, with Morgellons, sugar is a no no forever and so are many prepared breads.

Their last strong hold is the ankles and lower legs. Yes, I spent many nights with a garbage bag over my feet and almost up to my knees to either keep from contaminating the bed or visa versa.

Ultimately, you move from the bath to the foot bath. A quarter cap of the 100% debriding soap along with a squirt of pool shock--not too much to burn your skin. Foot bath for hours upon hours and you can be completely clear of them in about 30 hours, but every time you get reinfected it's starting all over again. I'd never go any place without the dilute debriding soap with me. Any time I felt an itch on my lower legs or ankles, I'd apply the soap as I drove--even every minute if I had to and within fifteen or twenty minutes the discomfort was gone. And life was more complicated because ammonia didn't kill them every where. I had to also use the triple pesticide and learn how to use it with ammonia between pesticide treatments.

Medically, I needed Orap--one mg per day--other medications are listed in the book and previous updates.

Nutritionally I used the Complete Nutritional System
Max One two capsules or more a day as needed
Garlic plus one capsule a day
and ionic minerals in my drinking water.

With regard to the bath and the foot bath, the disinfectants may not be strong enough to kill all of them without burning your skin so, every time I dumped the water, I sprayed ammonia inside and outside of the foot bath and likewise the inside of the tub.

P.S. I also had Chronic Lyme to the point I could barely walk--today I'm 100% OK and only take the above supplements.
Legally, I can not recommend that you do any of what I did. I can't even recommend you drink water to deal with parasites. However, I can recommend you research all of them and decide for yourself.
Hope this helps.

Don't Kill Small Spiders
I was wondering if spring tails had any natural enemies as we can use all the help we can get. This is what I found:

Known Predators of Collembola

Guess I'm not going to be stepping on small spiders any more. Don't know about how to get the others to populate outside. Any ideas, anyone?
One lady responded saying that at some plant outlets you can buy praying mantis sacks to bring home. Will they eat Collembola? I don't know--maybe.

Can Morgellons Be Cured? and More
Here are a few questions from Marilyn that you may also have:

I am very interested in learning more about your product.
I am curious to know if one does not have any itching with the parasites if the soap could make you start itching?
May I also ask if you have known anyone with Morgellons who has been cured?
Thank-you for making this product and for trying to help people who have this horrible disease to live again,
Have you heard of Dr. Amin in Arizona? I sent them your information on the soap which I thought could go well with their cleanse and detox.
He is a brilliant Doctor who is trying to help people get cured.
He believes that everyone who has this has something in their dental work which has been the cause of their bodies allowing this to occur.
I am on his detox and cleanse and have not felt this good since March.
Thank-you for any thoughts, suggestions, Marilyn
Also is the soap safe for an 8 year old child?
I do have the crawling sensation which is weird, but livable. Thankfully no biting or itching, but often I feel prickly.

Sent from my iPhone

My response:

Hi Marilyn,
In working with the soap for over two years, I have not had anyone say that it made them itch more. I have had some tell me that when they bathed with it, that their skin problem spread to other areas of their body. And that's because they didn't use a disinfectant with the NG. Instructions call for use of a disinfectant in the bath tub.

No one ever gets cured of Morgellons--not possible at this time. However, you can get your life back to the point that you have normal physical relations and be relatively free of itching, biting, and production of fibers, but you can always be reinfected or if you eat too much of the wrong foods reactivate the parasite.

Yes, Dr. Amin is listed in my book. One of his theories is that mercury poisoning contributes to Morgellons thriving and most of  us have amalgam filings in our teeth. 

An alternate to removing those filings is to research glutathione. Glutathione is the body's major detoxifyer. In fact when someone goes to the ER with arsenic poisoning, the first thing they get is an IV shot of glutathione. That's why we have MaxOne in our on-line store. Normal dosage boosts glutathione by about 270% and is a lot less expensive than removing filings and perhaps other detox methods and just as effective. Double or triple dosage of it puts you in super detox mode. But, because it can be so effective, it's usually best to start at just one capsule a day (half dosage) and see if any detox reactions occur before increasing. People write me all the time that their brain fog clears up by boosting glutathione. For more info, pls go to
Thanks for writing.

Never Say Can't
Never say, "Can't" for as soon as you do you own your limitations (forgot who said that), but it's true. Bottom line is that you can get your life back from skin parasites. Gary sent me the following link about Can't. Click here or go take a look at it at:

Thank you Gary, the video certainly puts things in perspective.

Please Help--My 9 yr Old Daughter is Infected Too
I often get emails like this. To those who believe skin parasites are not contagious, may they please spend just ten minutes in this lady's shoes.

I would like to ask you, I have this for about a year and half!  I know for sure is Collembola.  Can you please tell me where is this coming from? in side or outside? I am struggling with this for all ready way to long, now my little girl is  (9 years old) having symptoms! Can you help me ! I really do not know where to look. I ordered Onslaught, IGR, and Exponent as you suggested.  I got defend insecticide to put in the mulch and around house! I do not know what else!!!
We are on diet ! King 's diet !
Is she going to get rid off it or does she has to take bath tree times like you suggest it? 
I appreciate your help.  Thank you so so much"

It's really hard to tell where it is coming from other than to think back to when you first got infected. If you can remember if you started with itching after you were outside someplace. For me, it started initially from pulling vines from a tree and years later from sitting in a swing near the fish pond.

If you can't remember, then you have to just about treat everything outside. The cheapest and maybe the best solution is lime. Lime the yard and flower gardens--spread it everywhere you can and then wet the lime. If you're willing to have a slight mess, you can spread lime on walkways too and then wet it, other wise consider something like Biffen granules.

They generally don't come from inside the house. However, they can come from mice and rats that carry them into your home, or from bird's nests outside your windows, or an animal living under a porch, or from a place where water may be leaking in your home. Here, you'd need to solve the moisture problem or leak, and then be creative with lime, Biffen granules and or the triple pesticide.

Inside the house, once you have been on the diet, you want to be aware of where they are jumping onto you. You've probably tracked them or had them jump from you when you were active anyplace that you spend more than a minute or so. If you're using the triple pesticide, you want to spray around everywhere you stand or sit in the house.

For instance, kitchen area: Spray floor around sink, stove, dish washer, counters. Spray the sides of the stove, counters, sink. Just stand in one spot and imagine you were a spring tail and you could jump about 8 or so inches from any place on your body. That's the area you want to treat. Remember to disinfect all your drains.

If you sit at a dining table, notice everyplace within 8" or so of your body. That would be the table cloth, underside of the table, front legs and underside of your chair and the floor.

Do the same for your couch or any other chairs you use in the living room, study, laundry room, car, and so on.

You might also consider treating all walk areas and stairs.

Use the triple pesticide only once every ten days. Don't mix more triple pesticide than what you'll use in a day or two. Until you are free of feeling any activity, spray with full strength ammonia the same areas every time you leave the area and ideally a half hour before occupying the area.

Bathing 3 times a day for up to 40 minutes with NG concentrate and the disinfectant of your choice is important until your get free of itching and biting on your upper body. When only your ankles and lower legs are impacted, then you can switch to foot baths. Remember to always disinfect the tub or foot bath after using, as the disinfectant usually can't be strong enough to kill all of them in your bath or foot bath without burning your skin, unless maybe you use enough hydrogen peroxide, or apple cider vinegar with borax and maybe Epson salts. Unfortunately, I don't know how much boric acid, peppermint, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar and so on is necessary to kill all of the parasites.

It's a lot to do. I hope this helps.

She wrote back,

"You were such a awesome help all this year ,I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. 
God bless you,I have no any idea what I would do without you."

I can only say, "Thanks and that I appreciate being appreciated."

Using MMS as a Disinfectant
Louise and Jim from Canada share how they use MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) as a disinfectant in the bath and laundry for dealing with Morgellons. MMS is available thru and maybe Ebay. The cost of an 8 ounce bottle is about $19 plus shipping and handling. Louise is dealing with Morgellons and is sensitive to ammonia. For her, MMS is the perfect alternative to ammonia.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an update on how Arlene in the UK used MMS internally to go the last mile with Morgellons. Before using, MMS needs to be activated with citric acid which can be simply lemon juice. Some suppliers of MMS also send along and 8 oz bottle of citric acid. One drop of citric acid is used with each drop of MMS. For bathing, Louise generally uses 20 to 40 drops of MMS per bath. She adds the citric acid on the one-to-one ratio just specified in a small container. She noted that it turns brown as its activated. Then she adds that to the bath along with Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap  concentrate. She notes that you can add up to 50 drops of MMS per bath and doesn't recommend more.

For laundry she uses no more than 30 drops of MMS to avoid discoloration. Before adding to the washing machine she activates it with citric acid at the one-to-one ratio and she also then dilutes it with 2 cups of water before adding to her laundry. She pours it down the orifice into the section used for adding bleach.

She also activates MMS with citric acid, dilutes it with water and uses in to spray her auto for disinfection. Twenty activated drops for a 32 ounce spray bottle is what she uses. However, you need to use it all in one day as it loses potency. Thirty-two ounces is a lot, so activate 5 drops and fill the 32 ounce bottle a quarter of the way with water.

As an alternative to using MMS in the bath, she uses one cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of Epson salts. Here, I'd recommend using Apple Cider Vinegar as it's more beneficial to the skin than white vinegar. For resistant strains of Collembola (spring tails) you may have to use more than a cup of vinegar.

And of course, she also uses MMS internally by drinking it. She started with one drop of MMS, activated it with a drop of citric acid, added it to a glass of water and drinks it before bed time. From there, she worked up to 20 drops every night. In a previous report, Arlene, from the UK, worked her way up to ten drops every hour for 2 days. Unfortunately, many people's stomachs have trouble tolerating higher doses of MMS.

I thank Louise and Jim for sharing their experience from which everyone may benefit.

This Is a Weird One About Kinesiology

Someone who purchased an order of Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap (NG) wrote to tell me that the NG tested negative for him with kinesiology. Thus, it would not be healthy for him to use NG to clean his skin.

Now, maybe I'm going to anger a lot of people by what I'm about to say, but the way most practitioners use kinesiology it is totally flawed.

Let me explain. I've been a practicing hypnotist for nearly 20 years and over that time I've seen countless flawed demonstrations of kinesiology. For those of you who don't know what it's about, it's supposed to be a way of testing to see if something strengthens or weakens you, or is good or bad for you. It's done by having the person being tested put his arm out straight--can also be used with legs too, but arms are easiest. Ideally, the subject is instructed to close his/her eyes. As this is done, the practitioner tells the subject that he is going to push down on the arm and the subject is supposed to resist--to see how much strength the subject has to resist the push down. Scientifically, this would be called the base line. The the practitioner then places the substance or item being tested in the hand of the subject after which the practitioner applies downward pressure on the subjects arm and the subject is simultaneously told to resist the downward pressure like he did for the base line. The item being tested can be any food, vitamin, miracle stone, soap, or anything that would be consumed, or be in contact with, or used by the subject.

So far, with what is being done above, we will have a good test. If the subjects arm is as strong as it was in the base line initially done, then the substance is regarded healthy. If the subjects arm is weaker or weakened, then the substance is regarded as not being healthy or beneficial.

At this point, I might agree that it's a valid test. For instance, if you put sugar in the hand of the subject, the resistance generated by the subject is weakened and sugar is unhealthy.

The problem with kinesiology comes after wards. The subject wants to understand how the test works, The practitioner explains the theory and wham--the test can no longer be trusted because the subjects conscious mind is involved. This is true for anyone watching the test who hears the explanation too. The subject and any observers know that weak is bad and strong is good--that's nothing but suggestion (hypnosis). Now, for future tests preconceived ideas about whether something is good or bad come into play. And not only that, the practitioner's pressure may vary with his own preconceived ideas. In other words, he may place more or less force on the arm. I saw one practitioner practically hang all her weight on the subject's arm to get her desired result. The test is now potentially contaminated by both the practitioner and the subject.

Preconceived ideas now rule future tests. Of course part of this could be fixed. The practitioner, instead of using his own hand to apply downward pressure on the subject's arm, could hand a weight of say 20 pounds at exactly the same location on the subject's arm to test, but I don't think anyone has ever thought of it. They are too impressed with themselves to be a bit more scientific. And, if we could actually take out the preconceived ideas of the subject if were to attach electromyographic electrodes on the arm muscles to actually measure the degree of muscular activation, but again, this would just be too scientific for their so called scientific kinesiology test.

In summary, because of how kinesiology is applied and the conscious mind's participation, the field of kinesiology is in the dark ages. I've seen it used by quacks to sell trinkets for hundreds of dollars to hang around your neck (like a rabbit foot) to supposedly strengthen your being. So, when I hear kinesiology, I laugh.

Is NG good/not good for you? I spoke with a lady yesterday who admitted having NG sit on her counter for over two weeks before she used it because she was afraid to try it. Good thing she didn't try to use kinesiology to test it. For her, now that she uses NG, NG is one of the best discoveries ever.

New All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Introducing a new environmentally free product. Nature's Gift� Laundry Soap has been a big hit so we put our formulators to work and had them come up an All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser.

It comes in an 8 oz bottle of concentrate. Obtain an empty 16 oz spray bottle and fill mostly with tap water.
► Light Cleaning Jobs: Add one teaspoon to the nearly filled spray bottle for cleaning glass, counter tops, tables, table cloths, and so on.
► Medium Cleaning jobs: Add one tablespoon to the nearly filled spray bottle for dirty floors, auto exteriors, dishes, upholstry...
► Heavy Cleaning Jobs: Add two tablespoons to nearly filled spray bottle for the toughest of jobs like toilets, grimy greasy surfaces, cleaning silver ware...

As a degreaser it's friendly to cleaning all equipment with gaskets.

NG All purpose cleaner can be used to clean any thing you want to clean and it's just $23.95 for 8 ounces--far more economical than the products in the cleaning isle of your grocery store that pollute the environment. It's now on our store at

Parasites Stick to Tub Walls

It's rare, but occasionally I get an email from someone who claims that Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap (NG) isn't working or is spreading skin fungus or spreading the organisms to other parts of their body.

First, if one is not on the King Diet� or effectively disinfecting their surroundings, I would not expect much from the debriding soap as without the diet and effective disinfection, it's truly an uphill battle. But, say that they are fastidious about diet and disinfection. Then it's important to remember two things: Water is what makes NG work and NG does not kill any organisms or skin fungus--NG only cleans your skin.

This means you must be using a disinfectant. In my last update I listed quite a few--bleach, pool shock, peppermint, boric acid, borax, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, and Kleen Green. I know that for bleach and pool shock if you add too much, they will burn your skin, but you won't exactly know at first whether you're feeling parasites activating, or whether skin fungus is burning your skin, or if the disinfectant is burning your skin.

The problem is that with resistant strains of Collembola, it's difficult to kill the parasites, even with disinfectants in the tub water, that are dislodged from your skin. This  means they will stick to the sides of your tub or foot bath. So, if it feels like you're not getting anywhere with your bathing or foot baths, it means that you need to disinfect the tub and foot bath before using them again.

After you finish your bath, drain the tub, and take a shower with NG bar soap. Then partially dry your skin and apply NG cream which is best applied to wet skin or wet your skin after applying the cream. But, before using your tub again, disinfect and clean  the walls of your tub or your foot bath.

If you're fortunate to have a tub and a separate shower, then all you need do to disinfect it is to add a couple cups of bleach or about 4 ounces of pool shock and let it sit for an hour or so before draining.

She's Afraid to Use NG
A customer, new to using Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap, wrote this:

"I'm afraid to use the soap. Some got into my eyes and infected it. Also, it spread the infection. Two of my fingernails have been eaten off by fungus, after using the soap on my feet. Now, the soap is just sitting on the counter unused. May I return it for a refund?"
"Of course you can return it for a refund, but I think you'll be doing yourself a dis service.
The only way you can have this experience is that you are not using a strong disinfectant. Remember, the debriding soap extracts parasites from your skin. You don't want them in your skin. But, the debriding soap does not kill them. You want to bathe with 2 cap fulls of NG of the 50% concentrate with a strong disinfectant such as pool shock (one ounce per bath) or a cup or so of bleach. Borax isn't strong enough although you can add in a cup of it. You have to experiment with disinfectants to see which works best for you. There's bleach, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint, boric acid, borax, Kleen Green, vinegar...
Bathe for 30-to-40 minutes.

And even with an ounce of pool shock, some spring tails may only be stunned and not killed. But if you use much more than an ounce of pool shock, you'll risk burning your skin at which point it's difficult to tell whether you've burned your skin. feeling the effects of skin fungus, or the spring tails are irritating your skin.
What is important is to disinfect bath tubs and foot baths when you're finished bathing. Before dumping the water add about three ounces of pool shock to your bath tub or an ounce to the foot bath and let sit for a half hour or so before draining the tub or dumping the foot bath.
But, an ounce of pool shock is generally strong enough to kill skin fungus. Without the disinfectant, the soap will dislodge skin fungus and skin parasites and they will simply spread to other areas of your body as you noticed. Remember, the soap cleans and the disinfectant kills the skin fungus. We recommend taking a shower after your bath using the NG bar soap.

Many use the soap at the ratio of one ounce to two gallons to clean their eyes with an eye glass. If you get bath water into your eyes, you will get parasites into your eyes and need to clean them with either the dilute dilute NG, or rue fennel or one of the other things listed in the book and updates. Are you getting the updates?

If you go to at the top click on Blog and you can search for "eyes" to get the latest.

For your finger nails, the key is the disinfectant along with the debriding soap (NG). Use a few drops of concentrated NG and soak them in a small pan with a disinfectant.

I'm here to help and if you haven't completed the attached questionnaire please do so and give me a chance to effectively guide you--no charge.
And are you on the diet? Important for skin fungus as well as there's a lot of info in the book about skin fungus.

The idea is that if you hit any obstacles, you write me and ask questions. I answer you, as I am now, often within a hour or so."

Spring Tail Questions Re 4 yr Old Child
I must admit that dealing with skin parasites gets confusing. Wendy writes of her improvement and asks some questions about her 4 yr old grandson: 
"Hi Richard, let me start by saying Thank You for all you do! My nightmare with Collembola has greatly improved but my eating is a big challenge.  I take Risperdal ,which changed things a lot for me. I still feel them get on my ankles or feet for a second but then feel no more movement. This is wonderful compared to how I used to feel them all the time. I am using the bar soap now also. My question is about my 4 yr old grandson. He obviously can't get on these meds. What can I do for him??? He itches all the time & gets little bumps here & there.. I try my best to keep him off the floor but catch him pushing his toys around & I panic. He complains about his butt cheeks hurting which I think may be skin fungus, I have the same problem on my left hip. It burns & sometimes itches. I have bought every itch cream at the stores that I see. Nothing helps.  I can't control his eating when he's with his mom or other grandparents etc. there anything u can suggest? He often tells me he feels like a fly is bothering him in my car especially which I spray periodically with ammonia...I get confused with all the info I try to keep up with, I apologize. I work 12 hour night shifts & don't have as much time as I need!....
Oh also we have been sleeping on air mattresses for 11 months now & I am getting real you have any suggestions? Should we wrap in plastic or just cover the top with a sheet of plastic?. I have to get a real mattress, the blowup is hurting my back terribly. i just don't know how to do it, I'm freaking out thinking of how they have to be slid on the floor or up the steps.
.   thank you, Wendy"
Hi Wendy,
First, and you've been probably working on this, you need to get the spring tails out of your flooring. If spraying ammonia doesn't kill them, then consider the triple pesticide that I've written about many times. But, then  don't let your grandson play on the floor until you've washed up the pesticide. The triple pesticide doesn't seem to actually kill them--just incapacitate them. Spraying ammonia after the triple pesticide seems to kill them. 
Since your grand son is not living with you, I don't have any great news or great advice. Obviously, when he's with you, keep him on the diet and have him bathe with NG and apply the diluted NG or cream whenever you see him itching. You could send a bottle of dilute NG home with him, but the problem is that at his home, his room and surroundings are contaminated, and unless you can go there and disinfect everything, you don't have much control over the situation. Anything you can do to convince his mom to have him on the diet is helpful. But then, you have no control over his other grandparent's home. 
You can only hope that he's not as dramatically affected as you are by spring tails. And hope that if you get them out of your environment, he might not be affected. In other words, the best case scenario is that they only affect him when he's with you and don't bother him when he leaves. 
Disinfecting certainly takes a lot of work day in and day out until you get rid of all of them. 
Regarding your new mattress, disinfect the path they will carry/slide the mattress. But the spring tails most likely won't be attracted to it any way. When you get it set up,  you can dust it with diatomaceous earth and put on laundered mattress cover and sheets. Then spray the bottom sheet with ammonia every day and cover with the top sheet. I don't think spring tails will migrate to the mattress cover, but in any event, the fumes from the ammonia should destroy them. The key is to cover the sprayed bottom sheet. If you have a cover over the top sheet, spray the top sheet and then cover with your cover. 
Skin fungus is generally associated with burning sensations of the skin accompanied by itching and biting. In this case, the itching and biting moves to other areas of your skin, whereas with spring tails, the itch or bite won't move but only get more intense. The key to getting rid of skin fungus is much the same as spring tails--disinfect everything that the affected skin comes in contact with--chair seats, car seat, bed... The NG cream and diluted soap applied frequently along with anti fungal creams or sprays may help. Might also try apple cider vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide with the cream. 
Regarding your car, it may be important to use the triple pesticide on seats, floor, console, lower part of dash board, car door--every thing within 8" of where your body is. Then follow up with spraying ammonia. If they are in the ventilation system, you'll need to turn on the re-circulation control and spray into the the intake vents until you smell it coming out of the discharge vents. 
Every time you get out of the car, you should spray ammonia and 20 minutes before getting into the car. Do the same for your furniture at home. Spray after you get up and 20 minutes before you're going to occupy a chair or bed. The 20 minutes should be enough time for the ammonia to do it's job and evaporate. 
I would also suggest doing foot baths with NG and a disinfectant for yourself on a daily basis. Your grandson might like them too. 
NG Debriding Cream/Whitening Cream
How to use Nature's Gift� Cream and Beauty Forever� Whitening Cream: The thing to remember is that water is what makes NG work. After you bathe with NG concentrate or shower with NG bar soap, rather than drying off, leave your skin wet and then apply either NG cream or the Beauty Forever� Whitening Cream and let dry. They massage in smoothly. Alternatively, you can apply the cream to dry skin and then apply water and massage in the water and let dry. 
Throughout the day, you can add water or dilute NG to the applied creams and massage it in. If you have any before and after photos, please send them. 
The difference between the two creams is that NG Debriding cream is only Shea Butter and Cocoanut oil with NG concentrate. It will melt at temperatures over 80 degrees F, may be a bit gritty and has a short shelf life. Beauty Forever Whitening Cream is a salon grade cream. Presently, we have two recipes, one with Shea Butter and Cocoanut Oil, the other with Shea butter and Jojoba oil. Both have natural preservatives and natural stiffeners to prevent them from melting and give them a shelf life of a year. They both have the consistency of a mousse

Why I Do What I Do

One reason I'm here and continue to be here for you is the feed back I get from those in search for answers. SK writes, "Hi Richard, I have purchased your Debriding soap for the second time and I am trying Claudia's dream cream. I am addicted too your Debriding Soap. My Husband thinks I am a NUT CASE, CRAZY!! I hear this every day! '' and yet again your falling for another rip off.' I am sure you hear this every day from others. One thing I can say Richard you know what your talking about! because all your emails I receive I say too myself WOW! that happens too me! but what a Blessing we all have you and finally through you we have answers. Thank you so very much for giving us hope and purpose you are a gift too all us! your products are the BEST your books are so helpful they are priceless really thank you again for your much wisdom and your help getting my life back from this night mare . Have a beautiful blessed day. SK.

I thank SK for taking the time to share. All too often I hear the, "NUT CASE--CRAZY" accusations from some spouses--not all, but some. Of course doctors have a different way of saying it, i.e. "delusional." And of course, the top reason why spouses call their spouses "NUT CASE-CRAZY" is that they believe doctors know everything and in their mind, delusional equals "NUT CASE-CRAZY. It's one thing to be attacked by these skin parasites, but to lose your marriage is definitely insult added to injury and I'm afraid more and more sufferers will experience this until the CDC wakes up and "smells the coffee."

I can only say this, and I say it in my book: Next time you go to any doctor for help, take along a clean hand cloth that you've rubbed over your infected skin. Put it in a zip lock bag and when you get the delusional bull crap from your doctor, challenge him by saying, "This cloth is clean and disinfected and has been rubbed over my skin only one time. If you're right, then nothing will come of it if you rub it over your arm. Of course, not everyone is susceptible--maybe one in ten. Are you willing to take the chance or do you still want to call me delusional just because your experience with my symptoms is limited? Now please prescribe one of the medications listed in this article." Print out and take along the article at and show it to him. Outline the medications listed in yellow so they stand out for him.

It's unfortunate, I've had one husband who believed his wife's doctor threaten to sue me in court because his wife bought Nature's Gift� from us and was reading my book.

Your Toilet Tank???
Marilyn writes that in her fight against Collembola (spring tails), it's important for her to disinfect her toilet tank with ammonia, among many other places such as drains and so forth that I've previously written about. Personally, I've never had to deal with them in the toilet tank, drains, yes, but not the toilet tank.

They're Writing About Morgellons

It's a good thing--people are writing about Morgellons. Julian found this article titled Proof that Morgellons Disease is a Physical Illness--It Isn't all In Your Head by James P Thomas. It references the study published Feb 12 of this year in which the researchers found spirochetes as the cause of Morgellons. I reported the study in an update early in March.

To read the article, go to

Among the many things Thomas writes in his article, he recommends staying away from dermatologist and states that you'll do better with your regular doctor. I concur.

Several have expressed that parasites are an issue in their mouths. Patty writes,

"Dear Richard I have a question about how do they survive in the environment without all the food that makes them so bad on us and the diet starves them.? N also I've been doing hydrogen peroxide. To my gums and cannot seem to get them out. I can't wear my dentures they hurt. What else can I do?"

First, I thank Patty for the questions.

It seems that their eggs can be dormant for years and years and years, plus there probably is always something that they can eat--they devour decaying matter and there's plenty of that around. And it seems that as soon as they hatch, they are producing eggs within hours--maybe minutes.

As far as the diet goes, there are plenty who would say that the foods they need us to eat produce some kind of fungus food for them on our skin. But, I have no idea if that's true or not. With respect to the mouth, technically I can not tell you to even drink water to treat parasites in the mouth. However, I can tell you to research the value of water in dealing with skin parasites. Likewise, I can say research the value of squirting a cap full of dilute Nature's Gift� into your mouth and swish it about for ten or so minutes--maybe longer--several times a day. Then brush your teeth. With dentures, you might soak them in dilute soap plus peroxide.

So, look into that and decide for yourself if it might benefit you. At this juncture, we can't say NG is or isn't good for the gums--just not enough information. But do expect a strange taste from NG.

Nicki writes that baking soda is the answer for her mouth issues.

A Croc of Shoe

Forgive my weird sense of humor for the title of this update. Just couldn't resist.

One challenge with Collembola (spring tails--the big "C") is that your shoes get infected and need to constantly be disinfected by spraying ammonia inside them and on the soles. Carolyn found an answer.

Carolyn writes, "Just discovered the greatest thing ever, crocs shoes. They are so comfortable and totally washable, I spray them with ammonia every day. Those and all rubber flip flops are all I wear now. Makes life easier. I just couldn't keep regular shoes disinfected."

There you have it, a croc of shoe. And remember the option of I just published--giving the big "C" the boot by wearing riding boots to protect your lower legs and ankles. .

A Yummy Ice Cream Update

Fist, I have to disappoint those dealing with Morgellons because, to my knowledge, sugar is forever off the list of foods. This is for those who are dealing with Collembola (spring tails) or Strongyloides (very few of you). My book lists selected flavors of Haagan Daz as OK.

Recently, I looked at Bryers and have found their chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip and vanilla chocolate chip are made from real ingredients. The only ingredient I'm not 100% sure of is carob bean gum. So, try it for stage II (very yummie ice cream and less expensive than Haagan Daz).

Give Spring Tails The Boot

Here's a tip: Typically, Collembola, spring tails, jump on you from the ground or floor area. So, after you get them out of your furniture, off the side of your cabinets, and away from the upper parts of your body, and so on, in other words, have you life back, except for getting the organisms out of your patio, lawn and so on, consider wearing boots.
Actually, you could use the boots at any time in the process of getting your life back to minimize re contamination from the floor/ground area of your surroundings.
Hip boots are probably over kill, and riding boots are probably just right. Of course, you need to dust the inside of your boots with diatomaceous earth and or spray ammonia to disinfect them on a regular basis. And if you spend much time in an infested area, disinfect the soles of the boots so you don't transfer them. I would suspect that boots with a zipper are best and easiest to disinfect.

New Article Recommending Orap for Morgellons--A Must Read

A newly published article in MedScape titled How to Manage Patients With Dermatologic Delusional Disorders recommends ORAP which is listed in my book. Go to to read it. The focus is to treat delusions of parasites with anti-psychotic meds and they also list Abilify, Seroquil, Zyprexa, and Risperdal which are also reported in my book. They are just catching up to what we already know.
Here's what is reported about the dosage of Orap,
"Pimozide is started at 0.5-1 mg per day and titrated upward by 0.5-1 mg every 2 weeks. It is important to tell the patient that therapeutic benefit may not be reached until the dosage is 3-5 mg per day, although a large proportion of patients experience therapeutic benefit with as little as 1 mg per day. Once the patient experiences significant improvement, the medication should not be stopped too soon. You may continue the effective dosage for at least 2-3 months before initiating a slow taper at a rate similar to uptitration."

And the irony of all this is exactly as I've written in my book, i.e. these anti pyschotic meds are also anti parasitic meds along with Doxepin and low dose Naltrexone, which they didn't mention. But, you might want to print the article and take it along to your doctor next time you go so you get the medications that will help you deal with the skin parasites.

Milk Anyone?

Because of lactose, milk is a no-no on Stage I of the diet. Some believe that milk should not be consumed for other health reasons which I am not getting into. But, for those who really miss milk, there's an alternative and that is the lactose free milk.
The problem is that most brands of lactose free milk contain diglycerides and other ingredients that are not allowed on the King Diet�. However, the Costco brand only has milk, lactose enzyme and D3. I can't believe how great it tastes. Try it out and let me know how you like it. Or, if you have tried it, let me know if it is OK for you.

Using Coral Calcium in Your Bath

Adding coral calcium to your bath water, gives you a super clean for your skin. Just put 3 sachettes, or the contents of 3 sachettes in a small cloth bag and put it in your bath water.
As the coral adsorbs toxins, you'll notice the contents of the bag becoming mushy instead of feeling like sand. You may get between one to three baths before this happens. Then open the bag, invert it, dispose of the mush, launder the bag and reuse. If you like the super clean, you can order Nature's Gift� Ionic Minerals to use with your drinking water. And then, use the spent coral to take a bath.
For more information on the health benefits of drinking water infused with coral calcium, please click here or go to

Pesticide Correction for Spring Tails

A couple months back I wrote that a representative from the new pesticide company, Do Your Own Pest Control, recommended a product called LambdaStar UltraCap 9.7 to kill Spring Tails. It might kill some spring tails, but my experience says that it doesn't touch the resistant stain of spring tails.

The best so far is the triple pesticide--a combination of Onslaught, Exponent, and IGR, also available through Do Your Own Pest Control. So, if they recommend the LambdaStar product, don't buy it but instead insist on the triple pesticide.

Managing Sprig Tails

It would be great that once you get rid of Collembola (Spring tails) that you'd never have to deal with them again. But, that's a dream. You can always get reinfected from either:
► eating lots of trouble foods/oils for extended time.
► happening upon them in your environment.

If you abuse your diet and eat things like peanuts, oils, and so on that are on the Never Eat List for a week or so, you will be reactivating them internally and have to start from square one--diet, disinfection, bathing, and so on. The good news is that since you've been through it once, you can get through it again and once again get your life back, but it might take a couple months--certainly better than the years it might have taken you the first time.

If you happen upon them in your environment, they usually attack your ankles and lower legs. It's always a good idea to have the diluted debriding soap with you and apply it liberally to where you feel the itching or biting. Apply it every few minutes until you can get your feet into a foot bath. Best to keep your feet in the bath and wet your legs as high as you need to routinely until the skin discomfort goes away. This could be a couple hours.

I don't know why, but your results are far better with your feet in a foot bath with very dilute NG and some disinfectant than by applying NG concentrate, or dilute NG, cream or bar soap. Seems that the constant contact with very dilute NG water works better than anything else.

After you finish the foot bath, apply NG debriding cream. Make sure you change the water minimally every day and disinfect the foot bath before using. Use a quarter cap of NG concentrate and about a teaspoon of pool shock or a half quart of peroxide. You can order a foot bath from for about $18 plus shipping.

And here's an interesting concept: If you're having trouble disinfecting the floor area where you sit, you can keep your feet in a foot bath--with or without water to keep from getting reinfected or keep from infecting the floor area until you finally get the area disinfected. Or put your feet on top of the bucket--they usually can't jump that high.

If you're dealing with the resistant variety, you'll need to use the foot bath three or four times for a couple days. And also disinfect your bedding--especially in the area of your feet, and disinfect the insides of your shoes. You'll also need to disinfect flooring near where you sit in your home, office, and auto.

You'll get rid of them in a couple days, but it's helpful to find the source of the reinfection and destroy them with ammonia or the triple pesticide.

Carolyn shares what she did when she was reinfected.
I can just bathe in pool shock and NG for 2 days, eat pretty normal. Although I tend to eat more or less stage 2 anyways most of the time because it keeps me skinny without being on a diet that restricts amounts of food, I really love the king diet, I've been on it a year and a half with only adding a few treats on special occasions. I noticed I can get reinfected easy but recover easy. I think I attract them. I like send out a signal. She's here! Lmao.

My sister bought a fixer upper that was a house of squalor. That's where I got reinfected. She says she can feel them at her house too, but isn't infected only feels little zingy bites, I wonder if her family will get them. She's using diatomaceous earth and ammonia.

She also shared that she uses a type of shoe that she can throw in the washing machine so she doesn't have to constantly disinfect the inside of her shoes.

Here's another trick: If you notice activity on your ankles from your bed sheets and don't want to have to interrupt your sleeping to change the sheets, or wake up your spouse to change the sheets, apply dilute NG, and then NG cream to your ankles and legs, and then put your feet in a garbage bag, pull it up as high on your legs as you can and tighten the strings. Your feet will get a bit sweaty, but you won't get reinfected from your bed sheets. Just don't try to walk without taking off the bag from your feet. You can reuse the bag if you spray ammonia into the bag and let it sit for a few minutes and then invert it to dry it out. Of course this only works if they are only limited to your ankles and lower legs and not your upper body.

More About Peroxide

I received several emails from those who prefer peroxide and were glad that I wrote about it.

In the last update, I wrote that 2 quarts of 3% hydrogen peroxide were recommended to add to your bath as a disinfectant. One lady reported that she likes to add borax to her bath in addition to the peroxide and NG.

Angela wrote that the 3% hydrogen peroxide has metal added to keep it preserved and that 35% hydrogen peroxide could be used instead. But how much? She found a site that gives you the dilution ratios at

Basically, they direct you to use one part of 35% hydrogen peroxide to eleven parts of water to make 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mathematically, that works out to 1/3 of a cup of 35% in a quart container and then fill with water.

For your bath, you don't have to make up quarts of 3%. Just add 2/3 cup of 35% to have the equivalent of 2 quarts of 3% peroxode.

In the update, I also warned against using both hydrogen peroxide and pool shock (hypochlorite together). One person wrote to say that she used both together along with NG. This concerned me as I indicated a possible chemical reaction, and sure enough, if you Google combining peroxide and hypochlorite together, you'll find that to clean water contaminated with hypochlorite, they add peroxide to get rid of the chlorine. In other words, the two cancel each other out and you end up with nothing as a disinfectant. In fact, if the concentrations were much stronger, it's like mixing ammonia with bleach, i.e. it releases deadly chlorine gas. But in the low concentrations you find in your bath tub, they just cancel each other out and there's no danger from chlorine.


Advantages of Peroxide over Pool Shock.

I've been recommending pool shock for several months mainly because:
► it only requires about an ounce per bath.
► it's very inexpensive considering for about $8 you get a gallon which is 128 ounces or 128 baths--that's around six cents per bath.

However, any way you cut the apple, hypochlorite is not the best thing for your skin. The only good news is that the NG that you use in the bath water, in my opinion, off sets the disadvantage of the harshness of the hypochlorite on your skin.

All of my recommendations also mention 2 quarts of peroxide as an alternative to pool shock for your bath water. To my knowledge, peroxide is not harsh to your skin. In fact, some sources claim that peroxide is instrumental in removing mites from your skin--and maybe Collembola (spring tails). And if that's how it does work, it will only enhance the effectiveness of NG and at the same time disinfect.

How much peroxide? I don't have personal experience so I have to rely on that of the person who recommended it in the first place. Linda, who last I heard, has her life back from Morgellons, used 2 quarts in a bath.

Peroxide is not all that expensive, dollar stores sell it for a dollar a quart. Yet, that's $2 per bath instead of six cents for pool shock. You decide. I would not recommend mixing them together as I'm not sure if there would be a chemical reaction between them.

Maybe alternate, i.e. use pool shock in one bath and peroxide in the next.

Spring Tails Got You Down?
Spring tails can be frustrating as hell. You can literally get totally free of them for a few days and then "Wham" you forgot to disinfect something and hell starts all over again. And it takes about a week to get back there again. Mauro expresses frustration, "Hι rιcнard! ι нope yoυ ĸnow ,ι aм fιgнtιng colloмвola for aboυt a year or ѕo. it's ѕo eхoѕhausting . ι jυѕt think I am better, only to dιѕcover I'm not even cloѕe.
ι woυld lιĸe to ĸnow, do yoυ ĸnow aboυt pυrely parasite cleanse? They ѕay ιt ĸιllѕ paraѕιтeѕ ιn ѕιde and oυт and eggѕ ιѕ well. pleaѕe let мe ĸnow. p. ѕ. deвrιdιng ѕoap doeѕ not нelp мe very мυcн!"Mauro

My reply:
I don't know anything about that product. Try it and let me know how it works. There are a lot of parasite cleansing products--most of them are aimed at common internal parasites such as worms.
It's a lot of work to beat spring tails and I don't see any other product making it easier.1. Diet is strict--any product is a waste without Stage I of the diet to get them out of your body.2. One of the medications in the book is pretty much a must if you want to stop attracting them everywhere you go.3. Disinfection with ammonia and or the triple pesticide everywhere you spend more than a few minutes--chairs, desks, floor, tables, car and so on. Launder clothing and bedding daily with ammonia--disinfect the dryer.If you're not getting a handle on this, you're missing something simple like maybe disinfecting the insides of your shoes and the soles, watch band, lower dash board, seat belt, and so on. Whatever product you use to kill them, you must be two steps ahead of them for at least two weeks after you get rid of them from your body.

And bathing--totally wasting your time unless you're bathing 3 times a day for about 40 min with NG concentrate and use about an ounce of pool shock each time until you get them out of and off your upper body. They typically are more concentrated on your ankles and lower legs so graduate to a foot bath when you're not bathing with NG and some pool shock. Disinfect the tub and foot bath before using again. Pool shock doesn't always kill them so be cautious about using the same bath water or foot bath water more than once.

Remember, as long as your feet are in the foot bath, they can not get infested by spring tails and the debriding soap super cleans your feet and moisturizes your feet. You'll have the cleanest feet and be free of any skin discomfort from your feet.

Please note that several of my last updates were about Lufenuron, which, in my opinion is where you should be looking instead of looking at a cleanse. It's available at

Hope this helps

Please Don't Spend Another Dime
Please don't spend another dime in the until you've demonstrated that:
1. the King Diet� is benefiting you in Chapter IV of the book.
2. you're effectively disinfecting your surroundings as in Chapter III of the book and many updates since the book was published.
3. are effectively cleaning your skin and making progress with Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap.

If you're not making progress with 1,2, and 3 above, email me, complete the questionnaire attached so I can suggest what you should research to get your life back.

You may not have skin parasites in the first place. One lady just emailed to tell me that she got gadolinium poisoning from blue contrast dye during a CT Scan.

Obviously most of the products in the parasite store, except for MaxOne glutathione accelerator (a major detoxifyer) would be a waste of money.

Another emailed me to get a refund for silver and she never purchased or used NJ. Long story short, I don't know how she even got to the store to buy the silver without purchasing NG. That means she's not doing 1,2, and 3 above and like I say, you're wasting your money until you get results with 1, 2, and 3. She may not have even gotten the book to do the diet or disinfect. She was trying to use silver drops in her bath as some professionals recommend. Without NG--forget it--its a waste of time and money.

Some only have skin mite problems without any trace of Morgellons or Collembola (spring tails). Again most things in the store are a waste of money to deal with only skin mites. Nature's Gift� debriding soap certainly would help, but the major focus should be on researching Lufenuron. The site I had listed in the last few updates is not taking orders until sometime in August.

Fortunately, Angela shared this site as an alternative site to purchase. It may be a bit more expensive ($40 instead of $30), but I'd prefer it because the lufenuron comes in capsules instead as powder and you take them for three days, stop for twelve days and then take them again for three days--seems more effective to me to take it twice during the month rather than just one time in the beginning of the month as in the other site.

Since I've written about Lufenuron in the last month, several have written me about their experiences--some positive and some with no results.

The ones with no results (if you're dealing with Morgellons or Collembola, or Candida) may not have been doing 1,2, and 3 above. And if you're not doing 1,2, and 3 above, you simply may not get results with Lufenuron.

And, let's not forget, the value of specific medications listed in the book and recent updates: ORAP, Zyprexa, Doxepin, Abilify, Seroquil, Risperdal, and Low Dose Naltrexone.

One lady asked if Lufenuron works with Strongyloides. Strongyloides is a worm (nematode) and quite frankly I didn't know if worms come from eggs or if there's chitin involved. Chitin has to be involved for Lufenuron to have any impact. Answer: According to Wikipedia, "As chitin is a component of the cell walls of fungi and exoskeletal elements of some animals (including worms and arthropods), chitinases are generally found in organisms that either need to reshape their own chitin[2] or dissolve and digest the chitin of fungi or animals."

So, the answer would be, "yes," Lufenuron should work on Strongyloides or any worm.

Lufenuron should have impact on mites, Candida, worms, Collembola (spring tails), and any insects, worms, mites hijacked by Morgellons.

But, again, don't expect Lufenuron to do it all. Do 1,2, and 3 above. If you're getting success, then go the the store at and research all the products listed to get compounded interest on getting your life back--they all work together--not independently.

Also note that there's a difference between an infestation and an infection. For example, skin parasites or mites on the skin are considered an infestation and Lufenuron won't be of any value. When the skin parasite or mite is under the skin or into organs, then it's considered an infection and Lufenuron would be of value.

I hope this helps.

Lufenuron--If You Haven't Opened B 4 Please Do

Just in the last month I've produced two updates on Lufenuron. Over 400 of you have opened the emails but over half of you haven't.
Even though I've listed it as something to research on most questionnaires I've evaluated, it seems to be ignored. I also write about it in the book so it's nothing new. Yet, I need to have you research it if you're dealing with:
►Morgellons with mites or insect type of egg laying organism coming from your skin.
►Mites in your skin.
►Collembola (spring tail) infection.*--see below
►Candida Albicans.
► Fungal Infection.*

Mites and insect like organisms come from eggs and eggs are composed of chitin. Chitin protects the organism inside the egg until it is born and becomes your nemesis.

Lufenuron is ordered from Europe and is about $30 for a month's supply. It comes as a powder that you add to your food over a two or three day period. It's important to make sure the meals you take it with are high in oil. In our case, that's rice bran oil, butter, garlic oil or lard.

I don't know how many months is required or if it's ever advisable to double up on the amount you take. As I recall, the amount recommended is based on your weight. In my last two updates I provided the experiences of three who have used Lufenuron. Two had good things to report, another may have been allergic to Lufenuron and had a bad reaction. But for the other two, it's made a difference.

I'm hoping to receive more feedback from both of them.

Again, if you're dealing with some kind of mite, or Morgellons with organisms produced from eggs or are dealing with Collembola (spring tails) that are infecting you, then please research Lufenuron. Google it. You can order it at

From reading reports of entomologists on Collembola infecting humans, they have two classifications:
► Infestation meaning the organism primarily is limited to the surface of the skin.
► Infection meaning the organism has migrated internally and infecting internal organs.

Lufenuron would not be of value for infestation (skin surface organisms), but something for you to research if they've gone internal (infection).

Please note that I have no connection or financial position with the site. I have never spoken with the lady who owns the site. I provide this information, as I do all information, with your greater good in mind. I've heard too many good things about Lufenuron over the years to ignore it.

Pillow and Key Board Tips
Arlene from the UK has a couple of tips that you might want to know about:

Just a tip for those finding the washing of bedding a little onerous - I'm using inflatable camping pillows now and a hospital duvet (PVC cover), which allows me to simply hose them down outside, or to spray and wipe with ammonia. I wrap each pillow in a towel so that they don't make me sweaty or hot. This means that I only have to launder the towels and not entire pillows.

Also, I've found that my computer area has been recontaminating me and so purchased washable keyboards (which you can submerge totally in detergent) and a mouse called Seal Shield - used in hospitals.

According to the mouse blurb:

Silver Shield Ergo Mouse model # SSMSV5, dishwasher safe, waterproof antimicrobial silicone for protection of the mouse surface. Features comfort grip silicone coating to provide a natural look and ergonomic feel. This is the original washable mouse, silver seal technology protects the mouse between washing & has a 24K Gold-plated USB Connector to prevent corrosion.
A two (2) button, 800 dpi, optical scroll mouse that also utilizes a three (3) button scroll system with page grabber technology. Item is in excellent condition and has been tested 100% functional.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


I thank Arlene for sharing.

King Diet�
I like diet questions, especially when I get some background. Note that AM tells me right off that she's dealing with Collembola and that's important because portions of the diet is different for Morgellons. I hear her story all too often--divorce and abandonment. And I think we can blame the doctors for a lot of this, for what is a spouse supposed to think when the doctor says, "It's all in your head?"

Doctors know everything, right? I've even had the afflicted spouse show the non believing spouse my book and still take the side of the doctor. And doctors won't read my book because it's not based on research or from a recognized institution.

Hi Richard,
My name is A. M..
I have Collembola.
I have bought your book, natures gift, and Stevia.
I lost my home, went through a painful divorce, and now facing Collembola.
At this point in my life, I have tremendous amount of anxiety and Stress. I'm doing the best I can dealing with life, on life's terms. It is Very difficult for me to read, let alone, read your book from front to back. I have read parts, and doing the best I can, at my pace. I started the Kings Diet, Stage one, and doing well. I still do have itchiness, but, its not constant, and it is slowly becoming less and less. I have a friend who also has Collembola, (bought your book, natures gift, etc..) and we support each other. In our past discussions, a question came about, and I am a little puzzled.
My question: are we, or am I, able to eat Green Granny Smith apples and Walnuts (Plain), during the first stage, in the beginning, of the "Kings Diet"?
Looking forward to your reply.
We Both Look up to YOU, and it gives Us Hope to beat this.
You and Your experience have SAVED us, Thank You For All You Have Done.
A. M.

My reply is:
"Thank you for your email. I'm honored to participate in your and your friend's life.
The question about granny smith and walnuts is not, unfortunately, as precise as you'd like it to be.
Remember, the Diet is basically a guide, i.e. some actually have difficulty with rice and or spelt.
So, all I can say is that when you're nearly itch free or feel you've dramatically improved, which may be now, try half of a granny smith and see if you react within an hour or so. If you do, you're not ready for granny. But, remember the time dilatation factor: The longer you're itch free, the longer it could take to react to Granny, ie. if you're itch free for a week and have a granny, it could a day or so to react to it. But if you have a granny every day or so and don't react, you're good.
Everything I wrote about granny is also true for walnuts.
Whether Granny and walnuts are stage I or II is probably different for each person.

Two other things:
1. Orap or Zyrexia were also instrumental in my ability to add new foods. Now, there are several drugs from which to choose and I don't know which is better. Doctors are often reticent to prescribe Orap or Zyprexa and a bit more willing to prescribe Doxepin for anxiety or Abilify for depression. Then there's Seroquil and low dose Naltrexone which I don't have any feedback on for Collembola.
2. When I had an itchy feeling with a food I should not have reacted to, taking an extra MaxOne at that time melted the reaction within fifteen to twenty minutes.
Hope this also helps
ps thanks for letting me know which parasite you are dealing with--helps me orient myself for the answer."

AM replied,
"Now I Know, and Feel, the Hell and Back You went through.
All I can say, You are GOD sent to me, and many others, in helping Us through this Hell.
YOU Have, and are, giving me (US) HOPE.
Thanks for the advise, and it confirmed my thoughts of the Kings Diet (its a guideline). You help me understand, and solidify my thoughts, of everyone's Body will react differently.
Thank You, for YOUR help and guidance to the right direction.
You have given me more then You Know, Guidance and HOPE .
Thank You For Everything You have Done.

Parasites in Ears
Here's something to do for parasites in your ears. Mary writes,
"Hi Richard ,
Thank you so much for Nature's Gift. It's helped so much with getting these debris / larvae out of my skin. I also want to tell you how I helped rid the parasites inside my ears. I went to an ear nose and throat Dr who was no help. He never heard of parasites in the ears. I was going crazy hearing them in my ears especially at nite.

I warmed about a heaping teaspoon of cocoanut oil, but used half of it in a dropper for each ear. I was laying on one side for half hour, then the other side for half hour. Maybe 10 minutes would be good for your average person but I had a real issue on one side. It's a little hard to judge coconut oil because when it melts it's a different consistency. The ear is only gonna accept a certain amount before it overflows.

I appreciate all of your input and help with fighting this affliction . Thank you

After that I haven't had any more sensations in my ears . Please pass this on to help others . Thank you !


I thank Mary for taking the time to share her experience. I remember that the parasites were quite bothersome in my ears for years. Remember, your individual results may vary. If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

Lufenuron Feedback

If you are dealing with bug-like things or mites coming from your skin, a week or so ago I did an update where I suggested that you research the value of adding Lufenuron to what you are doing. Several did exactly that and here's what one, Reet from Europe, had to say:

"Hi Richard,

Today is the 9th day of the period after taking Lufenuron.

Initially nothing seemed to happen, but now, looking back I understand that it did change AFTER. Not the very first day, but later. So no one should expect an immediate change. The theory was right - it will work when a certain amount Lufenuron is gathered and then comes the releasing time which is also the time when parasites will be gradually killed.

My situation got better slowly. It happened so unnoticeable that I did not see big difference. Of course, there was a quite big difference. The best time was the when I did not feel any disturbance and I thought they were really gone.

But then, gradually again, they started to come back: some pins under my skin, some activity ...This morning my scalp was the main target again, just like on the old worst days. Only difference is that they are weaker now, the "bites" are not so painful, it''s more itchy feeling now.

Like somebody is pressing skin to get out.
It seems that the influence of Lufenuron is starting to get weaker and some mites who survived gave me message that they are not done yet.
So tomorrow I start the second round of Lufenuron.

I wonder how many times I have to take it, how many mites are still in my body and why 12 grams was not enough. Shall I take more? If yes, how much then? So many questions but not answers...

Anyhow, thank you so much for the hint of Lufenuron!


PS: There is a certain difference how the mites act now (move or bite - or how to call the under skin activity). Now it's more occasional, more weak, more irregular - the pattern is changed. But it's very uneasy to describe the difference.

I thank and appreciate Reet taking the time to share her experience. Reet and each of you are a member of a thousand member research organization. We don't get paid for our research, but as we share our experiences, we can all benefit. Note that basically Reet was only dealing with mites--not Morgellons or spring tails or anything else--just mites and she was getting nowhere fast until she began using Lufenuron. Also note that Lufeneron is taken as a powder--a month's supply taken over the first three days of the month with lots of oil (butter, rice bran oil, garlic oil, or lard) with the meal on which you sprinkle the powdered Lufenuron. So you take it for three days and then nothing for the next 27 days.

Whether she should double up on the next month is a question that I'm not qualified to answer.

Pesticide Wrap Up For Spring Tails
I finally got the reason why the pesticide company-Do My Own Pest Control) dropped our account.

In a letter that we received from their attorney, they claimed that people, who read my book, were asking them about applying the pesticide to their skin. The company representative I spoke with before I received that letter had claimed that they read my book, and they could not go along with a use of the pesticide that was not for it's intended use.

I presumed that they based their decision simply by rejecting the idea the spring tails can infest man. The point is that no where in my book, or the order form, or any updates have I ever suggested applying the pesticide to the skin.

In other words, they assumed that because sufferers asked about applying it to the skin that my published information in the book and store suggested it be used that way.

Since Do My Own Pest Control doesn't want our business, I've spoken with a sales rep at Do Your Own Pest Control. I was upfront with him and told him that I know their professional belief is that spring tails can not infect man or mammal. I informed him of the National Pedulosis Society study done around 2002 that found otherwise, the Sweedish study done in 1957 that likewise found other wise and of the entomologist, Hurd (head of the Smithsonian back in the 40's and 50's) who published his experience.

I likewise informed the representative that they might receive calls from desperate people who will ask about applying a pesticide to their skin, but that in none of my published material do I ever suggest such a use, but instead recommend using rubber gloves when mixing it.

They handle the three products mixed to make what I call the triple pesticide--Onslaught, Exponent, and they have IGR's (growth inhibitors). One advantage of this mixture is that it is relatively orderless.

They also handle Biffen granules which is listed in the book, but instead recommend a liquid, LambdaStar UltraCap 9.7 for exterior use. It's liquid and can be sprayed up under siding around the house. The recommend an initial application and then to reapply in one week and then monthly applications thereafter. However, this product doesn't do the job. You need to stick with the triple pesticide.

It can be used inside your home, but I was warned that it has a pungent odor and told that it quickly subsides. The pricing for the 16 oz bottle is about $50 and will make over a dozen gallons of pesticide.

I also asked if Permethrin would kill spring tails and his answer was that he thought so. However, I've had two people write and tell me it hasn't killed their spring tails. So, I'm only hoping he's right about his LambdaStar UltraCap 9.7

More Magnet Feedback
Actually, this is not feedback on magnets, it's feed back on Michael Chapella who has a website at and claims to have a sophisticated magnetic device that cures Morgellons. Whether anyone has produced magnets that make a difference with Morgellons, I don't know. If anyone has experience with another source of magnet products, please write me.

"I had an experience Chapella. I sent him a check for some magnets back in April, never received them. I have called him several times, but his excuse is got busy, oh your order was missed placed and so on. His pricing seemed fair compared to other places that sell magnet bracelets but at this point its time to call somebody in Texas and the BBB. if anything maybe it will aggravate him.

As a side note I have used magnets in the past for healing purposes did they work I don't know but I was able to use my wrist sooner than expected."

I thank Gary for taking the time to share his experience. His experience mirrors others who have likewise provided feedback regarding this individual. If you have feedback regarding his service and products, positive or negative, please email me.

More Feedback re Dr. Karjoo
On 6/8/15 I published an update with feedback from Jason on Dr. Karjoo. To read it go to and click on blog at the top and scroll down to the June 8th update. It was not too favorable. I requested more feedback from anyone who has also had an experience with him. Below, is feedback from Jim and Claudia. Jim writes, "I spoke to Dr. Karjaoo a couple of times about a year ago and he seems like a complete fake to me. He suggested I use a special type of cider vinegar (made in India) and that it is very expensive.

My gut told me to avoid this guy & I'm glad I did. Turns out I don't have Morgellons, which is a good thing. I would advise people to avoid him. Also avoid Michael Chapella who tries to sell a pulse zapper that he's "working on developing". He's always working on it and is always close to testing it and takes orders/payments in advance and will ship out once it's finished and tested.

You get the idea."

Claudia writes, "First i wanted to say thanks for being there so much to help us all . Then i wanted to tell you how much it meant to me to have this wonderful type of relationship where you do so much research and are so open to what others (like me) are finding in their exploration to get well.

As per Dr Karjoo.. i am able to say he was the one (the only one I knew for that matter) who i was able to send samples to that he, as a pathologist of 40 years i think i recall, that was able to determine what i had.. at least armed with this information i could show a diagnosis and not be thought of as delusional.

Unfortunately the creams + things he had did not help me but i am grateful for the part he could do.

So of course the journey is not over. there will be more things i am sure to explore and improve if not for me then for others.
So again thanks so much richard for begin there and being such a resource....

walk in beauty,"

If you've been considering seeing Dr. Karjoo, you now have some information to consider in making your decision. If you have personal experience regarding either Karjoo or Capella (the magnet man) please share. I did speak with one lady who thought Michael was a sincere person, however, she has no experience with his super magnet. I did, however, about a year and a half ago have another lady write the same thing about Capella that Jim did--it's in my book.

Beating Morgellons with MMS
We're always looking for ways of getting our lives back from skin parasites. Arlene, from the UK, has shared how she used MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) to get her life back. I believe she was dealing iwht Morgellons. Please note that it's advisable to also stay on the diet. From what she writes, it appears that she had already made significant progress, as her scalp and skin were pretty clear, and she used MMS to go the last mile. Arlene writes,"Also, while my skin and scalp are all clear, I still had itchy bits, which I assumed were caused by dead skin which had yet to fall off. So I began taking Jim Humble 's MMS (sodium chlorite in water), combined with 4% hydrochloric acid, starting with 3 drops per hour and increasing the dost by one drop every hour, until I reached my maximum of 10 drops per hour. After taking it for 2 days, the dead skin, along with hundreds of black specks (which I didn't know I still had) just fell off me, harmlessly!

Your readers might find this video interesting:

I hope this helps your readers.

Best wishes,"


Basic instructions for taking MMS are to add 5 drops of lemon or lime juice, or citric acid--not orange juice or anything with Vitamin C, mix, and let sit for 3 minutes. Add to a glass of juice or water before consuming. Make sure the juice has no added vitamin C--you may have to make your own juice from fruit.

It's recommended to start at one drop of MMS morning and afternoon and then to build up to 3 drops per hour for 8 hrs each day. Note that Arlene was at ten drops every hour (over 3 times the recommended amount).

From my personal experience it's very difficult to tolerate this level of MMS. However, I'd say it's worth a try and note that your individual results may differ from Arlene's.

Can Skin Parasites Be Sexually Transmitted?

Morgellons disease remains something of a controversial topic among both sufferers and the medical community. Morgellons is a relatively controversial condition, in which unusual thread-like fibers appear under the skin. The disease is poorly understood by the medical community. When the CDC invested time and funds into researching it several years ago, they concluded that there was no clear evidence to classify it is a physical disease, and revealed that, across their studies, many people were found to have related mental-health issues, as well as past substance-abuse problems � reinforcing the standard medical standpoint that much of Morgellons is a psychological problem.

This, of course, angers those plagued by the disease, who report unbearable itching, sensations of bugs crawling over or under their skin, sore fibers protruding from their flesh, as well as various other symptoms.

Can it be transmitted to other people? Currently, this question still awaits an answer. There have been cases in which one member of a household is afflicted with symptoms, yet family-members show absolutely no evidence of carrying the disease; in other cases, symptoms have been replicated in other people within the household. Theories suggest this could either be due to skin-contact, or shared exposure to an unknown contaminant.

Sex and Skin Parasites
People showing symptoms, or those entering a new relationship with someone carrying the disease, may be concerned about their chances of contracting it. Will embarking upon a sexual relationship expose you to the same painful lesions and itching? Click here to read more or go to

Eyes Are a Popular Subject
I had no idea that eyes would be such a popular subject. I've received two more responses.

Carolyn, a fan of NG, writes,
"I found Nature's Gift was all I needed to get Colembolla (spring tails) out of my eyes."

Doreen writes, "I use Argentyn 23, it has been totally amazing for me".
A two ounce eye dropper bottle on Amazon is about $23.

Cost wise, NG is the cheapest you can imagine. A two ounce bottle of diluted NG is only about sixty cents. And, if you double dilute it, it's only thirty cents.

Remember, from the first update about the eyes, just a few days ago, Arlene used the drops every hour. This may be more important than what you use.

To summarize, we have:
►1. Rue Fennel
► Sulfacetamide 10 % eye drops by Baush and Lomb by prescription (2 drops 4 times daily) although she used them more frequently
► Diluted NG with a dropper or an eye glass (only use distilled water to dilute the concentrate).
► A 2 or 3% Metronidazole gel from Demodex Solutions (DS) at
► Ovante distributed by NAAMA Inc. at . Either the Metronidazole product or Ovante can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes with a Q-tip. If used
regularly, they kill off the mites and will restore loss of eyelashes. Keep eyes closed for one minute after application.
►Calendula tea
► Silver
►Argentyn 23

A Use for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
I've been asked about consuming food grade diatomaceous earth. Basically for both Spring Tails and Morgellons, there's little, if any, value, however, for other stomach or intestinal parasites, it makes sense. Dori writes:

Hi Richard,

I'm doing well with the debriding soap and will be ordering soon. It is so great to feel well again and I appreciate all of your help. Love how it softens the skin.I have no more biting of the scalp or hair loss, which is absolutely fantastic! Full head of hair again, too!

I found that taking 1 heaping Tablespoon food grade Diatomaceous Earth in 1/3 - 1/2 glass milk three times a day is helping clear out stomach parasites. I started with a heaping teaspoon initially, and built up to that.

Thanks again for all you diligently do for all of us.

I would suggest using the lactose free milk. Costco brand is free of problem additives.

More About Eyes
One of my last updates was about cleaning your eyes of parasites using Calendula and I also listed a few other options from my book. Several wrote to tell me that they use colloidal silver.

While I've suggested using colloidal silver to several others over the last few months, it completely escaped my mind to mention it. So, yes, using colloidal silver has been beneficial to many. And, yes, it's more expensive than some of the other options. In fact we have a high grade colloidal silver in our store, Silver Fusion. It's priced about the same or less than NutriSilver. However, our silver is made from a high voltage process which produces smaller silver particles.

And, when we're looking at colloidal silver, smaller is better. Smaller means more silver particles and the more silver particles that you have, the more coverage you get in any volume of your body.

Parasites In Eyes???

From time-to-time I get asked about what to do for parasites in the eyes. In the book, are listed a few things to do (copied and listed below) as supplied by others who had success.

Arlene, from the UK, shares her valuable experience below. Note, she did this every hour which may be as important to note as what she used. She writes, "I had managed to clear the scourge from all over my body, but could not get the blighters out of my eyes. They had managed to scar my cornea to the point where I could no longer see out of my right eye and it was painful, red and felt like I had splinters in them. Unfortunately, I could not put any of the products that worked on my skin in my eyes. The ophthalmologist I'd been seeing for the past week had given me antibiotic drops and antiviral ointment - none of which had made a blind bit of difference (pardon the pun).

But then I recalled Calendula tea which, some years ago had improved my eye sight and made bloodshot eyes bright, shiny white. So what I did was to brew up a strong Calendula tea, comprising:

A handful of dried Calendula flowers
A mug full of boiling water.

I allowed the tea to brew for an hour, by which time it was cold. Then I strained it through a coffee filter, to squeeze out every last precious drop of tea and to remove any particles. I then used a pipette to drop a few drops into my eyes. This I repeated every hour, for 24 hours. Now, my eyes are clear and the hazy cornea is beginning to clear so that I can now see.

I hope this helps your readers.

Best wishes,


I thank Arlene for taking the time to share her experience. In the book, I list:

1. Rue Fennel
2. Sulfacetamide 10 % eye drops by Baush and Lomb by prescription (2 drops 4 times daily) although she used them more frequently
3. Diluted NG with a dropper or an eye glass.
4. A 2 or 3% Metronidazole gel from Demodex Solutions (DS) at
5. Ovante distributed by NAAMA Inc. at (484) 226-6220. Either the Metronidazole product or Ovante can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes with a Q-tip. If used regularly, they kill off the mites and will restore loss of eyelashes. Keep eyes closed for one minute after application.

Note that Arlene was quite aggressive--she used the drops hourly. Many also use colloidal silver in their eyes.

Have you Considered Lufenuron?
If you've had me evaluate your questionnaire, one thing that may have been listed for you to research is Lufenuron. It's discussed in my book. I learned about it about 17 years ago from one of the first people who got his life back from Collembola. He used the diet, Orap and Lufenuron. Many who suffer from Morgellons with mites or insect type organism coming from their skin find Lufenuron important. It destroys the chitin that egg shells are made of. Lufenuron is also highly recommended for dealing with fungal or Candida Albicans.

Lufenuron is ordered from Europe and is about $30 for a month's supply. It comes as a powder that you add to your food over a two or three day period. It's important to make sure the meals you take it with are high in oil. In our case, that's rice bran oil, butter, garlic oil or lard.

I don't know how many months is required or if it's advisable to double up on the amount you take. As I recall, the amount recommended is based on your weight.

Kathy writes of her experience. Her mom was either allergic to it or had a herxheimer reaction, however, she, on the other hand benefited.

"Thanks also for the Lufenuron. Unfortunately, my Mom had a bad reaction and has been sick since she took the powder. I never gave her the third dose of it, and we are still in the post 2 week period that it lasts. (I have been fine. I took the 3 doses.)
My Mom's forehead swelled up after the second dose, but before the third dose so I was able to hold that last dose. Her ears swelled up huge too. She was sick to her stomach for two days, and still is being careful what she eats even now. She had a lot of little bites all over her forehead and all over her ears, and then sero-sanguinous drainage from all swollen area that crusted over. It took two days for the swelling to go down. Could have been allergy, but there was no breathing problem. Could have been die off. Her forehead and ears are still very itchy, but they are no longer swollen, and there is no longer a crusty yellowish covering. I would say she is better now -tho she is going slow still on eating, and does not want to go any where. It did scare me tho.
For myself, I noticed that where I had had a tooth pulled 2 years ago, at first, the site hurt and was red and irritated. Then, the site healed over completely for the first time since the tooth was pulled.
Around my anus, I got all these sores which were very painful. They have cleared up now. The mites are still in the bowels tho for both of us.
If you share this, please shield my name some how. We stay away from people. When I have been honest, I have had doctors say they can not help us or be in a hurry to get us out of their clinic, and not touch my Mom. You are doing a wonderful service."

Here, Cheryl asks a question about mites coming from her skin.
"No one believes be but when I started using your soap Bird mites came out of my skin. I was infested with them almost three years ago. They bit me everywhere and I've been tormented since. They are painful and it seems like there are billions in me. The first day I used the soap they flooded out but nothing much since. They've been coming out but are extremely small. Can you suggest anything? I Am desperate. No doctor believes me but my husband has seen them going on me. They will infect a while area where I am a lot and they bite then grow until I have to have a big man spray my house over and over. I feel like I have habitats running thru my entire body. Including my mouth. If I don't pop these cysts they grow to emotions proportions where they are sharp ands painful under my skin. I am seriously miserable. Since using your soap I can feel them constantly leaving my body."

I suggested that she research Lufenuron and likewise suggest that anyone dealign with mites or any kind of insect coming from their skin research Lufenuron. It's for any organism hatched from an egg. Likewise, if you're not making significant progress with Collembola, research Lufenuron at as Collembola also is hatched from an egg.

A Collembola View
Skin parasites (especially Collembola (Spring Tails)) baffle most. Linda, who has been in the healing arts as I've been for over 40 yrs. was looking to some logical approach to rid herself of them--at least a diet with a theory, and so on.

All too often I get emails from people thinking that the answer is in a therapeutic approach such as hyperbaric chambers, colonics, removing amalgam from filings, detoxification, a long list of herbs, and so on.

From Linda's questionnaire, she answered questions associated with Collembola and skin fungus. She encountered the skin parasites while gardening.

To get her off to a productive start, I wrote:

"There are 3 critical things to do to get started:
1. disinfection of your surroundings. Please read Chapter III. Remember, you can track them anyplace your shoe soles go. 
2. Stage I of the diet--Chapt IV. It's very precise. For instance, oregano yes, not rosemary. Cinnamon yes, not fennel and so on. No rhyme or reason to the diet. Healthy foods that feed them and healthy foods that feed you and not them--know the difference.
3. Bathing and using the NG products to clean the skin. Literally you need to take 3 baths a day with the concentrate, apply the cream and the dilute NG. Make sure you use enough disinfectant in the bath to kill skin fungus and the Collembola--usually about an ounce or less of pool shock or it's equivalent.

Do the above and you're on your way. Get reinfected just once and it's starting all over again from square #1 (three baths a day and stage I). If you're diligent, you can get your skin clean in about 3 days of concentrated work. But, every time you get reinfected from a floor area, or couch, or bedding, or clothing, or car seat, or.... it's starting all over again. No kidding!! You have to be on top of this 24/7. You have to think ahead of every thing you do. You have to disinfect every seat you use after and before you use it again. They are a night mare.

Get the above done right and you can then accelerate progress with our other supplements which we know is compatible with the diet. But, I don't want you to invest in anything else until you know how to see cause and effect. Otherwise, instead of writing me and telling me how great you're doing, you'll be writing me and complaining how much money you dumped and got nothing out of it. 

Remember this: They live on your body and jump through your clothing to within about 8" of where your body spends more than 5 minutes which will give them a sufficient population to reinfect you. They land on furniture, flooring, sides of cabinets, shower walls and floors. They will jump up to the underside of a desk or dinning room table or the lower part of your car dashboard or car door.
I hope this helps.

What's next? Once you get results, research adding as much of the following ASAP to accelerate building immune functioning and health.
1. Complete Nutritional System multi vitamin
2. MaxOne Ribocene to boost glutathione
3. Nature's Gift� ionic minerals
4. Nature's Gift� Garlic Plus (allicin antibiotic, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti viral)
5. Orap or Zyperxa, or Doxepin, or Abilify from your doctor.
6. Lufenuron

7. Baking soda (one teaspoon in a glass of water) to boost alkalinity.

And for the resistant strain (when ammonia doesn't kill them) you'll need to look at the triple pesticide as covered in the book and many updates.

The Ultimate Cream is Here
As you may remember, I introduced Nature's Gift� Debriding Cream about two months ago. It's only ingredients are shea butter, cocoanut oil, and NG concentrate. While it gets the job done, there are three problems with it, and they are:
►It melts to a liquid around 85 degrees F.
►It is a bit greasy.
►It can be a bit granular in nature.
Our goal was two fold:
1. Have a high quality valuable cream for your skin
2. Introduce a top quality cream to the salon market.

The good news is that we solved the three problems and are releasing the high quality cream under the trade name Beauty Forever�. The Beauty Forever� Whitening Cream still has Shea Butter, but to solve the problem of melting, greasy feeling, and granular particles we had to go to a formulary and ended up in another whole world with many other high quality natural ingredients. Thus, if you are looking for the same results from a cream without it melting, being granular or greasy, then you'll want to start using our Beauty Forever� Cream.

It's the last item in the on-line store at It's available in a one ounce jar and a fancy silver jar. And, yes, we will continue to produce the less expensive Shea butter/cocoanut oil cream.

We plan on releasing a gel as a Skin Balance Softener in the near future. Keep in mind that if you like the product and are looking for an opportunity to make extra money, we'll be looking for representatives to introduce these products to local salons.

A  Research Inquiry

Since Hurd passed away in 1982, there's been zippo research re Collembola.

Jon, another subscriber, suggested we obtain a government grant for research. I have no idea how to go about this and if anyone has experience, let's talk. But, as I see it, we'd need a grant to study specific strains of Collembola to see if they are attracted to specific pheromones, and if they are, then another grant to engineer a way of changing the pheromones one emits or a pheromone to cancel out the pheromones that we, who are impacted, emit to attract spring tails.

From those I've talked to, who have postulated theories, this research would be valuable for Morgellons too.

What I know, from many emails, many people are not impacted by either Morgellons or Collembola, and some of us unfortunate ones are very much impacted in a life threatening way.

If you have experience with grant writing or pheromone engineering, please email me.

Collembola Recognized

There are very few references of researchers or experts, such as entomologist, recognizing that Collembola can live on man. A subscriber sent the following information about Hurd, an entomologist, who encountered them in an Arctic research laboratory. He was the head entomologist at the Smithsonian and passed away in 1982.

Hurd, P.D. (1954:814) Alaska:
"During the past two summers I have served as research entomologist at the Arctic Research Laboratory, Point Barrow, Alaska."
"Apparently because of the use of the aspirator, a most unique case of "myiasis" (or infestation) occurred."
"Approximately 2 mo. after the completion of the past summer's work at Point Barrow I became ill. During the week following the onset of illness four major groups of insects (Coleoptera, Collembola, Diptera, Hymenoptera) were passed alive from the left antrum of the sinus. These insects included ... and about 50 springtails (Collembola, Isotoma olivacea Tullberg. The medical aspects, as well as the specific identification of the insects involved, are to be reported by Donald G. Casterline, M.D. (Calif. Mo. Medicine, in press)."
"It is believed that these protracted periods of dailly aspiration during the summer contributed to a case of "myiasis" that is without parallel in its origin and nature. Insofar as I have been able to ascertain none of the insects reported herein have been previously shown to cause "myiasis" in man."
"Apparently the insects gained access to the sinus as eggs which passed trough the fine mesh brass screen. Admittedly, it is almost unbelievable that the insects should have undergone several stages in their metamorphosis within the sinuses, but since the screen was so fine as to preclude the possibility of the aspiration of adult insects, it must be concluded that such was the case."
Cited from Hopkin, S.P. (1997:3):
"Hurd (1954) accidently infected his nasal sinuses with eggs of a species of Isotoma during fieldwork and passed about 50 live springtails from his nose some two months later. Pooters beware!"

If you go to you'll find a Survey of reports on synanthropic Collembola living in close association with man. Fig 2 has a good drawing of a spring tail. Most of the references are about Collembola being a nuisance as opposed to being a night mare that infects man.

I thank the Marty, subscriber who sent me this information.

Beating Collembola
In this update, I'll cover dealing with Collembola, short and long term.
Long term:
If you've been infested with Collembola for some period of time, it's normal to find them over your entire body. For some reason they love eye lashes. Yet, you can get relief within days if you know what to do.
The first step is to start the King Diet� explained in Chapter IV of my book. In fact, you don't have to eat anything at all to gain relief. One subscriber wrote that because of an injury, he stopped eating for a few days (he fasted). The activity from Collembola simply stopped. But, of course, we need to eat to live, and Stage I of the King Diet� is the best place to start and maintain the lack of activity.

The second step is to disinfect your surroundings. Your ultimate success may hinge on your ability to do this effectively. Basically, you need to have every egg hatch and destroy every organism in your surroundings. Chapter III is 55 pages of information to effectively guide you plus in the last several months, several update have been issued covering disinfectants and the triple pesticide for the resistant strain of Collembola. Go to and click on the top "Blog" link and type in "Collembola" in the search bar.

The third step is to clean your skin. Bathe with a cap full of concentrated Nature's Gift� 100% from the 8 ounce bottle, or two cap fulls of the 50% in the 4 ounce bottle. We now have the bar soap and a lot of people have ordered it. However, as of this time, I don't know how to best use it. Obviously it's great for showers, but I still believe that bathing will always bring the best results.

To get the equivalent of one cap full of 100% concentrate from a bar of soap, you need to have about one sixth of that bar dissolve in the bath and I don't think it will dissolve nearly that fast.

Remember to add about an ounce of pool shock or it's equivalent in disinfectant and bathe for about 40 minutes three times a day. Note: too much pool shock and it can burn your skin, so you'll need to find what works best for you.

After bathing, take a shower. Wet your body, lather up with the NG bar soap, and then turn off the water for a couple minutes to let the NG in the bar soap work. Then rinse to shed any organisms that followed you from the bath, and then dry.

For areas of skin with intense activation, apply a drop or two of NG concentrate direct to those areas. Then apply NG debriding cream followed by diluted NG over your entire body (including the areas where you applied the cream). Rub it in.

Short term:
Assuming you've gotten rid of them from your body and most of your environment, are in Stage II or III of the diet, but get reinfected: Usually, this reinfection happens at your ankles or lower legs meaning you can use a foot bath instead of a regular bath. Start the bath asap. Make sure you disinfect your foot bath bucket before using it. Then add a few drops of the concentrate from the 8 oz bottle and about a half to a teaspoon of pool shock--a cap full--or equivalent disinfectant. Again, if your skin burns, reduce the pool shock. Do your foot bath for about an hour, dry, and then apply a few drops of concentrate to each ankle and lower leg, followed by debriding cream and then dilute soap and rub it in.

Use ammonia spray to disinfect the bottoms of your shoes, inside your shoes, furniture and bedding until the infestation is clearly gone.

It's usually not necessary to go on Stage I of the diet if you catch your reinfection right away, and if you do the foot bath, or regular bath 3 times a day. Your discomfort from reinfection will be gone in 24 to 48 hours. Then, disinfect the area from which you were reinfected.

6/8/15 Feedback re Dr. Karjoo
Over the years, several have asked me to recommend a doctor specializing in Morgellons. Dr. Karjoo, located in CA, is listed in my book as a specialist, and until last week, I haven't heard anything about him other than that his soaps are very expensive. Jason, who used Dr. Karjoo's services for about a year, is the first person to write me with his experience. Jason wrote the following:

"The problem is that while he is correct that there is a silica component to Morgellons, that you shouldn't wear certain types of clothing, that you should everything clean, there is no solution. I went back for a year week by week to get his lotions and potions, it wasn't a solution.

He is also correct that the hair follicles are damaged and that there is a glue like/gooey substance on some hair follicles which are removed but again no solution. I probably dropped $3000 that year on supplies and appointments.

They were somewhat unprofessional as his wife runs the office and he is in the back. This is also evidenced by his report which doesn't even have a date. I think it was sometime in 2011. I believe his main business centered around being a woman's clinic.

I will get your forms filled out and back to you next week. Thank you again for your time on the phone; I greatly appreciated it.

Granted, Jason saw Dr. Karjoo four years ago and protocols and treatments may have changed since then. I ask that any one with feedback as to his services, or any other physician that works with Morgellons or skin parasites, please write me.

The fabrics Jason referred to in this writing are synthetics. Those with Morgellons should avoid wearing synthetics.

On the phone, Jason did share that the soaps Dr. Karjaroo used were rather stinky and smelly. I sent him a sample of Nature's Gift� about a year ago to evaluate, and never heard back from him.

Hot Tub/Whirlpool/Foot Bath Warning
Whirlpools and hot tubs can be very relaxing and also the creation of a night mare of rashes, lesions, itching, and burning of the skin if they are not effectively disinfected.

Hot tub rash (hot tub folliculitis or Jacuzzi folliculitis) and skin fungus can be two creations of hot tubs and whirlpools. I've written about skin fungus in a previous update. This update is about the hot tub rash.

If you Google "hot tub rash," you'll find a variety of images--some very serious looking. For others it can simply be reddness of the skin.

Like, skin fungus, hot tub rash can be very contagious from infected clothing and bedding. I suspect it can be transferred to the chairs you sit in and transferred from there to an unsuspecting participant.

For some, the hot tub rash may clear up by bathing with a quarter cup of bleach OR an ounce of pool shock along with a cap full of 100% NG concentrate.

Go to for more information. The article suggests also using dilute white vinegar. And of course, apply diluted NG after the vinegar to deep clean your skin. Page 6 of the article suggests using benzoyl peroxide for mild cases.

However, for more resistant infections, Ciproflaxin (an antiobiotic) or its equivalent is required.

If complicated with skin fungus, ketoconazole (Nizoral shampoo) twice daily. More resistant or deeper fungal folliculitis may require the addition of a topical antifungal cream such as miconazole (Lotrimin) or terbinafine (Lamisil) and an antifungal pill such as fluconazole (Diflucan).

But, if you add hot tub rash to Morgellons, Collembola, and Candida, you have a complicated night mare.

Usually, the best way of diagnosing hot tub rash is simply the knowledge that you've used a hot tub or whirlpool.

If you use a whirlpool or hot tub, disinfection is very very important. I'd say you need about 4 ounces of hypochlorite (pool shock) to effectively disinfect the tub. However, you need to check with the manufacturer as hypochlorite may harm some systems. They usually instruct you to add warm water two inches above the jets and operate the jets for ten minutes to disinfect. Again, check with your manufacturer for it's recommendations.

On another note, if you use a foot bath, prior to use, it's also imperative to disinfect the bucket or container you use to take a foot bath to avoid the same nightmares.

On a closing note, just as some write me to tell me that they didn't have any skin parasites at all, they just had a bad case of Candidia or Skin Fungus, I imagine some will write me and tell me, "Yes, I only had a bad case of the hot tub rash." While skin fungus and Candidia are well covered in the latest version of my book, the hot tub rash is not. But, if you have fibers and debris coming from your skin after you bathe, or experiencing relentless biting of your skin at one location for minutes on end, it's a good indication you're dealing with Morgellons and or Collembola, and hot tub rash might just be an unwelcome complication.

More News re Joni Mitchell
Go to for a well written informative article titled, Legendary Singer Joni Mitchell Helps to Raise Profile of Morgellons Disease.

Part II--The WholeTones Experience
This is the second part of Claudia's experience. If you recall, the first part of her experience had to do with taking a small dose of Naltrexone (LDN) which she started shortly after she started listening to WholeTones. Again, we're not suggesting that WholeTones alone or even with Naltrexone (LDN) is responsible for her miraculous improvement. For instance, I learned of MaxOne glutathione accelerator from a lady who had a complete recovery from only adding MaxOne to her regime. Note that Claudia was also taking MaxOne for quite some time along with using her Dream Cream� and Nature's Gift�... The following is in her words:
> "OK here we go! hope i wrote enough about my process so it can be helpful to others along the journey.
> I am improving still!!!!! but I do have here and there a little fiber [ colored] that pops out but nothing NOTHING NOTHING like before. Instead of plastic alligator skin my skin is becoming normal once again. of course there is so so much scarring I look like a battlefield of white scars all over!!
> Also what has stopped is I have no more mini cotton balls appearing in the morning protruding from my skin.
>>>>> for more info to add to the "difference that makes a difference" info......
>>>>> You have probably heard of the solfeggio tones?
> Apparently they are the chords and tones that were originally used in music before the scales were changed to most of the music we have today. These tones used in Gregorian chants for example appeared to cause spontaneous healing in many people who listened to the music.
> I have believed in this concept as it does sound so promising and basic. I have tried various tones and found an artist who through his creation of music around the lost chords has helped so many heal of various illnesses .
>>>>> In many profound spiritual teachings they say , "in the beginning was the word" which I translate to mean ,"sound"...
>>>>> The bottom line is I bought a set of cds from someone named Michael Tyrrell..... he is online at + one can sample the music before you buy it + watch the testimonials.
> So...i bought the set of 7 CDs and.........
>>>>> WORKED!!!!!
>>>>> ...... I decided to play all his wholetone music for 2 days straight......
>>>>> [even while asleep ].. I got them online too and oddly when I set up the tabs to play them, they began to play all at once the very first time... They have never done that since and I do not think normally that can happen on an i-pad ....But I don't really know...[except I have tried to duplicate that and have not been able to].
>>>> I have noticed my body heating up so I am super hot to the touch...then I cool down. I know this can be due to Morgellons but this was and still is so much more than usual.
>>>>> After day 2 or 3 of the music I woke up one day and felt and said , "I'm healed".. odd, I thought. What do i even mean?
>>>>> My skin is beginning to change back to "real" with less fibers, debris etc. and more symptoms are diminishing. When I put on the debriding soap and/or the dream cream, less + less debris + accompanying "things" seem to pop up...Yes, it had been a 3+ year process but it is FINALLY FINALLY accelerating for sure and that was the only change during about a 2 week phase.....
>>>>> Also in showers MUCH less gray fiber in the drain. [ With my 10X lens: I see the fibers are many colored as usual ]
>>>>> Perhaps this music is working on a whole energetic spiritual cellular level?
>>>>> Also after day 2 or 3 I awoke at 7am [usually can't do that ;too tired]
>>>>> Instead I said, "let's see how far I can go today".. Well I was up until 2 am!!!!!!
>>>>> No nap..and those of you who have these illnesses know that sustained energy isn't something taken for granted anymore....
> Having had many illnesses such as mono, EbV, LYME , bartonellla, erlichia, babesia etc then the worst of the worst: morgellons which dr, .Karjoo diagnosed as "perforating serpiginosa". The things I learned along the way and experimented with seemed to help so many of the symptoms. but nothing alone really stopped it 100%....
> I am not done learning + improving in my health; that is for sure.
>>>>> I have not felt this good since SUMMER camp!!!! Ok, so that is over 50 years ago...
> Sometimes something one does accelerates all the rest of the protocols. The music; The Wholetones seems to be it for me.
> Then I added the LDN, which was prescribed for me but i was reluctant to take due to the fact that many drugs do not agree with me and do not help . Also having been a holistic practitioner drugs are my last resort.
> But I can tell you LDN in tiny doses seems to JUMPSTART your immune system !
> And for those with compromised systems it gives you 3-4X the endorphin receptor sites you had normally + that causes an acceleration in healing!!
> Yes, as Richard said in the update about LDN, I HAVE NOT stopped the other things that helped get me to this point. It is never just one thing [ in my opinion ] that gets us well, but a compilation of many ways and tools tried."
> I am so happy for Claudia and very grateful for her taking the time to share her experience so others may benefit. I am likewise honored to have participated in her life, as I am to everyone who looks to me for guidance, I am also grateful for her sharing her amazing Dream Cream with us that has become so popular.
> And please note that her experience is with Morgellons--not Collembola. Will those with Collembola benefit with WholeTones? Answer: I sincerely doubt it unless Collembola has impacted one internally. For external infestations of Collembola, I doubt it, although I'd love to be proven wrong. I was wrong about MaxOne, Claudia's Dream Cream�, and even the debriding soap benefiting those with Collembola; and I was wrong on all three assertions. However, it's highly likely that LDN would be beneficial for those with Collembola.

I Love Getting Emails Like These

"Thank you so much for helping me get my life back. I'm done with the itching and the scratching thanks to the book and soap. I have been living in an R.V. for a number of years now and have been slack on my cleaning and vacuuming. I ended up allowing mites to infest my van and I didn't know it. I couldn't figure it out until I read your book. The soap instantly stopped the itching and has been a God send. I never considered I had a mite problem until I read your book. Thanks for bringing that information to me. I'll be a better cleaner in the future. And once again thank you for helping me to get my life back."

"Hello there, I'm sitting in a hospital bed cause I had back surgery and am worried about how my incision will heal. Morgellons seems to make its way into all my cuts, right now due to silver infusion, silver spay and silver soap which with the drink seems to be healing. I pray everyday my 7 year old son never turns up with Morgellons cause we just don't know for sure.. Silver and your debriding cream are making me almost normal again thank god for all the information that u give me I would never of known how to find what works for me. Thank u"

I thank both for taking the time to share their experiences. I am truly honored to participate in their lives as I am with everyone who utilizes the information in my book and updates.

Several have shared that silver is helpful on their skin. I would think that Nature's Gift� cream or body wipe would be equally effective, however, we do have a superior grade of silver in our on-line store at if indeed silver produces added benefits.

The Latest Joni Mitchell News
Go to for the latest news concerning Joni Mitchell.

She says, �Morgellons is a slow, unpredictable killer � a terrorist disease: it will blow up one of your organs, leaving you in bed for a year.�

Very Informative Article About Morgellons
Here's a very informative article, Mystery Of Morgellons - Disease Or Delusion - Scientific Hypothesis Of Connection With Lyme Disease, written by Robert Walker, inventor and Programmer who has his own blog, Science 2.0
Go to

A Report on How Claudia is Beating Her Morgellons
This is the first part of a two part update. Yes, our Claudia, who has come up with Claudia's Dream Cream� has been fighting Morgellons for years. She's been using the King Diet�, MaxOne, Nature's Gift�, her own Claudia's Dream Cream�, along with other things for years. Over the years, she's been gradually improving and then, bang--it all came together when she added the following two things:

The last thing I want you to expect is that just doing these two things will be sufficient. Like I wrote, she's been laying the foundation for getting her life back for quite some time. So, in no way is she or I saying that Eureka, just do these two things:

From a scientific perspective we can't absolutely attribute her sudden improvement to either one of these things--they could simply be a coincidence. But, as others might also employ the following, we might learn more about either or both of the things she did.

First, she started listening to a harmonic healing program--Wholetones music--details in my next update.

Secondly, she started a low dose of Naltrexone. If you're interested in Naltrexone (typically used in much higher doses for drug addicts), she recommends:

1.... to see the short 5 min video on how LDN works at

2.....on the left hand side of screen there is a link to recommended drs. people can put in their state + see where there is an MD familiar with it's use.

3........a low dose is on average about 3.5 mg per NIGHT.
this is proportionally less than the huge dose for addiction of 50 mg per day.

Claudia states, "And except for patients needing to be off of opioid type prescription medicines when they begin LDN, there is NO downside to this medicine..
dreams may become more vivid.

The way I understand how LDN works is it appears to jumpstart your immune system!

It give your cells even MORE "feel good" receptors and they are an integral part of self healing.

I think those of us unlucky enough to have a compromised immune system do not have the endorphins that healthy people have. LDN appears to give us a higher amount of those receptors so we can fight what is "not self" . Although i have been a health + healing practitioner for over 30 years [ stopped due to the devastating effects of morgellons ], I still am not an MD + SO HIGHLY recommend one finds an LDN literate DR with whom to work."

This medication is typically also used in small doses for many many other medical issues too. Go to
for other user's stories.

Alternatively, it can be ordered from a pharmacy in Israel

Is Naltrexone better than Orap, Zyprexa, Abilify, Doxepin, Seroquel...? Answer: We don't know.

Thank you Claudia for sharing your experience. I look forward to the information regarding wholetones.

As always, please give me feed back if you try this approach. It's your feedback that makes a difference and accelerates us getting our lives back. Is Naltrexone beneficial for Collembola? Answer: I have no idea.

We No Longer Offer the Triple Pesticide in Our On-line Store
The pesticide company suspended our account so we no longer offer the triple pesticide or diatomaceous earth in our on-line store. The reason they suspended our account is that they claim my statements in my ebook about Collembola attacking humans are incorrect. Too bad we can't give them first hand experience. However, you can order them direct from another company, Do Your Own Pest Control at or call them at and ask for
► an IGR (growth inhibitor) effective for Collembola
► Onslaught Pesticide
► Exponent accelerator.
Important note, If you avoid telling them that you are being physically attacked by Collembola, they too might not fill your order for fear you'd be using their products incorrectly which might make them somehow liable.

Are Skin Parasites Contagious?

Strangely, there are some professionals who claim that Morgellons is not contagious. The feedback I get is that it can be contagious--not to everyone, but to some. About a month ago, I received an email from a lady questioning my credibility because I stated that Morgellons and Collembola can be highly contagious. In response, I sent out and email asking if anyone had contracted the skin parasites from another person directly or indirectly.

Here are the responses I received:
Hi, yes i gave it to my son, a neighbor, a friend, and a neighbor where i moved here from. I thank you for helping me and when i get paid again, i will buy a bottle of the soap. you are a very thoughtful man and i appreciate you. You tried to send me the e-book but i was having problems with my computer. but it is about time for my birthday so one of my sons bought me a new computer.. again you are a very nice man and i appreciate you/....karen V.

"Richard, I got the parasite from wearing a sock or sweats that had not been properly washed, or from lying on pads that others had used at a place for those who had recently been in the hospital to "recuperate." The resident doctor would not let me take any immune enhancing supplements, so my immune system was in bad shape, leaving me open to all kinds of parasite. That is typical of such places and doctors. They do not know anything about maintaining or feeding the body. They do know how to cut it and fill it with drugs. I got out of there as quick as I could, having lost 20 pounds on what they fed me. I do not see how anyone can eat what they dish out and stay healthy." John

"Hi Richard I have Collembola from getting and trying on clothes at a resale shop." Lynn

"Live in south Florida. Got it from girlfriend. I cleaned her house and car and took a road trip in her car after knowing her one month. My best guess is I have Morgellons." Cheryl

"I got Morgellons from my boyfriend. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico." Kathleen

Then, I remember the gal who got Collembola from exchanging brides maid dresses at a wedding and then gave it to her grand father. And, the woman who picked it up from a toilet seat at Universal Studios. And a lady whose best friend contracted it from sitting in her automobile And the minister who gave it to her daughter. And the stories go on and on. So, what do you say to those who claim that Morgellons and or Collembola are not contagious? Answer: Judge for yourself, maybe, they lack experience. I thank each person for taking the time to write and share his/her experience in how they contracted the skin parasites.

Is One Cap Full in Your Bath Enough?
Is one cap full of 100% concentrate enough in your bath tub?

I've been recommending one cap full of 100% concentrate in your bath tub for nearly a year. Think of that! That's just one little teaspoon in about 30 gallons of water and people are telling me how much debris comes out of their skin in the bath tub. "Amazing," I say. Just one little cap full produces all that action like no other soap or skin cleaner. 30 gallons is 23,040 teaspoons. That's an amazing ratio of 1 to 23,000 to produce results--that's truly angstrom power at work,

The sad thing is that most of you don't get the full experience of that one teaspoon full of concentrate. True, you might notice a slight slippery feeling on your skin, and maybe a slippery feeling on the bottom of the tub, and maybe you see a few bubbles when you fill the tub, but let me show you what it looks like in a whirlpool:

That bubble bath is with just one cap full of 100% concentrate. But if you don't have a whirlpool, don't fret. You're only missing out on jets that need constant disinfection and can get contaminated with fungus, scabies and who knows what else--no picnic.

So, is one teaspoon (one cap full) of Nature's Gift� enough? Seems like it is, but if you're not getting results, you might up it to two cap fulls or so. The creator of the soap recommends 12 cap fulls (2 ounces) in a bath tub, and is amazed to learn of our success with only one cap full.

Remember, always use an effective disinfectant as the soap will not kill any organisms--it just cleanses your skin. With respect to disinfectant, I don't have any fixed numbers, but it seems that about an ounce of pool shock (2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons or 6 cap fulls) or its equivalent is necessary.
Nature's Gift Bubble Bath

How to Use The Triple Pesticide

This updates is about how to use the triple pesticide! First, it's only effective against Collembola. If you are dealing with Morgellons, and not Collembola, you are wasting your money and time if you buy the triple pesticide. Read Chapter II of my book to determine what you are dealing with, or complete the attached questionnaire and return to me for some guidance.

Generally, the triple pesticide is only required for resistant strains of Collembola--the ones that ammonia alone won't kill

To the right is a photo showing an attack above the ankle of the resistant strain of Collembola. Most attacks might consist of one straight line, where as, if you look closely, in this attack are three or four straight lines with the one vertical on the right side being rather long compared to the others.

What I refer to as the triple pesticide has three ingredients:1. IGR (growth inhibitor) which comes in a one ounce bottle.2. Exponent (accelerator) which comes in a 16 ounce bottle.3. Onslaught (pesticide) which comes in a 16 ounce bottle.
One ounce of IGR (the whole bottle) makes a gallon of pesticide. You probably don't want to make up that much. Mix it in an empty Fabreeze or deodorizer spray bottle. This spray head of this bottle gives you a wide and fine mist.
Add about half of a dropper into the empty spray bottle and then add in about 2" of water. That will give you enough to spray the couch and floor area, dinning room chair and floor area, auto seat, console and door, and floor area, office desk chair, under the desk, sides of desk nearest your legs, and floor area. And then, you'll still have some left over for around the breakfast nook, kitchen sink and some of your garage area.
A little goes a long way. The pesticide people say to do this once every ten or eleven days.
Next, every time you get up from sitting someplace, spray with full strength ammonia, and if necessary use janitorial grade ammonia.Most important to be strict with the diet. If you breed them by eating wrong foods, it's like starting all over again. If you recontaminate an area by getting reinfected from say wearing clothing you thought was OK, but wasn't. Immediately jump into the bath tub for a 40 min soak with NG concentrate and strong disinfectant. Or, you have to start all over again.Hope this helps.
Check our blog at (top navigation bar) for an update about a week ago with more information about Collembola.
Collembola Attack
Why Doctors Won't Recognize Morgellons Disease
Here is another article recently published in (a CA publication). Go to to take a read.

Let's Bake a Cake
Good news: We've moved Chocloate cake from Stage III to Stage II and it's really delicious and moist with ingredients that you won't believe. The cake in the book uses sour cream and the cake always ended up dry. This cake uses yogurt and while yogurt, by itself, is a Stage III food, when you bake it, the acidolophis is destroyed and it becomes a Stage II food.
Here's the recipe.
4 eggs
1 teaspoons of stevia (unless you honey is OK for you in which case a cup of honey with no stevia)
2 teaspoons of baking soda
2 cups of plain yogurt
1 finely sliced ripe banana
1 cup of walnuts
1/2 cup of chocolate (alkali base only--no lecthin)
2 1/2 cups of flour (millet, rice, spelt, rye, or any mix of them)
oil pan with rice bran oil and bake at 350 degrees for about 50-55 minutes

Want a crazy cake? Slice 1/2 of a Granny Smith apple very fine and add to the mix before the flour. Bet you never at a better tasting cake--will win a prize at the next cake baking contest.

Does the Diet Really Help?
If you've been tetter tottering and taking the King Diet� only half serious, as I know many do, then you're going to want to read this email I just got today.

"Hi Richard, just sending this as a supporter of what you say about the diet. As you know I have had this c*** since 2006. Because of finances, I am unable to afford certain things, so I work with what I can. I fully support what you say about the diet. Why? Because it WORKS! For a while I got tired of giving up many foods, so I started eating things I shouldn't...and as you can guess-the damn things started to multiply again and make my life miserable.

Like an alchoholic in Denial, I finally had to admit that until I can possibly afford what I need to get well and eliminate things from my environment...I HAVE to Follow the Diet-OR ELSE...Suffer misery. As long as I spray and wash with ammonia and try to follow the diet closely, I am able at least to keep my sanity and keep the misery to a minimum.

Also, I wanted to Thank you because you and maybe two other people have SHOWN that they REALLY care and make a true effort to help. So, I'm back on the diet and holding on. Just wanted people to know if they have ANY doubts, at least I know from trying and then not trying what a differences the Diet makes.

Peace to you always,"

I thank Viv for taking the time to share her experience--she didn't have to, which is why I appreciate it all the more. And, she's right. Chapter IV and V of the book provide you with the eating plan that puts skin parasites on notice and what's more, the King Diet� is the healthiest of all diets on the planet.

Throw Away Your Tooth Paste
In the past, I've suggested using a few drops of Nature's Gift� concentrate in your hair as a shampoo, or add a half of dropper of concentrate to your favorite shampoo, such as Head & Shoulders and shaking it up to mix.

Within the last month two people have asked me what to do with their mouths and I suggested swishing some dilute NG. Let's take it one step further: Squirt some dilute NG into your mouth, swish it around and then brush your teeth with it. NO NEED FOR TOOTHPASE. I must tell you, it has a strange taste so after you brush your teeth, I suggest rinsing with peroxide and then water.

I've written about tooth paste before and suggested avoiding tooth paste with fluoride-- fluoride is suspected of contributing to many diseases including Alzheimer's disease.

What's All the Hpye About GMO's?

What's all this hype about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)? Answer: It's about the food we eat from veggies to eggs to meat--even potatoes.

Even though I'm a chemical engineer, by education and training, I've not gotten into this argument about GMO, except to want food labeled as such. But after watching this video, I want more than that--I want the FDA to get a checks and balance system and to stop the largest research project in history--Americans being used in GMO experimentation.

The following video is long, boring and, even though they give away free books and bonuses, it's a sales pitch for subscribing to a newsletter. Whether you're interested in their promotion, or not, I'd say that if you've been on the fringes of this argument about GMO, like I was, it's got a lot of information that you don't want to pass up. Copy and paste the following url in your browser to get started. Remember, do it when you're bored and looking for something to do--learn.

Do You Question the Importance of the King Diet?
For some the King Diet� produces dramatic noticeable results, but for all, it's super important--no doubt. For Lisa the diet made a dramatic difference. She writes, "Before I started the King�s Diet I ate a lot of carbs, sugar and the typical things the parasites love. Now I have been on the diet for about 3 weeks. I noticed a decrease in activity pretty quickly. I am pretty strict with the diet. I made some mistakes in the beginning, but I keep re-reading the book and am getting better at it. Like I said, I don�t stray from the diet, it�s not worth the itching and biting. I eat for eggs breakfast--either with veggies or hard boiled. I am having a hard time finding bacon, sausage and ham without sugar and additives. So I am just going to make my own sausage patties. Lunch is salad with lots of veggies and chicken breast. I make my own dressing with rice bran oil, lemon juice and garlic and spices. Dinner is always meat and veggies.

No snacks. I sometimes make lemonade with water. lemon juice and stevia."

I thank Lisa for sharing her experience. Notice that she didn't only read the book one time, she rereads it over and over. Believe me, the book knows more than I do and it's worth reading several times.

Now that Lisa knows she's on the right track and getting results, this is when I would suggest accelerating progress with Multi Vitamins, MaxOne, Garlic Plus, Ionic Minerals and so on.

Will Silver Work for You?

One of the advantages you have, as a subscriber to these updates, is that you can ask questions. And guess what? I answer them. I get many questions and a few of them, I select to share for I believe the question and answers may interest you too. For instance:

Denise wrote:
"I am having a really hard time with my nose should I increase my silver intake?"

My response was:

"I'm not sure which brand of silver you're taking. The one on our site at is more than 10 times more potent than Nutrisilver.

For your nose, I'd recommend wetting a q tip with diluted NG and swabbing the inside of your nose every couple hours or so."

Denise wrote back, with, "What is NG? I AM NOT SURE and I am taking Nutra silver what is ur silver. Thank u for being there to help. I have Morgellons!! Pretty badly! I'll try anything, I take NutraSilver regularly, take vitamins, wear a magnet bracelet and eat right. I don't know if my body is pushing them out right now but I feel them and I swear they're bad worse than normal do they have a cycling. Cuz it seems like mine works in a cycle where it gets better and then all the sudden it gets worse and this all happens within a course of every 3 months or so I can't seem to ever get fully better"

My response was, "Our silver is about ten times more potent than Nutrisilver. Nutrisilver is made by an old process where the silver particles are much larger than ours. Our silver is made by a high voltage process where the silver particles are much much smaller. The smaller the better because you get better coverage. So instead of having ten thousand soldiers with Nutrasilver, you have maybe a hundred thousand soldiers with the our silver that we recommend.

NG is Nature's Gift Debriding Soap or cream. You would start taking baths in it to clean all the stuff out of your skin. What's happening now, is that it builds up under your skin at your cycle and then emerges and keeps repeating itself. This way, you get it out with NG and won't have the build up and stop the cycle.

I gather, from your question about NG, that you don't have my book. It's attached. The diet is also super important and will help break the cycle to get your life back to very near normal--it can be done and isn't that difficult.

The on-line store where you find NG and the better quality sliver is at just scroll down. You can also buy the book in soft cover, if you desire. But start reading it first and see if it would be worth having a soft cover copy.

I'm also attaching a questionnaire. Complete it and return to me to see if you have anything else other than Morgellons."

What is important to understand about silver is that each particle has the same power to destroy no matter what the size of the particle is. So, if you have 10,000 particles spread out over an area, you have 10,000 soldiers. And in this case, size doesn't matter--it's the number of soldiers. If, on the other hand, the same quantity of silver can be produced in much smaller particles--say 100,000 instead of 10,000, then you have ten times more soldiers spread out over that same area than with the larger particles. Hope this explanation helps--it's basic--more is better.

Personally, I'm not a proponent of using silver as it's not effective for everyone--I've described it as a "pig in a poke" meaning it might or might not work. However, if it's been working for you, then I'm not to tell you that you should do something else if it's already working for you. If it is working, great, then, the silver we recommend should work even better as it's more potent. Note, it's basically used for Morgellons, Presently, I have no information of it ever working for Collembola.

Do Ozone Generators Help?
In response to my last update about air filtration, I received emails and questions about ozone generators.

Ozone generators are covered in my book. Don't depend on the typical air filter machine that claims to produce ozone to produce enough ozone.
You need a machine such as you'll find on ebay for about $90 that produce a minimum of 3,500 mg/hr.

But don't depend on them to kill Collembola or Morgellons. They are great for getting rid of mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, but not Collembola or Morgellons. I have one in the basement that I turn on for a few hours every couple of weeks. Best to vacate the area while it's producing ozone as ozone is toxic to breathe.

Notice that ozone can also destroy fabrics like rayon, nylon, rugs, as well as books, papers, and so on.

Getting the Word out About Morgellons

Blair, our publicist has had another press release published. Read it here

What is the Best Air Pirifier

A question Judy asked, that often comes up is, What is the best air purifier to get?

"Given your advice, we're interested in purchasing an air purifier for our condo. We are dealing with Collembola and my fiancee was wondering how do we safely dispose of the Collembola that get trapped in the filter and/or how do we safely clean the filter or does it have to be thrown away? What prevents them from escaping or being blown back out from the filter into the room?

Thanks, again for your support!

Sincerely," Judy

"Thanks for writing.
Just go to and search for 'air ionizer filter' and you'll find some like this one for $114:

This is a wood cabinet type filter that I recommend. The reason I provided the link, is for you to see the style. You can then look for alternatives to this one, if you desire. I'm not familiar with the tall cigar type of filter so I can't speak to them. With this cabinet style you simply remove the filter and wash in ammonia solution.

I doubt that any filter is 100% which is why they run 24 hrs a day to filter and re filter the same air. Rather than be concerned about whether some organisms will get through the filter, it's more important to look at vacuum cleaner styles. Basically, I recommend staying away from vacuum cleaners that can exhaust air to a hose. Exhausting air from this type of vacuum cleaner can kick up organisms from flooring and anything the burst of air contacts.

It's better to use vacuum cleaners that exhaust through the bag and make sure you use a hepa filter bag and that the connections are tight.

MaxOne Packaging Has Changed
{!firstname_fix}, I didn't think to notify you before, but last month MaxOne has gone from a grayish bottle to a brighter whitish bottle. In fact Max has redesigned packaging design for all it's products. What's more, they've changed the text on the bottle. After identifying MaxOne as a glutathione accelerator since it's inception, about 5 years ago, they now only call it Ribocene.

No cause for alarm: Ribocene is just a fancy way of calling the combination of D-Ribose and L-Cysteine, Ribocene. What is in the capsule is the same as it always has been and it still is the only real product that significantly contributes to the creation of glutathione in the cellular structure. It still accelerates the production of glutathione just has it always has. Why they stopped identifying it as a glutathione accelerator, I have no idea. Personally, I think it was a stupid change, but that's only my little opinion.

Feedback on Janitorial Grade Ammonia
A few days back I wrote an update about the possibility of janitorial grade ammonia being strong enough to destroy the resistant strain of Collembola. I was glad to get the following three emails from Linda, Annette, and Lawton. Whether it will kill the stronger strain of Collembola, we don't know because we don't know if either lady is dealing with the resistant Collembola, but their routine experience tells us that it's practical to use the janitorial grade of ammonia with precautions as they note.

"We used janitorial grade ammonia almost exclusively for years sprayed on walls and in the laundry, along with Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (unscented only) in laundry.

That combo works the best and is very cheap. Janitorial grade ammonia is available at Ace Hardware stores here in California at about $6/ gallon. When using it as I did for these uses I would hold my breath and get away from the washer asap... When we sprayed on floors, furniture, walls, we would leave the room for 30 minutes or so as the smell dissipates quickly. If I pick up some of these organisms anywhere or get re-infested I will use this heavyweight strength ammonia because it worked before." Linda

"Janitorial grade ammonia is available at most hardware stores. I've been using it with Nature's Gift diluted with no problems. You can't leave any ammonia soaking in your washer however because it will rust through a perfectly good washing machine if you do it repeatedly. It's best to soak in a separate tub or sink. It would be nice to find a soap that doesn't take 30 hours to break down the organism.



"Richard:I have been using Janitorial Grade Ammonia for Many years... One gallon in each load of wash... It kills off those living in fabrics for several days but if eggs are on the fabric they latter hatch and you have problems again."

Thank You

I thank all three for emailing me their experiences. It's how we learn together. While Lawton suspects dust mites are the problem, I suspect he may be dealing with a resistant strain of Collembola.

We know that three, and there maybe more, use the strong ammonia routinely so, yes, wear gloves and eye protection, and if you haven't been able to kill the resistant strain of Collembola, you might try it out. However, I still wouldn't go it alone with only the stronger ammonia.

For laundry, note that Lawton, uses a whole gallon of Janitorial grade ammonia for his laundry--and even though his laundry is better, it still isn't perfect. So, start with a cup and go up and be careful, as Annette has written about it destroying the metal in your washing machine--so don't let it sit there too long. Maybe, as she suggested, soak it in a separate tub for a period of time and then into the washing machine.

I'm still waiting on someone to soak laundry in Nature's Gift concentrate for 30 hrs or maybe 48. One fellow, Randy, got to do it for 24 hrs, but it wasn't long enough. And who knows, maybe the strong ammonia also needs to be added. He's been using tea tree oil with NG. This is truly a research project.

One fellow from the UK has soaked his laundry in the triple pesticide--but it's a problem getting the pesticide out of the clothing. We're learning, but no cigar yet. lol

Now for the environment--furniture, cars, etc. I would not suggest going it alone with the stronger ammonia. I'd still recommend using the triple pesticide for the initial treatment. Remember, you want to treat everything within about a foot of where your body rests for more than five minutes. It seems they can jump 6" or more from your body.
Kitchen cabinets--lower and tops
Chairs--seats, backs, legs, spokes, under the seat.
furniture--seats, back, front, floor area
car--seats, front of seat, floor, door area, console, dash board, and spray into the vent system.
tables and desks--floor area, chairs as noted above, under table/desk, table cloth, legs.
Drains--kitchen, shower, sink, and bath tub.

The triple pesticide is to be used every ten or so days unless your reinfect an area before then. If you get reinfected, you're starting over and unfortunately, this happens a lot.

Maintenance of the area: After vacating an area, spray the Janitorial grade of ammonia (test fabrics first in an inconsipicuous area). Spray thoroughly as detailed above and vacate the area for at least 30 minutes to let the fumes dissipate.

If you can, repeat the procedure 30 minutes before you occupy the area/furniture. For instance, 30 minutes before you drive your car, spray it.

Here's What They Think About Nature's Gift
I get several emails every week telling me about how great Nature's Gift� (NG) is. First, I received this one from Jodi and then another one from Julie. I'm sharing them both as Jodi and Julie have recognized the wider applications NG has.

"Hi Richard,
I am still puzzled as to what condition I may be dealing with BUT I am blown away at how beautiful my skin is after just a week or so of using the debriding soap. I cannot say I was dealing with open sores or fragments coming from my skin but I certainly had a bad rash on my neck and chest that had been present for several months and was experiencing a lot of sand/grain type things purging form my pores. All of which is improving. What I did not expect was the beautiful silky, flawless texture that my facial skin would take on. Seriously, I am a �anti aging� product junkie and applying this debridement soap nightly has my skin looking more flawless, plump and healthy than the plethora of products I have in my bathroom.
Thank You!"

And Julie writes:

"Just a comment on the website (which is nice by the way)... I have discovered that the Nature's Gift debriding soap is good for many more things than just taming parasites. I was able to dislodge the beginning of shingles by breaking open the first blisters and using NG directly on them. I still had some breaking out but kept on with NG and I had no pain after about a week. It is very healing on cuts, burns and abrasions. It burns a little at first but makes things heal very quickly.

Anyway, my point is that I want to recommend it to my friends for its healing qualities but prefer not to send them to the Parasite Store since I do not want to have to explain that I previously had Colembola. Is there any way to order NG (in a plain brown paper way)
that I could give to friends rather anonymously?

My one friend uses it on her face and just loves it."


I thank both ladies for sharing their experiences. To answer Julie, we have another website that has many specific products. Although Shingles Cleanse is not yet on the site, it, as well as Skin Cancer Cleanse, is in the planning stages to be added shortly. And this will be followed by a full line of creams as an alternative or compliment to the liquid soap products.

Maybe there's a way to Kill Resistant Collembola
Laundry grade vs Janitorial Grade Ammonia: In my book I caution against using Janitorial Grade Ammonia to launder and disinfect your home. The primary reason that I caution against it is that it is a powerful chemical--maybe ten times stronger than laundry grade ammonia. Inhaling too much could hospitalize you and if you spilled it on your skin, it will create a dangerous burn. You must wear rubber gloves when handling this stuff and definitely wear eye protection in case of accidental splashes. This is potentially a very dangerous chemical.

The reason I'm mentioning it is that the regular laundry grade ammonia doesn't seem strong enough to kill some strains of Collembola. To my knowledge, no one has tried using the janitorial grade ammonia--especially those who report that they can not kill the organisms in the laundry.

Alternatively, I believe that soaking laundry in with a cap full of Nature's� Gift Concentrate for 30 hours or longer will disable any organism, but 30 hours is a long time and if you have the problem of not being able to kill Collembola in the laundry or on your furniture, the janitorial grade might be worth a try. While I believe NG will handle the laundry with a 30 hr soak, I know it won't have an impact ridding them from your furniture, flooring, cabinets, and so on.

Those who deal with this resistant strain report that CedarCide, Kleen Green, Kleen Free, Peppermint, Four Thieves Oil, Menthol, or Tea Tree Oil has not done the job. Thus, as a last resort, you might try finding a janitorial supply house in your area or order it on line. But, be very cautious. Like I wrote earlier, if you inhale too much, it could hospitalize you and it will smart your eyes and your nostrils won't like it one bit.

You might find that you need to dilute it by 50% or more. If so, best to use distilled water to dilute it.

If you do try the much stronger janitorial grade ammonia, let me know how it works for you. If you're disinfecting furniture, your auto, flooring, and so on, you want to test it first on a section of your floor, furniture, auto. Again, you might need to dilute it and you definitely do not want to stay in the same room or area after you spray it. You want to spray, hold you nose, and get out of there--it's highly toxic.

But, before you run off and buy janitorial grade ammonia, make sure you're dealing with an environmental issue and not a diet issue where you are not getting rid of them because you still eat foods that feed them.

The only way you can tell, is to get itch and bite free--perhaps right after a long hot bath. Then, if you expose yourself to a contaminated area, you'll feel them kind of gnawing on your skin or sudden bites. If you leave and apply Nature's Gift� right away, the gnawing or bite smart will go away in a few minutes. If it's a food issue, the activity will continue at other parts of you body even when you're at a place that is disinfected. It takes practice to know the difference between environmental contamination and a diet issue.

New Laundry Soap now available:
Our formulator has been working on a laundry soap for nearly a year, and it's finally here--Nature's Gift� Laundry Soap. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle of concentrate. One cap full is enough for a normal load of laundry. Large load requires nearly 2 cap fulls. An 8 ounce bottle will provide you with around 55 normal wash loads.

Caution: Do not add it direct to your laundry. Instead, put it in before the laundry. We don't know whether the full concentrate might affect the color of your clothes if added direct to a garment.

It's $23.95 for 8 ounces plus $5.50 for regular mail. Please note that I do not make any claims or warranties with regard to it's impact with skin parasites. It's brand new, and we have no idea as to how it might or might not impact skin parasites. It's principally for those who want to get away from detergents and use a bio degradable product instead or to protect their septic systems.

Also, it is not a disinfectant so you will still need to use a disinfectant in your laundry or your dryer. See next paragraph for a tip.

Here's a tip. If you do not want to add ammonia to your washing machine, then, add it to your dryer as you dry the clothes. Pour a 1/3 cup onto a garment that adsorbs and won't discolor and turn on your dryer. Instead of using a full cup in the washer, you might find that you can just use a 1/3 cup in the dryer instead.

It's available on our on-line store at just scroll down to find it. If you like it and want to receive a discount on quantities, click here or go to

Alternatively, you can use a cap full of NG Debriding Soap from the 4 ounce bottle of 50% concentrate or 1/2 cap full from the 100% 8 oz bottle of concentrate, add water, disinfectant, and then add your clothes and let them soak for up to 30 hours. Then run the washing cycle and when finished, dry in your disinfected dryer or let air dry if your dryer can't be disinfected. You may discover that the disinfectant is unnecessary.

New Debriding Cream Now Available
News: Nature's Gift� Debring Soap is being made into a Debriding Cream. From what I can see, the cream is even better than the diluted soap, but if you work them together, it's an unbeatable combination. We've taken shea butter and coconut oil, blended them together and then infused the blend with Nature's Gift� Concentrate.

Instead of having to apply the diluted soap several times a day, you might be apply the cream just once.

I have repeatedly stated that bathing with NG is the most important thing you can do in getting your life back, but several have written back to tell me that they don't have access to a tub. The good news is that it's highly likely that the cream can offset the absence of a tub.

Instructions: Bathe with a cap full or two of concentrate or take a shower. If you bathe, I recommend taking a shower afterwards to remove any organisms that may hitch a ride on your skin; otherwise, if you just shower, after showering, dry and then instead of applying the diluted NG, apply the debriding cream where ever it's necessary--especially the tough spots. For the rest of your skin you can still use the diluted debriding soap.

The cream is smooth and creamy, but more importantly it hydrates and feeds your skin and the infused NG cleans your skin like never before.

We're in the beginning of ordering equipment to facilitate making the cream, so in the mean time our supply is limited to one ounce containers for you to try it out. Just go to our on-line store and go down to between bottom of the debriding soap and above the MaxOne.

Infecting Others Can Be Easy and Very Scary

Carolyn asks: "I have a question: I have a girlfriend who lives next door and is my best friend. She just went through chemotherapy for breast cancer, and last night she told me she was itchy all over, when she scratches, it goes away and she had a small red rash on her arm. I am terrified I gave her Colembolla from her riding in my car. We do hug a lot too, because she has been going through so much, but I have been good, like 90% clear. I did have a small reinfection about a month ago, but got rid of it in a few weeks with the bathing ect. I have always been very careful to keep up ALL the protocols too. I feel terrible. What should I do?

Thanks much for all you do!"

My response is: "Get her in bath tub immediately with NG and disinfectant such as pool shock. Instruct her on how to disinfect her clothing, bedding, where she sits and everything in Chapt III of the book.

Show her how to turn her coats and clothing inside out and spray with ammonia and then turn them right side out and let sit for 20 minutes. Have her disinfect her couch, chairs, floor, bedding, and so on with ammonia before sitting or using and to spray them after using.

Have her apply a drop of concentrate direct to any intense itching and then massage in with water.

It's terrible a feeling when this happens--so scary. And just a ride in our car, if you forgot to disinfect it, can do it. But at least you know what to have her do and she won't have to suffer for months or years like many do before they get real help."

Please note that not everyone is susceptible to being infected by either Collembola or Morgellons, but I think it's best to assume everyone is and exercise as much caution as possible when with others.

Make Your Pancakes/bread Tasty
Pancakes in Stage I of the diet can be rather bland and tasteless by themselves. No honey or any syrup to sweeten them. You're stuck eating them with only butter or???

Here's an idea: If you like eggs over light, use them along with some low sodium bacon (cured without sugar) to enhance the pancake. Just break the egg yolk over the pancake and enjoy your breakfast--truly delicious. It's like your pancake becomes your bread.

Of course, you can make your own bread with the recipe in Chapter V and break your eggs over the bread to enhance it's flavor too.

A note regarding bacon: Years ago it was thought to be a bad food because it had too much cholesterol. In fact all foods containing high levels of cholesterol were supposedly bad for you. Well, someone woke up and "smelled the coffee." They have now determined that your blood cholesterol level had and has nothing to do with the amount of cholesterol in the food you eat. So, go ahead and enjoy bacon; and you can even fry your eggs in the bacon fat. Yes, it might take a bit of time to get rid of the guilt from eating bacon and other cholesterol containing foods. So, for now, enjoy the guilt--you've been either denying yourself getting away with something good all those years.

Finally Some Real Research

I'm happy to share, that after all these years, there has been some real research accomplished. Many, such as Marc Newman and the site, have suspected an association between Morgellons and spirochettes and finally it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that:
Morgellons is spirochete based.

Linda was kind enough to send me an email alerting me to the results of the latest research on Morgellons. The study was just published Feb 12th of this year. The study is titled: Exploring the association between Morgellons disease and Lyme disease: identification of Borrelia burgdorferi in Morgellons disease patients and you can see it at

The conclusion of the research is succinct and sweet:
"Our study using multiple detection methods confirms that MD (Morgellons Disease) is a true somatic illness associated with Borrelia spirochetes that cause Lyme disease. Further studies are needed to determine the optimal treatment for this spirochete-associated dermopathy."

I thank Linda for passing along this important information. It's a step towards getting the CDC to do something and it's the study the CDC should have conducted years ago.

Unfortunately, this study does nothing for us dealing with Collembola, but being that roughly 10% of Morgellons people also are dealing with Collembola, just maybe, if we're lucky, Collembola will also be investigated or studied in the near future. For now, let's be happy that there's finally some progress on one of two fronts. And please note that the research was not done at Oklahoma State University.

Bathing For Success
To get the most from Nature's Gift� Debriding Soap (NG), I strongly suggest using the concentrate in a bath tub for a minimum of 20 minutes--ideally 40 minutes. Unfortunately, many only have showers and don't have access to a bath tub.

Believe it or not, Amazon has portable bath tubs for around $100. Ebay has some for $65. The good news is that they don't hold as much water and instead of needing a full cap of concentrate, you can use one-fourth to a half cap full. Make sure the one you choose has a drain connection so you attach a hose to drain out the water when you're finished.

Here's some Cap and Teaspoon talk.

FYI there are 6 cap fulls in each ounce.

A four ounce bottle of 50% concentrate has 24 cap fulls--enough for a dozen baths in a regular bath tub (if you're using a regular bath tub half full of water). If you're only using the tub a quarter full, then only one cap full is required and you'll get 24 baths.

If you're using a portable bath tub, you'll get 48 baths or more with a 4 ounce bottle.

If you're using the 100% concentrate in the 8 oz bottle, then you have 48 cap fulls. For a tub a quarter full, it only takes a 1/2 cap full, a tub 1/2 full it takes about one cap full. The 8 oz bottle provides you with between 48 to 98 baths depending on whether you use a quarter tub or a half tub of water.

Again, with a portable tub, that's about 200 baths with the 8 oz bottle if you use it all for bathing. In the long run, a portable bath tub will save you money on NG and pay for itself in a couple weeks.

Some Sage Advice
In response to the update where Bill had trouble getting a script for Orap from his doctor, Annette writes, "When I decided to give the medical profession, specifically an Infectious disease specialist a try, I went first to a psychiatrist, an 80 something woman. I told her that I had been labeled with delusions of parasites and I was hoping she could tell me if I really was delusional. She gave me a 45min. test where she asked questions about hopes, dreams, experiences, family, and day to day living situations. At the end of the test, she said I was not delusional, but she did think I was depressed (depression is a symptom of Morgellons).

The reason I�m responding to this particular e-mail is that this dr., the psychiatrist, later prescribed 50 mg. of Serequel each night. She said that low doses of anti-psychotic drugs (Serequel is one) actually inhibit itching and that is why some drs prescribe it to people with parasites. A psychotic person would take 300mg. of this drug. Serequel has helped me tremendously. The reason she gave me Serequel rather than Orap is that she said it has less side effects.

I hope this helps Bill. He needs to follow all the recommendations in your book simultaneously. P.S never tell a Dr. that you got the info from the internet.

Annette shares some valuable information:
1. Never tell any doctor you found information in the internet--you'll automatically be discounted.
2. She identified another drug, Serequel, that has antiparasitic properties and may be easier to get a script for rather than Orap and Zyprexa.
3. It's impossible to have Morgellons or any skin parasite and not be depressed. Aim your doctor to help with depression with Serequel or Abilify, or with anxiousness with Doxepin.
4. Read and follow the recommendations in my book. Do them all AT THE SAME TIME--they work. It's like learning how to drive a car with a clutch--clean your skin, do the King Diet�, and disinfect your surroundings and then kick things into high gear as Annette does with the various supplements like Garlic Plus�

According to WebMD Serequel "is used to treat certain mental/mood conditions (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, sudden episodes of mania or depression associated with bipolar disorder). Serequel (Quetiapine) is known as an anti-psychotic drug (atypical type). It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain".

Annette shares that she takes 90 mg a day of Cymbalta for depression

Denial Can Be a Big Problem
Denial can be one of the worse thing to happen. Denial puts everyone at risk who is associated with the denier. A mother writes, "My daughter is the one who has skin parasites. Over a period of almost 3 years she's had sores on her head that she picked at, and got brown or black things out. She sees the little brown and black looking little mites all over her house and in her bed on her sofas and every vehicle she has been in. She says things are biting and stinging her. She has brought them to my house and my car. I have seen the little black specs even have had some on myself and her son gets bit and stings. I have talked to her about the Morgellon disease but she refuses to believe she has it. I think she does and that she is the host and is spreading them. She has spent large amounts of money to pest control businesses and now she's is buying chemicals and doing it herself. Do you think your product could help her and now me as well? She can be away from my house for a week and I spray something in the room she and her son sleeps and I won't have any problems until she visits and then it's like they are everywhere. Just about all she lives on is ice cream and Dr. Pepper. HELP !!!!!!"

My response is,
"You have one big challenge which I'm sure you already know. What she eats is nothing more than food for the parasites.

I can only suggest getting the book and leaving it where she can accidentally find it. If you gave it to her, she'd probably not read it.

If you can get her to take a bath for about 30 min with the debriding soap, she will see lots of debris from her skin. That would be "proof of the pudding" and yes, the debriding soap will help you deep clean your skin and your environment that she contaminates.

Good luck to you,
Hope this helps

Unfortunately, as I've noted before, often times there are unaffected husbands who are in denial that their spouses are afflicted. They believe the doctors who explain the symptoms as being delusional. This leads to abandonment and or divorce--a terrible price to pay for ignorant doctors. Ironically, it generally doesn't seem that unaffected wives deny that their husband is afflicted with skin parasites despite the same explanations from ignorant doctors. What does that say about guys? Is it that we are more easily overwhelmed? or we run away when we don't understand something? What do you think?

Fighting Collembola is No Picnic
Fighting Collembola is no picnic. It can drive you wacky. Bob writes,

"Dear Richard,
Please tell me there�s hope.  I�m ready to pull whatever hair is left in my head out.  I�m at my wit�s end.  It seems no matter what herculean efforts at daily cleaning I do when all is said and done I can still feel the sense of a particle of dust on my face or my nose itching, etc.  I haven�t been able to get a full night�s sleep � as I�m sometimes eaten alive.
I know you must get a lot of emails of this nature and that you�re overwhelmed with stuff like this but please let me know that there is some hope.  I�m about to reorder more debriding soap (even though I�m unemployed). I�m trying to reassure my best friend of why life has dealt such a shitty hand and it�s prevented him from seeing his sons for months now (the only joy in his life). 
I�m doing my best to keep up a good front.  I went to the doctor�s and asked for the ORAP and it got an alarming response.  He said it was an anti-psychotic drug and began questioning me in all directions.  When I kept telling him it was a skin parasite he dismissed it and wanted blood tests for HIV, and a blood count.  I realized it was hopeless. 
Do you have any recommendations as to how to obtain the ORAP?
I�ve got to do something about this; please. 
Any advice.  When he asked me where I�d gotten such advice I tried to explain that I�d discovered the answer to this mysterious problem via the internet. 
Well, that assured him that I had come across some crack pot (judging by the way he reacted).  It made me feel as if I were being suspiciously judged and evaluated.  He asked if I got super charged for a few days in a row and then felt down after that. I assured him that I was NOT bi-polar. 
Anyway, I�d greatly appreciate some word of encouragement.


"Thanks for writing.
One mistake, you're not reading the book, but you're not the only one. There is a whole section on how to ask the doctor for the script and it tells you what the doctors will say about the drug. It also gives other drugs to ask for in case the doctor won't give it to you.

When you see that doctor again. Change your attitude. Go there with a disinfected face cloth in a plastic bag. When he gives you the crap, challenge him. Take the cloth from the bag and say something like, "I appreciate your assessment and I'm sure you think you're right. If you are, you will not have a problem rubbing this face cloth on your face." Take it out of the bag, rub it over an infected part of your body and give it to him.

If he comes up with an excuse, then accuse him of being a big shot who is afraid to prove his hollow opinion and leave.

Read from pg 174 on about the drugs. Print out the Family practice note book and take it with you.

Read chapter II many many times.
From your questionnaire it seems you're dealing with an infestation of Collembola, and it's a lot of work. Simultaneously, you must:
1. bathe 3 times a day with NG and a strong disinfectant
2. clean the environment--in worst case scenario you need the triple pesticide to kill the resistant strain.
3. Stage I of the diet in the strictest form.
And of course, if you can get one of the meds, that's great.
The way you tell if you have the resistant strain is that you can't kill them with full strength ammonia on your chairs, flooring, car...  But, if by the same token, you're not on the diet 100% it's hard to tell whether you're getting infected from what you're eating or your surroundings.
I hope this helps."

Following is some information that's not to replace what's in Chapter III, but to further explain some information in Chapter III.
Things to remember when fighting Collembola:
1. They live, feed, breed and multiply on your skin.
2. They jump from your body to any surface within 6" or so of where you sit or stand for more than a few minutes.
3. When you have them off of your skin, they can jump back on from any place they jumped to in #2 above and reinfect you within minutes.
4. Eggs can hatch days later.

Thus, when you're disinfecting, you need to disinfect the floor area where you stand or sit for more than a few minutes. Remember, they will be transferred by shoe soles if they are not killed on the floor before hand.
They will jump to the underside of tables, table cloths, chair seats, chair backs, spokes on the bottom of chairs, sides of your kitchen cabinets...
So, when you are disinfecting, you need to get all the surfaces. Flip chairs over and get the bottom spokes, upholstery edges and so on. Spray floors in the kitchen and sides of cabinets, the bottom of dining room tables, desks, the bottom of your shoe soles, the insides of your shoes.

For the resistant strain of Collembola, you may need to go to the triple pesticide and spray all the places mentioned above. Do the same in your car and office. Only use the triple pesticide once after an area has been infected. Then use full strength ammonia and spray all areas after you leave and fifteen minutes before you return to leave time to dry. If you're going to occupy a space immediately, then spray diluted NG.

Use the triple pesticide only once each ten days for the same infestation. If however, you reinfest that space again before , you'll need to start all over with the triple pesticide. It's frustrating to say the least. Mistakes are simply not allowed or you will pay.

Spray the insides of your coats by turning them inside out, spray and then turn right side in and let the fumes of ammonia saturate the inside of the coat. Usually you don't need to use the triple pesticide on clothing or coats, but full strength ammonia.

When you notice an organism (the resistant strain) landing on your skin, apply a couple drops of concentrated NG directly to the area of your skin. Add some water, and rub it in.

Laundry: for the resistant strain, you may have to soak your laundry with a cap full of NG concentrate and a disinfectant--1/2 ounce of Pool shock or cup of ammonia, or cup of bleach, or... for an hour or longer--maybe up to 12 hrs. We're just learning about this.

For infestations in leather, we don't have an answer yet for the resistant strain.

Brain Fog Getting You Down

One of the questions on the questionnaire that I send you asks you if you have brain fog. About one in five respond that brain fog is an issue and often memory issues accompany the brain fog.

For several years I've recommended boosting glutathione as the answer to brain fog, improving memory, and concentration. Many who read that mistake it to mean that they should take a glutathione supplement. Boosting or accelerating glutathione is different than a glutathione supplement.

And then some think that taking something like NAC (n-acetylcysteamine) is what I'm suggesting. Ten or more years ago, NAC was probably the best way to increase glutathione, but then, the biggest boost from NAC would be about 20% and with glutathione supplements, the biggest boost is about 10-15%.

This seems reasonable until you look at what a real accelerator can do and what your brain really needs. A 20% boost of glutathione is like trying to saw a board with a kitchen knife--you're not going to get the job done.

A few years ago, a Japanese researcher, Dr, Herbert Nagasawa, discovered a way of bonding D-Ribose with L-Cystein. D-Ribose is a natural sugar that the cellular structure needs to feed ATP which is the energy force of the cell. L-Cysteine is the protein that is needed to produce glutathione within the cell.

When the D-Ribose and L-Cysteine combination is delivered to the the inside of the cells, glutathione can be boosted over 200% with just 2 capsules a day. Now, that's brain power. And the brain needs as much glutathione as it can get to reduce brain fog, improve concentration, and focus. Order from our on-line store at

One additional point. Glutathione is the body's natural anti inflammatory agent. And inflammation--particularly in the brain is one of our biggest enemies. Read more about it at

More About Pool Shock Disinfectant
The main purposes of using a disinfectant in your bath water is to destroy the organisms that the debriding soap cleans from your skin and to avoid problems with contracting or spreading skin fungus. You have several options for disinfectants. However, you want to make sure the disinfectant you use is strong enough to destroy skin fungus and any organisms cleaned from your skin.

Pool shock is one of the disinfectants strong enough to do both. Pool shock or Chemical shock (hypochlorite) is available anywhere they sell pool supplies including Home Depot and probably Lowes. It's used in swimming pools to kill off any organisms that could be contagious. Of all the disinfectants, it's the most economical. It can be gotten as a liquid in a gallon container for between $4 and $7 and is enough to disinfect around 200 or more baths or washing machine loads.

The question is, how much pool shock should you use? One product recommends between 5 to 10 parts per million (ppm) which would require between 55 to 110 ounces of pool shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

A regular half full bath tub might hold 30 gallons of water and this would equate to .33 ounces of Pool shock or about a teaspoon and a half to achieve 10 ppm. Half an ounce would be a tablespoon.

Is .33 ounces enough? Maybe, maybe not. You have to experiment and raise or lower the amount you add until you get the desired results. The goal is to not end up with burning sensations on your skin from skin fungus. Please note that if you go too high, you may experience a chemical burn on your skin, so be cautious and only increase a little at a time.

If the product you purchase has different numbers than those I've given above, you'll need to calculate the ounces you need. Or, you can send me the numbers, ie. how many ounces of their product for how many gallons and I'll calculate it for you.

If you have an empty 4 ounce bottle that was used for Nature's Gift(TM), you can fill it with pool shock. Caution: Make sure you relabel the bottle as if you confuse it with NG and get it on your skin, it will burn badly.

You can also use a black Sharpie magic marker to denote one ounce graduations on the bottle and measure the pool shock that way. Or you can get fancy and buy a large graduated syringe to measure.

Whirl pools contain 60 gallons or more and might require .66 to 1 ounce. Even though you can clean the tub, the jets can be contaminated so you definitely need to use enough to disinfect the jets.

If you're using other disinfectants such as boric acid, peroxide, borax, white vinegar, peppermint, and so on, you'll also have to experiment as to how much of each product or combination you need to use to effectively disinfect.

Note that a cap full or two of concentrated Nature's Gift(TM) Debriding Soap does not disinfect in your tub--it cleans your skin and puts the organisms into the water in your tub where you want the disinfectant to destroy them. You also want to keep the bath water from getting into your eyes as it may have both dead and alive organisms.

I've Been Called an Angel
The main purposes of using a disinfectant in your bath water is to destroy the organisms that the debriding soap cleans from your skin and to avoid problems with contracting or spreading skin fungus. You have several options for disinfectants. However, you want to make sure the disinfectant you use is strong enough to destroy skin fungus and any organisms cleaned from your skin.

Pool shock is one of the disinfectants strong enough to do both. Pool shock or Chemical shock (hypochlorite) is available anywhere they sell pool supplies including Home Depot and probably Lowes. It's used in swimming pools to kill off any organisms that could be contagious. Of all the disinfectants, it's the most economical. It can be gotten as a liquid in a gallon container for between $4 and $7 and is enough to disinfect around 200 or more baths or washing machine loads.

The question is, how much pool shock should you use? One product recommends between 5 to 10 parts per million (ppm) which would require between 55 to 110 ounces of pool shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

A regular half full bath tub might hold 30 gallons of water and this would equate to .33 ounces of Pool shock or about a teaspoon and a half to achieve 10 ppm. Half an ounce would be a tablespoon.

Is .33 ounces enough? Maybe, maybe not. You have to experiment and raise or lower the amount you add until you get the desired results. The goal is to not end up with burning sensations on your skin from skin fungus. Please note that if you go too high, you may experience a chemical burn on your skin, so be cautious and only increase a little at a time.

If the product you purchase has different numbers than those I've given above, you'll need to calculate the ounces you need. Or, you can send me the numbers, ie. how many ounces of their product for how many gallons and I'll calculate it for you.

If you have an empty 4 ounce bottle that was used for Nature's Gift(TM), you can fill it with pool shock. Caution: Make sure you relabel the bottle as if you confuse it with NG and get it on your skin, it will burn badly.

You can also use a black Sharpie magic marker to denote one ounce graduations on the bottle and measure the pool shock that way. Or you can get fancy and buy a large graduated syringe to measure.

Whirl pools contain 60 gallons or more and might require .66 to 1 ounce. Even though you can clean the tub, the jets can be contaminated so you definitely need to use enough to disinfect the jets.

If you're using other disinfectants such as boric acid, peroxide, borax, white vinegar, peppermint, and so on, you'll also have to experiment as to how much of each product or combination you need to use to effectively disinfect.

Note that a cap full or two of concentrated Nature's Gift(TM) Debriding Soap does not disinfect in your tub--it cleans your skin and puts the organisms into the water in your tub where you want the disinfectant to destroy them. You also want to keep the bath water from getting into your eyes as it may have both dead and alive organisms.

Newest Revision of My Book is Complete with Music

By now you probably know that I've recently released the fifth revision of my book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

I'm happy to tell you that this version is complete with a song, "Small Girl in a Mighty World." A song about Morgellons by The 5 o'clocks: from the QR code either in the book or on the cover.

P. Gallo & J. Lamb (BMI) �2014

The 5 o'clocks, the popular band from Westport, Connecticut, are releasing an original song Small Girl in a Mighty World to be included with this book.

The lyrics by vocalist Paula Gallo were inspired by her own battle with Morgellons disease. Small Girl was produced by John Lamb who also plays keyboards in the band. The song features renowned guitarist Charlie Karp. Other band members are Jon Saxon - tenor sax, Fred Clark - guitar and Jim Syarto on drums and the rap.

"The whole band is proud to be included in Richard Kuhn's book," said Lamb. "We are thrilled that everyone getting the book can download the song for free. We were inspired making the music. Hopefully, some readers will feel the same inspiration while listening."

For your FREE download of the song go to

Go, take a listen and enjoy a great band with Paula's fantastic voice. I can just listen to her voice over and over again--each time it's like the first time.

Our PR Program is Off to A Great Start.

Our PR lady, Blair, if off to a great start. She has already published an interview in the Examiner. To read it, click here or go to and you'll also get to see a photo of her--she's a pretty lady.

And remember, she's looking for testimonials from those of you who will be willing:
1. provide your story--a paragraph or two of how long you've been suffering and what your doctors told you about your skin condition.
2. What it has meant to have me supporting you in getting your life back.
a. the value of my book in guiding you.
b. the benefits you've received from from the debriding soap and other products.
c. any change in emotional outlook re getting your life back from my support.
3. Lending your name and the state/country in which you live for pub